Title: Power Exchanged is Power Enhanced
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek Banks/Sandburg/Ellison
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. PWP
Rating: NC17
Date: 08/07/02
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Mulder, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. The Sentinel is the property of PetFly productions. No copyright infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: HMV. Alex decides to give his lover the public play he fantasized about.
NOTES: This one is for JenR and all her hard work. Power Exchange is in San Francisco and all I know about it is what shows on the website. So, if you know it and can give me info to make this more accurate please do. http://www.powerexchange.com/
To see the belt Walter wears in the story go here. http://www.tpe.com/~altarboy/mrs-1.htm
I have modified Walter's slightly.
Betaed by the wonderful Josan and DrkCherry.


"Slave, are you almost finished for the day?"

"Yes, Sir." When he calls me slave, I always call him Sir if I answer my phone in a public place, Master when in private.

"Very good. You are to take a nap when you go back to your room. A package will be delivered to you when it is time for you to get up. You will wear the items in the package and go to the address listed. Ask for Master Rat."

"Yes, Sir."

"You will obey him as you obey me. Do you understand, slave?"

"Of course, Sir."

Needless to say, I was distracted for the remainder of the day. I wondered what game Alex had come up with for us now. I was so conditioned to obeying him that I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow in my hotel room. Now don't get the impression that I did this because he rules my life completely. It's just that I have learned that doing as he instructs brings me intense rewards.

I woke refreshed when the knock came at my door. I took the rather large box from the hotel employee and thrust a tip into his hand anxious to see what was inside. Sitting it on the bed, I opened it. Ah, as always, he knew when I needed to play. I removed the items from the box and laid them out carefully. Then I hurried to the bathroom to clean up.

I hummed to myself as I shaved, holding the enema until I had finished. Then a nice hot shower followed with oiling my skin. I dressed carefully and threw on my overcoat, shoving the mask into my pocket. The cab driver made no comment on the address. The ride was fairly short.

Just inside the doorway, I stopped to pull on the leather mask. My glasses had been left at the hotel. I was wearing the contacts that I normally wear when we play together. I made my way then to the reception area.

"I'm here to see Master Rat."

"Top floor. The attendant at the elevator will show you to him."

I slipped into the elevator just before the doors closed. Nodded at the occupants and waited for the elevator to take me to my adventure. I was the only single male in the elevator and the other couples got off on the second floor.

I stepped out to find a small alcove with coat racks to one side of the elevator. I hung up my overcoat and turned to see the attendant eyeing me. I kept the smile off my face. It's always pleasing to be ogled but since I would never cheat on Alex, I was always careful to not raise hopes.

"Do you need a towel or anything?"

"I'm not sure. I'm here for Master Rat."

His face changed and I knew immediately he had already met my lover.

"Follow me."

He led me through a maze of play areas including some things I had not expected to see. I mean a teepee? Well, to each their own.

Master Rat was waiting for me in the far corner and without being told, I slipped out of the opened-crotch jeans I was wearing. I placed them neatly by the chair he was sitting in.


I made a slow turn so he could see I was dressed as he had instructed. I had known as I dressed that the chastity belt had been specially made for me. The butt plug that was held in place by the belt, was thick and at least nine inches long. Alex had long ago had every dimension of my body measured. He wanted nothing but the best quality for our toys and safety for me. So my cock had been measured both at rest and at various stages of my erection.

When I had made the full turn, I waited with my head bowed and my hands clasped behind my back.

"Master Simon, this is the willful slave I spoke to you about. As you can see, I've had to take drastic measures to stop his excessive self abuse."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall back man, dressed in black, move away from the wall. I had been so intent on Alex I had not even seen him standing there. I did not look up, as I knew that was not allowed in this game. He walked slowly around me and came to stand a few feet away.

"I can see why you're at the end of your rope with this one. He does look very willful. I had similar problems with one of my slaves in the beginning. But Jim has come around quite nicely."

"So will you take on the chore of his discipline for me tonight? I hope that by showing him how other Masters apply punishment, he will come to understand that I only want the best for him."

"I shall be glad to help you out in this."

"Slave, do as Master Simon instructs. I will be here should you need me. He will apply discipline *only* but I may wish to use you when he is finished."

Had there been room my cock would have hardened. But the tube it was wrapped in left my body with no way to do that. Even though I had not seen the man's face, he reminded me of someone.

A few months prior I had been called out to Cascade to settle ruffled feathers courtesy of - do you even need to ask? The police captain had been named Simon Banks. I had gone home only to have a dream that caused me to wake Alex. So I had told him about the captain, the detective who worked for him and the pretty little thing who was always underfoot.

The dream had been of me watching Simon as Master to the other two. I remember being glad Mulder hadn't been in the dream. It had been a very erotic dream and Alex had been more than pleased to fuck me through the telling of it. That had spawned a fantasy story - Alex loves our story time - that included the two of us in a scene just like this.

I decided I must be better at describing people than I thought since the part of this guy I could see was dead on like Banks.


Walter looked so hot in the 'clothes' I had sent for him to wear. He had come back a few months prior from cleaning up another of Mulder's messes to wake me during the night having an erotic dream. The resulting narrative of the dream, told to me as I pounded into his ass, was quite entertaining. That had led to a fantasy that was so hot I had been willing to try and give it to him.

Up until then I had never let Walter *play* with another man. But since the fantasy he had spun for me was so erotic and it wouldn't involve him having sex with someone else, I'd decided to give it to him.

Now, I suppose I could have found men like the ones he had described close to home. For this type of play, I felt it would be better to take him elsewhere. And better if we both covered our identities. That made this the perfect city to do this in. So this little working vacation had been the ideal time to spring this on him.

I had done some research and found out that Walter's instincts on the three men in Cascade had been one hundred percent accurate. My man is very attuned to emotions these days. It seems that the good captain had been faithful in his marriage to the family approved black wife but once he was divorced, he decided to indulge his true preferences.

For a time he had been quite sought after on the scene in Seattle where he went to play. And after a while, his playing had taken on a decided preference. He always wanted two boys. One big and with a close military style buzz; the other small, delicate and with lots of hair. So it wasn't much of a surprise when he settled down with the two men he really wanted once he found out they were more than willing to sub to him and his big black cock.

I had taken a little jaunt to Seattle to see them in action and liked what I saw. They were already into the scene when I got there but all I really missed was the set up.

Jim and Blair were lying face to face. Their bodies had been carefully, and, I could tell, lovingly bound. Simon was wrapping a soft silk cord around their two erections, binding them so they would not be able to rub against each other for stimulation. The positioning putting one cockhead against the body of the other man and vice versa.

Then he had positioned their legs over each other's hips, so that he had access to each ass. I could see the Crisco that already had been applied to slick them up. They were at the extreme edge of the table they were lying on as Simon sat on a small stool.

He pulled a set of gloves on and slicked them and continued the lube all the way up to his elbows. The gasps around the room were not surprising. Simon has big hands and burly forearms. A lot for a man to accept into his body that way. Although I had been that deep in Walter many times.

I watched as he began to open them slowly. Jim seemed to be most with the program. Simon had his fist inside Jim as he was still working four fingers in Blair. He took his time watching his boys for any sign that he should stop. His love for them was shinning in his eyes.

"Kiss each other. Give each other the pleasure of your kisses."

Didn't have to repeat that command. The two began to devour each other and Simon's hand disappeared into Blair's ass. The answering moan was not completely swallowed by Jim's kiss.

The next half-hour he spent working in deeper and deeper. When he reached his elbow in Jim, he began to turn his arm as he continued to penetrate Blair. By the time he was elbow deep in Blair, the whimpers had an otherworldly tone to them.

As they pulled apart to look at Simon, I saw the stoned look each of them wore. Simon did too, and his smile lit up his face making it beautiful.

He twisted inside them for a few minutes longer making the sounds soar above the audience. Then he pulled out to the wrist in each of them. Standing, he bent at the waist and I saw his teeth tug on the cord freeing their cocks.

I almost came in my pants as he bit the head of Jim's dick while pulling his hand out of Jim's ass. The resulting howl would have rivaled any a wolf could make. And Jim's cock was spurting. I watched as a glob hit Simon's cheek.

Then he turned to Blair's dick, swiped his tongue over it before the teeth flashed and again he pulled out his hand. Blair's scream was more of the banshee variety but made his point and Simon's other cheek was decorated with a blob of white.

He peeled off the gloves and wiped his arms. Walking to the other side of the table, he positioned himself on the table, bending down so each of them could lick his face, cleaning off the other man's come. When his face was clean, he straightened and hauled out a cock that would be the envy of many. His boys took turns moving from his balls to his cock and he soon groaned as he came. They cleaned his cock even more thoroughly than they had his face.

He then gathered them close and stroked along their backs until they all calmed. After the scene, when they were relaxing on a small sofa having drinks, I had gone over to talk to them.

"Hello, I'm Alex. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your scene."

Simon was the one who answered. "Thank you. My boys did well tonight. But then they always do well for me. Have a drink with us."

I waved to the waiter and gave my order then pulled up a chair next to them.

"I especially enjoyed the bondage aspects of the scene. That action with your teeth was quite good and obviously Jim enjoyed it quite a good deal."

I watched as Jim's hackles rose at my use of his name. Not once during the scene had Simon called them by name. I also saw the heat in Simon's eyes as he prepared to protect his boys.

"How the fuck do you know his name."

"My slave told me. He met the three of you a few months back. You may remember him. Walter Skinner."

Blair, who obviously couldn't contain himself very well, blurted out. "Skinner's a slave?"

"Actually he's also my husband. It might tickle you to know that he dreamed about the three of you the night he got home. He suspected your relationship but I confirmed it totally on my own. His dream was quite inspiring. We were *up* the rest of the night."

Simon rumbled at me then. "So, why did you feel the need to know?"

"Because he was so obviously turned on at the idea of the three of you together. And, I have to say, after seeing the real thing, I'm not surprised. You looked wonderful together. Story time was most entertaining that week."

Blair again forgot his place and blurted out. "I just can't see him as a slave. He's too much like Simon."

I grinned as Blair was pulled across the thick thighs and swatted on his bare ass a few times.

"Remember your place, boy. Tell me, Alex, what do you want? I mean you didn't check into us, fly across the country and watch us together just for jerk off material. So, why?"

"Walter has never played with anyone except me. In the beginning, it was because I didn't want to push him. He'd never even been with a man before me. And he'd definitely never thought about the lifestyle. Then later, as I realized how much I loved him, I didn't want to take a chance on him finding someone else."

"And now?"

"Now, he's spun this great fantasy that involves the three of you. A fantasy where you punish him and then he gets to be fucked by me as he gets to watch the three of you together. I find myself wanting to give it to him if you're willing."

"Tell me, did you come here to ask that or just to check us out?"

"Mainly, to check you out. If I had seen anything less than love between you, I would have left and never spoken to you."

"Well, it certainly sounds like fun. Tell me more."

I had told him the details of the fantasy and watched his boys get hard as we talked. He agreed to join us for a scene but stated that because of work constraints, it would need to be on the West Coast somewhere. I readily agreed and got contact information to give him a time and place.

When Walter had come home to tell me about the week he needed to spend in San Francisco, I got to work on my plans.


I waited with my head bowed as the exchange took place between my Master and Master Simon. When the big hand touched my arm lightly, I moved to follow him. I was led to a spanking bench.

"Assume the position, slave."

A little shiver ran through me at that point. I had never asked Alex to let me play with anyone else. Had never thought the idea appealing. But the chemistry between Banks, Ellison, and Sandburg had been electric.

I totally had not expected Alex to take the fantasy I had spun for him at story time and make it a reality. To me this was a sign of his growing confidence in me, in us.

I bent over the spanking bench, spreading my legs to be buckled into the cuffs that were attached. He made fast work of that. Now, maybe this would be a good time to explain about Master Simon.

Simon Banks stands six foot four. He weighs in at about two twenty-five. The man is big, everywhere. And he likes to talk to his boys when he's with them. Or maybe all Masters like to talk to their boys. Later I would attribute the red face to the fact that I was hanging over that bench and not to the remarks the two men made about me.

I felt the big hand rub over my naked cheeks, the strap holding the butt plug ran along my crack. He tested the give of the belt, making sure, no doubt, that the lowly slave had not fastened it too tightly.

"He's got a great ass. I bet you spend many pleasurable hours inside it." The hands rubbed softly.

"I make use of him often. His mouth isn't bad, either."

"I'm sure it isn't. Let's get on with it, shall we? I told my boys to be here by ten."

"By all means, Simon."

"Boy, do you know why you are being punished?"

"For my willful and disobedient behavior, Sir."

"I believe that belt you are wearing indicates a specific form of disobedience."

"My Master feels I masturbate too much."

"And how do you feel about that?"

"I would never contradict my Master."

"Sounds to me like your boy doesn't see the problem."

"I told you he's stubborn. But I feel that he will come around."

"I'll start with a bare-hand spanking, then use the paddle. Does he have a safe word? Just in case he needs a break."

"Mulder is his safe word."

I moaned and Simon snorted. Alex knew I'd never let that word flow from my mouth when in scene with him. Mulder was the furthest thing from my mind when I was with him. So this told me that he had seen this man in action and trusted him. I knew I would be sore but not really damaged.

The first few smacks were just that, smacks. But gradually they became harder. I knew my skin was turning red.

"It's always such fun to spank white boys. I love the contrast between my black hands and the white cheeks. Then the change in contrast of black against red. You color up quite nicely, boy."

He continued until I was panting. My dick wanted to join the party like it normally did when Alex spanked me but the tube holding it made that impossible. A small whimper broke from my lips when the first blow from the thick leather paddle landed.

I could hear Alex near by. His breathing ratcheting up as he watched what Simon was doing to me. By twisting my head towards him, I could see that he had his cock out and was stroking it slowly.

Simon brought the paddle down just right to rock the butt plug in me. I whined as it pushed hard against my prostate. The next blow landed higher up. About every third swing connected with that damn plug. The belt was painful at this point because my cock was trying to harden.

"I think the belt is causing your boy some discomfort. Do you want to remove it?"

"No. He must learn that his dick is for my pleasure, not his. A little pain should help the process."

"Please, Masters. It's cutting into me." The tremor in my voice was not faked. I was in some pain.

The paddle landed on the plug again.

"Boy, did your Master or I ask you any questions?"

"No, Sir."

"Then I suggest you keep quiet."

A few more blows landed and then his hands were rubbing over me again. I couldn't stop the grin as Alex sucked in his breath.


Simon looked over at me and grinned when I sucked in my breath. He looked down to where I was pinching the end of my dick to stop my orgasm and his grin grew.

"Yeah, your boy's got a damn fine ass. Should you ever decide to let someone else fuck him, I hope you'll give me a call."

I closed my eyes as the mental image flowed behind them, pinched my dick even harder. When the image faded and I knew I wasn't going to spurt, I opened them to grin at him. Reaching to the table next to my chair, I picked up the crop to hand to him.

The crop would tell Walter that this part of the scene was coming to an end. It was almost time for Simon's boys to arrive.

I watched as the lines appeared on Walter's flesh. Knowing that each one would be a bruise tomorrow. Knowing that I would press on them as I fucked him and he would come hard for me when I did.

I looked up when Blair and Jim came in, watching them as they saw my lover's ass being whipped by their Master. Glancing down, I saw they were both hard. Simon looked at them and said one word.


They hurried to do so. I got out of the chair and moved to Walter. Using my hand to lift his chin, I allowed him to take me in his mouth. The final blow landed on his ass just as I emptied my load into his mouth.

Simon and I smiled at each other before he turned to go bind his boys. I released Walter and pulled him back to the chair I had been using. Dropping a cushion on the floor, I watched his face as he tried to find a comfortable position. Finally, he settled on one hip leaning toward me.

Simon had, by that time, secured his boys. They were facing each other with the cross in between. Wrists and ankles secured. Simon was kneeling, wrapping the silk cord I had seen him use before around their erections. This time winding the cord around their balls as well.

He spent a little time spanking first one then the other. Blair making a lot of noise during his spanking, Jim almost silent. I caressed Walter's head where it rested against my knee as Simon used a cat. Again moving back and forth to give both his boys equal attention.

Walter gasped as Simon laid the cat aside and hauled out his cock. I grinned at his reaction. Simon certainly lives up to the old cliches about black men. We watched as he rolled on two condoms. I knew he did it that way to save time. He positioned himself behind Jim and pushed inside.

Jim's head rocked back as he made a low keening sound. Simon began talking again.

"That's it. Take it, white boy. Take my big black cock up your sweet little ass. White boy likes black cock, doesn't he?"

"Yes, Master. White boy loves his Master's black cock."

Jim was panting, head back, eyes closed. Blair was licking his lips as he watched Jim rock with the force of Simon's thrusts. When Simon bent to bite Jim on the shoulder, Blair reacted as though it was his body being used. A long sigh escaped his lips and he shuddered in sympathy with Jim.

Simon spent several minutes fucking Jim. My cock was standing tall again so I nudged Walter.

"Stand up, slave."

He hurried to do as I ordered. Turning as soon as he saw me fumbling with the key. I opened the lock with a bit of difficulty since I was so turned on by the scene. Reaching to the table, I handed him a condom and watched as he covered me.

Pulling out the plug, I then helped him work the tube off his dick. That slut immediately started rising. Holding my cock upright, I issued a command.

"Sit on it, slave."

That's one command I never have to issue twice. He settled on me, sinking down to take all of me into him. I reached for his cock and began to stroke him. Putting my lips next to his ear, I whispered.

"I'm not going to come. I'm willing to obey the club rules and wear the thing but my come belongs in my slave, not in a rubber. I'll give it to you when we go back to the hotel."

"Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome, slave. Now watch Simon and his boys."


I turned back to the spectacle just as Simon turned Jim's head and kissed him. Blair was panting as he watched and Jim almost swooned. Guess the man knows how to kiss as well as whip ass.

Once I was no longer hanging over the bench, I had realized that my instincts about the guys in Cascade had been correct. I wasn't sure how Alex had found out the truth or how he had made arrangement for us to get together, but I was very happy that my lover wanted to make my fantasies come true.

After Simon let Jim's mouth go, Simon pulled out of him and, stripping off the top condom, walked around to Blair. Alex chuckled in my ear before whispering.

"Here's the part you've been dreaming about, Walter."

I nodded without looking away from the trio in front of me.

Simon's hands fisted in Blair's hair and he used it to pull his head back.

"Gonna fuck the little boy now. I really love putting my black meat in little white boys. Are you ready for me?"

Blair was almost drooling, making the words have very little meaning since he so obviously wanted what Simon had to offer.

I watched as a cock that had to be at least ten inches long and eight inches around was shoved into that small body. Blair arched back and let out a scream that was anything but pain. Simon pumped in and out of him for several long minutes as Blair's hands flexed. I knew that feeling. When your Master has you in bondage, that is the only way for you to move, and move you must.

I wiggled on Alex's lap as I watched and he continued to work my dick. Giving me just enough stimulation to make me feel good but not enough to push me over the edge.

The scene was so hot, the mock rape of the *boy* was such a turn on. Being a fan of rape fantasies, I was enjoying the scene very much.

Alex dropped his head to suck a mark on my neck then sucked on my ear lobe.

"They are hot, Walter. Is this inspiring any new fantasies? Maybe we can invite them back to play at the hotel later."

I turned my head to whisper my thoughts to him.

"I wonder if Jim and Simon ever pretend to rape Blair. I think that would be such a turn on. Two big strong men holding him down, fucking him in his mouth and ass at the same time."

"Especially if Simon talks while they are doing it. The man has a great voice."

"Almost as good as a certain green eyed man I know."

He kissed me then before we turned back to the scene that by that point had gained other watchers as well.

Simon bent his knees then surged upward lifting Blair to the limit of the cuffs on his ankles. The resulting movement pulling Jim in tighter to the cross since he and Blair were tied to each other. All three men moaned as Simon jerked. His hands clutching in all that hair as his mouth descended to mark his lover.

He leaned against Blair as he caught his breath. Then he knelt on the floor and untied the cord binding their cocks. We watched as he stroked his boys to orgasm. Then he stood to pet them as they calmed.

I turned my head to kiss Alex.

"Thank you, Master. A disobedient slave such as I does not deserve the boons you give to me."

"What makes you think this was for you, slave?"

He squeezed my cock gently as he shifted inside me. I moaned as he jacked me off.

A short time later, we were all dressed and collecting coats from the rack as we waited for the elevator.

"Simon, would you and your boys like to come back to the hotel with us? We'll order room service. Walter and I sometimes like to talk after we watch scenes together."

"Maybe a little less formal play time?"

"I was hoping you might say that."


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