CLex Stories

Make Me, Fake Me
       Summary: Lex thinks Clark is an innocent...
    NOTE: Prequel to Break Me, Take Me.

Break Me, Take Me
        Summary: Lex thinks Clark is an innocent...
    NOTE: For Elaine.
The Man Who Has Everything
        Summary: Lex's birthday is coming up. Clark really wants to get him something ultra-special, but what do you get for someone who can buy himself a small island if he wanted to?
    NOTE: Part of the ClexFest
        Summary: Clark reacts to solar flares.
    NOTEs: For Schala4. Thanks to Bill
Deuxieme Chance
        Summary: Superman tries to change the past. Will it work?
Alien Biology 101
        Summary: Clark reaches puberty. Will Lex survive?
        Summary: Kids, Lex, Clark ???

        Summary: Fatherhood. Will Lex survive?

        Summary: The family grows.

        Summary: Camping.

        Summary: An Addition to the family.

        Summary: This son doesn't hide in the closet.

Special Delivery
        Summary: Lex gets rid of the competition.

Until the End of Time
        Summary: Sometimes you just need perspective.

Spared the Rod
        Summary: Superman takes drastic measures.

        Summary: Alien sex.

        Summary: Destiny, can you change it?

Authorized Autobiographies of Lex and Clark
        Summary: A lifetime together.

Good Advice
        Summary: Looking human, doesn't mean things works like human.

        Summary: This is another fine mess, Clark.
Fly Me to the Moon
        Summary: Is the title a hint?

Mating Scarification
    Rating: NC17
    Summary: Alien mating practices.

Alien Fusion
        Summary: More alien sex, inspired by a RPS story by Innusiq.

        Summary: AU Lex and Clark meet in college.

Ivory Tower
        Summary: Sequel to Academe.

  The Day the World Turned Purple
    Summary: College pranks. Written for a CLFF challenge.
Long and Flexy Feather and Flip

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