Guest Authors
new  Danse Erotique
Author: Bill
Summary: PWP
Notes: Peach made me do it. (She really is a force on the Dark Side you know)
Desires Unshadowed
Author: Polly Bywater
Warnings: Depicted m/m/m sexual situations. You should also be aware it's kind of schmoopy. Okay, maybe a lot schmoopy. What can I say, I was in the mood.
Summary: Sometimes you gotta go in through the out door to get anywhere, and Fox points out the way for Alex and Walter.
Inspired by: Peach's "The Other Man"
3rd Place - Outstanding Mulder/Krycek/Skinner Slash - 2002 Spooky Awards
My True Love's Eyes
Author: Bette St. Cloud
Warnings: BDSM, declarations of love, m/m sex.
Summary: MasterAlex shows SlaveWalter a thing or two, and learns something himself.
Universe: His Master's Voice
2nd Place - Outstanding Skinner/Krycek Romance - 2002 Spooky Awards

There are more stories written for Peach on her Birthday page.

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