Title: Regression (Space the 24th Century)
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*á I have been asked to do a few stories about those regression tapes I mentioned in His Master's Voice. This is the third.
Rating: NC17
Date: 11/13/01
Updated Feb. 6, 2002
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Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Mulder, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: Memories of past lives as seem from the future.
NOTES: Thanks to Josan as always.á For Lurkerqueen and Eisa.

"Alex, you will awaken on the count of three. One. Two. Three. Welcome back."

"Where did I go this time?"

"It was the late twentieth century, early twenty first. This one was amazing. He believed you. He even had himself regressed."

"Really? How did I describe him?"

"Why don't you just watch the vid?"

"I will, but I want your impressions, too."

"You said he was older, balding, but built, well endowed. Your name was Alex in that lifetime, too. You know, you are the only person I've regressed who has been male in all their lives. I know there has to be a female you back there somewhere."

"Why? He's been male in all of them. Some of them would have been easier if one of us had been a woman. One of the perks of space travel and meeting aliens has certainly been that homosexuality is no longer taboo. When we find each other this time, we won't need to hide. We can even have a marriage contract."

"We were all on the same planet then. Have you thought about what you will do if you don't find him? Or what you will do if he's an alien?"

"I'll find him, Dr. Scully. We always find each other. And if he is an alien, maybe he'll be one with interesting mating rituals. Hey, maybe he's a Potwandan. I could get into that rough stuff."

The doctor laughed at his patient's naive eagerness. The boy, and he was still a boy even if he was man sized, still had much to learn.

"Go watch the vid. You were very much into the 'rough stuff' with him back then. Just keep in mind Potwandan mating rituals would more than likely put a human in sick bay. So, for your sake, I hope he is human."


Alex took the vid, stopped on the way home for the right mood enhancer, pleased that he had a long weekend to look forward to. He had come to Earth to study when he was fifteen and now, at the ripe old age of twenty, he was through training at the academy. His plan was to travel on a spaceship to as many worlds as possible. Those plans had only been reinforced by the regressions.

He had started the regression therapy because he kept having dreams about a man. The dreams were so erotic and vivid that he was having trouble concentrating. His doctor had suggested he visit a psychiatrist when the usual methods of treatment had failed.

Dr. Scully had tried sleep therapy but Alex had not been helped and the dreams became more intense. One night at the clinic, he ejaculated six times during the eight-hour cycle.á A solution needed to be found since the boy could not continue that pattern.

Dr. Scully was not sure himself why he suggested regression. Maybe it was that the dreams were not present day images for the boy, but rather dreams of the past. He had discussed the case with his wife and co-worker; Dana, who thought it was just a fertile imagination.

Since the regressions had begun, the boy had told him many tales of this lover he always found. A man who never wanted a man until Alex came into his life. A lover who in most lifetimes had appeared to be stronger, more dominant but who had in every lifetime been the bottom in the relationship. Dana seemed quite pleased at the physical reactions of her husband after a session with the boy.


The vid was set up, the mood enhancer swallowed, the incense filled the room with the scent of musk. He had showered and was now reclining naked on his sofa, ready to watch. The vid started and he was presented with his own face, but not quite his own.

His past selves always made him look different. The expressions and speech patterns so strange sometimes. This one was very easy to understand. He watched for a while but closed his eyes and took his cock in hand as he began to describe a sexual encounter with his Walter. Walter, a good name, an old name. Would he be Walter again as he was Alex again?


I woke to see Walter standing in front of the 'woman kind of thing' mirror I had brought home the day before. He was turning this way and that, looking at his reflection. I smiled as his fingers traced the patterns I had made with the crop on his ass the night before.

My smile was not for the fingers moving over the lines of bruises, but for the cock that was starting to rise. He was unaware he had an audience and I wished to keep him that way a while longer. I watched as his mouth quirked in a Mona Lisa smile. Then the fingers pressed down on the darkest bruise. The hiss of breath telling me it was sore. The cock swelling more telling me he liked it being that way.


His head jerked up and he snatched his hand away from his ass, looking like a little boy caught being naughty by his mother.

"Morning, Alex."

"Waking up to see you like that makes it a beautiful morning."

I threw back the covers to let him see my own arousal. His smile lighting up my heart. He came toward the bed without a word. Kneeling beside it, he bent and wrapped his mouth around my cockhead, his tongue pushing into the slit to get the first taste of me.

I let him play for a few minutes before pulling him up by his ear.

"Get lubed, slave. I want to use that ass."

"Yes, Master."

He rose, picked up the lube from the bedside table and squeezed a good-sized dollop on his fingers.

"Show me."

He grinned and turned, bending slightly at the waist so I could watch his fingers as they worked his tight hole open for me to use. When he pushed the third one inside, I moved off the bed.

"On the edge, knees wide, shoulders down."

He obeyed me instantly. I ran my hands lovingly over his ass, pressing into the bruises and enjoying his moans. His hips pushed back toward me. I slapped his right cheek lightly and he stilled.

Stepping closer, I rubbed my cock along the crease, smiling as he moaned once more. Pushing against him until the tip was inside him, I let go, grabbed his hip and rammed forward, burying my entire length in him with one thrust.

He hissed and his hips pushed back again.á I was hot and needy and gave him no time to adjust. My cock pumped into him hard and deep. Taking my pleasure from his body and he pushed back, welcoming me inside.

I screamed his name as I shot deep in his body. Groaned as his muscles milked me. I pulled out slowly and sank down on the bed next to him. When my heart had calmed, my breathing normal, I ordered him to stand.

"Good, slave. You didn't come. Turn around."

He turned with his back to me and I slipped my fingers inside him. I knew just how to finger fuck him to keep him on the edge for a long time.

"I think later I'm going to strap you to the table and fist this ass. Would you like that, slave? Your master's fist inside you, possessing you as no one else ever has."

"I am yours, Master. Yours to use as you wish. I would be pleased to receive my Master's fist as I receive his cock or his tongue or his toys."

"A proper answer, slave."

I pulled my fingers out, pleased with his moan of loss. I tapped his hip to indicate he should turn. He turned, presenting me with a close up of his beautiful cock. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the head.

"Spread your legs for me."

He shifted so I had room to reach between his legs. I let my knuckles rub along his perineum before turning my hand over to insert my fingers inside him again. I bent to cover the head of his cock. Slowly fucking his ass with my fingers as I fucked his slit with my tongue.

His hands fastened on my shoulders, anchoring him to me. His body was starting to tremble with the effort of holding back his climax. I sucked hard, my tongue as far in his slit as I could push it, as I crooked my fingers inside him, rubbing his prostate hard.

All control gone, he screamed my name as he shot into my mouth. His ass pulsing around my fingers, his fingers digging into my shoulders as the scream tapered off.


The current Alex whimpered as his own cock twitched and come shot high to fall back down on his panting body. He lay for a long time barely hearing his voice as he talked about the life lived four centuries earlier with a deeply loved man.


Alex boarded the ship that would be his home for the next three years. He had promised Dr. Scully that he would continue the regressions with the ships psychiatrist. He had been told that the Captain expected each new crewmember to report to him. He was not surprised since he had heard that the Captain was a very hands on type of person. A man who knew his people's names and faces.

He tapped at the door heard, a loud 'Come in' bellowed from within and opened the door to meet his Captain. The man had his back to the door, bent over, digging through a drawer.

"Ensign Alex Skinner reporting as ordered, Sir."

The Captain rose and turned. Alex's mouth went dry.

Mankind had colonized the planet where Alex was born over two hundred years before his birth. As with most colonizations, the environment had made sometimes subtle -- sometimes not so subtle -- changes to the inhabitants. Alex and his Captain were about to become very aware of those changes.

The Captain saw before him the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. The green eyes sparkled, the pink lips begging to be kissed, the nose with cute little lines above the bridge. Due to the heavier gravity of Alex's home world his people were not very tall so he was considered tall at five ten.

But the Captain towered over him. The Captain was an Alpha male even by his home world's standards. He stood close to seven feet, and as all males of his planet had no body hair. His muscles heavy and dense, a strong man not easily bested in a fight. He also possessed a keen sense of smell, rather like the dogs of earth. That enhanced sense alone would prove to be his undoing.

Aside from his mouth going dry, Alex's body had other reactions. He hardened to prepare for insertion. His lungs expanded to store the extra air he would need at the moment of ejaculation. His body temperature rose, causing the mating pheromones to fill the air.

This happened in the space of time it took the Captain to do his physical inventory of the boy. The odour from the boy reached him and his face took on first a puzzled expression then a surprised one as his cock grew to its full size in his pants.

Even with the intermingling that went on between planets no one had ever thought to test the effects of the male pheromones of Alex's people on the people born on the Captain's planet. So the Captain had not been prepared for the possibility that this new crewmember would soon become his life-mate.

He moved without thought to lift Alex into his arms. The kiss long and deep, as the men tasted each other for the first time. Alex, as was decreed by his biology, had never actually had intercourse. The Captain had but only with the women who inhabited certain sections of ports just as in days of sailing ships.

When the kiss ended, Alex smiled at his new mate as he caressed the bald head. The Captain's breathing was deep, inhaling more of the scent of Alex into his body. It was intoxicating, exhilarating, a drug he would one day embrace being addicted to.

"What is your name?"


"I knew I would find you again. We're wearing too many clothes, Walter."

Walter lowered him to the floor, stepped back and ripped his clothes from his body. Alex undressed with equal haste. At Alex's directions, Walter moved willingly to lie upon his desk, raising his head so he could watch as Alex spread his cheeks and used his tongue to prepare the way.

The moans he made quite pleasing to the boy. Walter felt no fear as the slender cock slid inside him. Had he known more about the physical make-up of the boy entering him, he might have been very nervous. Once the boy was fully sheathed inside, his cock expanded to its full size making Walter gasp with the slight burning as his virgin tissues were stretched.

"What's happening? It feels like it's getting bigger."

"You don't expand once you are inside?"

"No, it grows to full size before we penetrate."

Alex's hand stroked his new lover's dick slowly, measuring Walter's size with his hands.

"I'm glad to hear that. I was afraid you would hurt me when the time comes to complete the circle of our consummation."

He began to move then and Walter's head dropped back as a loud groan broke from his lips. Alex moved slowly allowing the body to learn him. When Walter began to lift up to meet each thrust, he sped up. Alex's hands gripped the legs of his man as he moved toward his climax.

Walter had wrapped one of his big hands around his cock, pulling and stroking, hard, wanting to come and surprised that his usual method was not working in the way he was used to.

Alex whispered Walter's name as he surged inside one last time and his seed filled his lover. He reached and pushed Walter's hand aside and with three quick strokes brought him the release he wanted.

The boy lay on the big man's chest listening to the heart pounding wildly inside. They didn't hear the door open but both heard the first officer as he took in the sight in front of him. The boy lying on the Captain's chest, still buried inside him, the Captain's hands moving slowly over the boy's back and through his hair.

"Captain, what's going on?"

The Captain turned his head seeing the surprise on First Officer John Doggett's face. He straightened, trying to push the boy up, off and out of him.á All he succeeded in doing was causing them both pain. The boy's wail loud next to his ear.

"Walter, please don't do that. You must wait until the seal releases on its own."


"When the men of my planet ejaculate, the head forms a seal to insure the sperm has time to fertilize the eggs. It's an involuntary response. If you keep pulling, you will make the seal last longer. Not to mention cause us both more pain."

"Doggett, get the physician up here immediately."

"Aye, Captain."

The first officer moved to the communication panel and summoned the doctor to report to the Captain's quarters on the double. While waiting, Captain Krycek tried once more to pull free, causing both of them considerable pain.

The thunderclouds on the Captain's face would have scared his new Ensign if Alex had not known what Walter had yet to learn. Alex's people mated for life. What had just happened between them insured that bond. Walter would never be able to perform with another for the rest of his life. And neither would Alex.

Dr. Mulder took one look at the situation and shoved First Officer Doggett out the door. Then she put her fist in her mouth to stop the giggles that tried to escape. She took several deep breaths before turning back toward the two men lying across the desk.

"Captain, you sent for me?"

"Yes, Doctor. Do something. Get us apart."

"I'm sorry, Captain. There's nothing I can do. You will just have to wait for the seal to release on its own. I'm sure he told you that."

"Of course I told him. He's already hurt me, trying to get us apart."

"How long does this last?" Walter's voice sounded embarrassed.

"It usually lasts around thirty minutes but since you tried to break the seal it will probably be twice that long. Didn't the two of you discuss this before hand?"

She was looking pointedly at Alex as she said this. She knew he was her husband's regression patient and therefore knew where he was from and how his body functioned. She had been on duty the night of his sleep therapy, which had been one of the deciding factors in the regression therapy.

"No. Uh... I really didn't talk to him. Uh... the mating pheromones seemed to hit him faster than normal and ah... Well, you know about my regressions. I knew he was the one the minute I saw him so I just sort of let it happen."

"You still should have told him. But it's too late now."

"Will the two of you quit talking like I'm not here and explain this?"

"Captain, the men of Alex's planet emit pheromones when aroused that cause a reaction in their mate. I say mate because the pheromones only work on a compatible person. Once the first intimacy has taken place, the two are joined for life."

"What do you mean? Are you saying that he and I... but that can't be. I'm not gay. He's the only man I've ever done anything with. I'm not even sure why or how this happened but it won't happen again."

She saw the pain in the boy's eyes at these words and silently cursed her Captain.

"Captain, this isn't a choice. His sperm has already started a chemical reaction in your body. From this day forward, you will only be able to perform with him. His home world changed his people. He could no more stop his reaction to you then he could stop breathing. Sooner or later you will have to admit to yourself that you couldn't either."

"I still don't understand. If his sperm causes a reaction then why isn't he already mated to someone?"

"Captain, he was a virgin. You are the first man his pheromones worked on. You are the first man he has been with. Honestly, has your brain stopped functioning? Shall I get you a pad so you can take notes?"

"Doctor, I'll thank you to remember that I am your superior officer." The Captain tried to sound dignified in spite of his position, naked, on his own desk with his new Ensign's cock locked inside him.

"Yes, Sir, you are. But I also have authority in all medical situations and a healthy sex life is essential for optimum performance on the job. Therefore it falls under my purview. I've had the opinion for years that you needed the stability of a relationship in your life. I think you will discover a new dimension of experience through this boy."

"I did not call you here for an opinion, Doctor. Since you have stated that you cannot separate us, please leave us alone."

"Yes, Captain. May I suggest that you engage privacy mode during mating in the future so that the first officer doesn't get a free peep show."

The doctor exited the room to find Doggett waiting outside.

"So, Doctor, tell me, what's that all about?"

"The Ensign is from New Russia."

"Oh shit! That's what I thought. The Captain didn't know?"

"Guess not, but it's obvious you do."

"My cousin did her apprenticeship there. Her husband scored on the first date. They have three kids and she's carrying again."

"Maybe you can convince him that it's a one way ticket. He didn't want to listen to me. He said something that really hurt Alex. I hope you didn't need him for anything important because he'll be there awhile."

"Good thing we aren't scheduled to leave for two weeks. That ought give him time to accept reality."

The two wandered off down the hall with Doggett still grinning as Dana tried to keep a straight face. Secretly she was pleased. She really did think that the Captain needed a real relationship and the boy was indeed beautiful.

Once the doctor had left, Walter had immediately called for privacy mode. Alex was lying on his chest, head resting on his heart once more. Walter's hands resting on the desk, not touching the boy who had given him what he would one day admit was the best orgasm of his life to that point.

He had not said a word to the boy since the doctor had left. And the boy was silent, pulled inside himself from the rejection in the harshly spoken words of his new mate. Part of him knew that the bond could not be broken but he was still young and just a bit insecure in the newness of all this. But in this life he had not had time to grow the shields he had used in the past. Up until now his life had been fairly uneventful and serene.

Walter was surprised when he felt the first tears rolling down his chest to pool in his arm pit.

"Are you 'crying'?" His voice made the word crying a condemnation in the boy's ears.

"I'm sorry. I just thought that when I found you, you would want me right away as you did in all our other lives. It never occurred to me to wait and give you time."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've been regressed and we have been lovers for eons. In all our lives, we find each other."

"Look, you're very attractive, but I'm not gay."

"You never thought you were in the other lives either but you always wanted me."

"I don't believe in regression."

"You've told me that before. But I know we belong together. And now that the bond is formed, there is no going back."

"This is ridiculous. How can your sperm do anything to me? I don't feel any differently."

"You won't, except that you will only mate with me from now on. You won't be able to with anyone else and neither will I."

"I don't believe that. This was a one shot deal. Get that straight."

The boy sighed softly, his pain evident and said no more. As soon as he felt the seal release, he pulled carefully out of the captain. He moved to pick up his clothes where they were thrown on the floor. Dressed hurriedly and almost ran from the cabin.

Walter sat naked on his sore ass, on his desk, and wondered why he suddenly felt so alone. That however did not prevent him from attempting to have the Ensign transferred. The doctors stopped that attempt as soon as they heard about it. Separation before completion of the bond would mean neither of the men would be functioning due to an almost constant state of arousal.

Walter tried to argue with them but his Commander told him privately that he would not risk losing two people because Walter refused to face reality. 'Walter, you've always been a realist. What's changed that? He's a beautiful boy. Relax and enjoy him. I'll bet he's hot stuff in bed. I'd take him away from you if it were possible.' Walter chalked this speech up to the fact that they had been at the academy together, and being a married man, the Commander wanted the entire world shackled.

That had taken a week and he had stayed planet side while the boy was on the ship to avoid the odour of him that now seemed to be everywhere. During the next week, in his usual stubborn way he tried to prove everyone wrong. He prowled through every pleasure house around the port then wandered further afield looking for others.

At best, he would walk in the door the odours of the women would reach him and he would run to avoid puking in the entry. He tried a house that advertised both male and female companions, thinking that with fewer women, he might manage to make it past the door but even that failed.

So, in desperation, he went to an all male house, thinking he could at least prove that he could function with someone else. He picked a man who looked as different from Alex as he could find and followed him to his room.

The tall, blond with red eyes asked what he wanted and he mumbled just a normal BJ would do. The blond smiled and guided him to a chaise. He carefully undressed Walter, pushed him to lie down and swallowed him whole.

Nothing happened.

Walter felt the warm tongue slide over him. The fingers that probed his ass rubbed insistently over his prostate in a way that normally drove him crazy.

And still nothing happened.

Finally the man raised his head, gave Walter a sardonic smile and said, "Maybe I'm not what you're looking for."

"I didn't believe them."

"Believe who?"

"The doctors, my First Officer, *Him*."

"Him, who?"

"Alex. He's from New Russia."

"Shit, man. You just wasted your money. No one else can do anything for you now."

"But I'm not gay." Walter slapped his hand over his mouth when he realized he sounded like a pouting little boy. The pleasure companion just shook his head.

It was late when he got back to the ship. As soon as he stepped on board he smelled *him*. It was that rich, full odour that had filled his office when the boy had impaled Walter. Crewmembers moved quickly out of his way as he charged toward the sleeping quarters.

He didn't even notice when he knocked his First Officer into a bulkhead. It was a good thing Doggett had seen him coming like a charging bull down the passageway or he might have been seriously injured.

He overrode privacy mode on the Ensign's door and stood in the doorway looking at the beautiful boy lying naked on his bunk. Alex was stroking his cock in a slow sensuous way, his head back exposing his throat, his eyes closed tightly. The pheromones were so heavy Walter thought he could almost *see* them.

He wondered briefly why the entire crew wasn't trying to get in the room to ravish the boy. Then all thoughts fled as the boy said his name in a voice deep with need and lust.

He stepped inside and, turning, growled at the communications console. "Privacy mode. We are not to be disturbed for anything less than an attack on the ship."


Alex watched with hope in his green eyes as Walter began to strip. When Walter walked to stand at the foot of the bed, the boy spread his legs.á Walter knelt between them and just stared at the man waiting for his next move. He wrapped his big paw around the perfectly formed cock and stroked it slowly.

"Is this full size?"

"Yes, I was getting close to climax."

"So that means you can not enter me now?"

"I could but it would not last long. And you would be stuck with me inside again. You may enter me. We could complete the circle."

"Complete the circle? What do you mean by that?"

"I need your sperm inside me as I put mine in you. It's really only a symbol since the chemical reactions took place last time. But it's also a way of saying we are equal partners. That neither of us rules the other."

"Do I need to make you ready as you made me ready?"

"If you wish, but I have a fragrant oil if you..."

"Only if it smells like you."

Alex's face was luminous with his pleasure in those simple words. He gasped as Walter's hands lifted him with ease. The tongue that worked its way inside him was gentle, thorough and left him panting with need. His body opened joyously to receive the huge cock of his lover.

Walter moved slowly, savouring the feel of the virgin passage he was pushing deeper into with each thrust. Alex's hands clutched at him as he bottomed out, the soft moan zinging through Walter straight to his cock.

The big man began to pound into the boy under him. The only sounds in the room, the panting of two greatly aroused men as they strained against each other.

Walter's bellow of release so loud it was heard on the next tier. The boy's shout lost against the throat he had been sucking on. Walter rolled over, taking the boy with him so that he lay on Walter's chest.

When he could breath again, Walter cupped the boy's face and kissed him tenderly. They slept for a while and when they woke, Walter took the boy inside him again. This time he made no move to pull away when they were finished and the boy kissed the chest he rested on gently.

Alex was naive enough that he had expected things would go smoothly after the completion of the circle. He was still young and had no experience with stubborn alpha males who refused to see that the universe could not be controlled as they wished.

The boy's attempts at public communication were rebuked, sending him to the ships psychiatrist for more therapy. He was finally bonded to a man he knew he had loved in all his lives, only to have that man deny them both.

He had tried to talk to the Captain to explain that the mating was now a necessary part of their well being but Walter refused to listen. The Captain had even gone so far as to arrange for the area of the ship the boy was in to have a unique air supply. Therefore making sure that the scent of the boy could not affect him.

Dana and John watched in silence as long as possible. Dana growing more and more concerned over the boy's health. He had begun losing weight, he was back to having the dreams which disrupted his sleep cycle.

Walter had begun to snap at the crewmembers. His sleep populated with images of the boy's face as he had looked at the moment of his climax as he whispered Walter's name.

Finally one day Dana and John cornered Walter in his quarters.

"What do you two want? I'm busy so make it fast."

"Captain, we're concerned about Ensign Skinner."

Walter's face showed a brief flicker of worry but that was quickly covered with anger.

"Doctor, it is your responsibility to see to the crewmembers' health. You should not need to come to me over such matters."

"Damn it, Walter, stop this. Dana and I have both told you that you are bonded to the boy now. Why the hell are you torturing him and yourself this way?"

"John, I'll thank you to remember that I *am* your Captain. Just because you enjoy a boy doesn't mean that everyone does. I'm not gay. It was just a physical reaction to his scent. As long as I don't smell him, I can get on with my job and he can do his. When we next go in for replacements, I'll have him transferred."

"That won't happen, Captain. I have filed my report listing you as his mate and command will not send him to another ship without me stating that the bond is fully formed."

"What the hell are you talking about? I fucked him and completed the damn circle with him. Now he can go his way and I can go mine. It's no different from getting a divorce. I don't love him and I don't want to spend my life with him."

John moved forward into his Captains personal space, head back to look into the glaring eyes.

"Walter, I never thought I would say this but you are a coward and a fool. That boy loves you. He may have been wrong to begin the bond without you knowing what it entailed but that's over and done.á It's time for you to face facts. Do you want to spend the rest of your life without sex?"

"It'll wear off, won't it? I mean if we aren't around each other?"

"No, Captain. It doesn't work that way. I told you Alex's people mate for life. Why is it you trust my medical judgment on everything else but not on this?"

"There has to be something that can be done. I don't want this."

"You stubborn idiot! Do you want the boy's death on your conscience?"

Before Walter could answer her the door signal sounded. John opened the door to find Alex standing in the corridor.

"I was told to report."á The hope in his eyes made John even angrier with his Captain.

"Yes, Ensign. I wanted you to come up. We've been discussing your situation with the Captain. We thought he needed to see with his own eyes that you are not well."

"Doctor, I'm fine. There was no need to trouble the Captain. May I be excused?"

Walter's eyes roamed over the boy. Noting in his usual analytical way the dark circles under each eye, the uniform hanging in loose folds on the thin frame, the light gone from the eyes. Walter had seen men give up on life before. He just never expected it to be because of him.

Dana and John watched as their Captain assessed the man standing with head bowed, waiting to be rejected once more. They both recognized the battle-taking place before them.

Walter Krycek was a strong man who made few mistakes in his life and had always taken full responsibility for them. Looking at the wasting figure standing in front of him he realized he had made a huge one this time.

"Come in, Ensign. You are just in time to join me for dinner. Doctor, Number One, is there anything else you need?"

"No, Captain. We'll be on our way. I'll see that the kitchen sends up a vitamin drink with the Ensign's dinner. You will see that he drinks it all, won't you?"

"Yes, Doctor. I'll make sure the Ensign eats a proper dinner."

Walter turned his back and began to set up the table for dinner. He didn't watch as Dana and John left and pushed the boy inside.á When Walter turned around, Alex was standing just inside the door where John had placed him. His eyes down looking at the floor, barely breathing, waiting for the rejection he was sure would be forthcoming.

Even stubborn men must eventually face facts. Walter didn't like realizing that not only had he fucked up as a man this time but also as a Captain. A good Captain would never let a crewmember's health deteriorate to the degree he saw here.

"Come, have a seat, Alex. I'll fix us some tea while we wait for dinner."

Alex went to sit at the small table in the corner of the room. He accepted the cup of tea that was placed before him adding sugar and sipping slowly. He answered every question put to him by the Captain but never once looked up at him. His answers were monosyllabic when ever possible.

The Captain allowed this to continue through dinner. At one point practically ordering Alex to eat. When Alex swore he couldn't eat any more the Captain just instructed him to finish the drink so the Doctor wouldn't come after them both. The drink was hurriedly choked down then the Ensign rose from his seat.

"May I be excused, Captain?"

He didn't wait for an answer just started toward the door, only to be stopped when the Captain's hand closed on his wrist.

"Look at me, Alex."

"I can't, Captain." His voice was thick with pain.

"Why not? Am I that ugly?"

"No, Captain. You are a very handsome man."

"Then why won't you look at me?"

"Because the Captain has made it very clear that I am not wanted. Please, may I go?" The whisper held so much anguish that Walter flinched.

"So, even though you desire me, you don't want to look at me?"

"I'm afraid to, Captain."


"Because it will probably trigger my mating pheromones. The rejection is difficult enough when I'm not aroused, I don't think I can take it while I'm in heat."

Alex tried to pull free then but Walter's hand tightened. Pushing the chair back from the table, he pulled Alex into his lap. The boy struggled until he was too tired to do so, then hid his face against the strong shoulder of the man holding him. A ragged 'Please' the only sound he made.

Walter uttered "Privacy mode" and held on to his future.

Walter sat there holding the boy until he fell into a fitful sleep. Lifting him, he carried him to the bed, undressed him and covered the frail looking body with a blanket. He sat for a long time watching him sleep before he rose and went to see his First Officer.

The First Officer unlike his Captain had no problems with the fact that he enjoyed men. His current relationship was with Yeoman Jack Mann, someone he was beginning to think he could spend his life with. Jack was a real beauty by any standards. He was average height for an Earther, around five eleven. His hair was thick and wavy a rich auburn and he had green eyes much like Alex's. John often wondered why he wanted to be with Mr. Dumbo as he had heard himself called as a child.

He was curled around Jack, still buried inside him, in no hurry to leave the hot tight body when the door signal sounded. He asked the computer who it was and when he heard it was the Captain, he pulled slowly and reluctantly out of Jack's body. The soft sigh of the other man making him smile.

John grabbed a towel to wipe the come mixed with lube from his dick as he smiled at Jack tenderly. Yeah, they should discuss a contract and soon. His smile grew as Jack shifted to a sitting position on the bed and pulled the sheet up to cover his reawakening cock.

John answered his door stark naked and Walter could see one of the Yeomen propped in the bed naked chest gleaming in the candlelight. The smells of sex were heavy in the room. Walter couldn't help but take in a deep lung full.

The contented look on John's face and the odours told him that they had at least completed round one, the scent coming from Jack told him round two would have been coming up soon if he hadn't knocked on the door.

"Sorry, I guess I'm interrupting."

"No, Captain. We were just sharing the afterglow. Unlike some people, I don't deprive myself of pleasure. Especially not when the man is beautiful and willing. Do you need to talk? Jack can come back later."

"Sure, John." The man in the bed rose, totally unconcerned to be naked in front of his Captain. He pulled on his clothes and kissed John unhurriedly on his way out.

"I'll call you when we finish."


Walter had watched the exchange between the two men and wondered why he was still having so much trouble adjusting to his situation. After all he was now bonded, homosexuality was accepted on almost all planets where human's lived, and the service would only separate him and Alex if they asked to be assigned for short periods to work special projects.

Walter suddenly realized he wanted to have that look of contentment on his face. That he wanted to start his day buried in Alex's warm body. That he wanted the pleasure he had *only* felt with the boy sleeping in his bed.

John picked up a robe and pulled it on sensing that the Captain would be more comfortable talking if he were clothed. He watched as the Captain paced in the small space available for a couple of minutes. Finally the Captain sat and John still waited.

"John, how much do you know about my home world?"

"Not a lot. Your people are pretty closed mouthed."

"Yeah, we're like a family with a dirty little secret."


"Homosexuality is not tolerated on my planet, John. Women outnumber men three to one and do not conceive easily. There is heavy government pressure to keep the population up so that we can be completive, so having sex with a man is considered the ultimate sin against the people."

"Is that why very few men from your world enter the service?"

"Yes. It's considered acceptable for a woman to leave if she hasn't conceived by her twentieth season but they try to keep all the men at home for stud service if nothing else. I was allowed to leave because testing showed I wasn't fertile."

"Is that why you never had sex with anyone who might be relationship material?"

"Partly, yes. Intellectually, I know that not all women want children but the shame I felt at my failure made me back away from anything lasting. It was easier to ease my body alone or with paid companions."

"Why are you telling me this? You should be telling Alex."

"I'm telling you because I value you not just as a First Officer but as a friend. And because I needed to say it to someone else to get it straight in my mind before I try to explain it to him."

"Where is he? Did you get him to eat?"

"Yes, he ate, but only because I ordered him to. I held him until he fell asleep."

"Did you...?"

"No. He wasn't... he didn't...smell. He barely talked to me, wouldn't look at me. I've hurt him so badly. Hell! I've shown more kindness to enemies than I have him."

"He'll understand and forgive you. Now get back there and talk to him."

The crewmembers that were up and about stared in surprise as the Captain walked quickly down the corridor and entered the Ensign's room. He packed all the Ensign's personal things and carried them back to his quarters.

Good thing he was Captain, he wouldn't have to wait for larger quarters to become available for himself and his mate. He hummed tunelessly as he put away the clothing, then he undressed and slipped into the bed next to the restless sleeper.

He pulled Alex into his arms and smiled as the warm body pressed close a little sigh the only sound in the room.á He did not however smile the next morning when he woke and his bed was empty.

Every head in the maintenance bay turned as the Captain stalked through the room. It had only taken one question to the ships computer to know where his wayward Ensign was located. Had the air supply been restored to normal, he could have found him by scent.

Alex's head rose when the man he was working with gasped. He was surprised to find his Captain heading toward them with a scowl on his face. He turned back to his work as if the fire breathing giant was not moving toward him at a speed he would not have thought possible in one so big. The Captain looked at the man next to Alex.

"Excuse us, Ensign."

"Aye, Captain." The Ensign moved a discrete distance from Alex and the Captain.

"Alex, I didn't like waking up alone. Please wake me for a goodbye kiss before you leave in the mornings from now on."

Alex's head jerked up and he looked into the deep brown eyes. He stood very still as the Captain cupped his face and kissed him softly, then stood staring open mouthed as the Captain turned and walked away. Walter stopped a few feet away and turned back.

"I'll see you in *our* quarters after my shift tonight."

Alex nodded slowly, still not believing his ears. He watched as every eye in the place followed the Captain's exit. The other Ensign moved back to the job they had been working on and nudged Alex when he still stood staring.

"Please, pinch me. I need to know I'm not dreaming." He yelped loudly as the other Ensign did indeed pinch him.

Walter had started his day by having the restrictions taken off the air supply system. He had decided he wanted to be able to find Alex without asking the computer. Doggett had nodded his approval and when he broke for lunch, he went to let the Doctor know the Captain was finally coming around.

That evening the Captain had been detained on the bridge when Doctor Mulder came up to give him a report on an accident that had occurred in engineering that day. She and First Officer Doggett were wrapping things up when Walter trailed off in mid sentence.

"Thank you, Doctor. It's good to know no on....."

His head rose, his nostrils flared, lungs expanded to breathe deeply. They watched, as the Captain --á sporting an obvious erection -- exited the room at a dead run.

"Think I should warn people to get out of his way?" Dr. Mulder asked with a deadpan expression.

"Why? I have a feeling this is going to happen on a regular enough basis that everyone will learn to get out of his way."

She didn't need to worry. Word had gotten around about the Captain's visit to the maintenance bay that morning so no one was really surprised to see him running toward his quarters, preceded by his hardľon.

By the time he entered his quarters, speech was a forgotten ability. Alex turned from the candles he was lighting to smile at the big man ripping his clothes off. He had just enough time to call for privacy mode before Walter lifted him up, ravishing his pretty pink mouth.

Had he been asked later how they got on the bed or how he got inside Walter he wouldn't be able to tell them. It seemed as though one minute he was being held aloft while having his tongue sucked half out of his head. The next he was screaming as he shot in Walter's body then falling forward to lie on the back of the panting man.

When the seal released he rolled over and Walter turned on his side to look at him. The apprehension in the boy's eyes pained him more that anything else ever had. He reached out and caressed the face, his thumb trailing over the full lower lip.

"Do you have any control over that scent?"

"It happens when I get aroused. So, I guess I have some control. Why?"

"Will you try to save it for after I get here next time? I think I may have knocked over a couple of people on the way down here."

"Do you mean I'm going to stay here? That you want to be with me?"

"Yes. I know I treated you badly. I'm sorry. Let's eat dinner and afterwards I'll try to explain it to you."

The smile on Alex's face stole his breath. The boy was indeed beautiful and Walter knew he would be the envy of many in the years to come.

Over the next week, the crew learned to dodge the Captain if he was seen running through the corridors. Other members of the crew noticed the difference in the boy's scent but to them it was just a pleasant woodsy smell. It did however tell them that the Captain would soon appear and if, by chance, the boy was far from their quarters, crew members would make themselves scarce.

It was the seventh day after the boy had moved into the Captains quarters that Dr. Mulder was summoned by a frantic sounding Captain to come to his quarters.

"Captain, what is it?"

"He's hurt, Doctor. He's bleeding."

"Walter, it's not much, I'll be fine. I don't need the doctor."

Dana looked over at the furiously blushing boy, who was clutching the covers up under his chin.

"Let me be the judge of that, Alex. Where are you bleeding?"

"I'm fine, honest. It's just a little blood."

"Are you bleeding from your rectum?"

The blush on the face intensified, giving her all the answer she needed.

"Turn over and let me examine you."

She opened her bag and pulled on gloves, while removing a tube of lubricant. When she turned back, Alex was still sitting in the same position with the covers gripped so tightly his knuckles were white.

"Alex, let the doctor examine you. I need to know how badly I've hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me. It's just a little blood. It happens sometimes. At least that's what I've read."

"Alex, you are right that sometimes it does happen but I still need to make sure it is a superficial injury that will heal on its own and not one that will need sutures. Now let me look."


Walter had lost all patience. He was a man of action and his lover needed to be cared for. He walked to the bed, grabbed the end of the blankets and ripped them out of Alex's hands. Flipping the startled Alex onto his stomach, he straddled him to hold him in place for the doctor.

Dana sat next to the two men, ignoring her Captain's equipment that was peeking through the opening of his robe. She gently spread the boy's cheeks and barely managed to contain the gasp. There was very little blood as Alex had said but that wasn't the problem.

She examined him as gently as possible but he still moaned. The tears were superficial and should heal rapidly if the area was left alone for a few days. The area around his anus was swollen and irritated. Also when she went in, expecting him to be lubricated enough not to need to add much to her gloves, she found him to be very dry.

She opened her bag, removed a hypo and gave him an antibiotic. Then motioned to the Captain to let him roll back over.

"Well, is he going to be all right?"

"He'll be fine. Alex, no penetration until further notice. And I want you to soak in a warm tub for at least a half hour at night. I'll give the kitchen a special diet for you for the next few days. Don't eat anything that isn't on my list."

"It's my fault, isn't, doctor? I was too rough with him."

Dana looked around the room before she spoke. "Captain, what are you using for a lubricant?"


"To facilitate intercourse."

"I..." the Captain looked puzzled.

"We get each other ready orally, doctor." Alex explained looking as puzzled as his lover.

"Well, that's fine for you with him but he should be using something more with you."

"What do you mean?"

"Your saliva has different properties from the Captain's, Alex. Yours has evolved along with your other chemical make-up and works quite well for anal sex. It stays wet longer than the Captain's does. It's thicker as well."

"I didn't know that."

Alex was blushing again. He was worried that Walter would see this as just one more thing that was wrong with their relationship. Little did he know that Walter was so addicted to him by that point that nothing would make him reconsider the relationship.

"It never occurred to me that we needed more. What should we use, doctor?"

Dana didn't miss the happy smile on Alex's face as Walter asked his question.

"I'd leave this with you but since he is restricted until I say he is ready, I suggest you ask Doggett."


"John has been in same sex relationships for years I'm sure he can give you advice about what works better than I could. And it's not like he doesn't know about the two of you."

She smiled at the blush that had begun working it's way up the Captain's face. She packed up her supplies and turned to leave when the Captain spoke again.

"Doctor, does this mean I shouldn't..."

She turned to see the blush had intensified to scarlet.

"Shouldn't what?"

"You know, kiss him there...I mean when he is ready again."

"Captain, you may kiss, lick, suck anything you want. Just lubricate that big thing before you put it inside him."

She exited quickly before the giggles burst out. Both of the men she left behind had turned almost purple at her words. It always amazed her that her Captain could face down the most horrible of aliens but was embarrassed to discuss sex with his ship's doctor.

Walter called for privacy. His robe landed on the chair. He picked up the covers and arranged them on the bed. He slipped into the bed and pulled Alex close.

"I'm sorry I hurt you."

"You didn't do it on purpose. I should have done more research, then it wouldn't have happened."

"It's just as much my place to research this. I'll talk to John in the morning."

"Walter, why did you ask the doctor about...you know, kissing me there?"

"Because I've become quite fond of kissing you there. And I love the little breathy squeals you make when I stick my tongue in it. Got any problems with that?"

"No. None at all."

The next morning found the Captain outside Doggett's door. He knocked and the door slid open. John was sitting at the table with his coffee. Jack was pulling on his boots. He rose, said a polite good morning to his Captain before kissing John goodbye and heading out the door.

"He's on duty this morning?"

"Yes. What brings you here this morning, Walter?"

"I need some advise and Dana suggested I ask you."

"Really? What kind of advise?"

John hid his smile behind his coffee cup as his Captain blushed. The last few weeks had opened many new doors for his Captain. John was being vastly entertained watching him learn. Even more entertaining was watching how the boy was wrapping his big bear of a Captain around his little finger.

"I hurt Alex last night."

"What? I thought you were past all that homophobic bullshit."

"It's not like that, John. Give me a chance to tell you."

"All right. What happened?"

"I hurt him physically. I made him bleed. It wasn't on purpose."

Walter held up his hand placating, as he saw the storm clouds forming on his first officer's face. He knew John and Dana were both very protective of his mate. It was reassuring actually. He knew they would watch over the boy when he wasn't around.

"Go on. How did it happen?"

"I...well... Ah fuck. Dana said we need to use some sort of lubricant."

"What have you been using?"

"She said that it was fine for Alex to get me ready the way he does but I need to use more with him."

"Walter, will you just tell me what you two have been using?"

Walter suddenly found the floor to be of great interest. "Saliva."

"Jesus! No wonder you made him bleed. You've been fucking him with nothing but spit to ease the way. Hasn't he shown any discomfort?"

"Fuck no! Do you think I'm so selfish that I would take pleasure from him at the cost of his pain?"

"No, I'm sorry. So, Dana sent you to ask me what I use with Jack?"

"Yeah. She said you had been in these types of relationships a long time and could give me better advice than she could. Alex offered some oil when we were together the second time but I didn't pack any of the bathroom things when I moved him to my cabin. Maybe I should get that?"

"Let me get dressed and we'll go see what he has. I'll just tell you now oil is not the best option. It works in a pinch but there are better things to use."

Walter tried to keep his eyes elsewhere but he was drawn to look at John. He felt no lust for him as he did when he looked at Alex but it was interesting to actually notice the play of muscles as John moved. He wondered if Jack enjoyed John as much as he enjoyed Alex.

They found Alex's quarters as Walter had left them. He went into the bathroom and returned with the oil. John took it and read the label quickly. He opened it and sniffed before pouring a small amount into his palm. Walter watched as he rubbed his fingers in the oil until his hand absorbed it.

"Walter, this would be great for softening rough skin but would only do for a very short and fast fuck. You don't strike me as the kind to want nothing but short fast fucks. Are you?"

"Sometimes, but I find that I like staying inside him. I enjoy making it last."

The blush was back. This time John didn't bother to hide his grin. He liked the way Walter's eyes had gone soft as he said 'him'. His Captain might not know it yet but he was in love.

"Come on, let's go shopping."

John led Walter through the corridors until they reached the ship's store. He moved toward the personal section. At this time of the morning on a Sunday it was empty. Walter was glad to see that. He didn't want his sex education taking place in front of half his crew.

"Walter, Jack likes this one."

He handed Walter the sample tube, watching as Walter squeezed a small amount onto his fingers.

"Rub them together. Feel the consistency? I use this one on him when I know we don't have a lot of time, when he needs to get to work soon. Like this morning."


"Because it doesn't stain."


"You have noticed that there is a little leaking after?"

"Ohhhh." Walter stuttered as his face flamed again.

"This one I use when we want to take our time. I like the way it works better for the long slow fucks. It's thicker, requires more clean up, but works great for fisting."


"I forget you both are novices at this. Maybe we should set aside some time to discuss alternate forms of pleasure. But that can wait until you two are finished with the honeymoon. Fisting is just what it sounds like. You insert you entire hand into your partner's anus."

"Sounds painful."

"It can be, if proper care isn't taken."

"You've done this?"

"With Jack, twice. A few times with previous partners."

"But doesn't that make regular sex...?" Doggett wondered if it was possible for his Captain to spontaneously combust.

"It's not like it loses its shape, Walter." John's tone was gentle; he didn't want to embarrass Walter to the point that he would hesitate to come to him for advice in the future.

Walter looked down at his big hands and thought about the tiny hole he had stretched the night before with just the circumference of his cock. He didn't believe there was any way he could do that to the boy he had left sleeping in his quarters.

"I can read your mind. It would fit but maybe you might want to let Alex do it to you first."

"Jack's done that to you? Sorry, that's none of my business."

"I don't mind you asking. I have no problem with answering questions. No, Jack hasn't done it to me. Jack is very much a bottom and since I've always been so dominant, it works well for us."

"When are you going to register a contract? I mean I know you've been seeing each other since our last trip out."

"He's a gorgeous man, Walter. Why would he want to tie himself to me?"

"Maybe because he's in love with you."


"Alex told me. He overheard him tell one of the crew members that he wasn't interested in seeing anyone else because he was in love."

"When did he say that?"

"Alex told me it happened before you and Dana forced me to pull my head out of my ass. He asked me if I thought he ought to tell you."

"He's never said it to me."

"Have you told him?"

"No. I have been thinking about asking him for a limited contract, in the hopes of him wanting to amend it later. Thanks for telling me."

"You're welcome. Now can we finish up here before the place gets busy and Alex wakes up and finds me gone?"

"Sure. Here check these out. They're flavoured, totally edible."

"Why would you want...John, do you really go in for all this..."

Walter's hands waved around at the displays they were standing next to. Lubes weren't the only thing available. Most of the *items* he was almost afraid to ask about.

"Walter, there are many pleasures to be had from your relationship. I know right now what you are doing seems like all you will ever want or need but think about it for a minute. You will be spending the rest of your life with Alex."

"What? Are you saying that he will get bored with me?"

"Bored is a feeling I don't think he will ever know with you. And you know why? Because you wouldn't be out here if you didn't enjoy adventure. Sex can be an adventure. It can be *fun*. Why limit yourself to vanilla when there are so many flavours to try."

John opened a tube of watermelon-flavoured lube and waved it under Walter's nose. The odour hit him and he smiled. Watermelon was one of the first earth fruits he had tasted and he had loved it from the beginning.

"You like these? I mean you and Jack use these?"

"Jack prefers strawberry and I like Jack tasting like coconut."

"So you put it in you or..."

"No, I coat his cock with it, then lick it off slowly, before I deep throat him. That way when he comes I get both, his wonderful taste mixed with the coconut."

"Alex and I haven't done that."

"You mean to tell me you haven't given each other head?"

"Alex's anatomy is different. He's afraid he will be in too deep and cut off my air supply."

"That explains one side but not the other."

"I won't ask him to do to me what I can't return."

"You can still lick and kiss. Plus, I think after you two have been together for a while, you'll be able to gauge when he is close and pull back."

Walter returned to his quarters later with both types of lube John had suggested. His bag also contained three bottles of scented massage oil. At the last minute he had grabbed the watermelon and chocolate flavoured lubes as well.

Alex was still snoozing. Walter put his purchases away, undressed and slipped back into his warm bed, pulling his lover into his arms.

Alex snuggled close and Walter caressed his hair gently. Walter had made a comment about how he loved playing with his hair and Alex hadn't cut it since. Long hair was the fashion on Alex's home world. He had opted for a short cut during his training. Since there were no restrictions on length, just on how it was worn while on duty, he was letting it grow.

He was surprised when a sleepy voice spoke.

"Where were you?"

"Shopping with John. He's offered to set aside time to talk to me about 'alternate forms of pleasure'."

"Sounds interesting. May I be there for this talk?"

"I think I'd rather you talked to Jack or at least let me get more comfortable with this. I told John what you heard Jack say."

Alex twisted so he could look at Walter.

"What did he say? He isn't going to dump Jack, is he? Jack hasn't told him because he's worried that John doesn't want a serious relationship."

"No, he isn't going to dump him. John is very much in love with Jack. I wouldn't be surprised to have them registering a temporary contract by this time tomorrow."

"Good, I'm happy for Jack. Now, did you get what we need?"

"Yes, I did. John recommended several types. I even got something we can experiment with if you want. It won't involve us doing anything the doctor said we shouldn't. Let's go take a shower then we can play."

"I like the sound of that."

As Alex rolled over and rose from the bed the odour reached Walter.

"Stop that! I need to keep my wits at least until after we bathe."

"Yes, Sir. Captain, Sir."

Alex ran and Walter laughed as he chased him into the bathroom. He rushed them through bathing and then led Alex back to their bed. He positioned the boy on his back with his legs spread. Alex smiled up at him as he opened the bedside drawer to remove a rather large tube.

"Not planning on shopping often?"

"Don't think the size is any indication of the amount of time it will last. This is flavoured, watermelon, my favourite."

"Flavoured? Why do you need..."

Alex gasped as Walter squirted a large amount onto his cock. The gasp was quickly followed by a purr as Walter began to stroke him to spread the thick lube evenly.

"That feels so good."

"I'm going to make you feel even better."

Alex arched up as Walter's hot mouth covered the head of his cock. His hands scrabbled for Walter's ears, the only part of his head he could latch on to.

"Walter, no, don't. We talked about this, I can't let you do this."

Walter let Alex slip from his mouth but kept his hand wrapped firmly around him.

"Alex, John and I talked about this. He pointed out that I could still lick and kiss you. If we go slowly I should be able to suck you for a little while. It's just the head that forms the seal isn't it?"

"Yes. I don't want to do anything that might hurt you. Walter, I'm afraid I might kill you."

"Not going to happen. This time I'll just suck it for a little while then I'll lick it clean and use my hand to get you off."

"Walter, please. I couldn't stand it if I..."

"Alex, I want to do this with you. I want you to do it to me. Trust me, atsutsa."

Alex looked into the eyes of his mate seeing the confidence there. He knew Walter was considered one of the best captains in the fleet and you don't gain a reputation like that without cause, so he allowed himself to relax back into the pillows.

"Promise if I touch your head, you will pull back right away."

"You have my word."

Alex gave a slight nod and, as Walter covered his cock head with additional lube, he sighed. Walter bent and his mouth took Alex in again. Alex put one hand on his thigh next to but not touching the baldhead of his lover.

Walter sucked slowly, savouring the taste of Alex mixed with watermelon. This was Walter's first time doing this so he just did what he knew he liked when it was done to him. His mind telling him that it didn't matter too much if he wasn't an expert since the man he was doing it too was a virgin in this area.

Once he had the head cleaned, he teased the slit, rubbing his tongue against it, then pushing in to get pure Alex flavour. The noises coming from Alex let him know he was on the right track. He ran his tongue around the head, tracing the shape. Alex's hand twitched but he didn't touch Walter's head.

Moving to the shaft, he sculpted the vein with his tongue, enjoying the flavour of watermelon. Turning the cock carefully in his hand he licked and sucked until all traces of lube were gone. Raising up, he smiled at the picture of Alex lying limp, legs spread, head arched back, throat exposed, chest heaving as he panted.

Looking down, his smile grew even wider as the now full size dick of his lover twitched. Alex's eyes opened to look at him, the lust turning them the deepest green. No words came, just a brief flexing of his hips raising him from the bed.

The smell of him intensified, Walter growled that deep territorial sound Alex had learned to love. Walter bent again and pulled Alex deep into his throat.

"NO! Walter, stop!"

Walter was beyond listening. He sucked, his hand curled around Alex's balls, squeezing just short of pain. Alex grabbed for Walter's ears yanking upward. Frantic to get him off before he lost control. He managed to get him up far enough so that only the head was still in Walter's mouth as he lost it and began to shoot.

Walter growled once more before he was forced to swallow. Alex was torn between his fear and a climax he was sure would blow the top off his head. The cock head swelled, filling Walter's mouth, shaping itself to seal the opening.

Had Walter been a less confident person, he might have panicked. Some would have lost it from any number of phobias. Walter merely stilled, other than swallowing his lover come and waited for the seal to release.

The fear in Alex's eyes slowly subsided when his hands gave him proof that his lover was breathing. Walter's hands moved over Alex in a soothing manner. Alex lay there panting as he waited for his dick to soften.

A different fear was in his eyes when the seal broke and Walter moved up to lie next to him.

"Walter, I'm sorry I tried..."

"Hush, atsutsa. I wanted to taste you. I want you to taste me. I'm glad it happened; now you won't have to worry when I want to do it again. Although I'm sure my ears are going to be sore. Next time, don't pull so hard."

"You aren't angry?"

"Angry? Why should I be? You didn't force me."

"But being stuck like that..."

"Well, I will admit it's awkward but we'll just need to try a different angle next time."

"You really want to do it again?"

Walter smiled at the wonder mixed with delight he saw in his lover's eyes.

"Yes, atsutsa. Again and again and again."

He pulled Alex close, ignoring his own still hard cock, for the moment wanting only to reassure him.

"Walter, what does atsutsa mean?"

"It's a term of affection. Now take a nap. I expect you to take care of me later."

Alex snuggled close and was soon sleeping as instructed.


Six months later when they returned to Earth for crew changes they registered their marriage contract and had the biggest wedding ever known in the fleet. Alex wore green to match his eyes and Walter ignored the 'I told you so' looks from Dr. Mulder and First Officer Doggett.

The party halted momentarily when the hardest nosed Captain in the fleet screamed his husband's name so loud he drowned out the band. Every eye in the room raised to the ceiling as the Ensign's scream echoed just a heartbeat behind. The band continued as if never interrupted and the guests partied until the wee hours of the morning.


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