Title: Rice and Orange Blossoms
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Master/slave relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 01/11/02
Archive: DitB, RatB, SKSA, WWOMB. Others just ask
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Read the title again
NOTES: This is part of the His Master's Voice universe. Thanks to Josan for the quick turn around on the beta. This actually fermented in my brain since last June when Ayelet put a wedding challenge on the list. Not quite what she suggested but I hope you like it anyway.  I wrote half a page and put it aside until two days ago.



"You better not be asleep. I haven't even pulled my dick out yet."

"It's your fault. If you didn't make me wait for it so long, I might have the energy to stay awake after."

"Pay attention, I want to talk to you about something."

Alex's voice had that serious tone I didn't hear often and all thoughts of sleep fled. I pulled away from him, moaning in that involuntary way I always do when his cock leaves me. I turned to face him, wanting to see his eyes as he told me what ever he had to say.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Why would anything be wrong?"

"You sound so serious."

"Well, it is serious but not wrong. I've been thinking about what you said when we were on vacation."

"What I said?"

"About getting married."

I waited to see what he was going to say. I mean, I knew vows didn't make for a stronger relationship. I don't think it's possible to have a stronger relationship than we have. But since it was a possibility, I wanted it.

I wanted to proclaim to the world that we belonged to each other.

"If you were serious, then I want to do it. I find I like the idea of having it in writing that you are mine."

"So do I get to wear white?"

"Asshole! Do you still want this or not? Or were you just joking when you said that to me?"  His exasperation gave way to the serious tone again.

"No. I wasn't joking. I might tease a little but I was serious about that. I want to marry you, Alex."

"Good. Now do we do it in the States or go to Europe? Aunt Jenny and your mother might like to go to Europe."

"Aren't we going to invite anyone else?"

He didn't answer right away and I waited. He had named the only two people that we had to have present. The two women who love us unconditionally. And I knew he wouldn't object to my sister Galina and her husband Gavin coming.

"Who did you have in mind?"

"Kim for one."

"Kim goes without saying if we do it here. It's never a good idea to upset the husband's secretary. Lord knows what would happen to messages from then on."

Alex's joke wasn't lost on me. Although sometimes I feel like she works for him instead of me. His next question let me know he was getting suspicious.

"Why do I think that's not all?"

"You better not let her hear you refer to her as a secretary. She's my PA."

"She's our friend. Stop beating around the bush, Walter. Who are you thinking of?"

"Mulder and Scully."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" He growled at me in what I had come to know as the 'you're in deep shit, slave' tone.

"Alex, listen, please."

"Listen to what? I don't want our special day clouded over by their frowns and Mulder's damn pouting."

"You keep saying you think they want to interfere. That Mulder wants me. What better way to show them how committed we are than to have them witness our vows?"

He was silent and I gave him time to think about what I had said.

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yes, Alex. I want the two people who are most against us to see just how serious we are."

Alex turned over and I snuggled against his back. Neither of us slept for a long time that night. He didn't bring the subject up again for a week. I had begun to think he wouldn't bring it up again at all.



"You're doing it again."


"Going to sleep before I pull my dick out."

"I like falling asleep with your dick up my ass. Almost as much as I like waking up with it in my ass."

This time he was draped over me like a blanket so I had to wait for him to pull out and roll off me to look at him.

"I've been thinking about what you said."

"Said about what?"

"Having Mulder and Scully witness our vows."

"Un huh. And what have you decided?"

"I think we should go up and have the civil ceremony, just us. Then plan a party for the family, Kim and the dynamic duo where we exchange vows of what's in our heart. I've already picked out the words I want to use for my part. Have you been thinking about that?"

"Yes, I know what I want to say."

"I think we should pick a portion that we decide on together. I have some things to show you."

"Well, then, show me."

"Walter, it's midnight."

"You've got me wide awake now. I've wanted this from the day you collared me, Alex."

"Remind me to let you go to sleep from now on." He tried for serious but I heard the love in his voice.

I laughed as I pulled him in close to kiss him. Then I jumped up to run to the bathroom. By the time I had cleaned up a little, he had the PC booted up and was on line. I pulled up a chair next to him and watched as he went into a site with cultural wedding vows.

I smiled as I saw the words I had chosen.

"I like this one, Walter. I think we should alternate each line."

"Who will go first?"

"You will, of course. That line was written for you."

"You think so, huh?"

"I know so. Do you like it or do I need to look for something else?"

"It's perfect, Alex. Now when do we do this?"

"The civil ceremony will be next Friday. Kim has cleared your calendar for Thursday and Friday. We'll go up Thursday. I have us a reservation at a B & B. We come back Saturday."

"Got it all planned?" I couldn't help my smile. Once more Kim was conspiring with him. But you know what? This time I didn't mind.

"You got a problem with that?"

"No, love, no problem."

"Have you planned when we'll exchange our vows for the family and our friends?"

"I thought we needed to give the family at least a month to arrange to be here. I want to do it in front of the fireplace if that is all right with you."

"The garden will be in full bloom then."

"I know but I thought we'd set up tables there for the reception."

"Got the menu picked out?"

He smirked at me.

"No I thought you ought to do something."

"I'll take care of it. Now what about invitations?"

Alex quickly switched to a site he had bookmarked. We spent at least an hour deciding on colours and wording. The finished product suited us both.

Wedding Announcement


The civil ceremony went smooth as silk. The B & B was comfortable and no one seemed to care that two men were sharing the big corner room that normally was reserved for newlyweds. No one commented on the noises coming from that room either although I was sure they heard me at least once.

I tried to be quiet when we were at hotels and the like. But Alex knows my buttons too well and likes me to be noisy. Which is why we don't stay for long periods of time with my mother or his aunt. Celibacy makes us both cranky.

The day of our nuptials came and Alex was jumpy as a cat. He couldn't stay still. His Aunt Jenny finally threatened to use her hairbrush on him. I couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face.

My mother and Aunt Jenny took turns answering the door. Letting in the caterers and directing then to table set up in the garden. When it was time to dress, Aunt Jenny asked to talk to Alex. I admit I had a fleeting moment of worry.

Later he would tell me that she just wanted to say a private prayer with him for our health and happiness. She and my mother instructed us to stay upstairs until the guests had all arrived. When they came up to get us, he pulled me close, kissing me breathless.

"Here's your last chance to run, Walter."

"I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me."

"In this life as in all the ones past."

"And all the ones yet to be."

I took his hand and led him down the stairs. My eyes scanned the smiling faces of our family and Kim. Mulder and Scully both watching as though they expected it to be a joke or an X-File. I smiled my best at them then took my place facing my lover in front of our fireplace.

"Alex and I want to thank you for joining us today. We wanted to share our happiness with you and declare our love before witnesses."

"Walter and I are very pleased that you chose to be here with us on this most special of days."

Alex nodded to our audience. I smiled at him taking his hand and began my vows.

Walter: "Alex, You are my husband my feet shall run because of you."

Alex: "My feet dance because of you."

Walter: "My heart shall beat because of you."

Alex: "My eyes see because of you."

Walter: "My mind thinks because of you."

Both: "And I shall love because of you."

I heard a sniffle that I knew was my mother. I turned to give her a gentle smile. Kim gave me a thumbs up. Mulder looked as though he had bitten into a lemon. And Scully had the constipated look she got when carving up a cadaver. My sister Galina was patting my mother on the shoulder. And Gavin was grinning as he watched Mulder and Scully.

Alex: "Walter, now you will feel no rain, for I will be shelter for you."

Walter: "Now you will feel no cold, for I will be warmth to you."

Alex: "Now there will be no loneliness, for I will be a companion to you."

Walter: "Now we are two, but there is only one life before us."

Both: "May beauty surround us both in the journey ahead and through all the years,
          May happiness be our companion and our days together be good and long upon the earth."

Jenny's snuffle was now added to my mother's. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kim dab at her eyes with the tissue Scully held out to her.

Walter:  "I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night and the eyes into which I smile in the morning."

Alex: "I pledge to you the first bite of my meat and the first drink from my cup."

Walter: "I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care."

Alex: "I shall be a shield for your back and you for mine."

Walter: "I shall not slander you, nor you me."

Alex: "I shall honour you above all others, and when we quarrel we shall do so in private and tell no strangers our grievances."

Both: "This is my wedding vow to you. This is the marriage of equals."

I took the ring from my pocket then and slipped it onto his finger. He fumbled slightly as he put my ring on my finger. Then his hand wrapped gently around my neck and we kissed to the sounds of our families' applause.

We turned to face our guests and Aunt Jenny kissed my cheek as my mother kissed his. They traded places then Kim and my sister were next.

Mulder watched us as though he expected our heads to explode at any moment, but I ignored him and we led our guests out to enjoy the food in the garden. The weather was perfect and the food delicious. When Alex announced that we were leaving, I made no protest. Jenny and my mother would take care of things.

I knew he had made us reservations at a hotel but not which one. He had taken over the bags earlier so all we had to do was get in the car and go. The suite was filled with balloons with our names and the date printed on them.

The jacuzzi filled as he stripped me slowly, kissing as he went. I was standing proud by the time he had me naked.

"I'm going to make you scream, Walter. I'm going to fuck you on every possible surface in this suite and, when you think you can't scream any more, I'm going to make you do it again."

His hand stroked me slowly as he whispered his threats in my ear with that whiskey voice I love so well.

"I'm so glad you opted for a traditional honeymoon."

"Undress me." He growled in my ear.

I smiled as I moved to obey my husband. We entered the tub, sitting back to belly and his hand moved over me. He made me come for the first time before we left the tub. My screams echoed from the tiles of the room.

He fucked me hard and fast bent over a chair in the living room of the suite after licking champagne off my chest where I spilled it while we were kissing. My screams muffled this time in the chair cushion.

When we finally made it to the bed, we made out like teenagers. And when we were hard again, he rolled onto his side.

"I want you inside me, Walter. I want you to make love to me."

"I can't think of anything I'd rather do right now."

I kissed his shoulder as if it were delicate porcelain. I took my time opening him, nuzzling his throat as I used plenty of lube.

"Walter, please. Need you so much."

"I love you, Alexei."

I spooned in closer to him, positioning my cock. I stayed very still as he worked himself back onto me. His hand curling around my neck, his head turning to me for a kiss.

I took my time savouring the feel, the smell, and the sounds of him. And when he clamped down on me with his climax, I wept with the joy of being owned by this man.  My body gave up its essence to his. I held him tight as we both shook with the power of it all.



"You better not be asleep. You haven't pulled your dick out of me yet."

"Wasn't planning on it. Thought I'd just sleep like this."

"I love you, Walter Sergei Skinner."

"And I love you, Alexei Nikolai Krycek."

"Maybe you should change your name to Krycek. That ought to really fuck with their heads."

"If that is your wish, Master."

"Go to sleep, Walter. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

The end

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