Title: Assumed Commitment 
Author: Peach
Email address: Peach1250@hotmail.com
Fandom: X-Files
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder James/Byron
Warnings: This story contains explicit m/m sex. There are also references to BDSM. If these things bother you *GO AWAY NOW*
Rating: NC17
Date: 9/9/01
Archive: DitB, Slashing Mulder. Others just ask.
Disclaimer: The characters of Skinner and Mulder, and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright Infringement is intended; no money is being made.
Summary: This is a companion piece for Silent Commitment, Oral Commitment and Written Commitment.
NOTE: This story will contain the beginnings of a relationship between two other characters. This is for Tesa who wants my Skinner Mulder muse to visit more often. Thanks Bertie for the great comma hunt.

Walter had finally explained to Fox that James was more than a friend. He was his cousin. They were a year apart in age and had grown up together. More like brothers than cousins. When Walter got interested in games, he had approached James and was pleased to find than James wanted to learn to play too.  

So their early days in the lifestyle had been spent learning together. Sometimes sharing a sub. They had even shared Michael before James had decided he wanted a long-term relationship with him. Once that was decided, Michael became exclusive to James as Fox was now exclusive to Walter. 

Walter had also explained that they had still played together in the same room because they enjoyed watching the other one work a sub. Walter would watch James with Michael and James would watch him with whomever.

Fox understood that Walter was saying James would see him naked and fucked and anything else Walter wanted but would never touch him. And he would see James do his thing with whomever. Probably Byron. 

So Fox was a little nervous when they went to meet James' plane on Monday. He knew which one was James the minute he stepped off the ramp. He could have been Walter's brother. Tall, broad-shouldered, bald, beautiful Byron was going to cream his jeans when he saw him.

He hurried toward them and the cousins embraced. Even a quick kiss on the cheek. When they separated, he turned to look at Fox. That's when Fox saw the difference between them. He had blue eyes. 

"So, this is the famous Fox. About time you made an honest man of my cousin. He's as beautiful as you said he was, Walt. It's nice to meet you, Fox."

His big paw was extended and again Fox noted the similarities to his lover. They shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you, James. Welcome to DC."

"Come on, let's get your luggage and get out of here. We're taking you to the best seafood place in town for dinner. Then home and bed and tomorrow we'll get your things settled at the club. I even arranged for you to have company if you want. He's coming by in the afternoon and you can decide."

"Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Is he as pretty as Fox?"

"Byron is a Greek statue. But don't let his fine looks deceive you. He's strong."


"Yes, James, but don't let that scare you off. He's been in the lifestyle since he was eighteen. He knew what he wanted then. Just like we did." 

Fox was amazed at the two men. They had the same dry wit, the same powerful presence, the same taste in almost everything it seemed. They even finished each other's sentences. Fox was sad to see the evening end. He had learned so much about his lover's childhood and wanted to hear more.

The next morning they had a leisurely breakfast and then headed to the club. The truck was there at ten as expected and the three of them began to arrange the suite to James' liking. Fox almost laughed when he realised that James was placing things almost exactly as Walter had his. 

Walter was in the bathroom and Fox was helping James when they heard a voice at the door.

"Master Skinner, I hope I'm not too late to help."

James turned toward the door and Fox felt the heat as the two men saw each other for the first time.

"I'm not Master Skinner. You must be Byron and your timing is excellent. Walt is getting the hot tub ready so you can join us there. I'm James Wilson. Walt is my cousin."

"Sorry….You look so much like him I thought…."

"Yeah, we get that a lot. But I'm prettier." 

Byron moved forward and extended his hand. Walter came out of the bathroom in time to see their hands touch and he grinned and winked at Fox. The current that crackled between the two men was almost visible. 

Walter walked around them to close the door, turning the lock for privacy. Fox's body reacted to the obvious heat between Byron and James as well as the fire he saw raging in Walter's eyes. Walter had never put Fox through any public scenes but the idea of seeing what James did to Byron while having Walter do things to him was giving him a raging hard-on.

"Come on, Fox, the tub is ready." 

Walter took his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. He hurriedly stripped Fox and pushed him up against the vanity, bringing them both off in record time. He then eased his limp lover into the hot tub, pulling him backward to sit between his legs.

Walter was also giving Byron and James some negotiating time. He had no doubt that Byron would be staying the night and Fox would be getting his first taste of group play. 

"My cousin tells me you offered to stay the evening. You must trust Walt to be so willing. Hope you haven't changed your mind?" James asked Byron.

"No, not at all. I would like to stay."

"Good let's talk about games. Do you have any trouble with being watched? Walt and I enjoy working our subs in the same room. We've played together for years. It's almost like watching a video of yourself."

"No, I enjoy group scenes too. I think I'd like watching Master Skinner work Fox."

"Excellent, we'll ask them to stay, for a little while at least. Will you stay the night? I like waking up next to the ass I fucked the night before."

James smiled as he saw the heat rise in Byron's eyes. This boy would be fun to play with.

"I'd like to stay. I don't get asked for that often."

"Well then, all I can say is the men in DC must be stupid. Now tell me any definite won't go there's and what safe word you use?"

"Since I haven't been in any long-term relationships I normally just go with red, yellow, green as my safe words. I've never been fisted but only because I haven't been in a relationship and would only be willing to do that with someone I trust completely.  I don't do water sports but I'm pretty much a pain slut so any thing goes there, no blood though. And I like to end with being fucked. I'll suck you off if you want but I like to end with a hard cock in my ass."

"Byron, sounds like we'll get along just fine. We both totally agree about how a scene should end. Shall we go join Walt and Fox in the hot tub?"

"Sure, want me to undress here?"

"I think I want to undress you in front of them. Let them enjoy the show."  

Byron smiled and James decided right then and there that this boy was going to be his. He took the almost delicate hand in his and led him to the bathroom. Walter was in the tub with Fox between his legs. Fox's head was back on Walter's shoulder, Walter's mouth on his throat.  From the movement of the water he knew Walter was playing with his sub and his sub obviously liked it. 

Walter' looked up and he watched as James quickly undressed and then turned to undress Byron. He took his time doing that. Kissing the flesh he exposed. It was obvious from the puzzled expression that Byron hadn't been expecting to be fondled in the process. It didn't take long for the expression to change to pleasure and his eyes to flutter closed.

Walter's movement had alerted Fox and he raised his head to watch as well. Fox had never seen Byron or James nude, so he was enjoying the show. He also noticed another difference between James and Walter. James was uncut but just as well endowed. Fox already knew that Byron had a beautiful body but he had just never seen him completely nude.

James moved behind Byron to push his pants down. He pressed against him from behind and Byron went limp against him. His big hand moved to fondle the beautiful cock standing rigid against Byron's flat stomach. He was only a little above average in size but the shape was perfect, the circumcised head a lovely shade of purple. A low moan escaped the pretty mouth and James smiled at the men in the tub.

Byron stepped out of his pants as James nudged him toward the tub. James stepped in, sat down, and reached up to steady Byron, pulling him down to sit between his legs the way Fox was sitting between Walter's.                 

Fox and Byron were soon both moaning as Walter and James played with their boys. They smiled at each other as they made Fox and Byron come at almost the same time.  It was a game they had played together often. They sat enjoying the water as their boys came back to earth. Then they got out, telling their subs to stay in the tub until called. 

Fox smiled at Byron's hungry look as he watched James leave the room. When Byron turned around he blushed when he realised Fox was smiling at him.

"Hey, it's ok. I felt and looked the same way my first night with Walter."

"First? A man like that could have any sub he wants. But I'll take what ever he wants to give me. He's already done more than I expected and he hasn't even come yet. I figured it would be like most of my scenes. Wham bam over and out don't let the door hit you in the ass."

"Don't be so down on yourself. You've just never found the right man to be with. I'll tell you what Walter told me. James spent twenty years of his life with the same man. He's not a fickle kind of man who only wants to see how many guys he can fuck. So, take my advice. Relax and enjoy the evening with him."

"Well, he did ask me to stay all night. That's a step ahead of my usual 'dates'."

"I bet he'll be asking you for another date before he lets you leave in the morning. *If* he let's you leave in the morning. If he's anything like Walter, he makes quick decisions and he goes after what he wants." 

James had turned to look at his cousin as soon as they were out of earshot.

"Walt, when you said Greek statue I thought you were exaggerating. God, he's beautiful. And so responsive. From what he said, he's never had a real relationship. Are the men in this town blind and stupid?"

"Most of them, yeah. He's worked here for several years. I've seen men use him in the public rooms then walk away from him like he was a whore. If I hadn't already been in love with Fox, I would have taken him on, but I didn't want to break his heart. I knew he would fall in love with me if I encouraged him."

"Walt, are you playing matchmaker?"

"Maybe a little. James, Michael called me before he died and made me promise that I would help you find someone. He didn't want you to spend the rest of your life alone. If Byron isn't right for you, all I ask is be kind to him. He's a good boy who just wants to be loved."

"Well, if he wants a bald-headed old coot like me he'll probably get me. Michael taught me too well that sex is a hundred times better when it's with someone you love. I don't want to go back to meaningless encounters just to get laid."

"I'm sure Fox is pumping him to see what he thinks of you so far. I'll let you know what Fox tells me"

"Poor boy doesn't stand a chance."

"Do they ever against us?" 

Walter grinned at his cousin and the two moved as a team to make the frame ready for the subs to be chained together. The frame was heavier than most because Walter and James had built it themselves for the express purpose of restraining two subs face to face. 

Fox and Byron would be chained close enough together to rub against each other if they wanted and even to kiss if James or Walter decided to have them do that. James and Walter would allow their subs to kiss and even hump against each other but actual intercourse would only be with their Masters.

When they had the cuffs ready and the table set up with lube, condoms and toys they called for the boys to join them. Fox moved quickly to Walter's side as Byron moved to join James. The subs were kissed thoroughly then turned gently to be cuffed to the frame. Fox smiled at Byron's dazed look as the Masters tested the cuffs making sure their subs wouldn't be injured by them. He knew that look, he wore it often himself.

Walter and James started with lightweight floggers. Fox and Byron hardened and started to make that climb toward the clouds. Both subs caressed and kissed before the lightweight cat was used. Usually by that point, Fox would have his eyes closed and be concentrating on the sensation. But not this time. This time he had a chance to get an idea of how Walter looked when he worked him that way. He noticed that Byron was watching Walter just as intently. 

When Walter and James put down the cat and stroked them almost to climax but not quite, the moans coming from Fox and Byron caused the two older men to smile. The smiles got bigger as the boys rubbed against each other, seeking release. 

"Fox, you may kiss him if you like. He's very beautiful and kissing will be allowed between the two of you when we are all together like this." 

Fox turned to look at Walter for confirmation that he really meant what he had said. Seeing the open smile on Walter's face told him it wasn't a joke. He turned back and Byron met him half way. They kissed as Walter and James smiled at the beauty of the two together. They were still kissing as the single tails landed on their backs.

As soon as James and Walter knew they had them flying, the whips were dropped and two large cocks prepped to find release in their subs. Fox and Byron kissed again as Walter and James impaled them. Strong hands gripped lean hips, holding them in place as they fucked their boys. 

The sounds of four aroused men were loud in the room, panting along with the slap of fresh against flesh. Two deep voices commanding the subs to come. As the big hands ground Fox and Byron against each other. The big cocks driving deep into their sub's tight boy holes. The boys come mingled together on their stomachs. Walter's come filled Fox and James' filled the condom. 

The cuffs were released and the older men gathered their boys up in their arms, carrying them to the bed where they lay beside them, holding them until they came back from that place the flight had taken them. Fox clung to Walter as he always did afterwards. Byron sobbed with his release.   

Byron would tell Fox later that he had never come so hard. Fox would delight in being able to tell James that when he saw him later.

After a nap, Walter hauled Fox into the shower then took him home. 

Byron was so wiped out that James cleaned him gently and pulled him under the covers into his arms and slept better than he had since Michael had died. In the morning when he woke, he woke Byron by slipping his lubed condom covered cock into his ass. 

His boy, yes he was thinking of him that way, pushed back against him, whimpering softly. 

"Think you might like me waking you up like this again tomorrow morning?" James asked as he nuzzled the soft throat of the warm man in his arms.  

"I think I'd like you waking me up like this any time you want." 


He surged deep into the tight ass as his hand closed around Byron's cock. He drew it out as long as he could. James smiled in triumph as Byron came, screaming his name at the same moment as James came inside him.

They took a long shower together, had breakfast, and made plans to meet after Byron's shift that night. When he left for work, James called Walter.

Walter answered just as Fox's cell phone rang.

"Walt, it's me."

"Hi, James. How'd it go?"

"He was out of it the rest of the night. But seemed very happy to wake up to my cock in his ass. He's coming up after his shift so I'll be staying here again tonight."

"So, you're telling me my guide services won't be needed. That the only sight you are interested in right now is Byron naked and ready for you in your bed?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying. I've decided to stay on this ride as long as I can."

"James, hold on, Fox is waving at me."

Fox listened as he mouthed words at Walter. 'It's Byron. He had a great time. Thinks James is a terrific lover. Excited that James asked him to come back tonight.'

Walter moved into the other room so Byron wouldn't overhear his conversation.

"He's on the phone with Fox. From what he's telling him, he had a great time. I knew you guys would hit it off."

"Hey, that's great. I was afraid he was just coming back as a favor to you. Thanks, Walt. I'll call you in a couple of days."

"Why don't you bring him to dinner here on his next night off? Just let us know when."

"I'll ask him. Talk to you later."

Walter hung up to see Fox grinning at him from the doorway. 

"Well, Mr. Matchmaker, looks like you were right."

Walter grinned his most wicked grin at his lover. "Haven't you figured out yet that I'm always right?"

The End?

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