Title: Looking for Some Hot Stuff
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains a m/m sexual relationship.
Rating: NC17
Date: 05/05/03
Archive: If I posted to your list it's yours.
Website: http://us.reocities.com/peach1250/index.html
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Walter gets a surprise.
NOTES: For Bill, with love, on his birthday. They wanted to tell it two ways. This one is in HMV universe. Beta by DrkCherry and Josan.



"You've got 'hot fuck' written all over you."

A shiver ran down my spine as his words flowed into my ear. God, what that voice still does to me. It was our anniversary again and I'd been given instructions to meet him at the bar we thought of as our place now.

There had been a sign on the door that said 'Private Party' but I had been ushered in. I knew I'd been had as soon as I saw that the place was packed with our friends from the alternate lifestyle we practiced.

I had been expecting him to pick me up and we would end up fucking like rabbits all night. That's how we spend most of our anniversaries. And then the next afternoon I was to be marked as his once more in a reenactment of my collaring ceremony with the slight addition of being tattooed.

"Sweet talk isn't going to work. You tricked me."

"A Master can't let his slave get complacent, might start to think he runs things."

His voice held only a slight warning. His hand moved down to open my pants, popping the buttons one at a time, slowly. The people in this room had seen me naked on many occasions so I made no protest, nor did I look anywhere but at him.

"Lose the shirt, slave."

I pulled the tight tank up over my head and dropped it carelessly on the floor. I grinned at the wolf whistles but did not look to see who had made them. The shirt was snatched up and I knew I'd probably never see it again.

"My merchandise is appreciated it seems. Step out of the pants."

I wiggled them down as far as I could without breaking eye contact with him, then toed off my shoes and stepped out of them. The small cock harness was dropped down over me to be tightened just enough to help me keep the erection he was about to give me. I gasped as his hand brought me pleasure.

His eyes darkened as he felt me respond and harden in his hand. Turning, he led me across the room by tugging firmly on my cock. A frame, much like a doorframe, had been erected for me. I stepped into it and he buckled the cuffs around my wrists and then my ankles. A wide leather belt was fastened around my waist and then chained to the sides of the frame.

Alex turned to look over his shoulder. "Brian, when is the tattoo artist getting here?"

"He called about ten minutes ago and said he was on his way so he should be here soon."

Just then there was a bit of movement by the door and a man was soon coming our way with a bag in his hand. His eyes widened when he saw me, and he stopped. Looking at Brian, he spoke.

"Brian, if that's the guy you want me to tat, I can't do it. I won't work on someone who doesn't want a tat or who is drunk or drugged."

"Clark, he's neither. He's just been secured as part of the scene. Alexei never does anything to Walter that hasn't been consented to in advance."

Alex moved toward him and spoke softly. "Examine him if you wish. Ask him questions." He turned to me, "Walter, you are to answer any question this man asks you with the truth, even if you think I will get angry."

"Yes, Master."

Clark moved close to me and sniffed at my breath. I smiled and gave him a good whiff, pure Pepsodent and Scope. He then peered into my eyes. Not feeling that was enough, he extracted a penlight from his pocket and checked them with it.

Stepping back slightly, he looked me over, making a complete circuit of my body, then he stopped in front of me again.

"You have agreed to be tattooed?"

"I couldn't get him to brand me, this is as close as he would allow."

I smiled as Alex scowled at me. He had turned down scarification as well. He just really could not believe that I wanted his ownership showing on my body. He had agreed to the tattoo only because it could be removed if I changed my mind later. Clark's head turned to see whom I was smiling at, and then he stepped between us.

"Have you injected any drugs that might not have effected your physical reactions yet?"

"Clean and sober. My Master never does scenes with me when I'm under the influence. He prefers me to feel everything he does to me."

"Do you do everything your Master orders?"

"I've never had a reason not to. He's more concerned with my wellbeing than I."

"Do you know the pattern he has chosen?"

"No, but I'm sure it's appropriate to our relationship. And probably much smaller than I would like."

He bent, opened the bag and pulled out a small folder. Opening it he turned it so that I could see the design. There were three Chinese characters arranged in a pyramid shape.

"They're beautiful. What do they mean?"

"This one is the symbol for my, this is hot, and this is fuck."

My Hot Fuck

My smile nearly cracked my face. He smiled back at me this time.

"Can I assume from your smile that you have no problem with the design?"

"It's perfect, as is everything my Master chooses for me. Where will it be placed?"

He turned then to look at Alex.

"I'll let my slave make that decision, since he's the one who wished to be marked."

I was then faced with one of the hardest decisions of my life. Whether to put it on my ass, where it would be visible every time I was in a position where that part of me was on display, or to put it over my heart so I could admire it every time I shaved, and it would be visible whenever I was shirtless. I decided to try greed.

"Master, may I be marked in two places?"


"The places that are most owned by you."

He chuckled and Clark looked at me. Alex stepped forward to kiss me, ravaging my mouth and leaving me weak in the knees. Then he stepped back.

"Over his heart and just above the crack of his ass."

Alex turned and went to the bar, coming back with a rolling cart that had been stored there. I watched as Clark unloaded his supplies. Noting that every item brought out was still factory sealed. When everything was arranged, Clark looked at me again.

"Colors? And which do you want done first?"

"Could you do red blending into black?"

"Lighter shading at the top and then getting darker with the base of each character in black? Yes, I can do that. Maybe reversing that on the other one?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

"Front or back?"

"Back. Do the red blending to black."

He nodded and walked behind me. I heard the wheels on a small stool, the snap of rubber gloves. The belt was removed; my skin was cleaned and prepared, the first touch of the needle made my dick twitch. Alex smiled from his seat at a table a short distance away. His eyes made promises to me.

After some little time, Alex stood and walked over to me.

"Slave, do you need a break?"

"Maybe just a minute, Master. May I have some water?"

The needle was gone. Alex stepped away and came back with a glass filled with ice and water. I took a healthy drink as he held it for me. He used a small towel to wipe my face. Fishing out a sliver of the ice he held it up to me. His eyes darkened when I sucked on his fingers.

I heard people moving behind me to look at the progress of the first tat. But I wanted Alex's opinion.

"How does it look so far, Master?"

He stepped behind me, his fingers rubbing just above the first character.

"He's doing quite well, his skin is perfect for ink." Said Clark.

"It's perfect for other things as well. Brian was right, slave, Clark is a true artist. It will please me greatly to look at this while I fuck you."

He moved back around me, giving me another kiss, a second piece of ice and then asked.

"Ready for more?"

I nodded as I sucked on the ice. Alex gave my still rampantly hard cock a quick squeeze then went back to his seat. It wasn't very much longer before the tat was finished. Alex rose to walk behind me and I heard several comments from others. Including a few people asking if Clark would do work for them.

As the ointment was rubbed over the tat, Alex came to stand in front of me again. Hie eyes glowed as he looked at me.

"I think I like my slave adorned."

Clark's voice came from behind me.

"I need a break. Then we can do the other one unless you've changed your mind?"

"Help yourself to food if you want. I'll be giving Walter a reward for being such a good boy."

Clark flushed when he stepped around me and saw Alex stroking my cock. He didn't say a word, just headed toward the bathroom.

Brian chuckled, "I told him it was a party for the BDSM crowd but I guess he didn't expect a floorshow."

"Seeing my slave in all his glory often has an effect on people."

I moaned and closed my eyes letting my head droop forward. My cock throbbed in his hand, most of my blood supply centered there. His lips caressed my bent head.

"Would my slave like to come?"

"Only if my Master permits."

The cock harness was loosened; he went to his knees in front of me, his eyes turned up to look at me, that pink tongue slipped out to wet his lips.

"Your Master permits."

His mouth closed around me, I threw my head back, a primal scream echoed through the room as I flooded his mouth with my come. My next memory is of the applause from our party guests, and the bright red face of Clark.

Alex rose from the floor and kissed me pushing the last little squirt of my come from his mouth into mine with his tongue. The harness had been tightened down again by the time the kiss ended.

"An obedient slave is a pleasure to exhibit."

He walked away and I waited, knowing he would bring me water or something else to drink. Brian brought over a new member of his group and gave him a clinical description of the type of restraints that held me. The man reached out as if to touch me, and Brian slapped his hand away.

"You *never* touch another man's slave without his permission."

"Permission that is almost *never* granted with my slave."

Alex's voice dropped the temperature in the room by several degrees. A glass was lifted to my mouth and I sucked greedily at the ice water. The man who had started to touch me headed for the bar.

"I'm sorry, Alexei. It never occurred to me that he might try and touch."

"You stopped him, that's all that matters. I'm sure he got the point."

Brian wandered away and I spoke softly to Alex.

"He didn't touch."

"Did I give you permission to speak?"

"No, Master."

He kissed me briefly to show me that he wasn't angry.

"Are you hungry?"

"A little, Master."

"I'll be back."

I watched as he walked to the buffet, his strut making my dick twitch again. Clark was filling a plate and Alex spoke to him. Clark turned to look at me, before he replied. They continued to talk as Alex filled a plate with finger foods. He fed me as we waited for Clark to be ready to continue with my tattoo.

When Clark was ready, Alex had him wait until he brought me erect. Clark looked hesitant as he sat on the higher stool in front of me. It didn't take much for me to figure out that he had seen the earlier exchange and he was leery of touching me, even accidentally.

"Clark, is something wrong."

"I, ah…"

"Master, I believe he is concerned that he might touch my dick."

"It is sort of prominent, isn't it? Don't worry, I know you won't be able to avoid it completely."

Clark nodded and began my tattoo. We stopped part way though the second one as we had the first. I looked down at the design taking form over my heart. Clark's knee had brushed against my dick several times and I had smiled as he tensed. But by the halfway point he was no longer noticing. But I was. It added to the experience, as Alex had no doubt meant for it to.

When it was finished, he rolled back and Alex came to stand in front of me.

"It's beautiful, Clark. You've earned your fee and a tip."

I watched as Alex counted out the per hour fee and then added an additional five hundred in cash. Clark looked down at the money and then back at Alex. Reaching in his pocket he pulled out a card.

"If you decide he needs more ink, call me. This has been the most profitable night I've ever had."

"It could be even more so. Several people are interested in your work."

"I'll make appointments with them, they've all been drinking and are hyped up on him."

"He does tend to get attention. Must be the bald head."

"Which one?" Clark shot back and immediately turned red. Alex laughed so hard he had to clutch his side.

"I'd better be going."

"Stay if you wish. Walter won't be the only object of attention soon. A couple of people asked if they could play after he was done."

"I don't think I'm ready for that, but thank you for the invitation. Besides my lover is waiting for me. I'll just cover this and give you both my standard lecture."

He talked as he rubbed the cream over the tattoo then the bandage covered it. Alex released my right arm and rubbed it as Clark spoke. Once the bandage was in place the other arm was released and treated to the same relaxing massage.

I had taken a seat at the table Alex had used earlier and snagged a grape tomato while Alex watched Clark pack up. Then he walked with him to the door. Saying something that brought out that blush again. Coming back to me, he sat in my lap and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"What did you say to make him blush?"

"I told him I'd help him find a daddy when he was ready."


"What? He was hard the whole time he was working on you. I bet his lover is in for one hell of a ride tonight."

"What kind of ride am I going to get?"

"The kind that will leave that hole sore for days."

"Ah, my favorite. Would it be rude of us to leave now?"

"Yes, it would. Besides you still have to be collared again."

"When can we do that?"

"After Brian is through with his demonstration."

I reached around him to grab another tomato.

"Are you still hungry?"

"You only gave me fruit. That's mostly water and I've been sweating."

"You are rather fragrant."

He got up and went to the buffet again. This time the plate he brought had goodies like Swedish meatballs, several kinds of cheese, and crackers. I ate as we watched Brian set up.

The boy who had almost touched me was soon naked and panting in the restraints. When Brian allowed him to come, he passed out. Alex jumped up to help Brian release him. They took him into the manager's office to rest.

After that a small dais was set up and Alex took his place upon it.

"I want to welcome you all tonight. As you know it's the anniversary of my slave's first accepting my collar. When I asked how he wanted to celebrate, aside from getting well fucked that is, he asked to be collared again in memory of that night when the only witnesses to his action were the moon and stars. So, Walter, come forward."

I walked to him and knelt, back straight, head down in submission.

"Look at me."

I raised my head to meet his eyes.

"Do you wish to wear my collar? To be my slave, my lover, my companion?"

"Yes, Sir." I would not use Master again until the collar lay around my neck.

"Will you accept me into your body anywhere, anytime, in any fashion I wish?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you accept that your pain belongs to me from this day forth?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And do you pledge to me the rest of your life? To be mine and mine alone?"

"In this life and all the ones to come, I will be yours and yours alone, Sir."

He nodded and I saw the love in his eyes. Brian came forward and held out a jewelry box, Alex opened it.

"Bow your head, slave."

I did as I was told, closing my eyes as well. The cold metal was placed around my throat and fastened. Then his fingers slipped under it pulling it tight around my neck.

"This collar is a symbol of the vows you have made to me this night. Now I make my vows to you. From now until the end of time I will love you, care for you, protect you, and give you the greatest pleasure a man can know. Rise, my slave, and allow all to see the man I have taken as mine."

The words may have been a little corny but they brought me a happiness unlike any spoken before. I stood as his hand released the collar and he turned me to face the crowd.

"Let all witness that this man, of his own free will, has become my slave this day."

I smiled as the crowd cheered. Then Alex turned me for a kiss.

"Now we can go home."

Soon he was leading me to the car dressed in nothing but a long trench coat. I prayed we wouldn't get pulled over. When we reached home, he sent me ahead.

"Go up, turn down the bed, and lube that ass."

"Yes, Master."

I ran for the stairs as his laughter floated after me. I was kneeling by the bed when he came into the room.

"You make a very fetching sight like that, slave. Stand up."

I rose quickly and he pointed to the bed.

"I wish to pleasure myself in that beautiful ass of yours. On the bed, shoulders down, ass up nice and high for me."

I hurried to comply. I could hear the sounds of him undressing, moving around the room, then the dip of the bed as he crawled onto it behind me. His fingers lifted the edge of the bandage and he pulled it off.

"I'll be glad when this is healed so that I may lick it, kiss it, bite it. But for tonight I'll content myself with looking at it as I plow you."

I felt the head of his cock at my hole and then he was inside in one hard push. I sighed as my ass quivered around him. He used me hard and I rocked back to meet every violent thrust. He had promised I'd be sore tomorrow and he was making sure of that.

I could tell when he was close because he asked the questions.

"Who uses this hole?"

"You, Master."

"Who do you belong to?"

"You, only you, Master."

Another hard snap of his hips and he whimpered as he shot inside me. I waited as he panted. Then he pulled from me.

"Up, slave."

I scrambled from the bed. He lay down so that his head was off the side a little and looked at me with a wicked grin.

"Come here and feed me that big dick."

It may have sounded like dialogue from a porn tape but my cock liked the idea. I stepped forward and took a wide stance then pushed my cock down toward the eager mouth waiting for it. His hand reached to pull me close. I rocked slowly, fucking his mouth watching my dick get slicker as more of his saliva collected on it.

He pulled away long enough to issue another order.

"Come on, boy, fuck my mouth! Show me how you dream about fucking my mouth."

I moaned as he opened his mouth again. Pushing my cock into his mouth, I began to fuck him as he hummed and swallowed. He tilted his head a little farther and I was going deep into his throat with every thrust. Part of me worried that I would hurt him but, every time I tried to slow down, he pinched my ass.

So I let go, I fucked his mouth, going in deep with every lunge. When half his hand pushed up into my ass, I bellowed like a bull and shot. Pulling back at the end so he could get a taste. I pulled my over-sensitive dick from his mouth and sank onto the floor.

He smiled an upside down smile at me as he licked his lips, a cat with the cream. Looking along his body, I could see that his dick was hard again. My night was far from over.

He did insist on putting more cream and a new bandage over the tattoo before we fucked again. He finally let me sleep just as the sun was coming up. His arm wrapped tightly around me and his dick still deep in my now very sore ass.

No slave was ever as well fucked as I.

The end.

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