Title: What Ever Gets You Through the Night
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom:  X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder
Warnings: Explicit sexual content between two men. If you are offended by such things this is not a story for you. Turn back now. Bondage games.
Rating: NC17
Date: 12/6/00
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder. Others just let me know please.
Disclaimer: The characters of  Skinner and Mulder, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended no money is being made.
Summary: Skinner and Mulder consummate their relationship.

I stood in the doorway looking at him lying as I had left him a couple of hours ago. Chained to my bed, with a blanket pulled up over him to keep him warm. I watched him sleep, and remembered the night this had started. It's been six months since the first time I had him.

He came to my place on a Friday night, with a gym bag in his hand. He dropped it just inside my door, and said he had something to talk to me about.

"I'm not sure how to ask you this. Could I have a drink?"

"What would you like?"

"Do you have tequila?"

"Yeah. You want a lime and salt?"

"Sure, if you have them."

I went into the kitchen, cut up a lime, got the salt. I came back with two shot glasses, and set up on the coffee table. I had the feeling I would need a drink, too. By the time he had spit out what he came to say, I needed the bottle and he was buzzed.

"You want me to what? Have you lost your fucking mind?"

"I need this, and I don't have anyone I can trust but you. I had someone since college that took care of this for me. He died a few weeks ago. No, it wasn't Aids. We always used condoms and even a spermicide. Look, I know you're straight so you could just use one of these."

He started pulling items out of the bag he brought with him. First were the fleece lined cuffs. The chains to secure them to the bed followed. Then he laid out an assortment of toys. Dildos of various sizes, including one that was so big it would probably rip him open. Two butt plugs, one that was thick and solid, one that could be filled with liquid to make it cold or hot. He even had a nightstick.

I looked at his array of items and realized my cock was definitely interested even if my mind was saying no way. How I had responded to him had nothing to do with what my body wanted. Hell, I've wanted him since the first time I saw him. I know I project this macho straight image but I've known since Nam that I like to stick my cock up a man's ass as much as I like pussy. Being bisexual isn't easy in our society so I opted for ignoring that side of my nature.

"So, let me get this straight. Since college, you have had a male lover who chained you, and fucked you until he couldn't get it up or you used a code to stop him. When he wasn't fucking you, he left you chained to the bed. Now he's gone and you want me to take over where he left off. What if I say no?"

"I guess I'll take a chance on one of the clubs around town. That will at least relieve some of my stress and I can maybe run an ad or something. I came to you because I trust you, I'm attracted to you, and I thought you might do it out of friendship."

"I don't fuck my friends."

He started loading the things he'd brought back into the bag.

"I'm sorry I bothered you, Sir. Please, just forget I was here."

"You're going to walk out that door and go pick up a stranger at some club? Now I know you've lost your mind. Clubs might have worked for you years ago but you can't chance that now. If they found out, they would ruin you."

He wouldn't look at me. Just kept putting the things back in the bag. I watched him get up and walk to the door and knew that I couldn't let him risk himself that way.

"What's the code word?"

He stopped, with his hand on the doorknob, but didn't turn around.

"I always used his middle name."

"Mine is Sergei. Go upstairs and get ready. How long do you need?"

"Would you give me about forty-five minutes? I'd like to shower first."

"Sure. I'll come up then."

That had to have been the longest forty-five minutes of my life. I debated with myself while I waited. I finally came to the conclusion that it would be a one shot deal. So, I was going to enjoy myself. The toys would not get used. Who needs toys when you have a hard cock that is more than willing to go where invited?

Forty-four minutes later I started up the stairs. He was sitting on my bed naked, his hair still damp from the shower fastening one of the cuffs around his wrist. He looked up at me and shrugged.

"It's difficult to do one handed."

I moved toward him, finished with that cuff then quickly attached the other one. He scooted to the middle of the bed and lay down, lifting his arms up toward the chains that were hanging from the bedposts . I clipped one cuff to the chain and then moved around the bed to fasten the other.

As I walked around the bed, I saw his toys laid out carefully on a towel on my dresser. There were a couple of additional items that he hadn't taken out downstairs. I picked up the riding crop and turned toward him.

"You didn't say anything about pain, Mulder."

"I know. I keep it in the bag and it's just habit to lay out everything. Brandon didn't use it often but it was part of the fantasy. Considering all the problems I've caused you over the years, I thought you might want to punish me. I even trust you to do that to me."

"Maybe some other time."

I put the crop down next to the paddle where I had found it. Then I looked over the other items. Acting as though I was considering which to use. I picked up the largest dildo, and heard his gasp. Then I put it down.

I turned and walked to the foot of the bed, making sure he had a good view, and began to unbutton my shirt. I took my time and watched as his eyes opened wide, as his tongue slipped out to wet his dry lips. Once my shirt was out of the way, I ran my hands down my chest to my waist and was pleased to see his cock start to harden.

I continued to watch his face as I opened the button and unzipped my pants. I didn't think his eyes could get any wider but, when I pushed my pants down past my erection, they almost popped out of his head. I was gratified to see that he was now fully erect as well.

"Is it anything like you expected?"

"I wasn't expecting to see you naked. I thought you would stay dressed. Are you going to…."

His words trailed off, but I got the point of what he was trying to ask.

"Well, Mulder, I decided that if I was going to do this, I might as well get something out of it as well. Have you changed your mind?"


I waited to see if he would say more but the single word was all he said. Until later, after I was inside him.

I went back to the dresser and picked up the tube of lube that was lying next to the toys. Sitting on the bed next to him I squeezed a generous amount onto my fingers. He shifted slightly and raised the leg nearest me to give me access. As soon as my fingers slipped inside him, I knew he was used to being penetrated. His muscles relaxed and my big fingers were in. I'm not saying he was too loose. On the contrary, as soon as my fingers were in he tightened down on them. He just knew how to relax and get ready.

I worked my fingers in and out of him, making sure that it wasn't a fluke, that he was ready for me. Then I reached into the drawer by my bed, and pulled out my own box of condoms. I stood up next to the bed,  turned so he could watch as I rolled the condom down over my cock.

His breathing took on a delightful ragged sound, and I smiled to myself. This was going to be better than any wet dream I had ever had about him. Better than the waking fantasies. Here he was, laid out, naked, and chained for me to use. I intended to use him well, and for as long as he would let me.

I quickly coated my cock with lube. I moved onto the bed between his legs, pushing a couple of pillows under his hips to get a better angle. I noticed him watching my every move, a small bemused smile on his face.

I took my time entering him, watching his eyes. I have no false modesty. I'm what's known as hung. That's how I discovered I like men. I went to Nam almost a virgin. I had been with a hooker a couple of times during boot camp, that's all. You might not believe this but I was shy. I hadn't yet developed that hard glare or the growl in my voice. I was just a kid who thought he was going to save the world, at least the little part that his Government had sent him to fight for.

In Nam, when we got leave, we did what all red-blooded boys far from home do during war. We went looking for booze, drugs and pussy. The pussy I found was afraid of me and took me to someone she said would take good care of me. He took care of me all right. Such good care that I gave him all the money I had when my leave was over. I saw him every time I had leave. He taught me the pleasures to be found in a man's tight ass and hot mouth. Once I was home, I arranged to sponsor him. He lives in California now and I get cards twice a year, my birthday and Christmas. We've never seen each other in all these years. What we had was in country and had no place back here in the world.

As I watched Mulder's eyes, I saw the slight surprise as I pressed deeper inside him. When I bottomed out, he made a low moaning sound.

"You ok, Mulder?"

"Yeah, god! you're big. I mean I could see that but since I've been doing this since I was sixteen, I didn't think I would feel quite this full."

"You want me to stop? Say the word and I will, Mulder."

"No, it doesn't hurt. I'll adjust." He smiled at me. That slow lazy smile that I had seen only a few times before. He's so goddamn beautiful when he smiles like that.

Since he wasn't asking me to stop, I began to move in him, finding a rhythm that pleased me and that I hoped would allow him to adjust to me. I managed to keep to that rhythm until he began making little keening noises, alternating with a chant of "Please! Harder!" at me. I slid one hand up under his hips, used the other to stroke his cock and tried to give him what he wanted. He came hard in my hand, crying my name. His ass locked down on me and I came more explosively than I had in some time.

"God! Mulder."

I rolled sideways so I wouldn't smother him and tried to fill lungs that were much too small. I heard him panting beside me. Once I could breathe again, I got a washcloth and cleaned the sweat and come off his body. He smiled up at me again.

"Think I'll take a nap if that's ok. Just wake me when you're ready to go again."

"Ok, Mulder." I pulled the blanket up over him and he smiled his thanks. As I got to the door, I heard his sleepy voice.

"Walter, I let people who fuck me call me Fox."

I smiled but didn't turn around.

"Have a good nap, Fox."


Now I finally came to a conclusion. Something had to change. He had been coming to me at least twice a month since that first time. The VCU cases brought him every night for a least a week after they ended. He had never stayed this long before. He came here Friday and now it was Sunday. The next day was a holiday so no work to go to. He had been chained to the bed except for the times we ate and he showered.

This was the nature of what he had asked of me, what I had agreed to, those months ago. I needed something more now. I'd fallen in love with him and I hoped he felt the same way.

I stood and watched him sleep for a few minutes then moved toward the bed. I was hard and wanting him again. Sitting next to him I brushed his hair back off his forehead. His eyes fluttered open and his lazy smile lit his face.



He raised his head and looked down toward my crotch.

"Guess you are ready again? Walter, didn't they tell you that a man should hit his sexual peak at eighteen or nineteen not at forty-eight?"

"They told me, but they forgot to tell Walter Jr."

"Walter Jr.?"

"Would you rather I use something pretentious like Alexander the Great?"

"No. Walter Jr. works."

"Do you need to pee first?"

"Yeah, I'd better."

I reached over to the nightstand, picked up the urinal and held his cock while he peed. I felt awkward the first time I did this for him. Now, it was just an intimate act we shared. When he had finished I went to empty it and wash it out. Coming back to the bedroom, I sat next to him again.

"Fox, are you having sex with anyone else? I've been thinking that it's been over six months and, if you aren't, we should get tested. We could save a fortune on condoms."

I couldn't read the expression on his face. I expected *Sergei* to be the next word from his mouth.

"We could go to my doctor on Tuesday. He treats lots of gay and bi males. He's very discreet."

"Good. You'll arrange it for us then?"

"Sure, Walter, I'll take care of it."

I had made an admission to him. It had been hard for me to do, but the first step had been taken. He had made an admission to me as well. Why do men have to dance around things? Guess that doesn't really matter. We both now knew that we weren't out bed hopping all over D.C. That, for the last six months, there had been no one else in my bed or his.

I reached out and began to stroke him gently. Leaning down, watching his eyes for any sign of rejection, I covered his lips with mine. His mouth opened to me, letting me enter his body in a way I hadn't before. I explored ever inch, savoring his taste. When I raised up, he smiled at me so tenderly.


I went still, wondering how I had blown it. I reached up to the cuffs setting him free, and as I turned to get up, his hand slipped up over my shoulder.

"Where are you going, Walter?"

"No where, just moving so you can get up."

"Why, we gonna do it somewhere besides the bed?"

I turned to look at him, my mouth dropping open. Guess he saw that as an invitation. His mouth covered mine and his tongue explored me. I moaned into his mouth.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting you to kiss me."

"Why didn't you just ask me, Fox?"

"I couldn't. I set the boundaries of this game. If they were going to change it had to be because you wanted more. I know I'm no bargain. I cause you a lot of grief."

"You also give me more pleasure than anyone else in my life."

"Do I?" His voice sounded shy, like a child given something they never expected to have.

"Yes, Fox, you do. Why do you think I keep letting you come here? Why do you think I let you stay that first night?"

"God, I was so nervous that night. I figured you'd kick my ass all the way out to the street and have me transferred to Alaska. Then, when you told me your middle name, I was even more nervous. I figured that you would use one of the toys on me. I never expected to have you inside me."

"I never expected to be there. I fantasized about it a lot. There were times you would leave my office and I'd go in the bathroom and jerk off. I couldn't ask you, Fox. I always figured you and Scully were together. That night, my cock got hard as soon as you told me why you were here. I've wanted you since the first time I saw you."

"Really?" Again that shy look.


"Then come show me how much you want me. Do all the things I've been dreaming of you doing. All the things I've wanted to beg you to do to me. You can start with another one of those kisses. Good thing Kim doesn't know how you kiss or she would make you pay her with them."

His voice was light and teasing but his eyes were filled with lust. I pushed him back down on the bed and lay next to him. Now that I felt free to touch him any way I wanted, I was almost paralyzed with indecision on where to start. He helped me out by pulling me down into a kiss.

I decided that kissing was definitely a good place to start. I trailed a line of kisses along his jaw line, from there down his throat, then down farther to suck one of his nipples into my mouth. He groaned so sweetly that I decided to try the other one. A louder moan met this effort. Oh yeah! Had to remember that the right nipple was more sensitive.

As I worked my way down his body, the moans got louder. His body was arching up toward my mouth. When my mouth closed over his cock, he whimpered, "Please!"

I raised my head, letting his cock slip out of my mouth, "Please what, Fox?"

He raised up, and positively growled at me, "Suck me."

"Oh, so demanding." I laughed as he grabbed me by the ears and pulled me back toward his cock. After six months of having him passive as I fucked him, this was a definite change for the better. Now don't think that means that I don't enjoy having him helpless under me, because I do. It's a real turn on to have someone chained and awaiting your pleasure. A turn on that you are trusted so completely. I'll still want to fuck him that way some times.

His moans and jerky hip movements let me know he was close. I didn't care, it was well worth letting him come too quick for the joy of tasting him for the first time. I sucked him deeper into my mouth, hollowed out my cheeks to get suction and swallowed as he shot down my throat. I lay with my head on his thigh, letting him soften in my mouth, rubbing my tongue softly against the underside of his cock. His hand caressed my head as his breathing slowed to normal.

"God, Walter, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Grabbing you like that. Coming in your mouth without warning you. Just generally being rude." He sounded shy again.

I moved so that I was between his legs, my hard cock resting against his soft one. I leaned down to kiss him, getting a startled response.

"I wanted to taste you. After six months of using you, it was nice to have you *grab* me. I hope you will *grab* me on a regular basis. I think it's time you did some of the work, don't you?" I smiled to let him know I was teasing.

He grinned back at me and wiggled against me.

"Well, big boy, if I'm supposed to be doing the work, you should let me get on top for a change."

"You're right, I should."

I moved off him and reached to unfasten the cuffs that were around his wrists. Then I held them out to him and offered my wrist. His eyes got huge, and his head began to shake.

"No, Walter. That's not what I meant. I need to be submissive sometimes but I don't want you that way.  I've never topped anyone. I don't think I can do that, especially not to you. I like you topping me."

"You're confusing me, Fox. First you say I should let you get on top, now you say you've never topped."

"I'm sorry. What I meant is I want to suck you off. I want to kiss you, caress you, and arouse you. I can't imagine you being topped. It just seems wrong somehow."

"To be truthful, I never have been. You're the only one I've even considered letting do that to me. I want us to have more than just sex, Fox. Ah! Fuck, I'm not good at emotions. What I'm trying to say in my own stupid way is I love you and I hope you'll someday learn to love me."

His voice was very soft as he answered, "I've been in love with you for years. I just couldn't do anything about it while Brandon was alive."

There was something here that I couldn't quite get. Something he wasn't saying.

"You loved him. It was a long-term relationship. Must have been confusing as hell to be attracted to me."

"No, that's not it. I wasn't confused at all. I knew what I wanted but knew I'd never have it. He wouldn't have let me go. If I had acted on what I felt for you, if he had found out about it, I would have been punished." His head down his voice low.

"Fox, are you saying that he abused you?" I reached to touch him to try to raise his head, but he pulled back from me, and rolled to the other side of the bed.

"Guess I'd better go now. Now that you know what a sick fuck I am, you probably don't want me around. Thanks for …..everything….you know, helping me after the VCU cases and …….Ah, I really enjoyed what you did to me earlier when you let me……."

By this time he had picked up his pants and was trying to pull them on. He jumped when my hand closed over his arm. I pulled him around to face me.

"Fox, look at me."

His head raised and I saw the tears shining in his eyes. I pulled him close to me, wrapping my arms securely around his trembling body.

"You're not sick, Fox. The man who treated you that way was sick. I'm sorry that happened to you. You do know that I won't ever *punish* you. I just want to make love to you."

His head came up, he looked at me with a combination of surprise and pleasure.

"You still want me?"

"Of course I do. Didn't you hear me say I love you?"

His arms wrapped around me as his lips found mine. I'd never been so thoroughly kissed.

"Make love to me, Walter. I really need you."

I led him back to the bed and lay next to him. I took my time. Kissing him, stroking him, making him ready for me. I waited to enter him until he was writhing under me. I slid inside him in one long continuous move. I was rewarded with a whimper.

"Love me, Walter. Please. Don't ever stop loving me."

"Never, my love."

I felt him tighten around me as he began to shoot. His come hitting my chest, his eyes naked, letting me see his soul. The sight pushed me over the edge. I pulled him into my arms to kiss him, my own climax barely noticed as I reveled in the joy of him being mine. 

I held him close until our shaking stopped and we were breathing normally again. Then I led him to the shower and bathed us both. That night we both slept with only happy dreams of our future.

I woke in the morning to the wonderful feeling of Fox wrapped around me.

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