Title: Regression (Rome)
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. Master/slave relationship. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Well, I have been asked to do a few stories about those regression tapes I mentioned in His Master's Voice.
In this story, one of the characters is vastly underaged for our modern sensitivities, though perfectly acceptable for the time and culture the story is set in.
Seriously, if you consider anything under the age of 16 to be underaged, please, think twice before reading this. If you consider anything under the age of 18 to be underaged, please, please, do us both a favour and don't read it.

Rating: NC17
Date: 05/16/01
Archive: DitB, RatB, SKSA. Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, and Mulder and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Memories of past lives
NOTES: This is all Josan's fault.

I had seen twelve summers when I was taken from my home. The children the soldiers thought would fit in the brothels or bring money as body slaves were brought back with them to Rome. We were a scraggly bunch by the time we got there. I had never been a large boy so by this point I was all bones and bruised from the rough handling.

But I was lucky. The soldiers had used the prettier boys for their pleasure. The boys who were used screamed with the pain. Most of them bled long after they were returned to the area of the camps where we were held. I had escaped that pain.

The slave pens were dank and cold so I was pleased when I was taken out into the warm sunlight. My pleasure died when the fat man began to examine me. He smelled horribly and his hands were cold and rough. I screamed when he inserted one of his fat fingers in the part of me that I had thought to be for only one purpose until the last weeks.

A deep voice called out to the slave trader.

"How much do you want for that bag of bones you're calling a boy?"

"Wait! I was making my decision, you can't interfere like this."

"It appears to me you are using his position on the block as an excuse to fondle a boy you have no money to purchase. I have little time, trader. Quote me a price."

The fat man had continued to press a finger inside me and I moaned with the pain. I turned to look up at the man who might be my master. His eyes were a green like none I had ever seen, his deep hair flashing russet highlights in the sun. I heard the price quoted and my heart sank. The man looked too smart to spend that amount of money on me. At my moan, his eyes had fastened on mine, I was mesmerized and could not look away.

"I'll take him. Get your hands off my property."

The last roared at the man beside me.

The man jumped and in the process scratched me as his fingers jerked out of my body. My new master paid the trader the coins he was asking for me then motioned for me to follow him. I made haste to do so for two reasons; I was grateful not to be following the foul smelling fat man and this man felt somehow familiar.

My fear was put on hold by the new things I was seeing. I had never been to a city before and I was amazed. There was so much to see. The traders selling brightly colored fabrics such as I had never known. The aromas of foods I didn't know making my stomach rumble. The rich smell of unknown spices. I kept one eye on my new Master and, with the other, tried to take in every inch of the marketplace.

I was bumped and jostled. No one seemed to notice the naked dirty boy following my Master. Several people spoke to him, their voices respectful. He greeted each in turn, his voice deep and gentle. One vendor offered him a cake of some sort and he started to refuse but then looked down at me and accepted. He took a bite, made a pleasurable sound and complimented the vendor. Once we were out of sight of the man, he handed the cake to me.

"Need to fatten you up, boy. What is your name?"

"The slaver called me Gualterus, Master. He told me that is my name in Latin."

"Well, enjoy your cake, Gualterus." I hurried to eat the treat, fearful that it might be taken from me.

The trip to his residence was made longer by his stopping to buy me clothing. He did not allow me to put them on, stating that I needed to bathe first. When we reached his house, a very round lady took me in hand and I was soon bathed and had a full belly for the first time in weeks.  After that, I was taken to my master's rooms and told to wait there.

The room was large and airy. The bed covered with rich, soft fabrics in colors I had only seen in nature before today. I was used to only the rough woolen fabric that I had worn all my life. I dared to run my rough hands over them, gently, enjoying the feel.

I wondered if I would be punished if I bled on them when my Master used me.

It was very late before my master came to his room. My fear of what was to happen to me had bloomed during the wait and I jumped when his hand rested on my arm.


I, of course, have known about my Master's preferences since he came of age, but I never expected him to buy a boy to satisfy those preferences. I made no comment to him when he came home with the boy, just took the child in hand to see him bathed and fed. The child was skin and bones, had obviously been abused. His body covered with bruises and healing scabs.

I bathed him as gently as I could, finding the new scratches on his buttocks. Tracing them back, I knew he was scratched internally. Once he was clean, I could see the beauty my Master must have seen when he looked at the boy. I fed the boy then led him to the Master's room to await his first night with a man.

I settled next to the fire in the kitchen to await my Master's return. I knew he would come through the kitchen for the warm water he had instructed be kept waiting for his return. I was dozing lightly when he got home.

"Why are you still up? One of the others could have kept the fire going. There was no need for you to watch it."

"I wanted to talk to you about the boy you bought today, Master."

His arms wrapped around me and he dropped a kiss on my head, chuckling. "Are you ever going to stop trying to raise me?"

"When you bury me, maybe. Who knows, I'll probably haunt you."

"I'm sure you will. So, tell me what you will, woman, I'm tired and need my rest."

"Rest! We both know you won't be resting for awhile. I got the boy to talk a little tonight. He's very afraid but determined to be brave."

"Yes, I could see that in him at the market. What else?"

"He's a virgin. He did not know that men could lie together until he was taken from his home. The man at the traders scratched him pretty badly, inside as well."

"So you're telling me to be gentle with him, Livia. Do you think your Master a harsh man? That I would hurt for the sake of hurting?"

"I know not what you do to the boys you've brought here. But they were all from the brothels so they were not new to the ways of sex. This boy is. What are your plans for him?"

"Plans? What do you mean, woman?"

"Are you going to use him for a few months then cast him aside?"

"I think I may enjoy him for longer than a few months. When I tire of him in my bed, I'll give him work to do. When have I ever sold a slave? Did I not take care of your own mother until she died?"

"I fear your son may not be as generous, being raised by that woman."

"You just don't like her. He'll be fine. I will teach him."

"I'll pray to the gods for that, Master. Now go, the boy will probably be frantic from all this time contemplating his fate." 

He hugged me once more, taking the cloth I handed him, using it to carry the pot of heated water with him  to his room.


I was walking through the marketplace the day I found the boy. I normally didn't pay much attention to the slave blocks. I had all the house servants I needed. When I was in the mood for a catamite, I visited one of the many brothels that catered to those needs. I had always preferred a tight boy for my sexual gratification. I felt no need to keep one around underfoot. Let someone else pay for their upkeep.

I had married and fathered an heir. My wife was content in her home and I was happy in mine.  We saw each other on special occasions but lived our lives separately. I knew she had lovers but didn't care.  Our marriage had been arranged for the sake of an heir. I had demanded her loyalty to me until she had produced one. Now my only demand was that she not bear any more children.

I saw the boy standing on the block, his beauty visible even under the dirt. He was all skin and bones, bruised and battered. In spite of the scream when the man breached him, there was a calm aura about him, far advanced for his years. Looking at him, I knew he couldn't be more than twelve or thirteen. About the age of the catamites I normally chose when going to the brothels.

He looked up at me when I spoke. He had a mop of black curls framing that thin face, his eyes the deepest brown I had ever seen. Our eyes locked. Suddenly I knew that I was now willing to pay upkeep to have my needs met by this boy. On cold nights, it would be a pleasure to have his warm body to use.


My master touched my arm, turning me to him. As I looked at him, he spoke gently to me.

"Boy, did the soldiers use you during the journey?"

"No, Master. I saw what they did to some of the other boys. One boy was hurt so badly that they couldn't stop the bleeding. I tried to do the things I had seen my mother do for bleeding but it didn't work. He died in my arms during the night." I tried to sound brave but my voice trembled with my fear.

"So, you fear what I will do to you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Gualterus, I will not lie to you. Tonight will not be easy for you. I will go slowly and be as gentle with you as I can. There will probably be some blood but you will survive. In time, you will learn to enjoy the things I will teach you. I know you do not believe me, but it is true."

He pulled me over to his bed. Sitting on it his strong hands quickly undressed me. He spent several minutes just looking at me, turning me to look at me from all angles. He had me bend forward so he could check me. Later, I learned that the lady who had insisted on bathing me told him about the scratches the fat man had left on me.

He motioned for me to get on the bed. I obeyed without question. I watched as he undressed, putting his clothing neatly aside. In the last few weeks, I had learned much about the differences between men. Some of the soldiers were small; the last one to use the boy who died looked huge to me.

My new master got on the bed beside me and pulled my hand down to touch him. He guided me in a long stroking motion on his cock. He was as long as that soldier and, as he hardened, he thickened to the point that I was sure that he would tear me past healing.


I raised my eyes to him, as my body trembled with my fear. His hand cupped my face then as he bent to kiss me. I had only had brief soft kisses on my cheek and forehead from my mother. His lips were as soft as my mother's had been but that was the only similarity.

His mouth covered mine and his tongue rubbed slowly against the line where my lips met. Pulling back slightly he ordered me to open. I obeyed, afraid to anger him. His tongue entered my mouth making a slow inspection. It was strange but felt nice.

I had expected him to enter me roughly once he was erect. To use me the way I had seen the soldiers use the boys on the journey. I would soon learn that there was a vast difference between most men and my master.

He took his time kissing and touching. Every inch of my body explored and committed to memory. His tongue even entered me, as I knew his cock soon would. My body was mature enough to be capable of a response. A response that seemed to please him.

I made no protest when he turned me onto my stomach. His hands were gentle as he spread me and used the aromatic oil to slick my passage for his use. His fingers entered and retreated over and over. At first they were painful. But he continued, opening and relaxing me. When he moved between my legs, I stiffened again.

"Easy, boy. This will be far different than what you saw the soldiers do. I paid good coin for you. Do you think I would have done that to only have one night's use of you? I plan for many long glorious hours using your beautiful body. Deep breath, Gualterus."

I inhaled as instructed and he slid inside me. There was a burning pain like none I had ever known. He lay still, covering my body like a blanket. One of his hands carded through my hair as the other rubbed along my arm. His lips nibbled at my ear, sending a shiver through my body.

My passage slowly yielded to his presence, relaxing around him. Then he began to move in me. Long deep strokes that caused the scratches to sting slightly. I felt too full, but no real pain. It went on for a long time, far longer than any of the soldiers took.


I had come late to my chambers expecting the boy to be sleeping. Had he been, I would have slipped into bed next to him and let him sleep. I knew he was afraid. I could only imagine how he had been treated at the soldiers' hands.

I had spent the evening visiting my wife and my son. But at the back of my mind had been the boy waiting for me at home. On the trip home, I had come to the conclusion that he would know as little pain as possible. Had planned to allow him to wake up unmolested next to me in the morning.

He was awake, so I rested my hand on his arm. He jumped as if struck. Such fear! But courage too, in those brown eyes. As he spoke, I understood his fear. Fear has no place in my bed. I had never been a mean man. The catamites I used were treated kindly. But this boy would be the first virgin in my bed. Not even my wife could make that claim.

I took my time. Showing him that there was pleasure to be found in my bed. When I entered him, he tensed up again. So, I lay still, covering his slight body until the muscles relaxed on me. I took my pleasure slowly. Enjoying his tightness, his scent, his soft curls.

When I came inside him, he sighed softly. I rolled to the side, pulling his body with me so I was still buried inside his tightness.

"Sleep, boy, it's been a long day and your Master is tired."

He snuggled back against me and was soon sleeping. I lay awake enjoying the feel of him, skimming my hands over his body gently. Never had I enjoyed sex as much as with this skinny virgin boy.

I thanked the gods for sending me through the market that day.


I watched as the boy walked carefully into the room. There were no visible marks on the exposed parts of his body. Not that I expected there to be. I knew that my master was not a cruel man.

I had been born a slave in his father's house. I was this boy's age when my master was born. He had been *my* baby in my imagination. I had cared for him, bathed him, and watched him take his first step. But this had surprised me. Buying this boy. Why this boy and why now?

"How are you, Gualterus?"

He smiled shyly at me. "I'm fine."

"Sit and I'll get you food."

I smiled as he eased himself down at the table. I walked over to my chair by the fire and picked up the pillow there. Taking it to him, I watched as he smiled again and lifted up to place the pillow on the hard chair seat.

I was putting the boy's plate in front of him when my Master came into the room. I watched carefully as the boy looked up at our Master. Seeing no fear in his eyes, I felt relief. The room was silent as the two ate. I moved about doing my morning chores and waited to see if anything else would change with this addition to our home.

My Master stood up, hugged me as normal then turned to the boy. "Gualterus, be a good boy while I am gone. You do not need to wait up for me this evening, I'll wake you when I get home."

"Yes, Master."

I watched as he reached out and ran his fingers through the boy's curls with a soft smile on his lips. I had never seen my Master look so contented. So, the gods had brought this boy to him.

As the years passed, I was to learn just how right I had been that morning.


It was late but I couldn't sleep. I had been living in this house for a few months now. The days were spent lending a hand to whatever chores were needed. The nights, in my Master's bed, learning to pleasure him. My body had adjusted to his penetrations and I no longer felt pain or had trouble walking and sitting. His touch brought me pleasure as well. My cock responded to him but I had yet to reach a climax.

It was a beautiful moonlit night. I was standing naked on the terrace. My hand stroking my cock slowly, as I wondered why my master was so late. I enjoyed the feel of my hand against my flesh and wondered when I would come as my Master did.

I did not hear him in the room behind me; so, I jumped when his hand touched my shoulder.

"Easy, Gualterus. You should be sleeping."

His hand pushed mine away from my cock, then wrapped around it stroking me gently.

"It's hard for me to sleep until I know you are home safely, Master."

"You do not need to worry about me, boy. I can take care of myself."

His hand let go of me and I watched as he poured oil from the bottle he was carrying into his palm. Sitting the bottle down on a shelf, he rubbed his hands together. One hand circled my cock once more as the other parted my cheeks.

I put one of my hands out to steady me against the nearby wall, as he began to work on me. His fingers opening me as he caressed my cock firmly. I rocked, my body seeking more of the pleasure he was giving it. I moaned when he let go of me, watching as he slicked his cock.

"Put both hands on the wall."

I obeyed and took a deep breath as he entered me. One of his hands held my hip as the other went back to stroking me. He moved in me with the rhythm that had become familiar to me. Something was different this time. There was a feeling of pressure deep in my groin that I had not known the other times.

My Master's mouth was sucking at my throat and that too felt differently than the other times. It was as though his mouth on my throat was reaching through my body to where his hand worked my cock.

"You pleasure me as no other ever has, Gualterus. I'm very glad the gods brought you into my life."

I turned my head to see his eyes bright with his desire in the moonlight. His mouth covered mine, his thrusts became harder, his hand stroking me faster. I screamed into his mouth as my first climax roared through me. I felt him slam into me one last time, then he answered my scream with one of his own.


Gualterus had been a part of our household for over a year when our Master had to be away for his business. He had instructed the boy to obey me and help me out around the house while he was away. I had watched as he kissed him tenderly before he left. Gualterus had run to the Master's room and I found him there later, sleeping fitfully after crying himself to sleep. I covered him carefully and left to go to the market.

Returning later I saw the young Master leaving. He seemed to be in a hurry so I didn't call out to him. I entered the house and called for Gualterus. When I got no answer I went in search of him. I heard his sobs before I reached the room.

He was lying on his stomach in the center of the bed naked. As I got closer to him I saw the blood mixed with semen that was oozing from his anus. There were bite marks on his back and shoulders, some of those bleeding as well. Now I knew why the young Master had been here.

I sat on the bed next to the boy, he turned and seeing it was me, threw himself into my arms. I rocked him slowly, crooning softly until his sobs tapered off. I eased him back on the bed and told him to lie still while I fixed a bath for him.

Getting him in the bath to soak, I sat in my chair next to him touching him gently.

"The Master needs to know about this, Gualterus."

"NO! Please, Livia. He said if I told he would just say that I wanted him to. That I undressed and told him I wanted him. He said he would tell his father that I said I wanted a young man. That I called our Master old and said he wasn't man enough."

"But I can tell the Master how I found you. Bleeding and torn. That's not how you would look if you wanted it."

"Livia, it's his son. He won't believe slaves against his son. Please don't tell. Let me have the time that I can with him. I love him, Livia. Please!"

"Gualterus, what do you mean the time that you can?"

"The young Master said that his father won't want me much longer because he only likes young flesh and I'm going to be too old for him to want me soon."

"I don't believe that. He cares for you. You have become more than just his bed partner. Have you forgotten how he cared for you when you were ill during the winter?"

"No, I haven't forgotten. Our Master is very kind. But I know my place. If I didn't before today, I would now. The young Master made it very clear, he'll be back. He told me so. Oh god, Livia it hurt so much. My Master has never hurt me like that, no matter how anxious he was. How am I going to survive him doing that to me again? I'm going to die like the boy who died on our trip here."

"Did he say when he would be back?"

"Tonight." He whispered so low I barely heard him.

"You're sleeping in my cottage until the Master returns."

"No, Livia. That will get you in trouble. I don't want anything to happen to you. You've been so good to me."

"Did the Master not tell you to obey me in all things?"


"Then you will sleep where I tell you. Soak, it will help the pain. I'm going to fix our dinner."

I fed him and the bundled him up to go to my cottage. I had him sleep in my cottage every night until our Master returned. The days I kept him working by my side. When the young Master came to visit, I politely offered him food and drink but kept Gualterus by my side at all times.  I could see his anger but knew he wouldn't want me to actually *see* him hurt the boy.

By the time our Master returned from his trip, Gualterus had healed and I kept silent. But the next time our Master needed to go on a trip I convinced him to take the boy.  The trips he took without Gualterus I had the boy stay in my cottage and by my side.


I finished my business early and came home anticipating an afternoon of pleasure with Gualterus. Livia said she thought he was in our room so I hurried to find him. The room was empty so I moved over to the open doors to the terrace.

I watched as he bent forward twisting slightly. He was naked and I moved toward him to see what he was doing. I must have made some noise as I walked across the terrace, because he jumped and turned, quickly hiding his hands behind his back.

"Gualterus, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, Master."

"What do you have there?"

He backed away from me but I moved swiftly to reach for his hands pulling them around his body. One hand was closed tightly so I held on to that one using my free hand to force it open. Lying in the palm of his hand was a small bit of tightly curled black hair.  Looking down I saw that his skin at the groin was an angry red in color.

"Gualterus, what is this? Are you pulling out your hair?"

His lip trembled and he would not look at me. "Yes, Master."

"But, why? Why would you hurt yourself this way?"

"I don't want you to send me away."

"Why would I do that?"

"You want a boy in your bed and I won't be a boy much longer. I wanted to look like a boy as long as possible for you. I don't want to be sent away. I want to stay with you here."

I saw a single tear roll down his cheeks. Where had this fear come from? I had never told him that he would be sent away when he became a man. In the past I had used boys of the same age for my pleasure but things had changed. No catamite had ever pleased me as he did. It didn't matter that he was growing up.

I no longer wanted anyone but him in my bed. As our relationship had progressed, he had become more than accepting. He often reached for me in the mornings before I was completely awake. His smile, lighting up his face when I came home to him, gave me a joy I felt for nothing else in my life.

I reached out and carefully took the hair from his hand. With my other hand, I pulled him close to me.  Turning toward the house I led him inside. He watched as I placed the hair in a small piece of cloth and folded it carefully. His face was puzzled as he looked up at me.

"These belong to me as you belong to me, Gualterus. You will not pull out your hair anymore. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. Will you be sending me away now?"

His voice was resigned, the bravery I had seen before evident in the way he stood straight in front of me.

"Gualterus, why would I send you away? You have been obedient. You please me greatly in and out of my bed. Livia says that you are a great help to her. Yes, you are growing up but that doesn't mean you can no longer provide for my needs. Unless….do you wish to leave me?"

"No, Master. I want to stay with you always. I have been very happy here with you."

"Good, because I have no intention of ever letting you go. Now, come, show me how you missed me."

He was eager and more adventurous than ever before.  When he fell asleep, I went in search of Livia, finding her in the kitchen working on the evening meal.

"Livia, do you have any idea why the boy would believe that I would send him away for becoming a man?"

"Did he say that to you?"

"Yes, I found him pulling out his pubic hair. He said he thought I would send him away once he was no longer a boy."

"The young Master told him that you wanted only young boys for your bed. He has been waiting ever since then for you to grow tired of him."

"When did this happen?"

"Some time ago. I tried to reassure the boy, but it didn't work. I hope you told him that he won't be sent away when you tire of him."

"Livia, I don't think I *will* grow tired of him. He continues to amaze me. He grows bolder with each passing week. There are times when he initiates our couplings. I find myself looking forwards to him being a man. He grows more beautiful each day. His mind is sharp and his wit is delightful."

"You love him."

"I didn't say that."

"I know, Master."

She smiled at me and I knew she was seeing through me. I'd never been able to hide anything from her. But I knew she would never betray me. I hugged her and went to wake my lover for dinner. Later, I would wonder at when and why my son had said those things to Gualterus but I never got around to asking.


"I missed you while I was away. I don't think I'll go on anymore trips without you. I brought you a gift to celebrate."

"Celebrate, Master?"

"Yes, celebrate. You've been mine for ten wonderful years now. I never knew what joy was until you came into my life."

His arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. I snuggled into his embrace wishing I could hold him closer. The men who had traveled with him had told me he had been ill while away. He was looking pale and had lost weight. I had seen that look before and my heart was heavy. My master was dying and there was nothing I could do to stop that.

He was my master and could have abused that power over me but he never had. From the first moment he had brought me into his home, I had been treated with a kindness that had soon blossomed into love.

Neither of us had ever said the word but it was there between us just the same. I wanted to say it but was afraid he would not say it back to me. So I never took the chance.

The weeks passed and he grew weaker, more pale and drawn. His pain was horrible but the drugs he was given for pain made him sleep most of the time. He refused them at times because he told me he wanted to spend time with me. We never talked about him dying but we all knew.

The young Master started coming to the house every day. At some point during the visit, he would manage to tell me what he intended to do to me once his father was gone. I knew that he would never have a chance to do those things. I had made my plans to follow my Master into death. I could not face the world without him in it.


Gualterus kept careful watch over his Master, his lover. He left the room only when I insisted that he bathe, telling him that the sick room smell was bad enough, no need for him to add to it. I watched as *my* child withered away. Each day becoming smaller and smaller in their bed. I watched as Gualterus's eyes became more and more dead. He did not tell me he intended to leave the world with his Master. He didn't need to. We both knew what he would suffer at the hands of the young Master.

We were both in the room when our Master reached for our hands. Clinging with the little strength he had left.

"You have both been my joy in this life. My mother and my lover, I love you both and wish with all I am that I did not have to leave you."

We each bent to kiss him, holding on to his hands as he breathed his last breath. Gualterus's wail of grief pierced my heart. I made no move to stop him as he grabbed his Master's dagger and plunged it into his heart.  The other servants found me sitting, still holding my child's hand as Gualterus's blood ran out onto the tiles.



Alex turned to look at his lover as the tape ended. "You should have told me he raped you."

"He was your son in that life and she was your wife. I was a slave, nothing more. But I loved you then as I love you now."

"I was still aware when you used the dagger. I felt guilt for that. Was it your fear of him that made you follow me?"

"No, Alex. It was because I couldn't face a world that wouldn't have you in it. I could have survived his attentions by that point. You had taught me how to pleasure a man. I could have used those skills to seduce him into being kinder. I didn't want him then, just like I don't want him now. Mulder will never have me except through force. I belong to *you*."

"You're wrong about one thing. You were far more than a slave. You were my lover, my heart then as you are now."

"Glad to hear that. Wanna go get naked?"

"What's wrong with getting naked here?"

"I like the way you think."

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