Title: His Master's Voice
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Krycek
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Discipline master/slave relationship.
*****There is a scene that will be considered non-con by some readers. This was not the case. I wrote it. I know what they were thinking and that's all there is to that.****
Rating: NC17
Date: 04/09/01
Archive: DitB, RatB, SKSA,WWOMB Others just ask
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner, Krycek, Scully, and Mulder and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Summary: Walter is reminded why he shouldn't be late getting home from work.

NOTE: Ok this is the result of being stuck in Dallas traffic and putting together two things posted to the list in the past week. 1) Alex's whiskey shot voice: thank you Kristen for that comment and 2) Anika for wanting Walter as a sub. So I thank you both for the inspiration and hope you enjoy the results. I also thank my BB (that's Brutal Beta to you guys) Jose for her wonderful guidance, suggestions, giggles and for not whapping me up side the head (I know sometimes she would like to). She made this story a lot longer than I intended with all those suggestions. They were *so* good and the boys do love any excuse to play.

AU: Canon was thrown out the window and probably will be from now on in my stories. Our Rat will never die! For purposes of clarification in this universe the relationship between Skinner and Krycek has been going on for 6 years. For those that don't know (which will probably be most of you) JD green label is made by Jack Daniels: it is sold in only 7 states. The bottle has a green and gold label. My son and one of my best friends tell me it is the smoothest whiskey in the world.


I was staring down at a report while the agents across the desk from me sweated. They should be sweating: I was considering a transfer to Alaska for them both. I had read the report three times trying to figure out how Brown, who had been with the agency for twenty years, let something so routine turn into a cluster fuck.

My cell phone rang and since I needed a distraction, I answered it.


There was enough of a pause to let me know who was on the other end before he spoke.

"Walter, what time is it?"

His voice poured over me like the finest quality whiskey. My cock stood up, straining to get to him. It's too stupid to know that he's miles away. I looked at my watch and groaned inside. Fuck! I was in deep shit. He had told me in great detail while fucking me in the shower that morning the plans he had for our evening and weekend. It had been a year since he had made me his. Since I was collared. Our anniversary. God! I was in so much trouble. My cock didn't care; all it cared about was getting to the owner of that deep sexy voice.

"I've been detained. I'm debriefing two of my agents. I didn't realize how late it is."

"You aren't alone. I understand. So I won't ask you what you should be doing right now. I'll tell you, shall I?"

My cock hardened even more. "Yes." I didn't dare say no, that would only heap the shit deeper.

"You should be on you knees right now, servicing me. You have forty-five minutes to get here. Every minute past that will add another stripe to your ass. Guess it's a good thing it's Friday since I don't think you'll be comfortable sitting tomorrow. I expect you to be hard when you get here."

The phone went dead and for a minute I forgot the two men across the desk. I couldn't believe I had almost come when he'd said 'stripe to your ass'. I guess you know your lover owns you when his voice alone can make you hard. I knew if he had told me to come, I would have. Right there in my pants, in my chair, in my office, in front of my agents.

"Sir, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I forgot an important engagement."

"You probably should have called her. They hate it when you don't call."

"Yes, I'm very aware of that. Let's leave this until Monday, shall we? I'm sure the time will allow you to reflect on your actions. I expect you to be here first thing with a better explanation than you have given me so far."

They hurried to leave my office. When they were out the door, I dropped my head in my hands and moaned. I heard a snicker from the outer office.

"Looks like old Stoneface is in love."

"Yeah, and she wears the pants."

I wanted to get up and fling my door open to growl at them but I didn't dare. If they thought my reaction to the call was bad, I could just imagine what gossip would be going around about me on Monday if they saw my raging hard-on. I thanked god that it was winter and I had my trench coat to hide the erection that I knew wouldn't see relief for hours. If then.

How could I have fucked up this way? I berated myself all the way home. I knew it wasn't really anger he was feeling. Yes, he tops me and yes, I answer to *slave* and yes, he uses various implements to stripe my ass and back. But he loves me. I have no doubts about that and today is special for us. Once again I have let my fucking career get in the way of my relationship. I hoped he would whip me raw.

I pulled into the driveway and hit the ground running. I opened the door to find him waiting in the hall tapping a crop against his leg. I closed the door and immediately began to strip. When I was naked I knelt before my master and opened his fly taking his cock in my mouth.

The first blow of the crop startled me. I moaned around his flesh and continued to suck him as the crop continued to land on my back. I deserved this and more. I had hurt the man I love beyond all reason. The blows stopped and he began to thrust deep into my throat.

Several hard thrusts later, he was shooting down my throat. His hand clutched at my shoulder, digging in deep to anchor him to me. I held him in my mouth until he softened and pulled back. Then I bent low and rested my head on his feet.

He stood there panting for a few minutes, not saying anything to me. Finally, he nudged me with his foot.

"You didn't come, did you? I swear I'll take the hide off you if you came."

"No, Master. I didn't come. I'm sorry for being late, Master. I have no excuse. My Master's desires should come before anything else. Please, punish me for my bad behavior."

I waited for him to say or do something. He said nothing for a long time, while I beat myself up internally.  An outsider seeing me now would think our relationship very one sided. Him standing above me, me on my knees, my head on the floor, my ass in the air. They wouldn't understand the peace I normally feel when awaiting his pleasure. There is a freedom in giving yourself up to someone.

"I'm very angry with you right now, Walter. I gave you instructions this morning, did I not?"

"Yes, Master."

"What were those instructions?" My cock twitched with every word. I never understood the term *whiskey shot voice* until he came into my life. The first time he spoke to me, I got hard. You can imagine my consternation: me, a married man, getting a hard-on for a man's voice.

"To be home by seven, clean, naked and on my knees servicing you."

"What were you promised in return for being on time and performing that service?"

"That you would allow me to service you anally and to come inside you."

"I don't think you deserve that now, do you?"

"No, Master." My voice little more than a whisper. His foot nudged me again.

"Get up, go downstairs and lie on your side on the table."

I moved quickly to do as I was told. The massage table had been covered with a bathsheet. I lay down on my side as instructed and pulled my knees up. I knew he would be coming soon with the bag. I hate enemas but they are worth it for the pleasure he gives me after the discomfort.

While I lay there I remembered how he had taken me in the shower that morning. His hand moving over my soap slick body as he pounded into me. His voice telling me of his plans for our weekend. His hand bringing me to climax just before he came inside me. Then my guilt kicked in again.

I'm sure that in some master slave relationships, the slave is unfulfilled. This has not been the case for me. He has often made me wait for hours to come, but he has always let me come. I thought this night would be the exception. I knew I had hurt him deeply. Despite the fact that he is the master here, he still has his insecurities. Late at night, in the dark he tells them to me.

After a year, he still doesn't believe me when I say it's forever. He thinks he is just my mid-life crisis.

I heard him coming, his boots loud on the bare wooden stairs. I soon heard the sound of the IV rack being moved toward the table. I forced my muscles to relax. His hand rubbed along my spine, down to squeeze my ass. Then the nozzle was being inserted. I felt the warm water begin to flow into my body. I was surprised, as angry as I had made him, I expected to get ice water. When the pressure made me uncomfortable, I moaned.

"Can you take the rest, Walter?"

"If master wishes me to. I will do anything to make it up to you. I'm so sorry."

"I expect you will be even more sorry before the night is over."

The combination of his voice and the threats made my cock jerk against my belly. He closed off the bag before the last of the water filled me. Allowing air to enter would have made it more painful, and again, I was surprised.

"Turn on you back, legs down."

I obeyed him instantly, despite the additional discomfort being flat would cause me. He took my cock in his hand and began to pump me. I knew without being told that I had better not come. He knew, of course, when the cramps started, but he continued his assault on me. The whole purpose, to keep me hard through the pain.

"Alright, you can go now. Shower after and shave. I could feel your beard earlier. Do I need to remind you that you are not allowed to come?"

"No, Master."

I hurried to the bathroom, clenching my cheeks so I wouldn't make a mess. That would be all I needed, to loose my water on the way. I'd probably get ten additional stripes for that. I used the toilet then got into the shower. I scrubbed quickly but completely. Then got out and shaved carefully, making sure that my cheeks were smooth.

I returned to the basement to find him sitting in his leather chair. I moved quickly to kneel in front of him, putting my head on his feet as before, my ass up, my hands resting in the small of my back. He leaned forward and I felt my cuffs being fastened around my wrist.

"Kneel up."

I had learned to do this gracefully in our years together. The choke collar was dropped over my head resting like ice around my throat. His finger slipped through the ring and he pulled it tight enough to place light pressure around my neck.

"Who do you belong to, slave."

"You, Master. I am privileged to belong to you."

His voice was hard as he sneered at me, "Privileged? If you wish to remain privileged I suggest you obey me in the future. Go wait for me at the cross."

I rose to my feet and moved across the room to stand in front of the cross, waiting as I was told. I heard him open the cabinet that contains the toys he uses on me. I listened carefully, trying to figure out what he was getting out to use. Not that it mattered, I would accept whatever he wanted to do to me tonight.

I heard his steps again as he came to stand behind me.


I turned to face him. He reached to fasten a leather ring on me. His way of helping me control myself. I didn't think I would need the help tonight. Knowing I had hurt him would go a long way toward keeping me in line.

"Face the cross."

I turned and spread my legs, lifting my hands. He soon had me secured, all but the waist belt. He didn't always use it but it was a comfort when he did, it gave me a more grounded feeling. He walked around the cross and stood looking at me. His green eyes so pain filled.

Again I wanted to kick myself. The day I accepted his collar, I made a vow to myself that I would never hurt him the way I had Sharon. That he would some day understand that the love I felt for him was beyond anything I had ever felt for anyone else. I sure fucked that up today.

"I'm sorry, Alex. I love you."

"Do you?"  His voice a husky whisper.

The shutter had dropped over his eyes. He leaned forward, hand gripping my jaw he kissed me hard, his teeth biting at my lips, his tongue invading my mouth. It was demanding, rough, and possessive. Without the ring, I would have shot all over the cross. So much for thinking I was in control of anything. When he let me go, we were both panting.

He dropped his hand and I heard the chains clipping to the cock ring. Without the waist belt that meant that if I jerked, the ring would cut into me. I choked down a moan, knowing it would anger him even more. I deserved the pain. He had asked very little of me in our time together. I should have at least gotten this right.

He raised his hand to rub his thumb over my lip, holding it up to show me the drop of blood resting there.  Then he raised it to his mouth and licked it clean. I watched his eyes until he moved to circle behind me.

I felt his hand trace along the muscles of my back. I was working out more frequently now. He was insistent that I take good care of myself.  He was watching my diet as well, red meat being on the menu only once a week now.

I could hear his footsteps behind me but they gave me no clue as to what he was doing. When the cat landed on my back, I jerked with the surprise of it more than the pain. It was a very lightweight cat, one designed to mark more than hurt. It would leave a beautiful pattern on my back. The blows were distributed over my back and ass. I wasn't even aware of the moans I had started making until he walked around me and pushed the gag into my mouth.

This time, when he moved behind me, he brought his crop down hard on my ass. I jerked reflexively trying to avoid the next blow. That only succeeded in causing the cock ring to dig into my flesh. I was a mass of pain from shoulders down to the tops of my thighs. That pain couldn't compete with the pain of knowing I had ruined his evening. That I had made him doubt my love again.

I saw the crop hit the wall as he threw it past me. Then his hand was gripping me hard as he rammed his cock up inside me. I screamed although not much of the sound got past the gag. During all this I hadn't lost my erection. It wasn't just the cock ring keeping me hard. It was giving myself up to him. Letting him take control. Being owned by him.

He took me hard and fast, pounding deep inside me. I hung there wanting to push back against him, but not daring to for fear of my balls being damaged by the cock ring. He was panting as he nuzzled into my throat. Then his teeth closed on me, making my cock jerk with the need to come. I was having difficulty getting enough air. I could have spit out the gag, he hadn't fastened it, but I wouldn't dare without his permission.

"Spit it out, Walter. I don't want you passing out. I want you to feel every stroke of your master's cock inside you."

I spit it out and took a deep breath. Even in his anger, he was taking care of me. I had passed out from the pleasure mixed with pain once. My weight pulling down on the cuffs had cut my wrists. He played it off as not liking *his property* damaged, but I saw the pain in his eyes as he cleaned and dressed them.

"Who do you belong to, slut?"

"You, Master, only you."

"Who uses this hole?"

"Only you, Master."

"Are you ready to receive the gift of my come?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

My cock had twitched with each question whispered in my ear by his sexy voice. His hand tightened and he slammed inside me once more growling as I felt his cock jerking inside me. His head dropped to rest on my shoulder. I felt the ghost of a kiss on my skin. His hand slid down my groin and I heard the snap of the cock ring open.

"Come for me, my beloved." His voice so gentle, a bare whisper of sound mixed with his panting as he sucked air into his lungs.

My ears processed the command. My brain never heard him but my cock did. It jerked and painted the cross with long ropes of my come. I leaned into the cross letting it hold up me and my master, my lover, my heart.

He pulled slowly out of me and my body protested his loss with a moan. I heard him move across to the sink and the sound of water running. Then he was back pouring lukewarm water over me from the small bucket we kept there. Washing off the sweat, cleaning the stripes on my back and ass. The bucket was dropped and he unfastened the cuffs. Ankles first then a wrist, pulling my arm to rest on his shoulders as he undid the other.

"Come, love, you need to rest."

I raised the hand that wasn't resting on his shoulder to caress his face. He ducked his head away from me and pulled me toward the stairs. He always refuses to look me in the eyes after a strong session. He led me to our bed and settled me under the covers. I was asleep before he got to the bathroom door.

Some time later, I swam up from my dreams to the sounds of ragged breathing. I reached for him, pulling him close to me. He was dreaming again, the dreams he said he couldn't remember. I'm not sure what happened in his past, I just know that it haunts him still. He settled like he always does when I hold him. I hate that he has the dreams but love that I can comfort him. I drifted back to sleep.

Later, I woke to the feel of his hand soothing aloe gel over my back and ass. He bent to kiss me tenderly.

"Lie still, my beautiful slave, and I'll bring us up some food."

He left the room and I eased out of the bed, going to the closet to get his gift. I may have been late getting home but I had bought his gift over a month ago. I was nervous, afraid he wouldn't like it but I hoped it would help him feel loved again. I sat the small box on the bedside table on his side of the bed.

He came back, setting a small tray on the dresser and came over to the bed, pushing pillows under my chest to lift me up. Then he settled on the bed next to me with the tray, and began feeding me. Bite size chunks of bread, cheese, and fruit placed carefully in my mouth, avoiding the injury there. I love the quiet time with him. I'd suffer the pain for the tender way he cares for me after. Even if I didn't get great sex as well.

After we ate, he set the tray aside and slid down in the bed next to me, wrapping his hand around the back of my neck. He lay there just kissing me light, 'I love you' kisses. When the kisses stopped, I spoke to him for the first time since we had come up to bed.

"I have a gift for you. It's on your bedside table. I guess it's a good thing I didn't wait for the last minute to shop, huh?"

His eyes opened, looking surprised. He was always so surprised when I gave him presents. He rolled silently away from me and reached to pick up the gift he hadn't noticed before. Propping himself up against the headboard of the bed, he opened the box. I always had his gifts wrapped so that all he had to do was lift the lid.

I watched his eyes as he looked down at the contents. His hand moved to caress the heavy gold necklace that lay in the box. It had been made to my specification so no one else would ever have one like it. The chain was wide and flat so he could wear it all the time. The center was a flat gold bar that had been engraved with AK & WS in English and in Russian. The K became a vine that wrapped through the arches of the W and twinned up the S. I wanted to put something really sappy on it but was afraid he would reject it if I did that.

"It's beautiful, Walter. Thank you. Put it on for me."

I scrambled up to my knees, taking it from his hand and securing it around his throat. His hand stroked it as he stared into my eyes. Then he reached out to rub along the choke chain that was still around mine.

"I think mine is much nicer than yours. We'll have to do something about that."

Leaning toward me, he kissed me again. Not gentle this time but possessive. By the time he let me go, I was panting.

"Go get your silver ring."

I rose from the bed and went to get the sterling silver cock ring he'd given me for Christmas. When I turned back, he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I walked to him and he took it from me, carefully manipulating my cock and balls through the ring. He smiled up at me then bent, taking me in his mouth. It didn't take much to get me rock hard. When I was, he pulled back.

"I think it's time for you to pleasure your master. I want you in me, Walter. I want you pulling out all but the head then pushing back in slowly to the hilt. You aren't going to come for a long time but I expect to come at least twice. Understand?"

He lay back on the bed turning on his side so I could spoon up against him. I got the lube, crawled on the bed next to him. Using a generous portion to open him for me, then coating my cock. No need for a condom since we knew we were both clean.

I pushed slowly inside him, savoring the feel of him. He doesn't let me do this often so it is doubly sweet when he does. I enjoy making love to his body. I wrapped my arms around him and began thrusting slowly in and out of his body as he had instructed. I sucked at his throat and he arched his head back giving me better access.

He is so tight, so hot. I love being allowed to pleasure him this way. He had told me once that a man would have to be a fool to own me and not want me in him occasionally. Told me he had never seen such a beautiful huge cock. I had been told before that I was big but it never pleased me like it did when he said it. He allowed me to do as I liked for a while then he pulled my hand down to wrap around him.

"Make me come, Walter." Harsh deep commanding voice washing over me, making me harder if that were possible.

I wrapped my hand around his cock, fisting him in the way he had taught me. One of his legs lifted to wrap up over my legs so I could push in deeper and have more access to his cock. His hand curled up around my neck again, holding me close. His moans telling me he was close.

"Now! Hard!"

I pulled out of him then rammed up inside him as deep and hard as I could, feeling him begin to jerk in my fist. I watched with satisfaction as his come spurted across the sheets. I went still inside him, knowing he would want the feeling of me impaling him as his climax rolled through him. My hand stilled as well, just holding him as he came back to earth.

I heard a soft chuckle, "Damn, you just keep getting better and better at that."

He twisted so he could kiss me. We lay quiet, me wrapped around him and still rock hard inside him. I think he dosed briefly. I was thinking my balls would turn blue and drop off before he woke when he wiggled against me. My signal to begin again.

So, once more, I began moving in him. He lasted longer this time. Not that I minded, like I said this didn't happen often. I thought he would let me come after the second time he did, but he just snuggled down and slept again.

His nap was longer this time and I was truly in pain when he wiggled forward and pulled off me. I moaned as the last inch of me left his body. He turned toward me smiling.

"You want to come, don't you?"

"Yes, Master."


"Please, Alex."

"Soon, beloved."

He had turned so our erections were pressing together. His hand wrapped around us both, his thumb smearing my pre-come onto his cock and his onto mine. He squeezed our cocks together, stroking slowly. I moaned low in the back of my throat as his talented hand worked first one then the other of my balls back through the ring. He slipped it off me then rolled onto his back, gesturing me to move between his legs.

I positioned myself and lifted his ass high, entering him in one smooth stroke. Bending down to him, I kissed him deeply. This was Alex, my lover. My master had left and I was free to make love to Alex. I tried to hold back but I had been hard too long and Alex was so tight and hot.

"Nooooooooooooooo! Fuck!"

I heard his chuckle. Then he was milking me as I shot uncontrollably inside him. He held me until my breathing evened out again. Then I worked my way down, taking him in my mouth. I had become quite good at sucking cock.

He had long ago given me permission to suck him any time I wanted. I remember the day he had told me that. It had been a Saturday and I had spent most of the day between his legs. I had even wakened him during the night. He had groaned, shot down my throat then told me that he expected me to let him sleep for the rest of the night. I felt proud that I had become so good at giving him pleasure. The next day, my jaws had been so sore I couldn't talk, couldn't eat. He had smiled, made me a milkshake then fucked me through the mattress.

He groaned, then I tasted his hot musk, swallowed, not wanting to loose a single drop. I held him in my mouth until he softened. He reached for me and I wiggled up to lie next to him. He kissed me again, slipping inside my mouth to taste himself. I was drifting off when I heard him whisper against my ear.

"Happy Anniversary, Walter. I love you."


He's sleeping. My big bear. The covers are twisted and half off the bed. I'd go cover him but I know he doesn't need them. His body heat is higher than any one I've ever slept with. Not that there had been that many. Until him, I never wanted a long-term relationship. The others were just fucks. He has crawled inside my heart and I would die if I lost him.

The master is himself enslaved.

I sit in the big chair across from him that I use in our games when I make him perform for me. He was so shy about jerking off in front of me at first, now he enjoys the show since he knows that it will end with me in his glorious ass. I'm proud of the fact that I am the only one ever to fuck his ass. He was a virgin that first time with me. I'm determined to be the only one to have him that way.

I knew I could have him the first day we met. I spoke and he got hard. I didn't look down at his crotch. I didn't need to. His breathing and the way he shifted and the puzzled look in his eyes told me. At the time, I had no idea how shocked he was to find himself with a hard-on that had my name on it. I just figured that I was his type, that he was bi. I knew he was married, so that meant bi to me since he had been with her a long time.

I had seen his car as I was leaving that night so I went back. I got a folder that could have waited until the next day and took it up to his office. His inner door was open and I could see him rubbing his eyes. It was after eight, the building mostly deserted. He looked tired. I had almost decided to wait until another time when he looked up at me.

"Sorry, Sir. I thought you had left for the evening. Just wanted to drop this off before I left." I smiled my best smile at him. I knew I had dropped my voice. I've known for some time how my voice effects people. Feeling his reaction earlier made me want to see it again.

He put his glasses back on, trying to hide from me, but his breathing gave him away again.

"What is that, Agent?"

"Oh, it can wait until morning, Sir. You're probably getting ready to go home."

"If it's important enough for you to be here this late maybe I should look at it."

I moved toward him, wanting to press the advantage. I hadn't planned to do anything more than make him aware of me again tonight, but something in his voice made me want to see how far I could push it. So instead of handing the file to him across his desk, I walked to stand beside him, putting it in his hand.

As he opened it on the blotter, I leaned forward so that I brushed against him as I pointed to the coroner's report that was in the file. His sharp intake of breath, the shifting of his body told me that he was very aware of me. I could see the pulse in his throat jump. I dropped my hand onto his shoulder as casually as I could manage.

"As you can see, Sir, the coroner places time of death as 1a.m. The suspect has an air-tight alibi for that time. He was still at the bar with numerous witnesses."

He was staring at the report but I don't think he was seeing anything. At my touch, his pulse jumped again. I moved my hand slowly up toward his bare throat, watching for any sign of rejection on his part. I smiled as his eyes closed and his head tilted to the side. He had opened his collar and discarded his tie, probably as soon as Kim had left for the day. Since I knew my voice affected him, I continued speaking.

"I think we may have to go back to square one with this, unless Agent Mulder has one of his leaps of logic."


My fingers had reached the open collar and I let them slip inside to rub his bare skin. Looking down I saw the bulge in his slacks grow. Time to step up the heat. I moved my hand lower, slipping my fingers farther under the shirt to rub against his collarbone. His eyes opened then and I saw the lust overwritten with the terror. His hand rose in slow motion and he grabbed my wrist. I saw for just a second the desire to push me away then he was lost as I whispered his name.



Then his chair was pushed back and he pulled me down in his lap. His mouth was hungry on mine. I wrapped my arms around him and began staking my territory.  I knew he was used to being in control so I had to let him know fast that I would control this. I was top; he would be my bottom. I held him as I devoured his mouth.

Reaching down, I ripped his shirt open, buttons flying across the room. He moaned as I bit his tongue. My hands found his nipples and I pinched them hard. Another loud moan made into my mouth. Not a single move to stop me or slow me down. He must like it rough, bet he never got that from his wife. I had managed to find out during the day that he was separated from her, from Sharon.

I pulled back from him, holding his head with both hands.

"Look at me!" A command but one spoken in my best bedroom voice.

His eyes fluttered open. His mouth was already bruised and swollen. His eyes dark with lust. At that moment I knew I would own him, someday.

"Have you ever done this before?"


"Am I the first man you've wanted like this?"


One word replies seemed to be all that he was capable of producing. That was fine, I wasn't interested in his conversation abilities right now. I *was* interested in the contents of his pants which I could feel growing harder by the second under me. I pulled him to me again, biting his bottom lip, then pushing my tongue into his mouth. He immediately began to suck at it. I was surprised his wife hadn't hung around for the kisses alone. I decided I didn't want his first time to be a quick fuck on his desk. How to get him out of here and to my place or his without him getting cold feet was another issue.

I kissed along his jaw line, down to his throat, marking him where it would show above his collar. He just moaned and tilted his head allowing me more contact. So I worked my way down then bit him hard at what I think of as the vampire spot. His hands tightened their hold on me and I felt his cock twitch under me. Moving back up to suck on his ear lobe, I whispered to him.

"You want me?"


"You want this?" Pulling his hand to cover my hard-on.


"Take me home, now."


I'm not completely clear how but we got out of the building and to his place. He drove and I reminded his cock to stay hard simply by opening his fly once we were out of the garage. I kept my hand just busy enough to keep him off balance. I was very pleased with his moans and sighs on the trip home. Pleased as well at the stallion I was working. How the fuck could Sharon leave such a great kisser with such a fucking huge cock? The woman must be insane.

Once we were at his place, he led me to the bedroom and tried to take charge. No, that wouldn't be happening. I let him think he was running things only until we were naked and on the bed. Then I began teaching him the wonders of sex with Alex Krycek.

I pushed him onto his back and began to assault his neck again. As I worked my way down his body, I enjoyed the noises he made for me. I paid close attention to each and every moan and sigh. Now that I knew it was his first time, I also knew that in the cold light of morning he would panic or at least pull back.

I knew I had to make it so good for him that he would want it again. Since I planned on being on top, it was all the more important. He would have an easier time rationalizing the whole thing if I let him top me. I couldn't do that for two reasons. One, he needed to understand from the beginning that I was his top. Second, if I let him top me, it would be harder to control him when I needed to. Even then I knew our lives would be interwoven for as long as we lived.

When I took him in my mouth, he arched up against me.

"Jesus H Christ!"

I watched as his head jerked, his eyes stared at me. Disbelief mixed with his lust now. Lust winning out as I deep throated him. A rich, deep moan rolled from deep in his chest, his head rocked back in a disjointed out of control way. 

Oh, yeah, he was going to be mine.

I played along his cock, enjoying the taste and smell of him. When I sucked his balls into my mouth, I got another hosanna from him. Funny how some men discover religion, others profanity when having their dick sucked. Walter, I would find out before the night was over, got religion during oral activities and profane once my cock was up his ass.

When I was sure he was deep into the sensations I was giving him, I pushed his legs up high so I could get to his ass. Usually I'm very picky about this but even after a long day he still smelled clean and I wanted him as turned on as possible. Totally safe sex was going to give him too much time to think. So I took a calculated risk. No risk at all it turned out.

More religion pouring from his now hoarse throat. When I thought he was turned on enough, I leaned over the side of the bed, grabbed my pants, fished for one of the lubricated condoms that was in my pocket. I covered his cock again with my mouth as I got the condom open and onto my cock. 

I worked my way back up to his nipples and bit them again. His eyes barely fluttered. His cock was leaking and I knew he would come soon with very little additional help from me. I rose up onto my knees, looking down at him. There was a rosy flush to his skin. He was breathing in short pants, trying to fill his lungs. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

I moved my hand and began working my fingers inside him. His eyes opened and he stared up at me. That was the first time I saw fear in his eyes. It wasn't fear of being fucked, it was fear of liking it too much. Time to use my weapon on him again.

"Walter, you are so tight. I'm going to make this so good for us both."  I sent that *whiskey shot* voice he loves so well washing over him, weaving a spell he would never escape, not even when I had to betray him.

As I shifted to impale him, he regained his voice. "Wait!" he croaked at me. "I've got KY in the bathroom."

I bent and kissed him hard.


"The cabinet on the left."

I slipped off the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom. Smiling.  I quickly found the tube. Participation, this was a good thing. I came out of the bathroom to find that he had moved to the middle of the bed. And that it had been long enough for his nerves to kick in. Well, I knew the cure for that.

"Walter, do you have any idea how sexy you look? There is this beautiful flush to your skin. Your body is even better than I expected it to be."

As I talked, my voice as deliberately deep as I could make it, I got back on the bed with him. I dropped the lube next to his hip and moved to get him feeling instead of thinking. I bent and pulled the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking hard and wringing another Jesus from him. I kept sucking as I grabbed the lube and began working him open. I raised my head to weave my siren song around him again.

"You taste so good. Such a big beautiful cock, so well formed, feels like silk over steel."

As I talked, I continued to stretch him. His head went back, his breath harsh as he tried to get enough air. When I lifted his legs, his eyes opened again. The only thing I saw this time was need. I pushed against him, slipping just the head inside. Holding his eyes and watching for pain, I slowly moved forward and back, each time forcing more of my cock inside him. When I felt my balls against his ass, I kissed him.

That's when he moved from religion to profanity.

"Fuck, it didn't hurt." 

He sounded surprised. I chuckled. Tonight was seduction, pain would come later.

"It doesn't have to hurt."

I stayed still in him and kissed him again. Trailing a line of kisses and bites down his jaw to his throat, lingering there to suck new marks on his skin. Then down to his nipples to bite hard. He arched into the bites. Yeah, he liked rough. I smiled against his skin. He was ready. I began to thrust into him then, a slow almost lazy rhythm. Pulling almost completely out then pushing back in.

When the whimpers began, I changed from slow to short hard jabs into his heat.

"Fuck! Please!"


"Need to come……..fuck me harder! SHIT!!!!!!!!"

His cock exploded sending a geyser of come into the air between us. His ass locked down on me like a bitch in heat. I screamed as it pushed me over. His hands were clutching at me and his eyes open, the ecstasy and wonder there trapping me. No one had ever looked at me like that. At that moment, everyone before him became just a fuck, even the ones I thought I had loved. I know I came, but that was secondary to the knowledge that he was now mine and I was his.

The phone ringing brought me out of my daydreams. I watched as he twisted trying to get to the phone, tangling the covers even more. I got up and moved to untangle him as he got it.


He smiled briefly at me as I untangled the blankets from him. The smile disappeared as he listened.

"Fuck, Mulder, don't you ever at least try to obey regulations? What am I saying? Of course not.  If you did, I wouldn't be getting a call at three a.m. All right, I'll get there as soon as I can. Try not to cause any more trouble."

He hung up and reached for me.

"So what has the problem child done now?" I asked as I moved into his arms. I felt his lips brush against my hair.

"Pissed off the locals again. I have to fly to Chicago. Will you make me a reservation while I pack? Then you can give me a proper goodbye in the shower."

A long loving kiss, then he was up and pulling out his garment bag. I made the reservations while he packed then we said that goodbye in the shower. I got back in our bed after I kissed him goodbye at the door. I was dreaming when something pulled me awake.  A nagging fear at the back of my mind telling me something was wrong. I tried to push it away but couldn't.


I sank into the seat of the plane cursing Mulder. It was Saturday. I should be home getting my ass reamed by my lover, not be sitting on a plane to fucking Chicago. Disengage, Walter. Breathe. Think of more pleasant things, like the happiness you gave Alex this past week. 

The last weekend I had been late getting home. Normally that wouldn't have been that big a deal but it was our anniversary. He had given me explicit instructions that morning. He had made plans for our special day and I had fucked up. His anger was secondary to his pain. It's a good thing he loves me so much or he would have given up on me a long time ago.

We had a wonderful weekend after I had been properly punished for my disobedience. Of course, I was so sore Monday morning that I could barely sit in my chair. But I had a smile on my face. Now I turned toward the window to hide my silly grin from anyone going down the aisle.

I guess that some people would see his tests of me as embarrassing. I see them as a way of his letting me prove how important he is to me. He owns me. It's simple really. He had warned me that he would be making *requests* of me during the week. I need to give him back a little of what he has given me.

The first test had been on Monday afternoon as I was briefing Mulder and Scully on their current case. My cell phone had rung, I excused myself and answered.


"Walter, are you alone?"

"No. I'm briefing Agents Mulder and Scully."

The whiskey began to flow, "Excellent." My cock hardened. "Who do you belong to, slut?"


Mulder asked if I needed a minute.

"Tell him no."

"No, Mulder. I'll only be a moment."

"Very good, Walter. Are you hard, slave?"

"Yes, of course." By this point I have no idea how I was keeping my voice from sliding down into the bedroom tones that only he hears.

"I want you to remember how I took you in the shower this morning. Close your eyes. Feel me. My hand squeezing your cock as I ram inside you."

I sucked in a strangled breath. I knew Mulder and Scully must be staring at me by now. The whiskey continued to wash over me, I was painfully hard and knew that I was leaking.

"I love fucking my slave first thing in the morning. Plunging into your hot welcoming hole. Feeling you tighten on me, milking me as I shoot inside you."

His voice was curling around my hindbrain, the part that recognizes only survival and procreation. We won't be procreating but het couples don't do that every time they have sex either. Survival? When you love someone as I love him then, yeah, I need him to survive.

"You love your master's cock in your ass, don't you, slave?"

A strangled, "Yes." Somewhere far away, Scully was asking if I was ok.

"Tell her you are fine, Walter."

"I'm fine, Agent Scully. Just a little personal issue."

I heard a chuckle, "Good, Walter. You're going to come for me soon. You'll have to do it quietly since you have company. Can you do that for me, love?"

"Yes, I think so."

"After you come for me, I want you to complete your briefing. Then you will tell Kim that you are ill and going home. When you get here, I'll have your reward ready."

"I understand."

"I'm so proud of my obedient slave. You keep acting like this and I'll start thinking you love me."

"I hope so because that's the way it is."

"I love you, my beautiful slave. Come for me."

I felt my cock throb and the wetness spreading across my crotch. I sucked in a deep breath. Tried to calm my racing heart.

"Walter? Did you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Wonderful! I'll see you soon. Your reward will be waiting for you. Thank you, beloved."

The phone clicked in my ear and I opened my eyes to see Mulder and Scully starring at me as though I was bleeding green.  They again asked if I was all-right and I stated that I was fine, again just a personal issue, nothing for then to be alarmed about. I was uncomfortable as hell but underneath pleased that I had followed his instructions this time.

I completed the briefing as quickly as possible and dismissed them. Once they were gone, I got gingerly to my feet and grabbed my trench coat. Once I had that closed around me I felt better. At least the evidence was covered. I opened my office door to tell Kim I was leaving only to find Mulder still in the outer office. I was irritated that he was still there, irritated that I couldn't tell Kim I was sick since I had told him and Scully I was fine.

"Kim, I have some personal business to take care of. I'll be gone the rest of the day and unavailable. Mulder, try to stay out of trouble until tomorrow at least."

"Sir, are you sure there isn't anything I can do to help?"

"Quite sure, Mulder. I just need to take care of personal matters from time to time like everyone else. Go to Chicago. I'll see you when you get back."

I left quickly. My master was waiting and I needed to get home to him. The trip home was uncomfortable. Wet spots are like that. Especially when the cold wind of the parking garage seemed to seek it out. Then, in the heat of the car, it started to dry, sticking to my skin. I wanted to get home and get out of my clothes as quickly as possible.

I opened the door to the smell of pineapple, brown sugar, bread baking, a chicken roasting. My heart soared. He had planned for me to succeed. There *was* no other explanation. He couldn't have done all this since our phone call.


"Up here, Walter."

I stopped only long enough to hang up my trench coat in the closet downstairs then ran up the stairs. I opened our bedroom door to find him smoothing the satin sheets onto our bed. He turned and smiled at me with such tenderness I thought I would melt into the floor.

His eyes traveled down my body, seeking the evidence of my obedience. I watched as his lips curled up into an even bigger smile. He walked toward me with that slow strut that works on me almost as well as his voice and my cock started to swell again.

"Come, love. The tub is ready for you, let's get you out of these wet clothes."

The come had dried just enough to my skin and underwear that I lost a few skin cells, but I didn't care. He settled me in the tub then stripped quickly and stepped in to sit between my legs, resting back against me. He snuggled his head on my shoulder, turning now and then to suck at my neck. We drifted contently in the pleasure of being together.

When the water cooled, he stood while I toweled him dry and reached to help me with my back. We pulled on soft sweats and went down to eat. Dinner was by candlelight. Few words spoken but his soft touches and the light in his eyes telling me how I had pleased him. We cleaned up together then he led me upstairs.

In our room, he pulled me into a long sweet kiss then stepped back and pushed down his sweats. Once we were naked, we crashed into one another again and fell to the bed kissing.

"Your master is very pleased with you, slave. Your obedience today would make any master proud. As a reward you may choose how we spend the rest of the evening. What would you like?"

The pilot's voice interrupted my reverie. We were landing at O'Hare. I fucking hate Chicago. Back to Mulder and his crap. Scully was waiting when I walked off the plane. Her expression told me more than I wanted to know.

The perp was cornered and Mulder was trying to keep the locals from just charging in. We headed for the car. I thought, with any luck, I would be on a plane back by morning and would still get to spend most of Sunday being ridden by Alex. You know what they say about best laid plans.

We found out the hard way that he had partners. Found out when I took a couple of bullets. I was lying in the line of fire for several long minutes. Trying to stop the bleeding, each beat of my heart shooting more of that fluid from my leg. When I heard someone call for the paramedics and felt another hand take over the pressure on my leg, I fumbled for my cell phone. Hitting the speed dial for home. I heard his beautiful voice.


"Alex, I'm sorry. I love you."

I don't remember anything after that for a long time.


I hadn't been able to shake the feeling that something was wrong. I knew the case Mulder was working on was high profile so I got up and turned on CNN. They told of the case breaking. Showed the house that the suspect was cornered in. I watched as my handsome man moved around the scene, calm, in control, issuing commands.

My heart locked up in my chest when he went down. I could see movement so I knew he was alive. I was on my feet cursing Mulder, God, the Chicago PD, even the fucking pilot who had flown the plane that had taken him there. I had made a reservation of my own to Chicago when the phone rang.


"Alex, I'm sorry. I love you."

On the TV I saw the phone drop from his hand as I screamed his name. One of the men near by picked up the phone.


"Who is this?"

"I'm Stone. I'm with Chicago PD. Who are you."

"Get fucking Agent Mulder on the phone now!"

Without thought I had used my Master voice. On TV I saw Mulder and Scully hurrying toward where they were putting Walter on a stretcher. Saw the guy with Walter's phone waving to them, then Mulder's voice came on the line.

"This is Agent Mulder. Who is this?"

My voice hard, cold the assassin in control now.

"Mulder, if he dies, you will survive him only for the length of time it takes me to get to you. I'm on the next plane there. If he wakes for even a minute, you tell him I'm on my way. Tell him he doesn't have permission to die. Do you fucking hear me?"

"Krycek, why the fuck did he call you?"

"You're a smart boy, Mulder, figure it out. Get in the vehicle with him and stay with him."

I could see him moving toward the emergency transport. When he got in, I broke the connection, turned off the TV and headed for the door. I had just enough time to make the plane. I settled back in the plane and let my mind drift back to when we changed from just fuck buddies to owner and owned.

We had continued to see each other even after he had known I had betrayed him. I couldn't tell him then what I was really working toward. His part would be more convincing if he didn't know. But even though he swore he hated me and called me every name in the book, he couldn't say no when I used that voice on him or touched him.

So in the time I could steal to be alone with him, we fucked. In public, we tried to kill each other.

I hadn't seen him since I had lost my arm. I felt I was now at a disadvantage. Things that had been so easy before would be difficult now. I felt ugly. I stayed away as long as I could stand to. I was parked across from his place waiting for it to get late. Then I intended to go up and see him for what I thought would be the last time.

I know my mouth dropped open when a cab pulled up and he came out the door. He was going trolling. It couldn't be any more obvious if he had worn a neon sign around his neck. He was wearing tight black leather pants and a black silk tee that molded to his chest like a second skin. God! When had he bought those, I wondered?  He looked like SEX.

I started the car and pulled out to follow him. I watched him get out of the cab in front of a club that I had been to often. In that get up, he would have all the little blond boys at his feet. I parked and followed him inside. He was at the bar with a drink in his hand. I found a spot where I could watch him but he wouldn't see me.

I was right about the little blond boys. Several tried to pick him up. He smiled politely but said no. My back went up when a dark man leaned against the bar next to him. Even from where I was standing I knew this one would get his attention. I watched Walter smile and nod.  He turned to walk toward the dance floor and the man followed close. There was a parting of the crowd and I saw his hand cupping Walter's ass.

I growled loud enough that a couple of people looked at me then quickly backed up. I moved through the crowd toward the floor. If he had taken one of the blond boys in the back room and fucked him, I would have let it slide. Not this. That is my ass and no one touches it but me.

When I got near them on the floor, I saw the prick's hands on Walter's hips. Crotches rubbing together in time to the music. I'd never seen Walter dance. We had sort of skipped all the courtship shit. I knew how he could move in bed, but I had no idea he could dance like that.

My cock hardened.

I moved forward and put my hands on his waist while rubbing my cock against his ass. His head turned and his eyes widened. He went still. I looked past him at the asshole who was still pressed against Walter's crotch. Even in the crazy play of lights, I saw the color drain from his face. He stepped back, his hands let go of Walter's hips. He turned and almost ran.

Re-focusing on Walter, I let my real hand move to squeeze his cock. His eyes were on fire. When I started to move with the music, he dropped his head, throat exposed. His body started to move to the beat, hips pushing back against me. I bit his throat hard, tasting his blood. His cock grew in my hand.

We moved together as one. The music flowing through us. My teeth still buried in his throat. An image flashed in my mind from one of those nature shows of a lion holding his female as he fucked her. By the time the song ended, we were both fully erect.

When I took his hand to leave the dance floor, he stood still. I looked at him standing there, a stubborn expression on his face, little flecks of his blood on his throat changing color in the disco lights of the dance floor.  Moving back into his personal space, I let the whiskey flow.

"Come on, Walter. It's time you learned who owns you. I'm going to fuck you raw after I beat your ass for even considering fucking someone else."

The stubborn look melted to be replaced with desire. I dropped his hand and turned, threading my way through the crowd. I didn't look back. The looks of the people I passed told me he was heeling obediently behind me.

He got into the car without a word. When I ordered him to take his cock out, he reached for his zipper without even a token protest. I drove in silence, trying to get my temper under control. He finally spoke when I turned into a private garage.

"Where are we?"

"It's a private club that I'm a member of. I never expected to bring you here. You'll be staying the weekend, maybe even next week."

"That's not possible."

"Oh, but it is, if I say you will."

He got that stubborn look again. I almost laughed at him. He looked like a little boy about to have a tantrum except for the hard cock sticking out of his pants. I pulled into my personal parking space and got out, walking around to the trunk to grab my bag.

"Walter, get out of the car."

He got out, still looking stubborn, and started to shove his cock back into his pants.

"No! Leave it. I told you this is a private club. You'll see slaves wandering around totally naked. If we run into anyone I know, it will please me for them to see my slave is so well endowed."

"I'm not a fucking slave!" he snarled at me.

"Yes, you are. I just never told you before."

I used my new hand to grab his neck, putting on just enough pressure to cause fear to flare in his eyes.

"Now, come on. You really don't want to piss me off any more than you already have. Why did you go to that place tonight?"

I was leading him to the elevator as I spoke.

"I don't want to talk about it."

I looked at him as we waited for the elevator. It didn't take long since my access card had signaled my arrival. I pushed him inside and into a corner of the car. I hit the button for the floor of my room then turned back to him. I dropped my bag, grabbed his chin, attacked his mouth.

When the bell signaled that the car had stopped, he was clinging to the handrails to stay upright. I heard a voice behind me.

"Alexei, where have you been? It's been ages since I've seen you."

I turned to the tall man who had spoken and smiled.

"I've been out of the country. How are you, Brian?"

"Oh, not bad. New toy?"

"No, not new, just never thought I'd have to take him down to this level. I caught him in rut on the dance floor at that place down off Dupont."

He looked at Walter and smiled, eyes dropping to feast on the sight of my aroused stallion. I knew what he was going to ask before it came out of his mouth. Still looking at Walter, he spoke.

"You didn't know how Alexei feels about loyalty, did you, boy? His boys only play when he tells them to. So, Alexei, how about letting him play with Michael?"

He turned to look at his Michael. Michael was clothed in the only articles I had ever seen him wear, a slave collar and a cock harness.

"Would you like that cock in you, Michael?"

"Yes, Master. He's beautiful. I've never seen anyone so big."

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the blush creeping up Walter's face. I casually reached back to fondle him without looking at him.

"Brian, I have punishment to administer. After that, he will be receiving training. He isn't new sexually -- I've been fucking him for years -- but this is new to him. I don't think he'll be in any condition to play this weekend. But I'll keep it in mind. I think the two of them would look beautiful together."

"You mean he's never tasted your whip? Haven't you at least spanked him?"

"No. I told you it was just sex but his behavior tonight has to be addressed. Come, boy, we're holding up the elevator. See you later, Brian."

I picked up my bag without letting go of Walter's cock, and then I led him down the hall just by tugging.  I'm not sure what kept him quiet on the trip to my room but, considering my mind set, it was a good thing.

Unfortunately, his restraint ended as I shut the door.

"What makes you think I'm going to put up with this? You don't honestly think I would *play* with that thing do, you? How the fuck do I get out of here?"

That was all it took. I backhanded him hard with my 'new' hand. He went down looking stunned. I watched as the blood welled up in the wound I had opened up on his cheek. I grabbed him and secured him to the foot of the bed before he could recover. Then I stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.


It wasn't supposed to go this way. I had planned on light discipline. Just enough to make him think twice about going to clubs again. I had finished the dance with him at the club to establish my ownership of him with the regulars there. And there was the added turn on of dancing with him, touching him, feeling him grow hard for me in public.

Now that he had shown rebellion and I had lost control, I had to choose between going all out or letting him leave. I couldn't let him leave. Part of me knew that if I did, I'd never make love to him again. The things that had happened to me in Russia had made me admit, to myself at least, that I love him beyond all reason.

Well, Alex, it's got to be done so get out there. I got the medicine kit and opened the bathroom door. He was sitting as I'd left him, didn't look like he had struggled. As strong as he is he could have pulled the bed across the room. Not that it would have done him any good. The door wouldn't open without the proper code entered into the security system. The place is soundproof as well, all things he would learn soon.

I walked toward him and his head raised. The blood was flowing on his face and I cringed inside. This wasn't how I had intended to let him know my arm was gone. I straddled his legs and dropped down to hold them with my weight.

He didn't say a word as I opened the kit and started to clean the wound. He did flinch a little as I used the antiseptic. It wasn't very deep so I used a couple of butterflies to close it.

"I didn't intend to hurt you that way. I'm sorry."

"Oh, really? I seem to recall something being said about beating me then fucking me raw. I think this would fall under beating. What the hell did you hit me with?"  His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"Something happened in Russia."

"No shit, Mulder gave me an ear full when he got back."

"Mulder doesn't know everything."

Reaching with my real hand, I pulled the glove off and flexed the *new* hand in front of his face. I saw the flare of shock before he tamped it down. Might as well show him everything. Getting up, I moved back from him and dropped my jacket on the floor, followed it with my shirt. I stood for a long minute as his eyes traveled over not just my arm but the rest of my exposed body.

"Who did that to you? Did Mulder have anything to do with it?" The sarcasm was gone, replaced with concern I was sure he didn't want to feel. Plus I thought I caught a hint of protectiveness as well.

"No, your precious Mulder didn't have anything to do with it."

"He's not mine. You didn't answer my first question."

"It doesn't matter. It's done, over. What does matter is why you and I are here.  Have you been out whoring around? Been hitting the clubs a lot?"

"You want the truth?"

"Of course I do, Walter. I thought I had made it clear that you belong to me. Then when I come to see you, what do I find? You, running out your door, looking like sex on the hoof!" The rage I had shown the asshole at the club came back, now directed at Walter.

"I don't fucking belong to you, you bastard."

"Really? Then why is your cock still hard? Your head and your heart might not belong to me but that cock and asshole do. No one fucks you but me. Before this weekend is over, you will have no doubts about that. Since you seem so reluctant to discuss this like adults, let's proceed to the punishment portion of our program, shall we?"

He glared at me as I moved across the room, getting the things I would need to make it easier to move him from his position at the foot of the bed to the cross. Coming back, I sat on his legs again and pulled his boots off. Then I fastened a spreader bar to his legs.

He didn't try to fight me and I wondered why. Much later he would admit to me that he was so turned on, he was afraid that struggling would make him shoot. It was a shock to him to realize how much he wanted me to be in control. How much he had missed me.

I got his hands cuffed together and hauled him to his feet. It took him a few steps to get the hang of walking with the bar but he managed. Once we got there, I reached into my boot, pulling out my knife, thumbed the switch to open it and waved it in front of him.

"You have a choice, Walter. You can behave yourself and keep these pretty clothes or I can cut them off you. It really would be a shame to loose them because you look so hot in them. After you're properly trained I'd like to see you wearing them with your cock hanging out while you suck me. Or maybe leaning against the wall, jerking off for me."

"I paid a fucking fortune for these pants and you want to cut them up?"

"I'm sure they were expensive. You have very good taste. Beautiful quality leather. But you didn't answer my question."

"Ok, I'll behave but not so you can enjoy me in them later. Those things aren't going to happen."

His breathing had picked up. I knew then that he was lying. I could have pushed him to his knees and pulled out my cock and he would have sucked me. But I needed to give him the excuse, needed to let him lie to himself that he was forced. He wanted what I was offering but I was the villain and he couldn't want me. At that point in his life, he wasn't ready to admit that he needed me, wanted me, even loved me.

I pushed him against the cross, pulled his shirt out of his pants and fastened the waist belt. I pushed the shirt over his head and down to his cuffed wrists. I managed to pull his wrists to one of the crossbars, fastened it to the stand just below where the shirt was gathered. His pants were next. I pushed them down to his knees. Just because he said he would behave didn’t mean I was going to take any chances.

I secured a leather strap around each thigh then released the spreader bar from one side. I pulled the pants off that leg, secured the ankle before moving to do the other. I moved back up to his arms. With me behind him, and his body secured that way, he wouldn't be able to do much when I took off the cuffs.

With him secured, I walked around the cross. There is something so erotic about having a lover bound, helpless, awaiting your pleasure. I grabbed his cock, stroking him. Smiled, as his eyes closed and he moaned. As soon as his balls began to tighten, I let go.

"Not yet, slave. I'll tell you when."

I moved across the room and placed some things on a rolling table and moved it near him. Reaching around him, I slipped a cock harness over him and pulled it tight enough to keep him hard but not let him come. Then I picked up the flogger. This would bring a nice color to his skin and, used properly, bring him unexpected pleasure. I worked my way up and down his back, even his thighs.

He didn't make a sound but his panting told me all I needed to know. I had opened my pants when I started, to give my cock room. I had worn my tightest jeans for him that night. I know how he likes to see me dressed. I needed release, so I dropped the flogger and lubed my cock. I prepped him quickly but, instead of my usual slow rocking him open method, I thrust into him hard and he screamed.

The first of many screams he would make before the night was over.

It was hard and fast. I hadn't been with anyone since the last time with him. Truth to tell, I hadn't wanted anyone else.  I was horny as hell and furious with him. So, I guess I hurt him, when all I had wanted to do was make love to him. As I shot inside him, I reached to release the harness, stroking his cock the way he likes to make him to come. That got me a different kind of scream.  


His body shook with the strength of his orgasm.

I watched surprised, as his come shot across the room, almost reaching the wall. That's when I realized that he hadn't been out whoring around. If he had, his reaction wouldn't have been so extreme.

I leaned into his body staying buried inside him. I continued to stroke him until he spoke.

"Please, Alex………too much…hurts."

I let go and pulled slowly out of him. He made that muffled sighing sound of loss.

"Why did you go to that club tonight, Walter?" I nuzzled that spot behind his ear, which makes him crazy.

"Stop that!"

"No. Answer me."

"Fuck you!" he hissed at me.

"No, Walter. I do the fucking, you get fucked. I'll be glad to give you another demonstration in a little while." I had moved around the cross to stand in front of him. I gripped his chin hard and kissed him. When I pulled back, he glared at me then spat.

It hit my cheek and I lost it.

"Stupid thing to do, Walter, when you are tied up in a soundproof room with a man who has whips, crops, and canes." 

Suddenly, every horrible thing in my life took control. I don't remember the next hours clearly. The memories of the way he looked when I came out of the red rage that had consumed me are crystal clear. He was almost out, hanging there. He was no longer holding himself upright but was limp with the cuffs keeping him in place. There was blood on his back, wrists, thighs, blood splattered on me.

I threw the whip that I was holding against the wall. Fumbling at his throat, I found his pulse. It was still strong. With the adrenaline still singing in my body, I released him, got him down on his stomach on the floor. Getting a bucket of warm water, I rinsed his body.

God! How could I loose it like that? I got the first aid kit and sat on the floor next to him. Wincing as I cleaned the oozing whip marks on his back. The tears started to roll down my cheeks. He began to stir when I had almost finished with his back and ass. He moaned and whimpered as I cleaned the last, the deepest mark.

I got up and moved to clean and bandage his wrists. His head turned to me; he opened his mouth but whatever he was going to say died a premature death. The hand that I wasn't working on rose to touch my cheek gently. He tried to turn my face to look at him but I wouldn't. I was afraid of what I would see there.

I still have that fear. The fear that some day I will go too far and he will turn away from me. I'm not sure where this need to dominate him comes from. It's not as though I have to do it all the time. We go for weeks without this then he provokes it in some way. 

"Don't cry, Alex. I'll be ok." His voice little more than a hoarse croak. I hadn't even realized that I was still crying. I finished with his wrists.

"Can you get up if I help you? We need to get you warm."

"Yeah, we'd better do it now before I start to stiffen up."

Together we got him on the bed, on his side. I pulled the covers up over him.

"I'll get you some water and a couple of Vicodins."

I got the water and the pills and watched as he swallowed them.

"My mother always kissed it better." He whispered.

I sobbed. His hand reached for me. I let him pull me down, kissed him as my tears started again.

"Sleep, beloved."

I tucked the covers closer around him. I went into the bathroom, closed the door, stripped off my jeans, took off my arm and got into the shower. I felt like screaming as I watched his blood mix with the water and swirl down the drain.

Way to go, Alex. You just fucked off the best thing in your life. As soon as you open that door, he'll be gone. I stood there until the water turned cold, as cold as the terror gripping my heart. Finally, I got out and dried off, then went back into the other room.

"Alex…." A raspy whisper.

"Yes, Walter?"

"Come to bed."

I walked to the bed wanting any last minutes I could have with him. I lifted the covers to lie next to him. He reached for me and I let him pull me into his arms. I didn't think I would be able to sleep but the adrenaline rush was gone and I found myself sinking into sleep. I felt his lips against my throat then the soft whisper of words that I never expected to hear from him.

"I love you, Alex."

Sometime later he woke me moaning. I quickly got him more Vicodins and juice. I put the Vicodins and a bottle of water on the table by him.  He reached for me and I went back into his arms. I couldn't sleep. I stayed until he was sleeping then slipped out of the bed. I quietly got a bucket and began to clean up the evidence of what I had done to him.

I had finished when he woke again. And again, he asked me to come to bed. This time I stayed and finally slept. The next time he woke he refused the pills, asking for food. I went to the phone and ordered breakfast. He started trying to get up and I rushed to him.

"Walter, what do you need? I'll get it for you."

"You can't bring me the shower. I stink and I need to piss."

"Ok, here lean on me."

He let me help him into the bathroom. I started the shower while he peed. I stepped into the shower and reached to steady him as he joined me. I carefully bathed him then patted him dry. More antiseptic and new bandages for his wrists.

By the time we finished, he was trembling. He let me help him back to the bed. I barely had him settled when the door chimed. I opened it for our breakfast to be brought in. I was surprised when he didn't argue with me about feeding him. After we had eaten, I asked him the question he had never answered last night.

"Walter, I need to know why you went to that club. Have you been going out a lot?"

His reply shocked me. "Spender was in my office yesterday." 

The alarms started ringing. "Yeah, what did he say?"

"Does he know about us?"

"Only if you've told him. I've never confirmed my preference to him. He knows about the training I've done here but that's all."

"Yeah, training. How many boys do you have, Alex?" he sneered at me.

"None, for a long time now. What did Spender say?"

"He told me that you had been back for several months." His voice was flat.

"What are you saying, Walter?"

"Why haven't you been to see me? I know you could have someone younger and better looking but I thought……"

"You thought I hadn't come to see you because what? I had someone else? So this was the first time you had gone out?"

"Yeah. I bought those clothes at lunchtime yesterday.  I figured I wasn't going to see you again except for *business* meetings. I was tired of my fist."

"Why didn't you just tell me this last night?"

"Those guys in the elevator. When he started talking about your *boys* I got mad. Then you were talking about having me *play* with that muscle bound brainless jock. Maybe you didn't notice how much that guy at the bar looked like you. I'm not interested in beach boys or jocks."

"Walter, that muscle bound brainless jock is a member of Mensa. He has a job that is just as stressful as yours. Brian is his outlet. They've been together for about ten years. They feed each other's kink. It's better than ulcers or a heart attack. They actually do love each other."

"Then how can Brian watch other men fuck Michael? If I loved someone, I wouldn't want anyone else to touch them."

"That's what works for them. If I wanted to watch you fuck someone else, I would have just waited for that guy to get you in the back room."

My heart had lurched when he said *if* he loved someone. That meant that either he didn't remember saying it to me or he was sorry he had and was covering up.

"I wouldn't have gone with him."

"Why not? You said he was the type you like."

"I don't want to talk about it. I hurt, can I have more of those pills?"

"As soon as you answer me. You seem to be forgetting who is in charge."

His head jerked and he glared at me. His still hoarse voice didn't come out in the stern tone he was trying for.

"He was rubbing all over me. He was pretty.  But I wasn't turned on. I didn't get hard until you touched me. You know you were the first man I ever wanted. You're the only man who's ever fucked me. I thought it might work with him because he looked so much like you."

"He just wanted your body, Walter. I want more than that. I want your heart, your soul."

"And if I give them to you, what then? We live happily ever after? That's not possible."

"Maybe not, but like Jagger says  'sometime you get what you need' and I need you."

He stared at me for a long time. Finally, his hand raised, open and welcoming. I went to him, letting him pull me into his arms. His kisses hungry, deep, sucking my very soul into him. He rubbed his cock against mine, both of us hard and leaking. I moaned as he began to squeeze and stroke us together. We came together, panting in each other's mouths.

He sighed softly against my throat, "That was better than any pain pill."

"Sleep, my beloved."

"Only if you sleep, too. You have circles under your eyes."

"OK, I'll get a cloth to clean us up then we'll sleep."

I took care of that and got back in bed next to him. He pulled me close and spooned around me. His snores singing in my ear as I too slipped into sleep.

I heard the thump of the landing gear lowering and jerked back to the present. When I landed, I hit the speed dial for Walter's phone. Mulder answered.


"How is he?"

"He's in surgery. Where are you?"

"I'm getting into a cab. What hospital?"

"Cook County."

I disconnected before he could say another word. The less I heard his voice right now the safer he was. I had been serious when I had said I would kill him if my Walter died.  The ride to the hospital was torture. He had become so much a part of me, I would not survive without him. If he died, Mulder and I would follow him shortly.

At the hospital I asked for direction to the surgery floor and found Mulder and Scully in the waiting room.

"Any news?"

"Not yet. You want to tell us why he called you and why you're here?"

"No, Mulder, I don't. Scully, will you see if they'll tell you anything? Please."

She glared at me, but left without a word and Mulder turned to me again.

"I was in the ER with him. He woke up briefly. I gave him your message and he smiled. I also watched them cut his clothes off. Never would have pegged Skinner for the cock ring type. One of the bullets went through, so they had to turn him on his side. You wouldn't have any idea who beat him, would you?"

"Don't stick you nose where it doesn't belong, Mulder."

"I talked to one of the doctors down there. He said the marks were consistent with sex game type injuries."

"Been using those profile skills, Mulder? Walter's private life is his business, not yours. All you need to know is that he called me. I'm here now. You can leave any time. I'll take care of him."

"Did you bring your crop? Gonna punish him for getting shot and damaging your property?"

I didn't even think I slammed him against the wall and snarled, "You should be praying instead of digging for dirt. I told you if he dies, you follow him. That's not a threat, it's a promise."

"Let him go, Krycek."

"Sure, Scully. We were just discussing the future."

I backed up and turned to her, "How's Walter?"

Her eyebrow arched, "*Walter* is on his way to Recovery. The surgery went well. He's not out of danger yet but he's strong. I'm sure he'll make it."

"Where is Recovery?"

"You can't go in there."

"Really? Watch me."

I turned and walked out of the room. Looked like this hospital believed in directions. I found Recovery and entered, looking for my man. I saw him and hurried to his side. He was hooked up to what I'm sure were millions of dollars worth of equipment. He was pale, bruised looking. Reaching out, I caressed the parts of his face that didn't have tape covering it to hold tubes in place. Caressed the soft skin of his scalp.

"Walter Sergei Skinner, I know you can hear me. You don't have permission to die. If you think I've been hard on you in this life, just wait until you piss me off by dying. I'll punish you big time in the next one if you leave me."

The last was little more than a whispered sob. I knew Mulder and Scully had followed me but it didn't matter. I had slipped in between the nurses but they were at the door arguing with one. It didn't take long for that nurse to be at my side.

"Sir, you'll have to leave, only medical staff is allowed in here."

"Wrong, I won't leave him. I'll move if you need me to, but I stay here until he is moved to a room then I go there with him. I want to see his doctor."

Something in my eyes must have convinced her. She walked away. Scully hurried over to me. I had turned back to Walter, my hand once more caressing his scalp.

"Krycek, what's going on here? Why did he call you? Mulder thinks….."

I didn't look at her, just kept touching him, needing the reassurance that he was still alive. "What does Mulder think?"

"He thinks the two of you are….are…."

"What's the matter, Scully, can't say the words? Can't picture the ex-marine and the assassin playing games together? That is what Mulder wants to know, isn't it? If Walter and I have been fucking each other?"

I looked over my shoulder at her, not caring that she would see the pain in my eyes, the fear that I would lose him. Her gasp told me she understood more than she ever wanted to know. She turned on her heel and went back to where Mulder was waiting, dragging him out the door. When the door closed behind them, I had already forgotten them for Walter, so focused on him that I didn't hear the doctor walk up.

"Sir, you need to leave. This is a restricted area. Friends and family have to remain out in the waiting rooms until we can allow a visit."

"Like I told the nurse, I'm staying. Are you his doctor?"

"Yes, I was one of them. His injuries were extensive. We lost him once on the table. Frankly I'm amazed he's still here. His internal injuries were worse than we originally thought. I understand he was lying where help couldn't get to him for a while. You really need to leave. We don't even allow family in here and that agent said you aren't family."

"No, I'm not family in the way you mean. He belongs to me and I won't leave him, so you might as well save your breath. Tell me everything."

"Are you responsible for the marks on his back?"

"Doctor, I don't intend to discuss things that are none of your business. Where are his personal things?"

"What's that got to do with this?"

"Check his wallet behind his driver's license. You'll find the business card for his lawyer. Give him a call then come back and I'll show you my id. Or you can ask one of the Agents my name. You probably should ask Agent Scully, Mulder thinks my name is Rat Bastard."

He left and was gone for some time. I was still standing gently touching Walter when he returned. I had ignored Mulder shouting in the hallway.

"Mr. Krycek, what would you like to know?"

"Mulder didn't like what the lawyer told him, did he?"

"No, and if you *are* responsible for the whip scars on this man's back, I don't either, but you are the only one here with legal rights. His lawyer made it clear that you have full power of attorney for his estate in the event of his death and would be the one to decide if we should take heroic measures."

"Good, now that we have that settled, tell me everything about the surgery and his prognosis."

I listened carefully as he laid it all out for me, my hand never leaving Walter. When he was finished, I thanked him and told him I wanted them to do whatever it took to keep Walter alive, the only exception being brain death. Walter wouldn't want to be a vegetable.

After the doctor left, one of the nurses brought over a rolling stool. I thanked her and sat next to Walter, never losing contact. The nurse did her checks of him from the other side of the bed. I was touched by her kindness. I felt drained and was surprised when I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"Mr. Krycek, we're going to move him to the ICU now. There are real chairs there so you should be a little more comfortable."

"Thank you for your concern and kindness. You seem to be the only one here who understands I belong with him."

"I was at the monitors when you came in. His vitals leveled out as soon as you touched him and spoke. Your private life is just that, private. If his vitals stabilized from your presence then I believe that you belong here. I firmly believe that healing comes from many sources. Plus I did something the others didn't do."

"What was that?"

"Looked into your eyes. Your love for him is there, if they bothered to look."

"Yeah, well, the four of us have history. Most of it bad. They'll never believe I love him, but he knows I do. Thank you again for the consideration you've shown me."

"You're welcome. Come on, I'm taking him down and I'll introduce you to the nurse there."

It didn't take long to transfer him. I saw Mulder down the hall but he made no move toward us. We got him settled in ICU and the nurse told the new ones who I was. I felt warm inside when she told them I was Walter's 'life partner'.  Too bad Mulder missed that one; it would have given him something new to yell about. I pulled the chair close. Resting my head next to him on his bed, I fell into a fitful sleep.


I woke up to find my body stuffed with tubes and Alex's head lying next to me on the bed. I wanted to touch him but there were too many things attached to me and I was just too tired. I let myself drift back into the dreams. Usually, when injured, my dreams were filled with terror.

Now they were filled with Alex. Even when I was out, I heard that beautiful voice. Telling me I would be punished if I died and left him. He often talks about our past lives. He had regression done once with me present. If it had been in any way accurate then I have been his over and over again. In many different forms he has owned me. As an actual slave in one lifetime. As love slave in all.

I had been aware when I was brought into the ER. Not that they knew it, but I heard Mulder. Mulder with his questions. Mulder asking about my back. Mulder's comments about my cock ring. Well, I didn't care. I had decided that it was time to retire and spend the rest of my days loving and being loved by Alex.

Our relationship has been rocky to say the least. He seduced me shortly after meeting me. I couldn't resist, not that I had tried very hard. I had never wanted a man before but I wanted him. Our first night together had been the best sex I ever had. I had never come that hard.

Probably the worse time for us both had been after he lost his arm. He had come back from Russia but hadn't come to see me. When I found out, I was hurt and furious. I felt used.

Hearing it from Spender made it worse.

We had been through so much by that point. The rollercoaster we had been on had taken its toll on my nerves. So I decided 'fuck being faithful, I'm getting laid'. I went shopping and bought the tightest leather pants I could find and a shirt that fit like a second skin. The clerk gave me a smile that I thought was flirtatious but it had been so long that I wasn't sure.

I was nervous getting dressed that night. It had been years since I had gone to a club. I got the name of this one cruising the internet. I thought I was going to feel like a fool. It was a pleasant surprise to have a couple of surfer types try to pick me up. They weren't what I was looking for.

When the dark haired guy leaned next to me at the bar, my first thought was he looked a little like Alex. Shorter, with blue eyes not green, but a killer smile. He asked me to dance and I agreed.  On the way to the dance floor I felt his hand squeeze my ass. He moved in close, started to rub against me and I wanted to feel something.

All I felt was a need for green eyes and a whiskey shot voice.

I was totally floored when another set of hands gripped my hips and a hard cock was pressed against my ass. Turning, I froze when I saw it was Alex. I couldn't believe he was there. One look from Alex and my dance partner decided he was urgently needed elsewhere.

Alex started moving with the music while taking possession of my cock. Of course that mindless slut hardened instantly. I dropped my head forward so I couldn't see anyone who might be watching him fondle me. His teeth on my throat almost made me shoot. I didn't even realize he had drawn blood.

I let the music flow through me and moved with him. We moved as if we were one entity. My brain began spinning visions of us dancing this way, naked, with his cock inside me. When the song ended, he took my hand and started to pull me from the floor. I got stubborn.

"Come on, Walter. It's time you learned who owns you. I'm going to fuck you raw after I beat your ass for even considering fucking someone else."

That voice! God! What that does to me. I felt the heat ratchet up inside me at his words. He sounded so possessive. If I were just a piece of ass to him, he wouldn't be talking like that to me. That little corner of my brain that welcomes the pain woke up.

Talk about an epiphany, I was never going to be the same again.

He dropped my hand and started off the floor. I followed, as he knew I would. I got in the car and, when he told me to open my pants, I did that too. If we hadn't run into those guys in the elevator, things might have been different. But you know all about those plans.

When we got to his room, I roared at him in a way that was guaranteed to start a fight. The exchange in the elevator had left me feeling like a sex toy again *plus* made it obvious that I wasn't the only man in Alex's life. Brian had said *boys*. Plural. No wonder he hadn't bothered to come see me. He didn't want me, but I was supposed to get his permission to play?

His hand drew back, I was glad. Once he hit me I would be able to start getting over him. Yeah, tell yourself another one, Walter. The blow opened my cheek and put me on my ass. He had me cuffed to the bed before I knew what was happening. He went in the bathroom, I sat there, nursing my anger.

I watched him come toward me with the first aid kit and sat quietly while he tended the first of many wounds I would have before the night was over. I was still determined to make this a fight. I knew if he fucked me that I would probably become what he had called me in the parking garage. His slave.

My heart broke when he did his terminator imitation. I tried to harden my eyes but I know my concern was there. Alex is such a beautiful man, it hurt to see him maimed that way. My first thought was that Mulder had in a small way made good on his threats.

That was another turning point. Had I gone with my first instinct--but not me, no, I had to listen to his words instead of looking in his eyes. Had I remembered how ugly I had felt when I had come back from Nam, scarred mentally and physically, I could have shown some kindness. 

I had never played SM games before and it scared me how good it felt when he used the flogger on me. I had always thought that all those toys were painful. Alex showed me something I never expected. I screamed when he entered me but it wasn't pain. It burned a little but I had been experimenting. There was now a butt plug and a dildo in my bedside table.

Masturbation just hadn't been the same since Alex had taught me how good it feels to have a cock up my ass.

His expert touch made me come when I didn't want to give that up to him. His smug attitude spiked my anger higher. I was angrier with myself than him. So I spit in his face after he kissed me. I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I would have killed any man that spit on me.

I expected pain. Wanted pain. With pain I could be free of this obsession for him. I know: pull the other one, right? He beat me then, as he had said he would.

And god help me, I flew. I learned that a man can piss come that night. The harness had been tightened back so I couldn't shoot but my bladder made room.

Alex doesn't know about that. I never told him. He was adjusting the shower while I pissed so he didn't see that it was mostly come. He had taken me someplace I didn't know I could go.

It scared the shit out of me.

So now I need it sometimes--the pain that is. I can't ask, so I do something to piss him off to the point that he will give me what I need. It's not fair to him. He has this guilt still from the first time, even though that was the only time he's drawn blood. 

We were very cautious with each other the rest of the weekend. He cared for my body as if it were the most precious of jewels. By Sunday afternoon, I was feeling better. Still a little stiff and very horny. After I had jerked us off in the early hours of Saturday morning, there had been no more sex. He kissed me, cuddled me but made no move to fuck me. I was thoroughly confused until I put it all together. He thought we were through or would be as soon as he let me out of there.

Sunday, we were napping with me wrapped around him in what he had once described as my *octopus snuggle technique* -- arms wrapped around his upper body, his legs resting in the circle of mine. When I woke up, I looked at his beautiful face. So relaxed and childlike in sleep. I looked down at his stump and my heart ached for him. Not just the pain but the trauma that loosing a limb causes.

I had made several attempts to touch it but he had pulled away from me. I had seen the fear in his eyes. Fear of being a pity fuck.  Somehow, I had to let him know that wasn't how it was. I shifted us and he made that little 'be still' noise he makes when he isn't ready to wake up.

My maneuver had positioned him with his stump where I could reach it. I cupped it in my hand and used my lips to map the scars there. Just a light gentle touch, skimming my lips over it. He sighed but didn't wake enough to protest. I kneaded it tenderly as my tongue traced the scars my lips had touched earlier. I must have hit an especially tender spot because his eyes opened and he jerked back. He didn't get far, I had locked my ankles together when I had started my explorations.

"Fuck, let me go!"

"No. I want to touch you. I want you to understand that I'm neither turned on nor turned off by this. It just happens to be different than it was before. You're still the only man I want to fuck me. You're still beautiful."

"Beautiful! Yeah, sure. You need your glasses, Walter. It's fucking ugly." His voice hard, cold.

"Alex, do you think my scars are ugly?"

They don't pay me the big bucks for nothing. I took a special course, *How to Manipulate Your Lover and Your Agents*. I had spoken as softly as I could.

"No, of course not. That's different. You aren't deformed. You still have two hands to hold me. You can still pinch both my nipples at once. You can finger me and stroke my cock at the same time." I could hear the longing in his voice.

"Alex, I can't say that I won't miss those things. That would be a lie. But I can tell you that I don't see you as deformed. I see the man who taught me the true pleasure my body can feel. We can work around the limits this puts on us." As I talked, I started caressing his stump again.

"How can you stand to touch me? It's not just the arm but after what I did to you. Don't you hate me?"

"No, Alex, I don't hate you." I told him frankly, "I wanted to. The idea of being part of a harem made me furious. I didn't understand why you had been back so long but hadn't come to see me. I pushed you. I wanted you to hurt me so I could say 'See how he is. You don't need him.' When Brian was talking, all I could think was that you had brought me here, not because you wanted *me* but because I was *playing* without permission."

As I spoke, I continued touching him, accustoming myself to this new part of my lover. Getting him used to having it touched.  I was willing to bet that he had allowed no one to touch his arm other than the doctors. Again, he tried to pull away. I bent my head and ran my tongue over the scars.

"Please, Walter. Don't." An anguished sob whispered close to my ear.

"Have you forgotten how you did this to my scars when I tried to hide them from you? Don't you remember what you told me? You said they were a part of me and you wanted every part of me. Alex, you taught me too well. I now want every part of you."

He sucked in a ragged breath and I knew I had won this round. I kissed my way up to his beautiful mouth and covered it with mine. It didn't take long for the kiss to become hot. I could feel his cock filling where it rested against my leg. I didn't give him any time to think. I worked my way back down so I could suck him.

When he was completely hard, I got the lube and coated him thickly. Before he could recover enough to ask me what I was doing, I lowered myself onto him. We both moaned. His threat to 'fuck you raw' had never happened. He had only fucked me that one time.

I moved slowly up and down on him. I had been using the dildo when I masturbated. But a dildo is not the same as a thick hard cock. Nothing can compare with watching a beautiful man twist and moan under you. I went slow as long as I could manage.  Until he gave me permission to speed up.

"Faster, Walter. I'm gonna come. GODdddddddddddddddd."

I felt him pulsing inside me. His hand closed around me and I exploded for him. When I started to pull off him, he stopped me.

"No, Walter. I want to stay inside you. Come down here and kiss me."

I leaned down with my elbows on either side of him, his hand wrapped around my neck and we kissed like we just invented it. We stayed that way for a long time, just kissing. Alex is such a good kisser. He tells me I am, too.

"Let's go shower, Walter, before we're permanently glued together."

He took me again in the shower. It's become one of my favorite ways for him to fuck me. A contrast of sensations. The cold tile under my hands. The feel of him, so hard and hot, pounding into me. The warm water washing over us.

We dressed silently and he led me back to his car. The drive to my place was quiet. He pulled up and I started to open the door.

"Walter, are we……."

I looked at him and, for the first time, I really looked into his soul. He was telling me that he would let me go if I wanted. I didn't want. I leaned back toward him and brushed his lips with mine.

"Don't stay away so long. I get really horny and do stupid things."

"Can't have that." He smiled his killer smile for me, the one that causes those little lines to appear above his nose.

I slipped out of the car and walked quickly away. He didn't pull away from the building until I was inside.

The next Friday, I was still at my desk at eight. I had spent the week mooning like a teenager. I had masturbated like one, too. That's partly why I was still at my desk. I hadn't been able to concentrate so I was behind. The phone rang and I picked it up expecting a call to bail Mulder out of jail or something.


"Walter, why are you still at that place?"

"Reports that don't get read when someone is jerking off in the bathroom."

I heard his deep laugh and I could picture his smile.

"Go home, Walter. Get cleaned up, put on those leather pants and that cologne you know I like. Be at the club at ten."

"Then what happens?"

"We dance until you drive me crazy then I drag you into the back room and give us both what we want."

My cock was already standing at attention. Damn, I'm not supposed to get hard this often.

"I don't know about that. I think I want more than what you can give me in the back room of a club."

"Really? Ready to pursue that training I spoke of last weekend?" His voice had deepened to pure JD green label and I got harder.

"Only with you. I don't want to *play* with anyone but you."

"I don't plan to *ever* let you." He growled back at me and I squirmed like a puppy that had just been told 'good boy' by his master.

"Should I bring a bag?"

"What for? I intend to keep you naked all weekend."

"Wonderful. I'll see you at ten."

I put the phone down and pushed my chair back.

"Sounds like you have a hot date, Sir."

Shit! Mulder. Damn! I replayed my side of the conversation quickly in my head, trying to decide how much it might have given away.  Everything could have been said to a woman.

"Contrary to popular belief, Mulder, I do have a life. What can I do for you?"

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to get a drink but looks like I should have asked for a place on your dance card sooner. I did hear you say you were going to a club, right?"

"Yes, I did. My friend likes to dance. Did you need to talk about something? I do have a little time."

"No, not really. I just came up to drop off a report and thought I'd try to lure you away from your desk. Scully thinks you work too hard."

"Tell Agent Scully that I think my work habits may change. I don't think my friend is going to let me work this weekend. Thank you both for your concern. If that's all, I want to get home to change."

"Sure, Sir. Have a good weekend."

"Oh, I think it's going to be a great weekend."

I grabbed my jacket, shut down the lights and followed Mulder to the elevators. I hurried home to get ready. I gave myself an enema to make sure I was clean. I had to jerk off in the shower because I kept picturing him carrying out his threat to fuck me in the back room.

I'd never had public sex but then I'd never done a lot of things before I met him. The idea of him taking me like that was so deliciously decadent. I was in a state of arousal I'd never experienced before. The time couldn't pass fast enough.

I got to the club a little early. Went to the bar for a drink and waited for him. A couple of guys asked me to dance but I just told them I was waiting for someone. I smiled when I saw his reflection in the mirror moving toward me. I turned to meet him. Taking my hand he led me out to the dance floor.

He pulled me in close, locking our crotches together, nesting his hard-on against mine. He smiled, leaned close to whisper in my ear.

"Who do you belong to, Walter?"

"You, only you."

"An almost perfect answer. You should follow that answer with Sir or Master or Alex depending on the setting."

I groaned as his teeth fastened on my throat. Somehow, I knew we wouldn't be dancing for long. We barely made it through the song. He hooked his hand in the front of my pants and pulled me off the floor toward the back room.

He pushed me against one wall, his mouth descending on mine in a possessive kiss. His hand was busy opening my fly to take my cock out.  I moaned into his mouth as he stroked me. I was completely oblivious to the other men in the room. My universe had narrowed to him, his hand on my cock, his mouth on mine, that wonderful eau de Alex.

I made no protest when he turned me toward the wall and pushed my pants down to my knees.

"Did you lube yourself?"


"Good! You planned ahead. From now on, you should make sure you are, or have some handy."

I felt the head of his cock pushing insistently against me then the pop that signaled he was in. I used my hands to keep my body from slamming into the wall as he pumped into me. His hand slipped underneath my shirt, finding a nipple and pinching it hard. I pushed back against him while moving my legs farther apart to give him greater access to me.

"You aren't going to come, Slave. *That* is something you will need to earn this weekend."

I groaned as his hand left me. He went still, molded to my body.  I felt something drop over my cock, positioned then fastened tight, imprisoning it and my balls. He began to thrust into me again. I felt his lips against my ear as he whispered.

"Look, Slave. Look how beautiful you are, displayed and ready to serve your master's pleasure. I'm going to come soon. Then we are leaving and we can get to those things you want that I can't give you here."

I looked down at his words to see how I looked bound up like that. I don't have any illusions, I know I'm not beautiful. But my cock is big, well shaped and it does look good with my balls lifted up tight next to it like that.

A few more hard thrusts and I felt him jerking inside me. His voice was a harsh purr in my ear.

"Milk me, Slave. Take in every drop." 

I tightened down on him the way I know he likes. Tightening and relaxing until I was told to stop. He stepped back and I moaned at the loss. His hand turned me, then dropped to caress me.

"So, beautiful. Let's get out of here. I have plans for you. It's going to be an enlightening weekend."

I reached to pull my pants back up and he stepped back so anyone looking our way could see me. I was embarrassed to be exposed that way. I could feel the heat moving up my face. I finally learned that he likes to show me off. It's a 'he's mine and you can't have him' kind of thing.

In the car, I opened my pants before he asked and got a megawatt smile from him. When we got to his room, he told me to take off my shirt while he brought fleece lined cuffs to fasten around my wrists. He led me to a wall that had rings placed at different levels. Lifting my left arm, he fastened the cuff to one of the highest rings.

Walking away, he pulled a leather chair over so he was sitting a few feet from me. He opened his pants and hooked a leg up over the arm of the chair.

"I want you to jerk yourself off for me."

"Alex, I can't."

"Yes, you can. If you want to come tonight, that's the only way it will happen. I want to be entertained. If you obey me in all things this weekend, I *will* reward you. Now, come on, close your eyes if you want to, and tell me what you think about when you jerk off."

I groaned, knowing I would obey. Closing my eyes, I dropped my head back against the wall.

"You. I think about you and the way it feels when you fuck me. I think about the green of your eyes blazing at me as you ride me. The heat of your come in my mouth and on my tongue when I suck you off."

I had begun to stroke myself as I talked. I felt him near me, then the cool gel that landed on the head of my cock.  I ran my fingers over the head, smoothing the gel down to coat myself. I heard the creak of the leather as he settled back in the chair. I opened my eyes just enough so I could watch him. He was rubbing gel onto his cock and stroking it back to life.

"I think about the delicious pleasure you give me when you push…oh so slowly into me. And the pleasure/pain of when you loose control and hammer into me."

I was stroking my cock hard now, wanting to come but unable with the ring still in place. His eyes watched my every move as I watched his. With each upstroke, I rubbed my thumb hard over the leaking head. We both were wheezing like steam engines. The sound of flesh working flesh loud in the room.

"Take the ring off, Slave. Come for your master." His lust-hoarse voice music to me.

I fumbled with the ring, finally getting it off. I closed my eyes again; with a couple of hard tugs, I was shooting like Old Faithful. I opened my eyes when I heard the creak of the leather chair. I watched as Alex walked toward me, still stroking himself. He stopped a few inches in front of me, his eyes locking with mine. His groan a deep, harsh sound as I felt the first spurt of his come hit my stomach to join with my own there.

I looked down to watch as he painted my body with his come. He let go of his cock, taking my hand, rubbing my index finger in our come, blending the two together. Then lifted my hand, sucked my finger into his mouth. It was my turn to groan.


I woke up to the sound of a loud alarm on one of the machines Walter was hooked up to. I was up, pushing my chair out of the way, before the nurses got to the room. I backed up to the wall staying out of their way, watching in terror as they worked on him. The doctor I had talked to earlier rushed into the room, spitting out orders in a controlled voice that told me more than I wanted to know.

I stood there, helpless, as they fought to keep my lover alive. I watched with my heart in my throat as they shocked him three times before his heart responded.

Finally, the doctor turned toward me. "Mr. Krycek, we're taking him for some tests. I'm concerned about his leg. As I told you, the damage to its vascular system was pretty extensive. We may have to take the leg."

I swallowed my heart as I walked toward his bed.

"We'll cross that bridge when we need to, doctor. Give me a minute, please, and you can do your tests."

He nodded to the nurses and they moved away from the bed. I bent down close to his ear, determined, to make him hear me.

"Walter, I told you that you don't have permission to die. Sleep, my beloved, and heal. But don't you even think about leaving me. I love you, Walter. Please," my voice broke and I pleaded, "don't leave me. I need you."

I kissed him then and waved to the nurses. As he was wheeled out of the room the nurse that had been so kind to me touched my arm.

"Mr. Krycek, the tests will take a while. Have you eaten today?"


"Then you should. Have you thought about how he'll feel when he wakes up if you look as though you are about to faint from hunger? Go down and get some food. I'll have you paged when he gets back. He's not going to leave you."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because if a beautiful man like you ordered me not to die and told me they loved me, I wouldn't dare die. Go get some food."

I wandered down to the cafeteria to eat, choking down the food only because I knew she was right. My heart lurched when they paged me to come to surgery not ICU. I saw the doctor as soon as I got off the elevator.

"Mr. Krycek, we need to operate again. The tests show some leakage in one of the vessels we repaired. He's bleeding into the muscle and that means he isn't getting proper circulation to the rest of his leg."

"Will you need to take his leg?"

"No, we don't think the leg has been deprived long enough to make that necessary. Look, I know you understand what it's like to lose a limb. We won't take that step unless we have no other options. We need you to sign a permission form."

"I want to see him again before you take him in."

"Of course. Nurse, take Mr. Krycek in to see Mr. Skinner. Then give him the forms to sign."

I looked at the doctor and felt a subtle change in his attitude toward me. I followed the nurse into Recovery. I touched Walter and whispered my love to him again but didn't linger. The quicker they got him into surgery the better. I didn't want him to lose his leg. 

One of the nurses gave me directions to the waiting room. I found a corner and settled into a chair with nothing but my memories to keep me company. The last week I had asked Walter to do some things that were pretty outrageous for him. He had complied with each *request* with no protest and had given evidence of enjoying each one.

On Wednesday I had sent him to work with a new butt plug in place. Just before lunch, I called him with instructions.

"Slave, I want you to go to the address I put in your briefcase. You are to be there at noon. Ask for Mr. Smith-Jones. You belong to him for the afternoon so tell Kim that you won't be back."

"Yes, Sir."

"Do I detect hesitation, Slave?"

"No, Sir. I just thou…… Sorry, Sir. I'll be on time."

"Very good! I'll see you at home tonight."

I was calling him from the room they would be showing him to at noon. I know it was mean of me to make him think he was being *loaned out*, that I was going back on my word to him. But I was still upset over our anniversary. I needed to find out just how far he would go to show his devotion to me.

Promptly at noon there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find him standing there. The relief on his face was evident when he saw me.

"Come in. It's, Walter, right?"

"Yes, it's Walter."

"Well, you certainly are as attractive as he said you were.  You may call me Sir."

"Yes, Sir."

"Take off your clothes. The closet is the door on the right. He told me you are neat so I imagine you will wish to hang up your clothes."

"He, Sir?" A soft question as he began to strip.

"Your master, of course. Did he not tell you why you are here?"

"He told me only that I belong to you for the afternoon."

I was sitting in a chair, watching as he finished undressing. When he turned to me, I whistled.

"Does that thing grow or just get hard?"

"It grows, Sir."

"Good, then your master didn't exaggerate your assets. He said he doesn't let you fuck him. Is that true?"

"My master is always truthful, Sir."

"I doubt that, but it isn't important. The man's a fool not to take advantage of that monster."

I pitched a cock ring to him.

"Put that on then get it up."

I watched as he positioned the ring then started to stroke himself. He was watching me as he brought himself erect. I licked my lips and motioned him to come to me. I wrapped my hand around his hip and pulled him close enough to run my tongue over the head, teasing the slit the way I know he likes.

"He also said you are an expert cocksucker. Show me how good you are."

He went to his knees without a word and reached for my belt. I raised my hips when he had my jeans open so he could slip them off me. His mouth covered me and I leaned back, enjoying my lover's skills. I was so turned on it didn't take him long to make me come. He sat back on his heels, watching me as I came back to earth.

"Your master is a lucky man. You do that very well. But that's not the main reason you are here."


"He really didn't tell you anything, did he? I love big cocks. That's the reason you are here. He was bragging about how he has this slave with a huge cock that never gets used. I asked how huge and he spread his hands out to show me. I thought he was lying but told him if it were true, I'd pay him for your services. Your master may not want that cock but I plan for it to be up my ass most of the afternoon." 

His eyes were shining and he was fighting back a smile. 

"Finish undressing me, Walter."

He rose gracefully and had me naked in about two seconds. I wrapped my hand around his cock and led him to the bed. I settled myself on the bed, a couple of pillows under my ass.

"There's lube in the drawer. Use plenty. I like big dicks but that doesn't mean I want to be torn."

He opened the drawer then turned to me.

"Sir, there're no condoms."

"Your master said you were clean. Was that a lie?"

"No, Sir. But I didn't expect you to know that."

He crawled onto the bed between my legs. He took his time lubing me before doing his cock.

"How do you want me to do this, Sir? A slow entry or a firm hard push? I don't want to displease you or hurt you."

"Go slow until I'm hard again, then I'll want hard and fast."

"Yes, Sir."

He pulled my legs up high over his shoulders and positioned himself against me. He followed instructions to the letter, easing into me as though I were a virgin. He moaned softly as he bottomed out in me. He worked himself in and out, long deep strokes. Filling me, brushing my prostate with every thrust. It didn't take long for me to get hard again.

"Sir, would you like me to play with your nipples, or maybe I might be allowed to kiss you."

"You may do both."

He bent down to kiss me breathless, trailing kisses down to a nipple that he began to assault. His tongue and teeth were driving me wild. I arched up to give him more access.

"Now, Walter! Hard and fast!"

He speeded up. I grabbed the bedpost to anchor myself in the flood of feeling he was causing me.

"Yes! All of you…..  want all of you……Walterrrrrr! Now! Make me come."

His teeth clamped down on my nipple as he rocked the bed with the force of his thrusts. He used one hand to fist me, wringing my climax from me. My come coated his belly and chest and I screamed my pleasure for the world to hear.

I left the planet. I think I may have been orbiting Pluto.

When I was aware again, he was gently cleaning the sweat from my body. Still rock hard and lubed. He looked gorgeous.

I smiled, "Your master is a fool."

"Please don't talk about him that way, Sir. I love him."

"Yeah, you must. You'd have to, to put up with him."

"He's a better man than you think, Sir. He loves me, even when I fuck up."

"Ok, I'll stop. Let's have some lunch and then you are going to do that again. Only this time, you can come, too."

I reached for the phone and told them to bring up our lunch. It is so much fun to play games with him. He settled himself in a chair on display when I ordered him to. I fed him lunch and allowed him to feed me. Afterwards I lay on my stomach for him to fuck me again. As I had promised, I allowed him to come. We showered together. 

I sat on the bed and watched him dress. "Your master is certainly one of the luckiest men on the planet. If you ever decide to leave him, look me up. There're two envelopes in the top drawer. One is for you, the other is for your master."

He opened the drawer and pulled out the envelopes. His eyebrows asked permission and I nodded. He pulled out the Redskin season passes I had bought and his face lit up like a kid at Christmas. He does love that stupid game.

"Tell your master I said I may want to purchase your services again sometime. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Sir, I would like it if he allows."

"Good. Come kiss me goodbye."

He sat next to me on the bed and kissed me passionately.

"Thank you, Sir. I enjoyed our afternoon very much."

"Between you and me, Walter, it would have been cheap at twice the price. But please don't tell your master that, he could bankrupt me."

He laughed then and I pulled him in for another kiss.

"Go, I have things to do."


I looked up to see Scully standing near me. "What are you doing here, Scully?"

"I called to check on Skinner and they told me he was back in surgery. They wouldn't give me any other information. So, I came down to see what I could find out."

"Where's Mulder? I thought you guys were joined at the hip."

"He's out, running. Besides, you threatened to kill him if Skinner dies. I figured it was best if you two weren't in the same room right now. Why is Skinner back in surgery?"

"There was a problem from the first one. One of the vessels was leaking into the muscle. He might--lose his leg." My voice breaking as I thought of how he would feel if that happened.

She shocked me by sitting next to me.

"How long have you two been…..?"


"Actually, after thinking about it a while, I realized that it has to be more than just sex. His lawyer said that you are his only heir, the executor of his will and the decision maker for his living will. Skinner would have to trust you a lot to give you all that power."

"Yeah? What does Mulder think?"

"He thinks you have used some form of brainwashing on him. He does have whip scars on his back."

"Those were made a long time ago, Scully."

"He has fresh bruises on his buttocks, Krycek."

"Guess Mulder never bruises you? Of course not, he probably treats you like spun glass.  Or does all his passion go into the work?"

"You are forgetting how many autopsies I've preformed. I saw his hips. Those aren't just hard sex bruises. Looked like a ridding crop to me."

"Look, I know you aren't going to believe me, but I love him and he loves me. Doesn't it say something to you that when he was lying on the ground, blood pumping out of an artery he called *me*?"

"Yes, I admit it does. It says you have a strong hold on him. For his sake I hope you do mean what you said. He deserves to be loved. I just don't understand how you got together after all the things that happened."

"Fishing's an old interrogation technique, Scully. Did you think I wouldn't remember that from Quantico? We 'got together' long before all that happened. We spent time with each other during all that. He always swore he hated me but he *never* said no to sex with me."

"We have lived many lifetimes as lovers. We always find each other. If he dies I will follow him as he has followed me in the past."

My eyes held hers as I spoke, my voice dropping into *master tones*  without any real thought. I saw something click for her and she nodded. Before she could say anything else I saw the nurse who had been so kind to me come through the door. Jumping to my feet, I ran to meet her.

"Mr. Krycek, the surgery went well. They're taking him to Recovery now and the doctor will be out to talk to you."

"His leg?"

Smiling, placing a hand on my arm, "He'll be chasing you around his bed in no time."

"Thank you."


This time when I woke up, I was more aware. Alex's head was on the bed next to me. I couldn't talk because of the tubes but I managed to move my arm. His head jerked up, his hand reached to join with mine.

"Walter, you're going to be fine. You scared the shit out of me. Don't you *ever* do that again."

I nodded since I couldn't speak. He bent to kiss my head. 

"Sleep and heal. I'll be right here, watching over you."

He looked so tired and he needed a shave. I drifted back to sleep, back to my dreams of my lover. Knowing, if I had died, at least it would have been after the best week of my life. We had played games all week.

Monday, he had called me at work and ordered me to come in my pants in the presence of Mulder and Scully. My reward for that had been all my favorites for dinner and the sweetest lovemaking for dessert.

Wednesday, he *loaned* me out for the afternoon. He told me to go to an address at noon and ask for Mr. Smith-Jones. I was shocked. He's always been so possessive of me. Always told me that he would never let anyone else fuck me.

I figured I had finally pissed him off to the point that he was going to really punish me. Believe me, the idea of letting anyone else touch me was punishment. The actual act would be torture. But he is my master and had given me an order. I just hoped I could do what was expected of me. I prayed the guy wouldn't want me to get it up because I knew I wouldn't manage that.

My love for him soared when he was the one to open the door. I was more than willing to play the slave who had been bought for the afternoon. The sex was fantastic, the lunch delicious, and the *tip* a wonderful gift since two tickets meant that he would go with me. He hates football.

He even continued the game at home by asking me if I had obeyed Mr. Smith-Jones. Where was his payment for my services? I gave him the envelope and told him that Mr. Smith-Jones said he might want my services again. I watched as he opened the envelope to count the ten one hundred-dollar bills that were in it. I must be hot stuff if an afternoon with me is worth a thousand dollars. 

Friday night, when I got into my car, something cold was pressed against the back of my throat.

"You're going to be a good boy, Walter. If you do anything to attract attention to us, I will shoot the person you involve. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand. What do you want?"

"You, Walter. I've been watching you. Waiting for my chance to have you. Now drive. I'll give you directions."

I started the car and pulled out of the parking garage. I followed his directions to a warehouse in an out of the way area of town. Most of the buildings were no longer in use. I pulled up to the one he directed me to. Leaning past me, he pushed the button on the door opener. I drove inside and turned off the car.

"Get out of the car and go up the stairs. Remember I'm very good with this. It'd be messy fucking a man with a bleeding leg but it wouldn't stop me."

I went up the stairs quietly. The loft we climbed to was equipped almost as well as our basement at home.

I looked at the huge bed that was near one wall, the red satin sheets looking like Valentine's Day gone wild.

The ceiling above was covered with mirror tiles and rings at different positions dangled over the bed. All the better for bondage games.


I looked at him and he waved the gun at me. I stripped. I'm not stupid, the man with the gun is in charge.

When I was naked, he gestured to the bed.

"Get on the bed and put on the cuffs you'll find on the table. Then fasten the right one to the chain on the bed."

Again I followed instructions. When my right wrist was secured, he moved to secure the left one. Then placed the gun on the table by the bed. I spoke for the first time since we left the Hoover.

"How long have you been stalking me?"

"Walter, stalking is such a negative word. I prefer admiring you from afar. Quite some time now. I just needed for that wimp you live with to be gone. Didn't want anyone looking for you. I wanted us to have plenty of time to get to know each other."

"Is that what you call this? Usually people get to know each other over dinner, not by being chained to a bed naked. Look, so far all you're guilty of is abduction. Why don't you let me go and we can forget all this?"

"Walter, you don't expect me to believe that, do you? No, we are going to have a good time. I'm going to show you how it feels to have a real man fuck you. By Sunday night you won't want to go back to that wuss. So, why don't you just relax and enjoy. I can make it good for you."

"In the first place, that wuss, as you call him, is the best lover I've ever had. Second, he will kill you when he finds out about this. He's very territorial about me. Third, there is a huge difference between fucking and rape. I'm not consenting. That makes it rape."

"Your lips say no but your body will say yes. Now, be good or I'll gag you."

I watched as he went to a cabinet and removed two more wide cuffs that I knew would go around my ankles. I made no move to fight him. Once they were fastened he attached a spreader bar to them. Smart. That way I wouldn't have much agility to kick at him when he was hooking me to the rings in the ceiling.

He knew his stuff. One leg was secured then the spreader bar removed. He pulled the other leg over to secure to another ring. This spread my legs in a wide V shape as far open as possible, giving him easy access to ass, cock, and balls. It also lifted my ass just enough to make penetration easier for him but still wouldn't put a strain on my back. I knew then that he intended to keep me this way, probably for hours.

I watched as he undressed before he went back to the cabinet. Coming back to the bed he dropped a huge tube of lube next to me on the bed. The crop he kept in his hand.

He straddled my chest and smiled at me. "Walter, I want you to suck me off. You can act enthusiastic and do a good job or I can use this to remind you. I know you feel you must be loyal to the asshole but do you really want a sore ass?"

"Fuck you!"

"No, Walter. I'm going to fuck you. Over and over again. I guarantee your ass will know I've been in it before much longer. Now, be a good boy, suck, Walter."

He pushed his cock against my lips and when I refused to open them, he reached back and the crop landed on my ass. Not a hard blow but it still stung. I gasped and he pushed into my mouth. Then it was suck or choke. Once, when he pulled back too far, I pushed him out and got another swat to remind me who was running things. He moaned as he shot down my throat. He sat back on my chest and caressed my cheek while his breathing evened out again.

"Not bad. But I'm sure you can do better. Or, does the wuss do all the sucking and you just get sucked. Is that it, Walter? Are you the top?"

"I'm not going to discuss my relationship with you."

That got me another swat with the crop.

"Mind your manners, Walter. Ah, well, I thought we might have some conversation but since you don't wish to talk, I think I'll just play."

He got off my chest and knelt facing me where he could reach my ass and cock. I couldn't stop the moan as he slicked me and started jerking me. His strokes long, firm. I tried to hold back but my cock has a mind of its own. It didn't take him long to bring me off.


He rubbed his thumb over the slit, collecting the last drop then sucked his thumb clean. He gave me no time to recover. A glob of cold lube landed on my ass and his fingers started pushing it in. The man has talented fingers. I wouldn't have thought he could get me hard again so quickly. This time he brought me off just by finger fucking me. When I came, he chuckled.

"Walter, you are so responsive. I don’t think that man is taking good care of your needs."

"Fuck off."

He grabbed the crop again and several hard blows landed on my ass.

"I'm trying to be patient with you. I will not put up with that type of language. Do---you---understand---me---Walter." Each word punctuated with an another stripe on my ass.

"Ok! I get it!"

"Excellent! Now, I think it's my turn to come again."

I watched him in the mirrors as he stroked himself erect. More lube was squirted on my hole. He positioned himself so I had a great view of him rubbing the head of his thick cock in the lube. I moaned as he pushed just the head inside me. I heard a slight pop as he pulled it free.

"You are so nice and tight. God, this is going to be so good."

He pushed the head in again as his hand fondled my cock. Rocking forward, more of him slid inside me. He kept rocking, pulling most of the way out, pushing more of his cock in me with each forward motion. Once he was in all the way he just stayed there. His hand working me. I didn't think I could get hard again but my cock was still enjoying his attentions. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feel of him in my ass and his hand caressing me.

Suddenly he let me go and pulled out of me. I opened my eyes and watched, surprised, as he got off the bed and walked across the room. He went through a door and I wondered what was going on. He came back with a washcloth that he used to clean the drying come off my body. I guess I looked puzzled because he spoke to me then.

"I decide I wanted to play with your tits and I don't want to eat dry flaky come."

He took the washcloth back to the bathroom, stopping at the cabinet on his way back. I groaned when I saw the nipple clamps in his hand.

"Don't worry. These are very mild ones. We'll save the harsher ones for some other day."

He sat on the bed next to me, bending down and taking a nipple in his mouth. He kissed it, then ran his tongue in a lazy circle around it, then he bit down hard and I arched off the bed. I love having them bitten. He raised his head, smiled a wicked smile and attached the clamp. That's when my dick decided it wanted to join the party again. He repeated his actions on the other side.

I watched his every move as he got up to position himself between my legs again. I couldn't stop the sigh as he slid inside me again. He started slowly. Building up to harder and deeper thrusts. I was panting under him, wanting every inch he had to give me. He reached to wrap his hand in the chain that joined the clamps together and yanked hard.

I screamed, "God! Alex, please!"

"Come, lover." The order dripping whiskey.

He slammed into me once more and I felt him jerk as he shot. The chain was yanked hard enough to pull the clamps off and then I was shooting.

I woke up to the sound of Alex and Mulder fighting with each other.


"Just get the fuck out, Mulder. The last thing Walter needs to wake up to is your questions and accusations. Our private life is just that--private. Now get out!" I hissed at him. I was trying to be quiet so we wouldn't wake Walter.

"What? You need privacy so you can beat on him some more? I don't know how you got to him, Krycek, but I'm going to help him get free."

He had gone too far. I slammed him up against the wall. Then I heard a weak voice behind me.


Mulder was forgotten as I turned back to the bed where my lover was reaching for the water on the table. I moved quickly to hand him the glass, holding it while he drank.

"Look, now he's playing the concerned lover."

I started to turn but Walter's hand caught mine. The water had helped and his voice sounded stronger as he spoke to Mulder.

"Mulder, you seem to have come to some incorrect conclusions about our relationship. I'm asking you to go, please."

"Sir, I want to help you. Whatever he's threatened you with, I'll help you fight. We can't let this bastard do this to you."

I pulled away from Walter and pushed Mulder against the wall again.

"You want to get me out of the way so you can have him. Won't work, Mulder. To have him, you would have to give up Scully and *I* would have to let go. You'll never have him. He's mine and I don't share and neither does he."

"You don't know what you are talking about, Krycek."

"Oh! Please! Mulder, I know you want him. I wasn't as drunk as I pretended to be that night."

Mulder's fist lashed out, splitting my lip. Without thought, my knife was at his throat.

"Alex! Stop. Please." His voice was pleading. I backed up slowly.

"You're wondering if I told him about your drunken confession to me? I haven't. There was no reason to. You see, that night he was already mine. Scully can't give you everything you want, can she?"

"Alex, what are you talking about?"

"Mulder here got really drunk one night while I was still working with him, confessed to me that he had fantasies about you. Seems when you raise you voice to him, he wants to get on his knees and suck you. You want to suck *Daddy*, don't you, Mulder?"

Mulder pushed hard and I fell back against Walter's bed. I felt Walter's hand against my back trying to steady me. I pushed off that and back toward Mulder, invading his personal space.

"That's not all, Mulder. I didn't pass out. I just had no interest in you. After having *him*, no one else stands a chance."

"Alex, please stop. Come here, please. Let me talk to him."

I turned back to him, ignoring Mulder's puzzled look. He reached to pull me down on the bed with him.

"Mulder, I'm not with Alex against my will. We've been lovers since he was an agent. Even when thing were at their worst, I wanted him. I tried to tell myself I hated him. But it only worked when he wasn't with me. I know you will have trouble believing this but I love Alex and he loves me. Take Scully and go home, Mulder. Alex will look after me."

"Like he's taken care of you in the past? We saw the whip scars on your back and the new bruises on your ass."

His voice was almost shrill by this point. Walter's hand tightened on my arm in warning.

"Mulder, this isn't any of your business. Nothing happens between us without my consent. The scars are old. The new bruises are……let's just say I asked for them. Let it go, Mulder."

"No, Sir, I can't. You've been a friend to me. I can't just walk away and let him use you this way. He's brainwashed you. We can get rid of him."

"I have no intention of  'getting rid' of him. We *love* each other. This discussion is over, Agent Mulder, it's time for you to leave." Walter's voice had gone from gentle persuasion to full AD in charge.


"Now, Agent, or I will ask security to remove you. Go home. I'll see you when I come back to work."

Mulder stood looking like a kicked pup at Walter for a long minute then he glared at me and stomped out of the room. I turned to look at Walter as his hand pulled me toward him. I allowed myself to be pulled down to rest against his chest.

"Walter, they can make a lot trouble for you."

"I don't care. All that matters right now is that I'm here with you. I know I probably have breath like a dragon but I could use a kiss."

"I don't care how bad it is, I need one too."

I covered his mouth with mine. Seeking to regain what was mine. I was scared now. I never meant to blurt out that stuff about Mulder wanting him. I've always thought that if Walter knew he would leave me. Now Mulder and Scully had the means to destroy him and I had given them that. I pulled back and he gave a shaky laugh.

"You keep that up and I'm going to ravish you right here in my hospital bed."

"Wait, let me sell some tickets first."  I smiled at my lover and let him pull me back down.

"Alex, did Mulder really say that stuff to you about me, or were you trying to get to him?"

"No, he said that and more. I just gave him more reasons to hate me. I have you and he wants you. I do still have you, don't I?"

The question was out before I realized I was even thinking it. I needed reassurance and as he had in times past he gave it to me. One arm tightened around me as his hand tilted my head so he could look at me.

"I belong to you in this lifetime as I have in all the others and will for all eternity, Alex. Nothing and *no one* will come between us this time. Not Mulder or my job or OPC. You are stuck with me."

"Will you still feel that way if you get fired for being with me?"

"Believe it or not, you do a lot of thinking when you're shot and see you blood pumping out with each heartbeat. I'm eligible for early retirement in less than a year. I think, if you can put up with me, that I'll take it then. Stay at home, maybe find some consulting work or something. Just enough to keep me from driving you crazy."

"You didn't answer me, Walter. What if they fire you?"

"Alex, I died again. I've been given another chance. A chance to love and be loved by you. I said nothing and no one would come between us again. If they fire me, that will just mean you have me under foot sooner. Hell, I'd leave now but I've *earned* that pension. If, for no other reason, my having had to put up with Mulder."

"You really don't have any interest in Mulder? I mean, now that you know he would. He's attractive. He'd bottom for you."

"He doesn't have what I want. His eyes are all wrong. He doesn't make those cute little lines above his nose when he smiles. My dick doesn't get hard when he talks to me. That's very important you know."

I let my voice drop as I growled in his ear.

"Like my voice, do you?"


"I thought it was my cock you liked. Especially when it's hard and driving deep into your sweet ass."

His hand grabbed mine and pulled it down to cover his cock, "See what you've done. We're in a hospital. You shouldn't do this to me."

"Oh, but I like to torture my beautiful slave. Haven't you figured that out yet?"

I got up and moved to wedge the chair under the door handle. When I turned back to him, his eyes were on fire.

"Alex, you aren't……you can't…..not here."

"You're right about one thing. We can't do what I'd like, but we can play."

I opened my pants, pushed the sheet down, the hospital gown up, climbed into the bed and wrapped my legs around his uninjured leg.

"I'll just hump you leg. You can call me Rover."

He laughed then and I felt like a god. I took his cock in my hand and began to pump him the way I know drives him crazy. He was soon panting, his hand reaching for me and trying to return the favor.

"No, love, this is for you. You're going to come when I tell you. Try not to scream the place down like you do at home."

"I'll---try,--- Rover." He had to suck in a deep breath to say even that. I smiled when he said Rover and kissed his cheek.

"Walter, come now!"

He turned his head into my throat and wailed against my skin as his cock jerked in my hand. I was surprised to realize that I was shooting against his leg.

When his breathing evened out again, he grinned that wicked little boy grin at me.

"Rover, you got me all messy."

I smiled, dipped a finger in my come and held it up to him. He sucked it into his mouth, cleaning it completely before letting go.

"Rover, have I ever told you that you taste good?"

"Yeah, once or twice. Better get us cleaned up before a nurse decides that you need a pill or something. Wouldn't want them to think you are having more fun than they are."

I wiped up our mess the best I could and hoped it would dry before the nurses noticed.


I watched sleepily as my lover walked over to the backpack he has dropped in the corner. He retrieved a battered book and came back to settle in the chair by my bed. He was tired. I could read it in the way his shoulders drooped. Not that that was any surprise. He had barely left my room for the last five days. I'm sure he hadn't left me alone for long while I was in ICU either.

"Alex, you should go get a hotel room and get a decent night's sleep. I'm out of danger. There's no reason for you to sleep in that chair."


"Please. How are you going to take care of me when they let me go home if you're exhausted?"

"I'm fine, Walter. I don't want you to be alone. Now go to sleep."

Well, that was about all the shit I could take. I picked up the buzzer for the nurse. He watched me but didn't say a word. The nurse opened the door.

"Mr. Skinner, can I get you something?"

"Yes, I need to see my doctor."

"I'll call him for you."

"Walter, what are you doing?"

"Since my pig headed lover won't go get a room and a good night's sleep, I'm getting out of here and finding a room. Maybe, since you feel I need watching, you'll go there with me."

I refused to say another word to him while we waited for the doctor. It was at least a half-hour of glares and macho posturing before the doctor showed up.

"Mr. Skinner, what can I do for you?"

"You can sign me out of this place."

"That's not a good idea, Mr. Skinner. You just had major surgery a week ago. It will take some time before you're able to care for yourself."

"I don't need to care for myself, Doctor. I have a stubborn lover who can do that quite well. He nursed me the last time I got shot, and he knows how to deal with a grumpy patient. So, sign the papers, get me something to wear so I'm not flashing the world, and call us a cab."

He turned to Alex with a 'help me' look on his face.


"Fuck you, Alex. I'm getting out of here with or without you. Doctor, what are those forms you make patients sign when they want to leave and you don't want them to? Bring me those and I'll sign them."

"Mr. Skinner, you really shouldn't leave yet."

I threw the sheet back and my legs over the side of the bed. "GET—ME—THE—FUCKING—PAPERS."

The doctor looked at Alex, got a shrug, "Doctor, no one in his or her right mind argues with him when he roars like that. Just get the papers. I'll look after him. I promise, the first sign of trouble I'll bring him back."

The doctor turned and left the room without another word. The nurse came back with a set of scrubs.

"Here, Mr. Skinner, this is about all we can offer for you to wear. They're getting the papers ready for you. Mr. Krycek, can't you get him to stay?"

"Not even his mother can talk to him when he's like this. I watched her try once. It's best to just go with the flow until he mellows out. Usually only takes a week or so." He grinned at her.

I growled and started trying to pull on the scrubs. Alex got up and moved to help me. The nurse shook her head and left the room. I was dressed when she came back, papers in one hand, a bag of meds and bandages in the other.

Within an hour we were checking into a hotel room. We spent a week there, mostly resting. It was a quiet time with a lot of snuggling and conversation about our future. Rover visited a couple of times but when I tried to push for more, my Master firmly refused.  He told me that he had no intention of delaying my recovery. I could have more when we got home.

It was a great relief to finally go home. I knew I would heal much faster in the comfort of the home we had made together. That and the fact that I needed more than Rover could provide. I really needed him inside me again. Needed to re-establish our physical bond.

When we got home I called Kim to thank her for taking care of things at the house. She had stocked the fridge the day before for us. In the background, I could hear Mulder, questioning her as to whether I was back. Kim ignored him, as I did.

After much pleading, begging, with a shot of logistics thrown in, Alex agreed that we could probably have sex safely if we used the table in the basement. The table had been modified for our games and had leg supports that included straps for light as well as heavy bondage. I had spent many happy hours in tight bondage on that table waiting for my master to give me release.

He helped me onto the table and fastened the straps that would help me remember to remain still. My ankles were wrapped, followed by my calves, then he moved to pull the waist belt around me. He turned and stopped to look at me.

"Walter, why are you smiling like that?"

"Just remembering the first time you strapped me to this table."

"As I recall, you were a little nervous."

"I was fucking terrified. It was all still so new to me. I wasn't sure what you would do to me once I was helpless. Then you came at me with a straight razor."

His hand was at my crotch, his fingers playing with the nest of hair there. "Maybe we should do that again. You look good like that. All sleek and smooth.  No hair to catch in the rings or get in my way when I get oral with you."

"Yeah but it itched like a motherfucker when it grew out. Still, it did have compensations."

"We could keep you that way. Now that we're living together, it would be easy for me to keep you shaved." 

His hand moved from playing with my hair to rubbing the slit of my cock, which of course made that slut happy. And he dropped his voice, remembering what I had confessed. When I tried to answer him my voice was harsh with need.

"Whatever makes my Master happy pleases this lowly slave." I gasped when he leaned down to run his tongue over the head, licking up the drops that had collected there. He got another gasp when he abruptly let me go.

"You need to calm down, slave. It's going to be some time before I allow you to come."

He closed the waist belt, pulled one of the thigh straps to fasten around my uninjured leg, leaving the other unbound.

"Do you think you can be good or do I need to bind your hands?"

"I'll be good, Master."

He stood looking down at me for a long moment, then bent to kiss me, a slow sweet kiss that quickly mutated to fierce and possessive. He raised his head and smiled that wicked grin I love.

"You know, slave when you are completely well, my crop and your ass are going to discuss the way you talked to me at the hospital in front of your doctor."

My cock twitched at the mere idea of his crop on my ass again. Going to the end of the table, he locked the sections my legs were cushioned in so I couldn't move them. This spread me wide giving him room to reach my ass easily.

"Ok, Walter? That's not putting stress on your leg is it?"

"No, Alex. I'm fine. I'll be better when you do something."

"Something? Whatever do you mean?"

"Alex, please! I need you inside me."

"Oh, don't worry. I will be soon."

He stepped back and began to undress. Taking his time, putting on a show for me. He knows what that does to me. The slow tease of his shirt sliding back, revealing his smooth chest, the pinkish brown nipples that I love to suck, already hard with his excitement. Taking his time unbuttoning the jeans that looked as though they had been painted on. Finally, pulling them open to reveal that beautiful thick cock, hard and ready to use his slave's ass. The jeans pushed down hurriedly.

He opened the drawer in the end of the table to get the lube. Taking his time getting me open, raking his fingers over my prostate. Making me whimper and beg. Then the slow slide of my lover's cock pushing inside me, taking me, branding me as his again.

I lost myself in the joy of being taken by him. I wasn't even aware that I was babbling. He speeded up and I knew he was going to come soon. I didn't want it to be over yet, even though I knew he would take me with him.

"Master! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE!!!!  No no no no no  NO!"

I was making so much noise neither of us heard the footsteps on the basement steps.

But we both heard Mulder's loud, "What the fuck….."

Alex was coming---I could feel him jerking inside me. My own cock was still throbbing weakly, the last few drops of my come seeping onto my stomach. Alex and I turned to look at Mulder standing at the bottom of the steps with his gun drawn. His stunned eyes moved over us like a spectator at an accident. His mouth was hanging open as he gasped in shock at the scene in front of him.

Alex pulled out of me, turning toward Mulder. Everything had slowed down, and even if it hadn't, I couldn't have moved to intervene. I watched in fascinated horror as Alex stepped far enough away from me to give Mulder a clear view of his cock still hard, dripping come and obviously sans protection of any type. Mulder's eyes tracked down, cataloging all the evidence. Then they tracked back to me lying on the table, lower body strapped down, belly covered in come.

I watched as his eyes took in the furnishing of the room, the cross, the spanking bench, the bed hung with chains. In his eyes, I saw the realization of our lifestyle finally hit him.

Then Alex spoke.

"What's the matter, Mulder? Get bored with your porn? Thought you'd come over and break into your boss's house?"

He ignored Alex's jibes and looked at me.

"You called him master?" His voice puzzled and sounding a little lost.

"Yes, I did. Mulder, why are you breaking into my house?"

"I heard you yelling no. I thought you needed help. My mistake. Won't happen again."

He put his gun away, literally ran up the stairs. The door slammed so hard I heard something fall.

"Looks like you might have me underfoot sooner than we thought."

"You still ok with that?"

"Yeah, Alex more than you know."


My dreams had come back with a vengeance. It always works that way when I'm worried about things. I even woke from a few of them dripping wet with Walter holding on to me, murmuring soft words of comfort, telling me over and over that he was there, I was safe. I tell him I can't remember the dreams but the truth is I remember them too well. They are dreams of him rejecting me.  

I've never felt like I deserved him. Can't figure out why he even let me near him again after I beat him. That second weekend at the club he had given himself up me. To learning what I had to teach him.

And I taught him to *fly*.

There were times when he hated that I could do that to him. Times when his white bread upbringing got in the way. Of course, it was a long time before I asked him to accept my collar. I expected to be rejected, was stunned when he said yes.

The week before he got shot, I had started feeling almost secure. I had tested him and he had passed with flying colors. Going to a rendezvous to give himself to a stranger to prove his loyalty to me. There is no way I would ever give him to another. He wouldn't have been able to go through with it. I knew that but he went there and that told me what I wanted to know.

Now I'm expecting rejection again. He knows that Mulder wants him. I think once Mulder got a taste, he would give up Scully to keep Walter. He would have to; because there is one part of his upbringing that Walter will never turn his back on. He wants and gives fidelity. Sharing with Scully just wouldn't be possible for him.

He was napping when the doorbell rang. I hurried to answer it, not wanting him awakened. Throwing open the door, I found Scully standing there.

"Second string, huh? Well, at least *you* rang the bell. He's sleeping, Scully. I'm not going to wake him. Can't you guys just give him until he gets back to work to try and split us up?"

"Actually, I came to talk to you. May I come in?"

"Sure, why not? We should just put a revolving door." I waved her in just as the kettle whistled. I led her back to the kitchen.

"Have a seat. Want some tea?"

"Yes, thank you."

I got down mugs, put out the sugar, and a box of assorted teas to let her pick her own. Didn't want her to think I was trying to poison her or anything.

"Do you want cream or lemon?"

"Neither, thank you."

She picked out a tea bag and I poured the hot water over it for her, then filled my mug. I sat across from her at the table, thinking how freaked she would be if she knew how often Walter had been pushed down and  fucked on that very spot.

"Ok, Scully, you didn't drop by for tea. Why are you here?"

"Why don't you let him go, Krycek? You know if this gets out his career is over. If you truly care for him you wouldn't let that happen."

"I bet Mulder couldn't wait to get to you to tell you what he broke in on. Were you hoping for the same kind of show, Scully?"

Scully tensed, making a face as though she had just bitten into a lemon, "Don't be crude. I have no interest in seeing the two of you have sex. I consider Skinner to be a friend and I don't want him hurt. That's all."

"What makes you think I'll be hurt, *Agent* Scully?"

I jumped to my feet and went to offer Walter my help if he needed it. He was still a little shaky on his feet. I got him settled in a chair while Scully watched quietly. Then I went to get him a mug. I made him a cup of tea, the way he liked it.

He murmured thank you as I reached to scoop sugar into it for him. I started to turn but his hand wrapped around me and I found myself sitting on his uninjured leg. His arm slipped around my waist as he smiled  at me. He was sending Scully a clear message and I was more than willing to help with that.

Scully was staring at us, eyes wide open in shock. I saw the decision reached in her eyes and waited for Walter to handle whatever came next.

"So, I guess, Mulder, was right? He runs things. He even tells you how to drink your tea?"

"No, Scully. Alex doesn't care how I drink my tea. He knows how I like it and was just offering me a hand by fixing it for me. He's very concerned that I rest and recuperate. Why are you here, Scully?"

"Mulder told me that he was here a few days ago. He was very upset and it took a lot for me to get him to talk. We're worried about you, Sir. What Mulder saw…… I mean……."

"What Mulder saw was two consenting adults making love in the privacy of their home. I never thought I would need the security of Fort Knox to make love to Alex without an audience."

"At least *she* rang the bell and waited to be let in."

Walter's hand tightened slightly on my waist a warning to let him handle this. Scully wasn't ready to let this go.

"Mulder said you were bound."

"Ah, that's the problem. Only my lower body was bound, my hands were free. It was to keep me still so I wouldn't hurt my leg."

"That's not all Mulder told me. He said you called him *Master*."

"Because he is my Master, as I am his slave. You don't like those words, do you?"

"No, Sir. I don't. I can't picture you being that way with anyone, especially not with *him*. You know what he is, what he's done."

"I know that I love him, and he loves me. The past is just that. It's gone and I won't dwell on it any more, and neither should you. Scully I respect you and Mulder but I have no intention of living my life in the narrow little box you both seem to think I belong in. Alex is my Master, my lover, my friend, the reason I'm sitting here. Without his love, I would be dead and buried by now."

"Sir, I can't believe you mean that. He's done something to you."

"Yes, he has. He's loved me like no one else ever has. I won't give that up. Not for *anyone* or *anything*. It's time for you to leave, Scully. I would appreciate it if you and Mulder would let me recuperate in peace. I'll see you both in six weeks when I come back to work."

"There's nothing I can say to…"

"No, Scully, there isn't. Alex, will you see Scully, out please."

I stood up and dropped a kiss on his head then turned to walk Scully out. We got to the door and she turned to glare at me.

"This isn't over. We're sure that you've forced him somehow and we intend to find out how and stop you."

"Scully, you heard what he said, let it go. He belongs to me and I belong to him. He's a big boy, he knows what he wants. Tell Mulder he's never going to have him."

I watched her eyes widen and knew Mulder was in for some interrogation when she got back to him. I knew that would be one more thing to piss Mulder off. I smiled my best smile at her as she turned and stalked out. I closed the door firmly behind her, locking the deadbolt and putting on the chain. I turned to find that Walter had followed us, he sighed then grinned, "Alex, that was nasty. Maybe I should call Mulder and warn him."

"Don't you dare!"

He grinned, opened his arms to me. Pretty soon Scully and Mulder were the last thing on our minds.


I've been back at work for a week now. Every day has brought a new attempt by Mulder or Scully to *help* me. Mulder has been trying to get inside my head to analyze me. Scully has been making little barbed comments on slavery and the women's movement. I fail to see the connection between the women's movement and my choice to be a slave to my sexy lover.

Every night has brought frantic lovemaking, followed by my lover waking up, screaming, from equally frantic nightmares. I know I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. But you would think that after sleeping next to him almost every night for two years I would have figured it out sooner. That doesn't even include all the nights before we lived together.

He's afraid of me leaving. No, it's more than that, he's afraid I'll stop loving him. So today I decided to put an end to all this crap. Time for the three of them to realize that *I* know what I want, who I am, and I'm in control. Except when Alex uses that JD voice.

I phoned the Director and asked that he come to my office that afternoon.  I had Kim call Mulder and Scully requesting their presence at the same hour. Then I picked up the phone to call Alex on his private line.

"Hello, Walter."

"Hi, sexy. What are you wearing?"

I heard his soft chuckle. "I'd be wearing you if you were here. Everything ok?"

"Not yet but it will be soon. I need you to come down here this afternoon. Could you be here before three, please?"

"What's going on, Walter?"

"Alex, trust me. It's important."

"Ok, love. I'll be there. Do I need to sneak in or will security know I'm coming?"

"There'll be a guest badge waiting for you downstairs. I'll see you then. Alex….I love you."

"Love you, too."

I got up and moved to the door, opening it and asking Kim to come in for a minute. Kim has known about Alex and me almost from the first. So far she was the only one that hadn't tried to talk me out of the relationship. She had even covered for us more than once. When I finished telling her what I was going to do she jumped up and hugged me tight.

"Go get 'em, Sir. I'll have the smelling salts ready just in case."

"Thanks, Kim."

Alex was the first to arrive, looking drop dead gorgeous in black. I pulled him close and kissed him hard.

"Walter, what the hell are you up to? I recognize that bad boy hand in the cookie jar look."

"Be patient, please. All will be revealed soon."

There was a tap at the door then Kim poked her head in.

"The Director is on his way down. Mulder and Scully are here."

"Have them come in with the Director please, Kim"

"Yes, Sir."

Alex looked a question at me but I just kissed him again. When the intercom buzzed, I pulled away from him and was pleased to see his eyes had turned that deep green they get only for me.


I pointed to the conference table and went to open the door. I ushered in Mulder, Scully and the Director.

They all reacted to Alex being in the room. Mulder looked angry, Scully disgusted, the Director puzzled. Alex just looked fuckable. Kim followed and asked if anyone wanted coffee. She got that out of the way then took a seat as well.

"Walter, what is going on here." The Director asked impatiently.

"Sir, I'm trying to resolve some issues and felt that, as my direct superior, you needed to be aware of them. Let me give you some background. When I was shot Agents Scully and Mulder became privy to aspects of my personal life of which they had no prior knowledge. Which they seem to feel requires their unasked for intrusion.

"As you know, I needed extensive surgery and almost lost my leg. I was not in any position to make medical decisions so the terms of my living will came into play."

"Walter, I know this already."

"I don't think you know everything, Sir. Scully and Mulder were not pleased when they discovered who that decision-maker was. I will get directly to the point here. Alex Krycek and I have been living together in a committed relationship for two years now. We have been involved with each other for even longer. I will not hide him or us any longer. I expect him to be treated with the respect you would show to the spouse of any employee. If our relationship is offensive, you have only two options that I can see. Fire me or ignore it. I won't resign and I won't hide anymore."

The Director looked at me for a long moment then turned to Mulder and Scully.

"Do the two of you have a problem with the way AD Skinner handles his job? Has he failed to support you in your work? Has he offended you by his conduct *during* working hours?"

Mulder looked mulish so Scully answered for the both of them.

"No, Sir. AD Skinner has always supported our work. But that isn't the issue, Sir."

"Then what is the issue, Agent Scully?"

"We feel that the relationship has been forced on AD Skinner in some way."

"Well, Walter? Has he forced you in some way?"

"The only force in our relationship is love, Sir."

"Agents, let me suggest that you put your energy into your own relationship and leave Walter's alone. I've known him for longer than you have and, believe me, *no one* could force Walter Skinner into a relationship he didn't want."

They had both pinkened at his reference to their relationship. I looked over to see Alex watching me with bright happy eyes.

"Now then, Walter, was there anything else we needed to discuss?"

"No, Sir. That was it."

"Good. Agents, I suggest you return to work. Kim, could I have another cup of coffee?"

Scully and Mulder left. Kim got the Director more coffee then she left as well.

"Walter, those two aren't going to accept this. Their feelings for him are too entrenched. We may have to transfer them to another AD."

"You're probably right. You know, Sir, I didn't expect you to take it this well."

"Why not? I've known about it for years. Just practicing the 'don't ask, don't tell, head in sand' attitude that most of the government uses. At least you two are faithful to each other, unlike our presidents."


"Don't look so surprised, Walter. Gossip travels, even to the office of the director. Just like I've known about them. As long as it doesn't affect your work, I couldn't care less what you do or who you do it with. By the way, Krycek, looks like you take pretty good care of him. He's certainly been happier since he's been with you."

"Thank you, Sir. I'm glad someone sees that."

"Walter, take the rest of the day off. I'm sure you and Krycek can find something to do."

He was up and out the door before I recovered from the suggestion in his voice.

"You heard the man. Let's get out of here."

We got a lot of looks on the way out. Not that I was surprised by that. Its not every day an AD drags his lover down the hall and into the elevator by his one real hand.

"Walter, do you want to be this blatant? The whole building will be talking about this tomorrow."

"Kim will see to that for me."


"Kim has instructions to *let slip* the conversation she heard take place in my office today. I said I wasn't going to hide us anymore and I mean just that. Now, we're going home and I intend to wear you out."

"I like your attitude, marine."


Walter's meeting with the Director, Mulder and Scully had been a revelation in more ways than one. The Director's attitude had surprised us both. Just having someone acknowledge us and believe we loved each other made my heart lift.

My heart was singing all the way home. Walter loved me and he didn't care who knew. I'd never felt so happy. Couldn't wait to see what else he had planned for the day.

We were barely in the door when he pounced on me. By the time he let me breath again we were both rock hard. He let me go, turned to pull me toward the basement. Once there, he stripped me efficiently, spreading a bathsheet on the massage table. He practically lifted me and put me on it. I think I was in shock by this time. He had never been this aggressive with me. I usually forgot how strong he is.

I lay passive as he strapped me in. First my legs, using all three straps. Then the waist belt, followed by removing my arm carefully. He kissed the stump, as he often did, to remind me that he loved all of me. My wrist was pulled over my head and fastened to a cuff there.

He hadn't even taken off his jacket yet. I lay there waiting to see where he was going with this. I had never let anyone have this power over me. Before that day, I don't think I would have given it to him.

"You look very beautiful, lying there, waiting for me to take my pleasure from you." Words I had often said to him.

"Do I?" The words he had used in reply many times.

"Yes. I love you, Alex. Only you. I'm going to make you come so hard you'll never doubt me again."

I watched with lust fevered eyes as he stripped slowly for me. I had shaved him again that morning and his body gleamed in the soft lights he had turned on in the room.  I smiled as he came toward me, ready for whatever my lover wanted to do to me.

He kissed me, lightly at first, teasing. I moaned into his mouth when his tongue entered mine. Had he touched my cock at that moment I would have shot all over us. I moaned even louder as he worked his way down to my nipples. Just his mouth making me crazy. His hands had not touched me yet. He sucked on my nipples until I was screaming at him to just fuck me.

He chuckled against my chest, ran his tongue over my nipple again then straightened walked across the room and up the stairs.

I screamed at him to get his ass back. My only reply was his laughter floating back down the stairs. He stayed away long enough for me to calm down.  I raised my head to watch as he came down the stairs. He stopped on the way across the room to get the stool I used when using plugs or dildos on him.

Setting the stool down, he locked my legs in place before he sat down. Instead of reaching in the drawer for a toy, his mouth descended on me. A long slow lick from my balls down to my puckered hole. My cock stood up straight and proud. I was soon screaming again as he tongue fucked me.

"Please, Walter."


I raised my head to see him watching me, his eyes black with his desire. *I* was the Master here, not him. How dare he ask this? 'Alex, don't be a fool here. The man had come out to his boss. He told him that he expected you to be treated with respect. He named you as his Master and him as your slave to his agents. He told his assistant to start gossip so everyone will know. Hell, he even took you home to meet his mother. Can't you admit that you are as enslaved as he?'

"Please, Master."

Walter's eyes were alive with a fire I'd never seen before, his smile so wide and happy. The stool was thrown across the room to bounce against the stairs. He rammed deep inside me and I gasped with the suddenness of it. There was no pain, he had me too turned on.  The pain would come tomorrow after we came down from the endorphin high.

He started to pump into me, long deep thrusts that emptied then filled me completely. I panted as I tried to get enough air. I watched him as he pumped into me. His body, covered with a fine sheen of sweat, making him glisten. His face showing his concentration as he fought to keep control, to make it last.

He had never looked more beautiful to me.

My cock was aching with need. A need that only he could take care of. He shifted and his cockhead was rubbed against my prostate with every stroke. I know I was screaming again or at least trying to. My voice was pretty much shot by then.

He went still and I opened my eyes to look at him. He smiled a gentle smile at me.

"Is my slave ready to come for me?"

"Yes, Master. Please!"

"Ah, you beg so sweetly."

His hand wrapped around me then and he began to pump me in time with his thrusts inside my body.

"Come for me, my beautiful slave."

I whispered his name as my come exploded from my cock. He slammed into me one final time and I felt him jerking inside me. He stood there, panting, as we both calmed slowly. Without pulling out of me, he unfastened the straps, leaning down on my chest to reach the one on my wrist.

"Hold on, lover."

I wrapped my numb legs around his hips, my hand around his neck. He braced his legs then lifted me up, to walk to the bed. He got us on the bed without ever slipping out of me. I said he is strong.  I was almost asleep when he whispered in my ear.

"Thank you, Master. I hope I kept my promise to you."

"Did you enjoy being Master?"

"Yes, but I think I much prefer being your slave."

"You will always be that, beloved. Sleep now."

"No more bad dreams, Master?"

"I don't think ever again. I love you, Walter"

"Love you, too."

I slipped into sleep, feeling secure at last.

The End


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