A complete, alphabatized list of the stories on this site.

2 Alexs and a Clark
A Break From the War
A Matter of Timing
A Brewster Body
A Christmas Sacrifice [M]
A Gift of Wings[M]
A Rat's Desire
A Ring Means Eternity[T]
Alien Biology 101
Alien Fusion
Answers From Beyond
Art Class
Artist and Model
Assume the Position
Assumed Commitment
Authorized Autobiographies of Lex and Clark
B Movies
Baby I'm the Bottom
Behind his Eyes
Big Dog's Movin' In
Blackbird Fly
Boys Night Out[T]
Break Me, Take Me
Canadian Possibilities[T]
Cascade Revelations
Change is a Broken Heart
Children of the Night
Christmas in Savannah
Clones R Us
Crystal Balls and Candy Corn[T]
Death by VR
Deep Fried What?!
Desktop Realities
De Trop
Deuxieme Chance
Dirty Talk
Don't Know Much
Easy to Love
Ebb Tide
Empty Nights
Enslaved [Deleted Scene I]
Enslaved [Deleted Scene II]
Fly me to the Moon
Forbes and Kitten and Claws
Games Agents Play
Ghost Ambush
Go F Yourself
Good Advice
Goodbye Babylon, Hello Birdcage
Gun Oil and Testosterone
Hang on Until the Scenery Changes
He's a Prick Teaser
His Master's Voice[M]
Ivory Tower
LA Jazz
Late Night & Early Morning Conversations[T]
Let Milo Open the Door
Lightening Bugs
Long and Flexy Feather and Flip
Looking for Some Hot Stuff[M]
Love or Let Go
Love Slave[T]
Lure of Opposites
Main Squeeze
Marked and Tagged
Make Me, Fake Me
Mating Scarification
Matters of the Heart
More Intoxicating than Moonshine[M]
Morning Interlude[T]
My Place
Never Bet on a Sure Thing[T]
Night Companions
Night Out[M]
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide[T]
Office Dreams
Once More
Only Waiting
Oral Commitment
Over the River[M]
Past Indiscretions[T]
Peach Gets Punished
Peak Foundations
Petit Enceinte[T]
Position of Power
Power Exchanged is Power Enhanced[M]
Power Poppers[M]
Regression 1: Rome[M]
Regression 2: Constantinople the First Crusade[M]
Regression 3: Space the 24th Century[M]
Regression 4: New York 1800[M]
Regression 5: Sea Captive[M]
Regression 7: The Summer King[M]
Regression Redux[M]
Resurrection and Redemption
Retirement Day[T]
Riding Bareback[T]
RIP Alex's Youth[T]
Safe Harbors[T]
Santa and His Naughty Elves[T]
Santa Day[T]
'Scuse me While I Kiss this Guy
Second Hand Emotion
Shadchan, the Matchmaker[M]
Sharp Edge of Joy[M]
Silent Commitment
Skinner's Balcony (Alex's POV)[T]
Skinner's Balcony (Walter's POV)[T]
So Precious a Coin
Sound Bytes
Sound Bytes II
Space Dog[M]
Spared the Rod
Special Delivery
Sunshine Makes me High
Sweet Poison
Tainted Love
Takes a Licking...[M]
Tattoos R Us[M]
Tell It To The Marines[M]
Time Enough
The Day the World Turned Purple
The Entrepreneur and the Artist
The Fine Line Between Pain and Pleasure
The First Time[T]
The Househusband's Guide to the Domesticated Rat
The Man Who Has Everything
The Offering
The Other Man
The Other Man [Prequel]
The Other Man's Entrance
The Other Man's Viewpoint
The Pitts Ain't so Bad
The Promise of Christmas[T]
The Velvet Web
The Wardrobe[M]
The Witching Hour
There's a Bathroom on the Right
Thief, Assassin and Cops
Things That Go Hump in the Night
This Ain't the Orient Express
Thomas Wolfe Was Right[M]
Three Grandfathers[T]
Three if by Moonlight [T]
To See Beyond Your Armor
Tomorrow's Another Day
Until the End of Time
Ursus, Canis and Rattus
Valentine's Day[T]
Veteran's Day Melancholy[M]
Visiting the Pitts
Walter's Discography[T]
Way Off the Map
Wearing of the Green
We're On Our Way
What Coin So Precious
What Ever Gets You Through the Night
What I did on Summer Vacation
What We Give[M]
What's A Little Bondage?
Woodland Walk
Wormhole's End
Written Commitment
You had the Answer
You're the Top
You're a Dickhead in Love
Zenith Base
Stories by other authors:

Blood of Me by Ursula
Danse Erotique by Bill
Desires Unshadowed by Polly Bywater
My True Love's Eyes by Bette St. Cloud
Peach's Mulder Revolts by Bertie
To The Rescue by Josan
  [M] - His Master's Voice series
  [T] - Triad series
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