Peach's Mulder Revolts

by Bertie

"Mulder? What the fuck am I doing tied up? And naked??" growled his boss, the big bald beautiful man that was Walter Skinner.

"Don't worry your pretty little head, Walter. This is between Alex and me."

"Alex? Ok, what are you two up to now??"

"Hush, you're not my lover in the His Master's Voice universe anyway."

"Well, I am in the Triad universe..."

"So? I'm being directed by Bertie anyway... don't distract me; here he comes."

"Ok, Mulder, why is my lover tied up naked? I'm his master..." his voice was husky and he looked about ready to strangle Mulder, holding his bottom captive against his will.

"Ha! Only in His Master's Voice universe! Don't even talk to me about the Triad universe!" Mulder barked.

"Are you going to let me down?" moaned Walter, upset Mulder and Krycek's eyes seemed to be only on each other. If they were in the Triad universe, this surely wouldn't be happening.

"Hush, Walter, we're trying to settle this man to man," husked Alex, barely glancing at his bound lover all hot and sweaty.

Walter groaned, knowing full well that in the hands of Bertie those boys wouldn't leave their clothes on for long. Yep, sure enough, there went Alex's shirt, then Mulder's.

"Are you trying to make a threesome in the HMV universe?" asked Walter fruitlessly. Alex and Mulder's lips were locked together and their hands were caressing all over each other.

Walter sighed. Boy, those boys sure looked hot together but they rarely were together in Peach's stories.

Finally Mulder pulled his tongue from seeking Alex's tonsils and told Walter, "No, not a threesome, but I sure as hell don't appreciate being made to marry Scully! How revolting. Bertie only likes Alex with Scully...or Scully slash."

"What?? NO FUCKING WAY AM I GOING WITH MISS SKANK," cried Alex, upset.

"Who are you calling a skank?? That's my partner you are talking about!"

They grabbed each other, throwing each other to the floor and seriously began to get busy, thrusting their hard erections together through their pants.

Walter, seriously hard now, wondered if he would ever get any relief when suddenly another Mulder appeared before him. A Mulder from Peach's first story Fine line between pleasure and pain.

"What are you doing here?" croaked Walter, wondering what now.

"Remember me? I was your bottom exclusively and now I am totally ignored. It's not fair; you are totally distracted by Master Alex all the time. What about me?"

"Hey, don't look at me; I'm a bottom in this scenario..."

"You fuck Alex sometimes..."

"Only when he wants it!"

"Come on, Walter. I can be good for you too!" With that, the second Mulder swallowed the big guy's leaking cock in one fell swoop.

"Yikes! Alex! Help! I'm being molested!"

Alex, his legs wrapped firmly around the first Mulder's thrusting hips, growled, "Don't you dare come!"

Walter whimpered.

Scully suddenly appeared and Walter cried, "Help me, please!"

"What the hell is going on??"

OH NO, thought Walter. The Dana in the HMV universe. She was a bitch.

"Mulder chained me up and ..."

"I see." She grabbed the second Mulder's ear and pulled him away from Walter's cock. "You've got some explaining to do, buster!"

"Scully??" gasped the second Mulder, but unable to break free from her grip. They disappeared the same way they came.

Shit, he was still hard and leaking now and no one to relieve him. Just then the bounty hunter appeared wearing his large enigmatic grin that he wore at the end of season 7 when he gloated over Mulder's prone body. Walter gulped. What now??

"You need someone to relieve that for you, Mister Skinner?"

He shook his head, willing his stupid cock to go down.

Just before the BH had a chance to reach over and grab him, another Krycek appeared.

"Hands off, buster! He's mine!"

"Alex?" It didn't make sense. How could there be two Alex's from HMV series?

The BH vanished and Alex quickly pulled his lover from the restraints.

"Sorry it took so long, Walter. I was thoroughly thrown by the Walter from the other man series.

"What in the hell is going on? And what are Mulder and Krycek doing over there?"

"I have no idea, Master. Apparently it's this writer Bertie's fault. She got Mulder from HMV universe all upset because he is marrying his beard, Scully."

Alex shook his head. "There's no pleasing some writers."

With that they escaped, unscathed, leaving Mulder to enjoy his Krycek. Not even caring which universe he came from. It was probably a Krycek from one of Bertie's stories. ;)


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