Title: Night Out
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 06/15/01
Archive: No
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, Mulder, Doggett and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Playtime
NOTES: Thanks to Josan as always.

He had called me at work to tell me where to meet him. My instructions had been to wear the items he had left on the bed.

I was dressed in a tight pair of faded jeans that had rips in places making them, in my opinion, un-wearable. I thought they had gone out with the trash some time ago. The wifebeater was a size too small so it really hugged my chest. A wide leather belt and my motorcycle boots completed the outfit.

We hadn't been to a club in some time and my anticipation of dancing then being fucked against the wall had me high. I should have known it wouldn't go that way. The club was jumping when I got there. I fought my way to the bar and ordered a scotch.

Turning with my drink and lounging against the bar, I scanned the crowd. I had no idea if he would be in the crowd already or would make an entrance. I was working on my second scotch when my cell vibrated against my hip.

I flipped it open and pressed it against my ear, hoping I'd be able to hear over all the noise in the club.

"Walter, I've been detained, wait for me there."

He hung up before I could ask how long he'd be. Over the next hour I said a polite no to several colorful suggestions. I had switched from scotch to club soda after his call, knowing I'd better not be drunk when he showed up.

I smelled him before I saw him. He had slipped through the crowd to my side. I turned and did a double take. Instead of his normal jeans and leather he was decked out in a tux. Now I've only seen him in a tux one other time – our wedding day and I was too nervous to appreciate how good he looked that day. And after the ceremony I was too anxious to get him out of it to notice.

I have to say if he wasn't already mine I'd be staking a claim right now. But then I've found him beautiful in all his incarnations – all the way back to the cave.

Before I could say anything he spoke. "I hope you're Walter."

"Yes, I am."

"Good, I'm Mark. I'm yours for the night. There's a limo outside waiting for us. Fully stocked, too."

"A limo? I don't understand."

"Look, all I know is some guy named Alex called my boss and hired me for you for tonight."

"Hired you? To do what?"

"Duh? Are you always this dense? I'm here to give you a good time. He said you'd probably want to do me up the ass. Told my boss to send you a size queen. So, tell me, was he exaggerating? Or are you hung? Cause I love taking a big cock up the ass."

A man can only play stupid so long. Alex was obviously giving me the dream I had told him about a few days before. I reached for his hand and rubbed it over my cock. His eyes sparkled at me, as he wet his lips.

"Nice. Does it get bigger?"

"Yeah, it gets bigger."

"Sweet. I hope you're into long fucks."

"For a cute little piece like you, I could be convinced."

He grinned and turned to lead me from the bar. The stretch limo was out front as he had said. The driver opened the door. Alex said something quietly to him and ushered me into the back. The door closed and I grabbed him.

"Hey! Don't rip the tux. If you do, that Alex guy will have to pay for it."

"He can afford it. Guess they forgot to tell you what an animal I am when I'm with a cute guy."

He frowned at the word cute. He hates when I call him that. But the frown was quickly replaced by a wicked grin.

"So, who is this Alex guy? Why isn't he showing you a good time?"

"He thinks I'm gonna get bored with him so he sends me presents now and again. I have to say that you’re the best one in a long time. Or at least I think you will be, once I get these pants off you."

The jacket was on the seat in front of us, I'd managed to get the shirt undone, the tie was hanging to one side. I was rock hard, straining against my zipper. His hand was squeezing me as I ripped at his clothes.

"Hey, man, don't you want to try the caviar and the champagne? It's the imported good stuff. And he said to make sure you ate. Said to tell you he'd have dessert waiting for you at home later."

"You can feed me once my cock is up your tight little ass." I used my best AD growl for that one.

"Aren't you even gonna kiss me first? Just cause I'm bought and paid for doesn't mean I don't like kisses."

I pushed off a shoe and followed it with his pant leg. Then pulled him to straddle me. Grabbing a hand full of his hair, I tried to devour his mouth. When I let him breathe again, he grinned.

"A kiss like that was worth waiting for. Do it again."

"After you pull my cock out."

He grinned at me and unzipped my pants carefully. My impatient dick helped things along by trying to escape. He wrapped his fist around me and looked up into my eyes.

"He wasn't lying about you. You related to John Holmes?"

"It's not that big." I love that he likes me big. Must be why I come back that way every time.

"Biggest one I've ever held. Grab the lube and please use plenty."

I picked up the tube that had been conveniently left on the seat. He scooted back and managed to get his pants completely off. I slicked up my dick and held it in position as he worked his way onto it. For some reason, him sitting on my lap that way, still wearing his shirt and me fully dressed with just my pants open was more of a turn on than being completely naked.

He moved up and down on me a few times then sat still to lean over and dip a cracker into the caviar. He took a bite then held the rest out to me. I made sure to clean his fingers for him as well, enjoying the way his eyes narrowed as he watched me.

A few more up and down motions then another cracker. This time he grabbed the champagne and gave me the bottle to open while he grabbed a glass. I filled the glass and watched as he drank. Watched his tongue clean those baby pink lips.

We shared another kiss before he tilted the glass for me to drink. We spent about a half hour, him riding up and down on my cock, keeping me hard but not frantic, interspersed with eating and drinking.

I kept my hands busy kneading his ass, sliding my fingers down to caress our connection. Enjoying the way he shivered as I slid a finger inside him next to my cock.

When the caviar was gone, he kissed me a long sweet kiss with his arm wrapped around me.

"That Alex is one lucky man."

"I hope he thinks so. I think I'm the lucky one. Now, are we gonna talk or are you gonna ride?"

"Oh, I intend to ride, for as long as possible."

No more words, just two men giving and taking pleasure. I pushed up into him as hard as I could on each down stroke. Enjoying the little breathy moans he made when I hit his prostate. He must have enjoyed the groans I made each time he tightened his muscles around my dick, considering he did it over and over.

I would find deep purple bruises on both sides of my neck from him biting and sucking on me. Of course, they were a pretty good match for the bruises I left on his hips and ass. I almost screamed when he pulled up off me, clutched at him trying to pull him back.

"Easy! I'm just changing position."

He leaned on the seat across from me, raising his ass enticingly up for me. I moved to my knees behind him and slammed into him. Smiled at the little grunt as I bottomed out in him.

"Fuck me, big man. Ride my ass hard. I want to be sore tomorrow."

"I can pretty much guarantee that." I growled at him.

Grabbing his ass cheeks, I held him open as I plunged into him over and over. Watching my cock invade his small hole. He was whimpering into the seat with an occasional "Harder!" thrown in. My balls pulled up tight as I tried to hold off.

Slipping my hands under his chest, I lifted him so his back was against my chest. With one hand folded over his shoulder, the other wrapped around his cock, I pushed up hard trying to get more than my cock inside him.

My shout of release muffled against his throat. From the corner of my eye, I saw his come splatter the seat we were facing. Somewhere deep in my brain I wondered how much extra it was going to cost him to have the come cleaned off that seat.

He sagged against me, I held him close, sucking on his pulse point while we calmed.

"Should we tell the driver to circle the city again?"

"Wish we could but Alex gave me a curfew to have you home. He's got that dessert waiting, remember? But you tell him if he doesn't take care of you, I'll come take you away."

"I'll tell him."

I didn't listen as he spoke to the driver. When he settled in my lap, I held him close, we spent the drive back to the bar kissing. At the bar, he told me goodnight. I watched the limo drive off before I went to get in my car.

When I reached the house, I found a trail of clothing up the stairs. I picked up each piece as I went. Alex was sitting in the middle of our bed. Naked except for the whipped cream and cherries.

"Did you have a good time, Walter?"

"Yes, I had a great time. You're way to good to me."

"And was the escort attractive?"

"He was cute." I watched the little frown flit across his face and smiled.

"And did he see that you ate?"

"Yes, he fed me caviar and champagne."

"And did he have a tight little ass? I specified a tight ass."

"Very tight, very talented. He milked my cock really well."

"So, did you get his name in case I ever want to hire him for you again?"

"His name was Mark. May I have my dessert now?"

"Yes, you may, but don't make me come. I intend to come in your tight little ass."

I was almost asleep when he whispered in my ear. "You sure know how to ride a boy's ass. I don't think they'll ever get that come stain out of the seat."

"Think we could do that again sometime?"

"Only if you're the escort next time."


"Go to sleep, Walter. I plan on making you as sore as I am tomorrow."

"I can hardly wait."


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