The Fine Line Between Pain and Pleasure

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Part 6: Pleasure is nothing else but the intermission of pain

Mulder's POV

His hand lands on my ass making me yelp and jump.

"Boy, go over and get in the sling."

I run to obey even though I have visions of how these slings are most often used and I'm nervous. He comes over and fastened my cuffs to the sling not that he needs to I won't be trying to get away from him. He leans down and kisses me sweetly.

"Are you ready to give up that cherry, boy?"

I nod and drop my head back. Big mistake. There are mirror tiles above me. I'll be able to see his every move. He sees the direction of my eyes and reads my body language. Turning he walks away from me and comes back with a blindfold. Well at least now I won't have to watch.

I hear something being moved and then feel his hand resting on my thigh.

"Try to relax. I promise I'll be careful. You don't think I want to be celibate while you heal do you? I would never damage my playground."

I hear a sound that has come to mean sex to me and then his fingers probe me gently. He works me slowly and I begin to relax into his touch. I feel the pressure as he adds another finger. He is taking his time and every time he withdraws he adds more lube.

He talks softly to me as his hand continues to work me. My cock is standing at attention weeping with pre come and I know I'm making noises again. I'm very glad I can't see what he is doing, it would make me too nervous.

It seems like he has been at this for hours. My ass is happy with the attention and every time he hits my prostate I make that noise he calls keening. He likes that noise I guess because he makes me make it a lot. I feel a slight pop and hear his voice telling me he is in. The blindfold is pulled off.

"Look, Fox."

I look up and can see that he does indeed have his hand up my ass. I watch as he pulls out just to the edge of his thumb then pushes slowly back into me. God this is the most erotic feeling. I expected pain but there is none. His fist rubs against my prostate and I see stars. He strokes my cock at the same time and I beg him to stop.

"Well that's a first. You never asked me to stop before."

"I can't hold it if you do that while you are rubbing in my ass that way. God it feels so good."

He chuckles lets go of my cock then pulls out again and pushes back in.

"Raise you head a little, Fox"

I do as instructed and realize the moving sound I heard was the big mirror that was sitting on one side of the room. He has positioned it so that I am presented with a completely new angle of my ass being fisted. He just keeps pushing all my buttons and finding new ones I never knew I had. As I watch he twists his hand as he pulls out again and then the twisting motion as he pushes back in.


Walter's POV

When I saw the way he looked at himself in the mirrors above the sling I thought maybe I should have saved this game for later in the week. But there were reasons to do it then. There is the whole 'giving me what no one else ever had' thing. Then there is the 'yes I'm hard again but I've come four times in the last fourteen hours' thing. And lastly there is the 'I'm not as recovered as I pretend' thing. This game allowed me to sit on a stool between his legs and not have to work very hard. I can't let him think for a minute that I won't be able to give him what he wants. I can't loose him now that I finally have him.

I take my time working him open. I don't want to tear him or cause him pain. That probably sounds really strange considering a short time ago I was using a leather paddle on his ass. That kind of pain is a million miles away from ripping him up and having to take him to a hospital.

He said I made him fly. My heart surged with joy when he said that. I want him to fly. I want him to crave my touch. I want him to love me always. I continue working my fist in and out of him. I watch his face. He is staring intently at the mirror. Watching my every move. His whole body is flushed with his arousal and he is panting softly.

"How does it feel, Fox?"

"I thought it would hurt, but it feels fantastic."

I twist my hand so it rubs hard against his prostate and smile as his head drops back down and he moans again.

"Fox, do you know how this feels to me? Knowing I'm doing something to you that no one else ever has. You are so tight around me. It's like having my hand in a tight hot glove. My own little foxglove."

He moans again and I lean forward and lick the pre come off his cock. His head jerks up and he stares at me. I look steadily into his eyes. Then lean forward and rub my tongue along the slit in the head of his cock, tasting him again. I find that I like his taste. Looking up he is smiling at me like a little kid by the tree on Christmas morning.


Mulder's POV

I can't believe he just did that. At first I thought it was my imagination from the endorphin high. But when I raised my head he looked me right in the eye and licked me. Like I was an ice cream cone. I nearly lost it right there.

I stare at him and know I'm grinning like a loon. He told me he never bottomed and I assumed that meant he would never suck me or rim me. Up until now he has never put his mouth near my cock. He's jerked me off plenty but he's never even kissed me there. I stare into those chocolate eyes and nearly swallow my tongue when he swoops down and takes my entire length in his mouth.

I struggle to hold on and not come, but this is so incredible. His mouth is hot and wet. His tongue moving over me in ways I never even dreamed I feel. His hand is busy too and I drop my head back and howl. Just like a fox caught in a trap.

"Fox, look at me!" A sharp demand.

I raise my head and he smiles at me. Do you want to come he asks. I nod my head too far gone for words.

"Then come for me my little foxglove. I want to taste you."

He pulls his hand most of the way out of me and as he deep throats my cock pushes his fist back inside me. I'm howling again and pumping. I don't think it will ever stop. Then nothing.

When I come back to the land of the living he is sitting beside me. His hands are moving gently over me. He smiles that beautiful smile and I try to return it but I'm still flying too high.


Walter's POV

Well that's a first. He gave me his last cherry and I gave him one of my own. I've never sucked a cock before. Never wanted to until now. I'm finding I want him in ways I never wanted anyone before. I savor the taste of him as I take off his cuffs and massage his wrists and ankles. He's way off in the clouds somewhere and I did that to him. I wonder if anyone else ever made him fly like that. A question I get an answer for some time later.

He opens his eyes and I smile down at him. He makes a croaking noise and I give him the bottle of water I had waiting for him. He gulps down about half of it and then he smiles that sweet smile I love so much.

"God, Walter, how long was I flying?"

"I think you've been gone for about an hour. Next time I better pack you a bag."

He laughs at this and reaches out to me. I bend my head down and kiss him, letting him taste himself on my tongue. When I pull back his eyes study mine and he smiles again.

"Nobody ever made me fly like that before. What did I do to deserve you?"

"Come on let's go to bed and we can talk there."

I help him out of the sling and end up carrying him up to bed; his legs don't want to work. I put him on the bed to get settled. I go in to take a shower hoping he will go to sleep before I get out. No such luck. When I come out he lifts the blankets for me. Then cuddles up against me, head on shoulder and leg thrown casually over mine. Another new thing in my life, I've never been much for snuggling but it feels right with him.


Mulder's POV

"That was the absolute best time anyone ever gave me, Walter. I can't believe you did that to me. When you first licked me I thought I was hallucinating. Thank you for that. It felt incredible and looked even better."

"I did it for me too. So I did ok for a virgin?"

My mind won't track at first. Did he say virgin? He never sucked anyone before. He did that for me. My heart is soaring as high as my body did earlier. I push myself up to look at him. His eyes don't meet mine and I need to see his eyes.

"Walter, please look at me." He turns those chocolate eyes to me.

"You never did that for anyone else? I'm the only one really?"

"Didn't I say that?"

"Why me? Why not someone you knew before?"

"Why you? I told you I love you. They were just sex. Before you I never wanted to. It may surprise you to know this but I am making changes to my life for you and with you."

"What changes?"

"Well for one the other men I played with here never got to sleep in the bed with me. Very few of them even got to come back a second time. I'm good at this. I could give them what they wanted. I got off, I'm not saying I didn't but not like I did with you tonight. Or any time I'm with you for that matter. I've never gotten off with anyone male or female like I do with you. What is this? I beat your ass, fuck you so hard I'm surprised I didn't break your back and stick my fist up your ass and *now* you cry."

He was right I was crying. He has no idea what a gift he has just given me. His thumb brushes my tears away and he pulls me down to kiss me.

"It's not that big a deal, Fox. You gave me a cherry, I gave you one."

"You're offending my delicate sensibilities with that vulgar term."

I tried to look prim when I said it but his roar of laughter pushed me into laughing too.

"Yeah, right, real delicate. I'll try to remember how delicate you are tomorrow when I use the new cat I bought on you. Now will you let an old man get some sleep?"

I snuggle down close to him and feel his hand tangle in my hair. Old indeed. As I drift off to sleep I hear him whisper against my hair that he loves his little foxglove.


Walter's POV

I wake up early as always and make a mental note to brush after drinking come. What tasted good while it was warm from Fox's body adds a whole new dimension to morning mouth. For the first time since he knocked on my door that Friday night almost two months ago I don't have an instant erection from waking up with him next to me. I lay there listening to his breath and wonder why I'm not hard. Maybe Scully was right and I am over doing it. Or maybe I'm just afraid of the power I gave him last night with my confessions.

I slip out of bed and go brush and pee. When I come back he is awake and smiling at me. I stand looking at him all sleep warm still, hair sticking out and think how beautiful he is. I slip back into bed and pull him close. He twists around pushing his butt back toward me and giving a little wiggle.

"Fox what are you doing?"

"Pretending to be asleep so you can wake me up."

Well he doesn't know there has been no need to get in the *mood* the other mornings. He was asleep so he has no clue how instant the erections were. He has no clue that I'm worrying about what I let slip to him last night. So what does the big macho man do? He pushes away the thing he wants most. Then he goes and gets in the shower, leaving his lover lying cold on his bed.


Mulder's POV

I lie there where he left me and can't believe how desolate I feel. There have been only three mornings in the last two months that I haven't come awake to the feeling of him moving inside me. I try to think what I could have done to anger him. I heard him brushing his teeth when I woke up. Could that be it? He's sorry he sucked me. Or disgusted. I can't lie there and wait I have to know.

Gathering my courage I get up and enter the bathroom. When I open the shower door I see him tense up. I step into the shower behind him saying not one word. I pick up the soap and begin to lather his back. Rubbing hard at the tense muscles. Slowly they begin to relax and he leans back into my hands.

"Permission to kiss you master?" I beg.

His head turns and his eyes meet mine.

"Permission granted."

I slip around in front of him and find my home in his arms. His kiss is hard and rough and I feel his cock begin to harden against me. Things can't be too bad if he's getting hard from a kiss can they? When did my existence start revolving around Walter Sergei Skinner's cock?

I feel his hands slip down over my ass and I moan as he squeezes my sore cheeks. I haven't looked but I'm sure that I'm bruised. The paddle he used was heavy and he worked on me for a long time. He raises his head and looks at me for a long minute. Again I wonder what I did and how can I fix it.

"Bed now."

I hurry to obey. When he comes out of the bathroom I'm on my knees with a pillow under my head.

"Fox, you're suppose to be asleep. You don't sleep with your ass up in the air."

I shift up, smile at him then curl up on my side, closing my eyes waiting for my lover to wake me. I feel him slide into bed behind me and again that sound. You know the one a tube of lube being squeezed makes. That sound alone can make me hard now. Everything this man does to me makes me hard. I've regressed to a horny teenager with a crush on the captain of the team.

I feel his cock pressing against me then sliding in one long slow stroke into me. His arms wrap around me and he makes love to me like I'm made of china and might break. His kisses on my neck are soft and his movement in me slow and gentle. For some reason this makes me afraid. It feels like he is saying goodbye. I can't help it I start to cry. I'm turning into a simpering queen.


Walter's POV

I come out of the bathroom and he is waiting ass in air for me. I can see from this angle the bruises I left on him last night. I can also see how swollen and red his hole is. We need a break today. I need the rest and he needs some down time.

When I enter him I go slow and easy. I want to make love to him and then we are going to spend the day getting to know each other better. When I realize he is crying I freeze up inside.

"Fox, am I hurting you?" Yeah I know I've hurt him a lot but he knows how I mean it.

"I'm not going to get to come back here am I?"

I pull out of him and he shrieks no his hands reaching to pull me back toward him.

"Please don't turn away from me. Please at least give me this one last time."

I grab him and turn him over so I can see his face.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Not come back here? Why wouldn't you?"

"I know I fucked up but I don't know how or how to fix it. I've had goodbye fucks before. They're always gentle. Funny they could beat the crap out of me for weeks but when they got ready to say goodbye it was always slow and gentle."

I stare at him until he drops his eyes and starts to roll away from me. No he isn't going anywhere. I grab his arm, push him back down on the bed and roll on top of him. Holding his head in my hands, I force him to look at me.

"Fox William Mulder, you will come here whenever I want you to come here. Just because I normally fuck you like I'm trying to punch my way through you doesn't mean I can't be gentle. I probably wouldn't have been gentle if I hadn't got such a great view of your ass when I came out of the bathroom. You may not care that you are swollen and red but I do. You need some recover time and much as I hate saying this so do I. I'm getting old and the surgery took more out of me than I was willing to let you see. I think it's time we talked. God I never thought I would say that."

"You aren't tired of me?"

"If I was tired of you why would I have brought you out here? I could have dumped you in DC and saved the gas. Fox, when I said I love you that means forever. Now just while I'm in you. I lost Sharon because I wouldn't talk I'm not letting that happen with you. I made you promises when you came back to me that first Saturday. I've been afraid since the surgery that if I couldn't keep those promises you would get tired of me and leave."

His arms wrap around me and pull me down for a kiss. Then he smiles at me and wiggles a little under me.

"Can we finish what we started and then we'll finish talking? Can we haul out all the fears and get rid of them after you make me come."

I smile down at him and growl, "What makes you think I'm going to *let* you come?"

"You always do. I think you like the sounds I make."

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