2008 Deep River Waterpark Daily
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Now by popular demand you can read about every day your host Mark T. spent at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. Simply click on the day to see what Splashtastic Fun was had.

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Sunday June 1, 2008

Another month has arrived. June is one of only 2 months that Deep River Waterpark is scheduled to be open every single day from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. so it is best that you come out now. I arrived at 10:22 a.m. it was 71 degrees and parking was once again ample. Ofen times the Sunday crowd is a late arriving crowd and maybe today I should have chosen to be in the late arriving crowd but I could not wait to return. Today I began on the storm as I do not know which is worse the shock to the body from the cold water or the complete hearing loss from diving into the water that was experienced yesterday.

I went on each slide of the storm once and then like a siren the dragon called to me. I knew that I should stay off that but I could not resist and this would be a most historic day. On this day my personal waitress Kristin at Sheffields in Dyer turned 21. She takes very good care of me and if you ever at Sheffields in Dyer you should ask for her. Happy Birthday Kristin. Also on this day it is offical 10 years ago when I didn't even know there was a quest to climb 1 million stairs I was the youngest President ever in the history of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants and today June 1, 2008 I am President again. On this historic day I went up to the dragon and it was easy to climb the stairs but the problem came coming down. I went on the curved slide and I fel the pain in the left shoulder from pushing myself down. However this did not stop me. I went right back up thinking I could figure a better way to get down. No such luck the damage had been done.

The stair count went to 380 and with that I may as well tour the park so I went on my favorite ride whitewater and then went on both the body slides for the first time this year. I need to stop myself no body slides for me. I went into the lazy river for the first time this season. I did recognize Stephanie because of the pink bag. I believe it says I love Pink. I am not sure if that is the color or the singer but that is how I can recognize her. I then for the first time this year did River to River that is very easy to do.

Now I could feel the throbbing in my left shoulder and the aspercreme that I have used in the past to remedy this situation was not in the bag. This was the worst I have felt in some time but the stair count was not up to 1,000 so I would not stop. I went on the red bowl slide and then the yellow. Now I had ridden all the slides in the park. Well, except for the steep dragon slide but I substituted the one with the curve for that. I was not feeling up to being yelled at today. The stair count went to 660 and around the action river I went before taking "The Hike."

Now I went to the storm and usually no matter what except for when there are large crowds I can do "The Classic" which has 10 slides and I was able to do so today and my streak of climbing at least 1,000 stairs ever day I am at Deep River Waterpark continued on the stair count went to 1,300 and then I went ot my favorite ride of them all once more today it was whitewater and then I went to the West Side prepared to battle the bowl slides. Apparently, just moments before my arrival the red bowl slide broke. I don't like that. Stephanie said the person in there yelled it is sucking me in. I did not know if she was doing an impression of Ross Perot and what he said about Nafta with that giant sucking sound and if so how would she know about Ross Perot and I need more fresh material. Stephanie was banished from the bowl slide and I was left to battle my number one enemy the yellow bowl slide. I had come this far and this was the only slide available. I rode the yellow bowl slide 6x without incident and around the action rive I went and there in the same place that I like to rest these days was Stephanie she has rhinestones on her sunglasses so maybe I could recognize her like that. I still think the pink bag is the best bet. It was eerie as this was the same place same time she was yesterday. The stair count was 1,788 and energy was lacking but so close to 2,000 stairs I could get there or so I thought.

I once again went to the storm and with each slide ridden once the count went to 1980 and just once more up the stairs and I did so but I do not like to stop. One became 5 more times and "The LAst Ride" was the abyss because that is where I happen to be and the count went to 2,320 and leaves 109,450 to reach 1 million stairs. I left the park at 1:23 p.m. it was 71 degrees. I think is name is Kevin from guest services had estimated that there were around 300 people in the park when he was coming back from lunch so no waiting. This is the time to come out and play. In the next 2 days I will try to recover and hopefully feel better as I return most likely on Wednesday when I will have all day to play and my nephew Matthew T turns 5 on that very day. Tuesday means were only 1 week away from Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooosday and while I may not be at Deep River Waterpark the next 2 days (although you never know) you can and should be. Admission is reduced by $5.00 until June 22, 2008 and the weather it is getting warmer so come on out to The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark Deeep River Waterpark of course. I'll see you there.

Wednesday June 4, 2008

Today my nephew Matthew T turns 5 years old. Happy Birthday to him. Next week and for 9 times this season I will hopefully get to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" However we must wait less than a week before Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooosdays return through August 12, 2008. Today I arrived at Deep River Waterpark at 10:22 a.m. It was 73 degrees and overcast. I have told you since the day that I was injured on that yellow bowl slide that one day I would ride the yellow bowl slide 50x in a row. I had foreshadowed that day was coming soon. Today was the day that I would see if I could. In one month I try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. The bowl slides have 74 stairs so this would be 3,700 stairs. This is where I began the day. I saw Brittney who is still short and apparently had thrown her sunglasses down the slide. She had a very quick speech that she gave every single time and it always concluded with and "most important have fun" However, she did not say that on push #22. I wonder what happened. Brittney pushed me 22 times and up came another lifeguard.

When I was in better physical condition one of the games I like to play is just ride the dragon for the entire time the lifeguard is there. Currently, I am not able to do that because of my left shoulder caused by this yellow bowl slide. I know that slides are inanimate objects but I have a vendetta against this yellow slide and maybe we could end it his here today. The next lifeguard pushed me down the yellow bowl slide 17 times and the count went to 39x and I think I can do it now. Lifeguard number #3 came up and she was pretty good as chaos was actually prevented while she was up there. She made the people go on the slide that they were in line for. There was chaos earlier making me long for slide attendants believe you me they blew there whistles and kept people behind the line and made sure you were on the right slide. The chaos was people would go up on one slide but want to ride the other cause the line was to long so several people just cut in front of you when you are obeying the rules. I did make it up the yellow bowl slide 50x and I was not injured so was that great.

3,700 hundred stairs is a lot of stairs especially for this time of year but I was so close to 4,000 and I knew that today the sun was not shining brightly so I could stay and play for ahwile. I went to the storm. The lifeguard there had a very nice tan. I do not know her name but thought she would make a good gymnast. Stick It is a very good movie about gynmnasts. I was able to do "The Classic" on the storm so that is 10x 64 stairs. I saw Justin and he was going to get someone to pick up all these tubes which had become a mess and hazardous. Approximately on time 8 you could no longer exit the slide and a little boy got caught up in the ropes trying to get through all of these tubes. The lifeguard at the bottom of the abyss began throwing them into the cage although some did not make it so be aware of flying tubes.

The stair count went to 4,340 and that would be a good place to stop but in the quest for a Million I do know at the begining of the day how many stairs there are to climb and currently just trying to get the number down to less than 100,000 and I knew as I started today there were 109,450 and if I could just get another 110 stairs the number would start with 104 versus 105 so I decided to give the red bowl slide a try but I was not happy with this tube it was dirty and had to much air. There were not tubes by the slides though whic was an abnormality. I went down and I got stuck and many people today got stuck on that red bowl slide. I saw the lifeguards go down at least 3 times to push people out. I pushed myself and did not go very far before once again getting stuck. I did not like that.

I went back to the yellow bowl slide where Brittneys Back now with sunglasses. I went on that slide 2x now I had a different tube which I had managed to snatch from the action river. This one had less air so I tried the red bowl slide and while it was slow I did not get stuck this time. Currently, yellow is definately the better bowl slide on and I heard comments to that effect as well from other guests. However, the staff always says they are the same in my experience that is very seldom true. You know I like symmetry so I started the day on the yellow bowl slide with Brittney as a lifeguard so I would end it there as well and today the stair count was 4,710 stairs leaving only 104,740 to reach one million. That will be tough but we will see. Now it becomes tempting to take the ride down US30 as I could probably arrive around 4:30 and climb another 1,00 stairs on any given day of the week. YOu never know when I will do that. Maybe I will maybe I won't but I for sure will return on Saturday as 1 MAN 1 PARK 1 MILLION STAIRS continues. Remember prices are reduced $5.00 go to the home page and save another $2.00 and save $2.00 after 2:00 p.m. Not very large crowds this early in the season so now is the time to come to Deep River Waterpark the Midwest's Favorite Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thursday is my least favorite day of the week and this season I am only scheduled to appear at Deep River Waterpark on one Thursday on July 31, 2008. However, it is tempting to make the drive down US 30 but no temptation this past Thursdaay as caught in traffic for a long time. What this all means is 2 days passed before I was able to return to Deep River Waterpark. The Thursday/Friday combination is going to be a tough one to crack. According to the clock on the marquee I arrived at 9:08 a.m. I know it is at least an hour off but the clock on my car said 9:58 so I arrived at a moment in time.

The places I can play are very limited these days as I have had to take myself off body slides at least until the end of this month and I can't get off my favorite ride whitewater without experiencing pain. This leaves 5 slides left I know I am going to be at either the storm or dueling bowl slides. I just don't know where I will start. Actually, if you come early the bowl slides are the place to start so that is where I started and I tried the red slide it was weak. While the slide was weak we must give Kudos to the lifeguard at the top. I do not know him he had many tattoos. He in a friendly way kept people going in the proper line. He went down the slide several times to get people unstuck. One lady was telling me how greatful she was that he did this for her. Of al the times I have been on the bowl slides this year this time it was run the best. Let's have more people like that guy or at least put him up at the top of bowl slides cause I like that.

On Wednesday you may have read that I rode the yellow bowl slide 50x in a row as we try to settle our vendetta. That was not in the plans today but I would ride that slide alot. Prior to this nagging injury I like to play "Outlast The Lifeguard" where you arrive at the slide and just keep going until the next lifeguard comes along. I like to play this game best on the dragon try it some time it is even more fun to outlast 2 lifeguards. I can't play over there currently but these stairs are worse to climb so this is actually somewhat more challenging. It perhaps helped that a lifeguard who quickly became a Mark T. favorite was on this slide. We all know her now as Natalie. I like red hair what can I say? We had a lot of fun on this slide. The most fun I have had on a slide all season. It was great I absolutely positively loved it. Natalie's hair went from long to flowing to short all in this time period it was most entertaining for me. I did have to ask on time 17 how much longer would she be up here as energy was running out. She said not much longer. It was really hot at this point. I carried on and on time 20 or the 19th time she sent me down she was done and guess what I won.

To make sure I won I went one more time and that may have been all I could do at time 22 that was 1,628 stairs. Once this group of lifeguards left chaos came to the top of the bowl slides. These next 2 lifeguards looked confused. I wonder if anyone every instructs lifeguards how to run slides. I would give them an A for effort for trying to figure this out though. I took the ride around the action river and went to the storm. There I did "The Classic" which is 10 slides but stopping on 22 it was a bit confusing. There was good positive energy from these lifeguards at the top. I like that. I told the attendant to please be happier. She obliged well I don't know if she was happier but everytime I saw her after that she had a big smile so that was good. Now this did present a problem because I like things to be even and this is 32 slides ridden. I decided to ride each storm slide once. The stair count went 2,460 and I carried on.

I took "The Hike" to the West Side and once again I tried the red bowl slide and this time I got stuck and I pushed myself and then I went to the yellow bowl slide and in my storyline I don't avoid people and I don't follow people although I am happy when I come across a Mark T favorite. Due to factors beyond my control and unrelated to the lifeguard pushing me my enjoyment level dropped and I do not like that so I exited this side rather quickly. I did get 4 rides in on yellow pushing the stair count up to 2,830 and then I made my way back to the storm. Remember that attendant from the strom? She had made her way up to the abyss. This was some bizarre thing I came up with I went on the abyss 2x and then the cyclone 3x. That guy got into it he had one question "Are you Ready?" and of course I have a most enthusiastic "Yeah" Do you know people are already copying my "yeah yeah" phrase. I wish to remain pumped through the day. I could have stopped there but I did not.

I went on the abyss 3 more times and remember we started off the day with Mark T favorite Natalie she was at the bottom of cyclone not as good as Wednesday's start and end at the same slide with the same lifeguard but it woudl work today so today the cyclone would be "THE LAST RIDE" the stair count went to 3,470 making me 101,270 away from 1 MILLION STAIRS. Coming tomorrow that number will go below 100,000 and then we must get serious. You need to get serious about coming to Deep River Waterpark right now. Prices still reduced through June 22 but that is fast approaching as is Tootise Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooosday with your host Mark T which returns this upcoming Tuesday and now starts earlier at 5:00 p.m. and the cost only $11.00. Come on out right now and have a splashtastic time at Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On the 8th of June I returned to Deep River Waterpark for only the 8th time this season. It was slightly after 11 a.m. when I arrived. I am surprised that so far this season I have not come at the end of a day to come and play. I thought last Sunday I should have come at the end. Today I could not wait. It would prove to be a very difficult stair climbing day and I did not have the A game with me. I can deal with cold although through the years my tolerance has gone down. I can deal with heat but I have never been able to deal very well with wind. The wind would provide quite the battle today. It certainly was windy.

I began the day by going on the abyss 5 times in row. I could tell that something was just not right today and thought maybe I could recover with just a little rest. I took "The Hike" and I could see a line longer than it has been all season at the bowl slide. I traveled via the action river to the yellow bowl slide. I saw Stephanie but she did not have a pink bag so I really would not have recognized her. Today she had a yellow bag perhaps because she was stationed at the bottom of the yellow bowl slide. I like that and perhaps on Tuesday I'll return to my trademark yellow shorts. I decided to check out this bowl slide and while the stairs which normally lead to the red bowl slide were open it turned out the red bowl slide once again was not working which could explain why this line was long. I did not mind as I was trying to get in rest. I eventually went down the yellow bowl slide without incident and continued my trip around the action river.

Now I returned to the storm to do "The Classic" and the wind blew and blew. It seemed that I was always walking against the wind. I am pretty sure there you can also get wind burn in addition to sunburn. I did carry on for all 10 of the necessary slides. It certainly would not prove easy today and the stair count slowly went to 1,034 and I made sure I won the 1,000 stairs a day game but how many more could I do? I knew to stay on this side of the park because bowl slide would not be a good choice with one bowl and it approaching 2:00 p.m. after 2 you can save $2.00 on admission so often another group comes in. I went around the lazy river. I probarly made it like 90% of the way around not one full lap and that water was really cold.

I returned to the storm and went abyss cyclone abyss cyclone. I watched and was aware that tubes were flying through the air out of the cage. The attendant was trying to keep them in but no luck. This was a very windy day and I know I wish to come back and play another day so with the stair count at a mere 1,290 I would call it a day. However, I did get to where I wanted too by the end of this weekend that means I have now climbed 900,020 stairs and have only 99,980 to reach 1 MILLION STAIRS and I know I can climb that many but can I do it by August 1? Maybe I'll come back for a short time tomorrow afternoon. If not I'll be back for the First Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooosday of 2008 on Tuesday. It starts at 5:00 p.m. admission only $11.00 and you can stay all the way until 9:30 p.m. So come on out and experience Deep River Waterpark at night. I'll see you there.

The First of 10 Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooosdays

Fourteen seasons ago Deep River Waterpark opened and back then on Tubin Tuesdays I gave out Tootsie Pops. It all started with the original guest services Tina and Clarence. I wonder where they are now? I will probably never know. We had some good times though. Through the years the tradition continued and one year I tried to put a stop to the Tootsie Pop but I found so many people get so much joy that it can't stop so tonight the tradition for year 14 carries on and who would I happen to see but the only lifeguard that has been a lifeguard all 14 years but Dustin and he started it all off. Actually much early in the evening we were ready to go but little did I know the Tootsie Pops were not in the bag tonight as ready to start it off with park Manager Joe Parker but I knew I had them they must be somewhere unlike those sandals I forgot.

Tonight the storyline began at the yellow bowl slide. Both slides were actually working so that was good. I still have a smile on my face because when I exited on Sunday there was a young gal under 46 inches that had this shirt that read "If I agreed with you, we would both be wrong" I like that and think maybe I need that shirt. It was slightly after 5:00 p.m. when I arrived and remember Tubin Tuesdays now start earlier you don't have to wait to 6:30 anymore you can get in at 5 for $11.00. The line to the bowl slide was longer than I like but not really long so I went to the storm. Very friendly attendant there who had seen me in awhile. I wasn't at the park on Monday. I thought had I ever seen her? She gave me a tube that had to much air so I asked if I could have another and told her it had to much air. It certainly is safe but not the easiest to dismount and today I told myself I must do everything in my power to protect the shoulder as there was no pain today so lets keep it that way.

I did "The Classic" which is 10 slides and then I exited the park with the stair count at 714 and when I returned I had the same guest service person I think her name was Lindsey check my bag that checked it at the season pass gate. Now that is good symetry. I like that. It contained all the same stuff but now also the tootsie pops and I reset and went to the bowl slides. Red was open so I went on it and the begining of the slide was nice and powerful good push but it fizzled out adn went slow as it became time to exit. I tried yellow and it still was better and then around the river I went. I saw Alicia who had not seen me but she did not work on the weekend apparently high school graduation. I still have not found a lifeguard named Emily that is nice that I could try to find. It was now time for my return to whitewater. I have experienced some pain getting out of whitewater but tonight I thought I would try as the dragon sung its siren song to try and get me to ride that I thought this was the wiser choice. I did go down whitewater 2x had to adjust the landing a bit but I think I might have it. The stair count went to 950 and I did not want to push my luck so I returned to the storm. There I mainly stuck to the abyss. I tried the cyclone but that lifeguard she was just not pumped and I prefer more enthusiastic people so the lifeguard at abyss was good for me. It broke down 1 time vortex 2 times cyclone and 7 times on the abyss and the stair count went to 1,590 and since I will be right back in the am that would be good to stop at becaue it isn't easy just climbing stairs day and night but I had gotten the hang of whitewater so I rode that once and I was floating in garbage well it was a white styrofoam cup and I did not like that. I wanted it removed from the water and I could see it was up to me. I tried time number 2 and it was floating so it was not within reach so the 3rd time was the charm I watch from the top where it should be and I got it out of there.

The stair count went to 1,722 and I took "The Hike" I stopped by Guest Services no alarm went off when Kevin left his little cart so that was good. They could have tootsie pops but not the blue because that goes to Joe Parker. They are better estimators of the crowd said over 600 people came for Tubin Tuesday that is pretty good it was a very nice night. The park was well staff and security seemed to be on hand. I had planned to finish up on these bowl slides yellow and then red but when I went on red I really like that guy he is very friendly I got stuck and when I pushed myself I went in the opposite direction and that is not how the night should end so that would not be "The Last Ride" I went around the river and then once more to deliver tootsie pops it has been awhile since I have jumped up on a tube with a tootsie pop in my hand. I still got it though :)

I returned to the storm. There was Alicia she was at the top of Paddle previously and if it wasn't protect the shoulder so can play tomorrow I would go to the top and slide down one of those slides. I have delivered tootsie pops up there before. I would choose the abyss. This lifeguard was happy and pumped she always is. I have no idea her name although I think she is in year 3 started as a slide attendantI wouldn't even have a clue but I like seeing her. I felt bad that one time I did end up splashing her right in the face although it was not a big splash the next 2 times I made sure she stood back. I did bring up Tootsie Pops to all the guards at teh storm cherry cause that is what needed to move. The guy for cyclone said this was the happiest he has been. How about that. I like to savor the night before "The Last Ride" and I was able to and this guard is great so it fit and Alicia was at the bottom so I used the opportunity to stick the landing and then it was a night with 2,190 stairs climbed leaving 97,790 to reach one million.

On the way out I found Joe and the blue tootsie pop had made it through the night. The sign was not working but the clock in my car said it was 9:13 p.m. and tomorrow it is my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" when I return around 10 a.m. and you can still get a Tootsie Pop because it is just like Tuesday never ended. I get to play for the rest of June but not July 2 because that week no Wednesday all day to play it will be time for 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. We have a long time to go until then. What you don't have is a long time to save the $5.00 on admission which you can do until June 22 at Deep River Waterpark. You should come on out today. You will be glad you did. I'll see you there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It was a picture perfect day for Deep River Waterpark. Unfortunately, this morning I was delayed so according to the clock in the car I returned to Deep River Waterpark at 10:34 a.m. which means I spent 13 hours and 21 minutes away from Deep River Waterpark before my return to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" Many people had already arrived probably just waiting for a beautiful day such as this one. In fact I attempted to do "The Classic" at the begining of my day it is going on the storm vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, abyss, vortex, vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone. Due to lines today I got to the abyss the second time and the line to the vortex was to long so I substituted the abyss and "The Classic" rules say there can be no substitutions to be called "The Classic" I did get 10 slides in and I carried on mainly with "The stair climbers" best friend which is the abyss. Meanwhile the dragon taunted me with no line at all. How I just want to climb those 94 stairs and maybe I could because at day 2 with no pain in the shoulder but maybe I shouldn't push it just yet (pun intended)

I went up and down the storm. In all I rode it 25 times in a row and the stair count went to 1,600 and tonight I would not be efficient as I took "The Hike" and I waited in the line for the yellow bowl slide. The line was only down to the first set of stairs. The red bowl slide seemed to have a much longer line. It took approximately 15 minutes to run that one slide but I was able to keep it tame today. As you know I have a vendatta against the slide adn I now try every day that I am there to try and ride it at least once a day so it knows who's the boss. How dare it injure me and make 1 MAN 1 PARK 1 MILLION STAIRS very difficult to reach in the next 50 days.

However it may be laughing when I come up short because of the time it took today. I mean with "The HIKE" and the wait I could have probably climbed another 320 stairs at the storm but instead I took the 74 and then I left the West side because that is all I wished to do on that side today. I returned to the storm to play and I rode the abyss 3 times and the cyclone once but not in that particular order. Today at 3:00 p.m. I was having the oil changed and tires rotated so I could not stay all day. Plus in my neighborhood Walt's is celebrating its 71st anniversary so you can get a hotdog, chips and pop for $1.00 from 11 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and every year on this Wednesday I usually have this. I seldom get to have hot dogs. Although I have had 4 this week. It was entertaining how the gal went into some frigid water to find me a Pepsi. I don't even drink Pepsi that just sounded the best offer. 3 people actually tried and this water was filled with ice. It was most entertaining. I simply drink Diet Coke although not so much anymore now I like Light Hawaiann Punch fruit juicy red or water and I ended up with a water which was fine with me. I just made it before 2 it read 1:57 on my clock but I think they were going to stay until 3:00 p.m.

The oil was changed, the tires rotated, and this was all done by 3:30 p.m. and it was very tempting to come right back to Deep River Waterpark or I so wanted at 4:00 p.m. to see how long it would take so that maybe I could return tomorrow. You know Wednesday is my favorite day of the week but Thursday is my least favorite so maybe I could find away to make it better or at least wetter by coming to Deep River Waterpark. I will try to find away and you should too because the weather says it will be another wonderful day for Deep River Waterpark and can you believe it prices still discounted by $5.00 per person save $2.00 after 2:00 p.m. or click on the link on the main page of this site and you can save $2.00 on admission but not for much longer. You must find away to get to Deep River Waterpark tomorrow and maybe I will too and if I do. I'll see you there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today when I arrived at Deep River Waterpark the sign read 9:30 and 78 degrees. I believe it was 10:30 a.m. My arrival was slightly delayed because I was at the Crown Point Indiana Firehouse Pancake breakfast fundraiser. My nephews were there too yet they have not appeared at the waterpark all season. My parents say that Matthew T who is now 5 did ask if they could come so maybe they will come one day soon. It was a little later than I would have like to arrived but there still seemed to be time to ride on the bowl slides. The line did not appear to long and today your host would experience problems. For about 4 days I have been pain free in the left shoulder. I avoid many things including lifting but my 2 year old nephew kept wanting to go in and out of the firetrucks on display and that caused discomfort and once again the aspercreme was not in the bag. I really should put it in there.

I began with the slide that caused me all this trouble the yellow bowl slide. The guy up at the top had some larger pink sunglasses and as you know I do not like big white sunglasses and I try to rid the park of these ridicoulous things and today on this guy with these pink sunglasses I decided I like that. The line did not build up to quickly in fact once I was able to go right up without breaking stride I like that. I rode the yellow bowl slide 4x in a row and then I took "THE HIKE" before attempting "TIME TO CLIMB" where I ride the abyss 16x in row. I had 3 different lifeguards push me on this slide and in the end I was successful but I did need to recover cause just didn't have it today. The stair count was 1,320

I went to the lazy river and I actually went around this river twice today. I knew I did not have the energy to take "The Hike" once again and I am sure this would not have been a good time to ride the bowl slide. It was a peaceful trip. I like that. I do not like when the young people make it the "crazy river." I did get some necessary rest but probably to much sun as my routine was upset this morning. Normally I apply sunscreen prior to leaving my home and then reapply upon arriving at the waterpark and then every 2.5-3 hours reapply. Today there was no applying at my home which I had left shortly after 8 a.m.

This time around I felt more energy and I primarly stayed on the abyss but a few times I made it over to the cyclone. I also made it to the vortex 4 times in this. In all this time I rode the storm 20x in a row for an additional 1,280 stairs making the count 2,600 and knowing that I had to be at St. Maria Goretti in Dyer Indiana at 4:00 p.m. to lector it was best that I go. The quest to 1 million now has 93, 260 stairs to go. I left the waterpark at 2:04 p.m. it was 83 degrees. I am disappointed I didn't make it to the park Thursday it will be another June with no Thursday appearances as next Thursday I am not the President of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants and for me I moved the meeting from Tuesday to Thursday can't miss one of the ten very rare Tubin Tuesdays and then it is the day I am planning for when I try to beat my sister in a 5K at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday June 26, 2008 in my hometown of Dyer Indiana. You think I can win right? Thus far what we know is I can run 8 minutes and 20 seconds and I think that is about it. I think a 5K is 3.1 miles I am confident about the .1. In less than 2 weeks we will see if Mark T can declare victory. You can declare victory by coming to Deep River Watepark right now. Admission is still reduced by $5.00 and on the main page of this site is a link to a coupon for $2.00 off the already reduced rate but it expires tomorrow so you should get it right now and plan on bringing your dad or your children or just bring yourself out to Deep River Waterpark for Father's Day. I'll see you there.

Father's Day Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is Father's Day and I have no children of my own and has the years go by the hope begins to wane that I ever will. However, my father is still alive so that is a good thing. This evening my nephews came over and they wished me a Happy Father's Day they didn't seem to get I have no children and currently no prospects for a future wife so I may never know the joy of fatherhood. However for all that do know this I believe you to be very blessed. Today the skies were cloudy so I purposoely delayed the trip. I arrived at Deep River Waterpark at 10:40 a.m. The temperature was 67 degrees there seem be some rain still falling. I could see that the season pass gate was not currently open so I went through the main entrance. There was no waiting.

As I entered the park, I lost vision in my left eye. I don't know if a piece of dirt got in there or allergies just acting up. This happened on Wednesday on the car ride over. At least this is a bit better although not good. I do know my way around the waterpark pretty well. I never know what advenutres will happen on any given day which is why it is so much fun. I began the day on the red bowl slide and I did not get stuck. The beginning was great but then qucikly the last spin it really fizzled out. That was weak so I switched to the slide I have a vendetta with. Nice lifeguard up there remember her from Tubin Tuesday I do. While I have seen her for like 3 years and I think she is a Mark T favorite I have no idea of her name. She has nic earrings. I couldn't see her much at the begining but I was comforted by her voice as I tried to ride the slide that injured me basically blind. It took about 5 times before vision was finally restored. I do not think putting the affected eye into chlorine water is the best but there was no pool of just cold water around. I could have used an eye wash today.

I carried on the yellow bowl slide and another lifeguard came up and she was fun and eventually she was done and a third lifeguard came up. She was holding her side which concerned me deeply. She seemed very perky. I like that. I learned her name was Hailee and yes spelled like that not like the comet and she even told me her middle name which started with an S but I have never heard it before so I would not be able to say that here and her last name and you know I don't want to hear that so at least all I remember is her initials are HS. I continued on the slide. Hailee like the color orange so her nails were done in orange to match the whistle. I love that. She says she has an orange swim suit as well. I don't think I have orange currently in the shorts I have but I did for awhile before returning to my trademark yellow. I didn't intend to play outlast the lifeguard but I outlasted her and guess what it was like deja vu (the same thing over again) as the lifeguard that was there just before Hailee returned and I carried on and I could not stop and I outlasted this lifeguard and up came a guy and when I was finally done I had ridden the yellow bowl slide 49x in a row and the red bowl slide once or 50 slides and that is how many I like to ride in a day. The stair count went to 3,700

I took a lap around the action river before taking "The Hike" and then I went over to the storm where I would attempt "The Classic" which is 10 slides and goes vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, vortex, vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone. Today there were not very long lines in fact at some times I would have the storm entirely to myself. I like that. I was able to complete "The Classic" without any trouble and the stair count went to 4,340. Prior to starting I knew that I wanted to climb at least 3,260 stairs so we could get the number of stairs to reach 1 million to less than 90,000 and that goal was exceeded but still I could not stop.

There is a wall when I climb stairs on very few occassions have I climbed more than 5,000 stairs but I have not done that very often and it may be necessary to reach the 1 million stair goal by August 1st but today would not be that day. I did alternate between cyclone and abyss and remember Hailee from the yellow bowl slide? She was the lifeguard that I had the most fun with today and she was at the bottom of the cyclone and I think the gal at the top was Chelsea she has some very nice hair and I was happy with her as a pusher. When you have limited slides you can't always get a good end but this would be a wonderful way to end the day so the cyclone would be "THE LAST RIDE" and the stiar count today was 4,660 putting me 88,600 away from 1 MILLION STAIRS climbed at Deep River Waterpark.

I have yet to come and play for just the hour or so at the end of the day. We will see if that will ever happen this season. We aren't that far away from another Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooosday with your host Mark T and I will certainly return then. For one more week prices will be reduced by $5.00 so you should come to Deep River Waterpark today. Plus Tubin Tuesdays now start at 5:00 p.m. and are only $11.00. Make plans to come to Deep River Waterpark. The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooosday #2 June 17, 2008

Tonight's advenute would begin at 5:35 p.m. The temperature was 76 degrees. There was a breeze and that is not good. The park was sparsely populated. Parking was ample. I seldom know where I am going to start the day unlike when I try 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July then I will be at the abyss. Today I would start at the abyss and maybe I would see if after working all day I could do "Time to Climb" where I go up the stairs of the abyss 16x in a row for 1,024 stairs. You do have to feel it there and up the stairs I went and I would guess this group had worked all day or something they lacked the positive energy I desire when riding slides. I did continue on the abyss and this gal had big red sunglasses and you know my feeling about big white sunglasses so I observed these a few times and I decided I don't like them. They are not as bad as big white sunglasses but I would feel better with smaller sunglasses or perhaps a black or those pink ones the guy had on the other day were also fine. To start a day I need something more than low energy so I took "The Hike" over to the bowl slides

Tonight on the bowl slides I first decided to alternate between red and yellow. I put "The Effect" on the red bowl slide. It made riding much more fun and whenever "The effect" was used I did not get stuck on this slide. It made me wish I could go over to the steep dragon slide and put in "The Full Effect" ah now that is fun and it scares some people but I will not be riding the dragon anytime soon at least until after I attemp to beat my sister in this 5K race on Thursday June 26, 2008 so won't be on the dragon for at least another week. "The Show" will not go on. I am begining to wonder will "The Show" ever be seen again. "The Show" is when I ride the dragon at least 8 times in a row.

After riding the bowl slides 10x alternating slides I switched over to just red. I mean on Sunday I rode the yellow bowl slide 49x in a row one Wednesday I rode it 50x in a row lets see how the red bowl slide is. Without "The Effect" it is weak at the end it starts off great. I am not a relationship expert but that is what I think this red bowl slide is like. There is excitement at the begining things are moving fast its a fun filled wild ride and then once you get a spin it it slows down to unbearably dull and then you get spit out. I did ride the red bowl slide 15x in a row and the stair count went to 2,170 and then I went around the action river and did the easiest thing I do "River to River" from one river to another. I did see Justin. He knew it was Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooosday with your host Mark T and he said he would find me later. He never did but there is still time as tomorrow we play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" when you can still get a Tootsie Pop as long as it is grape, chocolate or orange because that is what is left and those that don't get given out tomorrow end up at my office and next Tuesday it's a brand new bag.

I went to the storm to do "The Classic" and at the top of the vortex there was Dustin. How about that 2 weeks in a row at the top of slides talk about your good old times. Dustin said he was "Super Tube Attendant" that means he was in charge of whitewater tubes and storm tubes. I had not heard this term before so that is something new. I would have preferred "Super Duper Tube Attendant" so that we get that you are responsible for 2 sets of Tubes. It would have been even better if someone would have moved those tubes from the red bowl slide not only did I run into them coming off the slide as there are just a few floating there but the exit was blocked with these tubes. I mean that happens at whitewater and the storm but this bowl slide now. We probably needed more people tonight because that does not happen then.

I completed "The Classic" and the stair count went to 2,810 and I wanted to climb 2,600 stairs today because I knew the number was 88,600 so that would be a good stopping point. However I did not stop there. I took "The Hike" and I went around the action river 2x. I then went on the red bowl slide followed by yellow. When I came up to the top of this yellow bowl slide it appeared these 2 lifeguards one male and one female were close together like a bride and groom on top of the cake. Since it was getting dark I can work blue and say who knows what would have ensued had I not come up to the top of this slide. Apparently her friend and not boyfriend was cold. My sister calls that guy she has been seeing like 8 years her friend so maybe that is what young people say for boyfriend. I met some lifeguars perhaps for the very first time although they claimed they had worked there 3 years. I would really have to check the notes. One said her name was Kelsey like Kelsey Grammer from Fraiser or the short lived Fox Series back to your or the short lived Spike TV series Gary the Rat. She said she was named after the famous North American Explorer. I have no idea who that is. I was named after the Gospel writer Mark. It will sound bad when I say his but she certainly looked like a lifeguard. To me there are certain features that are similar in a lot of the lifeguards I have met over the years and I don't know if it has been 100s or over 1,000 over the past 14 years. I wonder how many Dustin has seen come and go in those 14 years?

Kelsey apparently is friends with Ronnie and while I have an excellent memory. I do not remember faces very well. I mean my life works like this I meet people I see them for awhile and they eventually disapper never to be seen again. Actually when Ronnie indicated she wore big white sunglasses last year after awhile it came back to me. I do not like big white sunglasses. I do not know what kind of sunglasses I like and I haven't found anyone named Emily so I haven't been able to play everyone's favorite game "Where's Emily" where the prize is at the end of the day or if on attendant duty I get to wear her sunglasses down the slide. I haven't lost a pair yet but I have no one to play this game with so far this season and that makes me a bit sad.

I still do not like big white sunglasses. On Tuesday nights I often get distracted and that is ok. Do you know Ronnie and Kelsey have some sort of bracelets that they did not make themselves because they are like sisters and tomorrow one of them is going to be the others shadow and maybe they will be on top of whitewater and maybe I will be too but I have the problem getting off whitewater although last week I adjusted the ride and that worked out well. Since they are like sisters they will be dressing similar tomorrow. They were not dressed similar today. The delivery of Tootsie Pops became very inefficient at these bowl slides but I really don't mind I mean I have to have some energy left for tomorrow. Would you believe Elizabeth came back up to the top of bowl slides switching from the red to the yellow. I could see her shivering as she seemed to be rather cold. I can't leave people without tootsie pops unless I am out so this messed up the count but I will fix it up tomorrow. The yellow bowl slide would be "The Last Ride" and the stair count would be 3,254 which leaves 85,346 stairs to reach 1 million.

When the hand does a gesture calling for a bow that means I am done and usually there is a splash when I exit "The Last Ride" and when the towel goes on I am finished. I began the descent into the night noticing it was a full moon and reflecting that we are 20% or 1/5 of the way done with this season already. On the way past Paddles Play area I saw a Mark T favorite Natalie of course I wouldn't recognize her until she removed a few items she seemed really bundled up. I just love that hair. She claims that she was at the top of Paddles play area for an hour as she watched the clock. She wore a raincoat. (note to self do not work the blue material in here.) I don't know if this happened or not. I learned she did not use sunscreen that doesn't seem good for someone in the sun all day and that she is a Varsity swimmer. She wanted to know if I knew that. How would I possibly know that. She said she swam since she was 6 I think that is what age I started I know it was 8 and under back then it was HUB Swim Club and as I got older the character I played was Mr. President won every election we ever had and who would have thought not soon after I was actually Mr. President of an accounting group and now 10 years later once again I am Mr. President of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of Managment Accountants. Apparently, Natalie does the butterfly. How many years ago did I demonstrate in the wave pool that I can still do the buttefly? It happened. My best stroke was the backstroke but I only could be one person and I really prefer to win at everything I attempt

Brian came along and we have to say he has done a pretty good job this year keeping everything running. Sure that red bowl slide has been down alot but I am told it was electrical it is fixed now and it has been workin so that is good. He got a tootsie pop. He had been working up a sweat and even I was willing to admit once the sun went down it was getting a little chilly tonight. I would be willing to bet he was the only person in the park sweatign at this hour. I felt bad for the girl at the top of this Paddles play area as I was the only guest within 50 feet of this structure and I was willing to sign that I was not going on that tonight so was it really necessary for to be up there. She looked miserable and I have to say that I could understand her feeling and she had a right to this emotion. Natalie said she will be back at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow I wonder if there will be some slide that I can try to outlast her on. I will return around 10 a.m. On the way out there was 2007 Manager of the Year Joe Parker. Do you think he will repeat in 2008. I think he has the lead. He had not seen me all night. I had not seen him but here we met and tonight there were 2 blue tootsie pops and when I say blue I really mean blue. Some people think grape which is purple is really blue. You could have all the grape tootsie pops you would like but not the blue. The sign was not visible but I could see stuff was flashing according to the clock in the car it was 9:25 p.m. and the next temperature I saw was 69 degrees.

It will hopefully be less than 13 hours before I return to Deep River Waterpark to play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" and I don't think alot of you can play that tomorrow so why not make it a brand new day. You can come out and play. There are only a limited amount of days left when you can save this $5.00 on admission that will end on Sunday June 22, 2008 so come on out to Deep River Waterpark right now. I'll see you there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It took 13 hours and 10 minutes for me to return to Deep River Waterpark to play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" It was a little longer than I would have liked but I did arrive at 10:35 a.m. It was 70 degrees. The good thing about "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" is that I can fix things up. Yesterday the stair count was 3,254 and I like to end with round numbers. Yesterday I finished at the yellow bowl slide so just as if the day never ended that is where I started. The bad thing about "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" is my ability to recover from night to morning isn't as good as it once was. I went on the yellow bowl slide 3x and the red bowl slide once and now things were back to even. At least for now.

I took a alap around the action river and then I took "The Hike" over to the storm where I would do the classic and today there were no lines. It was very breezy I do not like that but I would play anyway. I would attempt "The Classic" and I would run into a a guy at the cyclone who had his own storyline going and I am more than happy to play along. He let me know on the cyclone there were vampires today. Of course Vampires which are fictional to begin with but by nature are nocturnal would not like that light comes into the slide and it was day time. I did survive the vampires and went on the 2nd time and he warned me that would be worse. It was fun and "The Classic" continued. The Classic concludes with 2 rides on the cyclone. Remember Ronnie from last night she was really on a slide today how about that. Her hair was braided I like that. At the end of "The Classic" the stair count was 936 and despite the fact I had made an effort to make the number end in a 6 today I couldn't resist going up the cyclone for a 3rd time and the stair count went to 1,000

I then tried my favorite ride of them all whitewater and it just didn't work out well. I did try twice but the exit proved to be a problem. I returned to the storm and in no particular order I rode the storm slides 7x in a row. I did see Stephanie the pink bag gave it away. She was having a good hair day and usually I only like ponytails but his was nice and flowing today and since she likes chocolate tootsie pops I could deliver as remember today I was playing "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" where if I have any tootsie pops left they still get given out on Wednesday before an leftovers make there way to my office. The stair count went to 1,536

I once again took "The HIke" and went up to the yellow bowl slide and then red and the guy at red seemed to have some sort of bandage on his hand. He is currently the leading candidate to be Mark T's 2008 Male Lifeguard of the year. He still managed to be friendly and push everyone down with no problem. Now I continued around the river. I took the scenic route under the buckets. It was slow moving but I was no hurry as for the first time this year I visited the island. Once around the action river I returned to the storm and rode the abyss 3 times and the stair count was 1876 and I could have stopped there but I did not. For the second time today I would attempt "The Classic" Today I was very happy with all the lifeguards on top the cyclone very good group high energy friendly. If I had known this would be the group at this slide I think I may have rode it all day. This gal with pink sandals who I think is new this season is also one of Mark T's favorites. I have many favorites this year good group.

I continued on with "The Classic" and eventually reached the cyclone once again now with Kendall and she could not complain. A lot of folks were rather cold today the wind is tough and at the top of the storm you are in shade. I like to be in the shade to prevent burning. The stair count went to 2,516 and I thought I would call it a day but I saw the time was just before 2 p.m. and I could play just a little while longer so I would once again try my favorite ride whitewater and there was Danielle. I could read her name tag and I did at least remember her from last year not the name but the person. I was able to put "The effect" onto whitewater and this made the landing much easier on me and I was able to enjoy the slide. It was so great I loved every moment of it. One time I did not put in "the effect" and paid for it on this dismount. Since I was able to ride whitewater without the pain I went on it 5 times. However I was having so much fun I did not stop there I continued on and then at time 10 since this slide is my favorite and it was nicely aligned good pusher. That gal from cyclone with the pink sandals was at the bottom it would be a good way to end the day and this would be "The Last Ride" and the stair count went to 2.956 and you do not know how hard it was not to climb one more slide because that would have put me at 3,000 stairs. However with this the amount to climb 1 MILLION STAIRS IS 82,390.

I know I can't return tomorrow as have Accounting business to attend too. I so still want to just come for that last hour and climb stairs. I haven't been able to do it all year. Maybe Friday would I dare attempt that? Traffic is usually nto good on Friday. We will see but for sure I will be back on Saturday. Since I can't be at the park tomorrow how will you know what happens? The only way for you to know is get up and go to The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. It won't be tomorrow but eventually I'll see you there.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your host spent a long 2 days away from Deep River Waterpark before returning at 10:19 a.m. The temperature was 79 degrees. Today the park seemed busier than at any other point during this season. The parking lot was already filling up when I arrived. Today, the adventure would begin on the storm and I would attempt to do "The Classic" and being that I am not a patient person I would not complete "The Classic" on this attempt. I got half way through but the slide that has so many times before unravelled "The Classic" did so this morning. That slide is the vortex. The line gets long on that slide quickly. I was unwilling to wait so I took "The Hike" and over to the bowl slides I went. I knew this would be the best opportunity since I had not started on them this morning.

I began with yellow and had hoped to alternate. I did get on red. As I made my way to the red bowl slide the line had grown past the second flight of stairs. There was a minimal line for the yellow bowl so I rode that 2 more times before returning to the storm where it was my intention to do "Time to Climb" where I go up the abyss 16x in a row. However, the lifeguard on the abyss had these big white sunglasses which disturbed me greatly. As you know I really dislike big white sunglasses and wish them banished from the park. The rules should be no glass, alcohol or big white sunglasses. It would make a more enjoyable day for everyone involved. I tried to avert my eyes and I did climb up a 2nd time but these glasses are so ridiculous how could anyone even feel safe with someone with such ridicously big white glasses pushing one down a slide?

I swtiched to the cyclone which is my favorite storm slide and skies got grey and dark but I carried on. I did manage to actually ride the cyclone 5x in a row which put the stair count up to 1,064 and then at least I knew the clouds would not destroy my many year streak of climbing at least 1,000 stairs everytime I am at Deep River Waterpark. The last time I lost that game was many years ago when a storm hit during "Say Goodbye to July." One knew things were going to go bad once saw this girl with big white sunglasses and sure enough as I climbed up the stairs on time #6 which would have been 8 times on the cyclone the park closed. I walked all the way up and then for only the 2nd time in 10 years I walked down the stairs of a slide. The last time it was the dragon this time the cyclone so in the stairs climbed since 1998 there are now 158 stairs that I have gone down.

I would guess that it was 11:45 a.m. when the park closed. The quickest I could check the time it was 11:47 a.m. but I had to take a few minutes to get down the stairs. They at least knew what to do at the storm. I would take a walk around the park. This must have been the first rain delay this year. I have seen many as I walked to the West Side where the sun was shining and it was not raining yet the park remained closed there were no lifeguards shifted to block the entrance to the action river in past rain delays they make them guard those so no one goes in had I wanted to go in there was no one to stop me. I watched the tubes float around this action river. I sat on a chair eventually more people came closer as the point being it wasn't even raining but better to be safe than sorry. At 12:07 p.m. an announcement was made that Deep River Waterpark was reopen. A cheer went up I noted the time went in the action river. The news apparently didn't make it to the West side by the slides because they had a line of people and seemed puzzled that I was going around this river. One would think there would be some better communication. It will go better next time I am sure but this rain delay close and reopen sure needs some work.

While I was lounging I heard someone say Hi Mark T and the glasses were nearby so as she walked away I could see it was Stephanie. She seemed to have a small child in her hand and be head to the bowl slides. I took "The Hike" back to the storm where once again I would try "The Classic" and once again because I lack patience I would be unsucessful and again the vortex would do me in. I did get to see Dwayne at the abyss many times and was appreciative that he kept his line moving and was able to share tips on how to keep the lines moving. Now that is a good guy. Let's whoop it up for Dwayne. Whoop Whoop Whoop.

Since the vortex was unavailable I went mainly on cyclone. This lifeguard I will call her Kathryn because that is was the name tag said had 2 pairs of glasses. I like that. One seemed to be prescription and the other sunglasses that were on the visor and you know what they always says "Guy's make passes at girls who wear glasses." I tried to be good. She was very friendly but she would not allow me to wear her sunglasses down the slide :(. Oh how I miss Emily. Will I ever find a lifeguard that will let me wear there sunglasses down the slide when I find them again? I sure hope so as it brings me much joy. I also haven't found any Emily's this year what is with this?

In all I rode the storm 17x in a row which brought the stair count up to 2,280 and I knew that I wanted to climb at least 2,400 stairs today since started the day at 82,390 and so wanted to see the 7 in front so I would not stop there. I took a stroll over to whitewater which is my favorite ride of them all. I am glad to be back able to ride whitewater and I look forward to my return to the dragon which I have only rode 2x this year and just that curved slide. Hopefully, sometime in July Mark T returns to the dragon and maybe we will see "The Show" again. Anyway, I rode whitewater at the bottom was Kathryn and I just tried to recall if I had ever seen her before. I did learn from the cyclone it was not her first day. It certainly was not my first day it was day #15. Maybe this is the first time I saw her or maybe she wasn't wearing glasses before. Anyway I rode whitewater 3x and then went to the abyss and for "The LAST RIDE" I returned to whitewater which made the stair count 2,520 for the day and leaves me 79,870 from 1 million stairs.

I hope to play in the afternoon tomorrow. I'll be at church in the morning. Sunday is a late arriving crowd usually. Remember tomorrow is the last day you can save $5.00 on regular admission after tomorrow prices go up to $19.95 for Indiana Residents and $21.95 for non residents. However, tomorrow you can come to Deep River Waterpark and it will only be $14.95 if you reside in Indiana and $16.95 if you don't. You have had plenty of time so if you have been procrastinating don't do it anymore pack up your things and come to Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yesterday I left my home slighly after 8 a.m. and I did not return until around 9:30 p.m. that made for a very long day. Today I would wait to play until the later part of the day. I have not been able to do this all season and this morning I walked to church and eventually walked back. I arrived at Deep River Waterpark at 2:45 p.m. The temperature was 75 degrees. The main parking lot was nearly full. There were cars parked in the West Side Parking lot but not all lined up like I have seen on much hotter days. I gave the girl at the front gate something to do as apparently it was slow for season passes.

I began the day at the storm. I started with the vortex. I could see that "The Classic" would not be a good choice as the crowd was not yet clearing out. Double tubes were in high demand and there was no attendant on duty at the storm so there was "Chaos at The Cage" At least this Chaos was not as bad as some days but this crowd wasn't that big just wait until it heats up and then you will see things you wish you didn't. I decided it was "Time to Climb" where I go on the abyss 16x in a row. I did see Brittney come up to the vortex and she was cold. In fact she wore a sweatshirt. I was in the middle of this bit so I could not switch slides. It took 2 lifeguards and 4 tubes but in the end "Time to Climb" was a succesful event and then I went up the vortex and Brittney went down. I would see her later she told me little did I know how soon.

I went on the abyss and then the cyclone and the stair count went to 1,280 and guess who I would see sitting on a rope? It would be Brittney and she claimed that she forgot her shoes at the top of the slide and that somone would throw them down. That was hard to believe but soon the sky was falling and out of it came some shoes. I would continue on the storm many more times today. In fact I rode it 35x in a row and the lifeguard I started with at the abyss even returned. I then decided to take "The Hike' and I rode the red bowl slide 2x as that line was shorter. I did get stuck one time. The yellow line was to long. Today the park did not clear out as I like it too. Usually at the end of the day I can ride the slide as much as I want not today so I returned to the storm where I rode each ride once. The cyclone in that pattern would be "The last ride" The stair count would be 2,580. I only rode 40 slides today. I should have started earlier as I like to ride 50 slides a day. This does put me 77,290 stairs away from 1 MILLION STAIRS.

I hope you had a chance to take advantage fo the discounted prices. Now those are done for now. However there are still deals to be had and one of the best is not to far away when at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday you can get into the park for only $11.00 and the park is open until 9:30 p.m. or you can come when the park opens at 10 a.m. and stay all day until 9:30 p.m. It is like getting 3.5 hours for free on Tuesday. You don't have to wait until Tuesday to come out to Deep River Waterpark but I think I must so on Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooooosday I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooosday #3

It is sometimes rough to spend one day away from Deep River Waterpark but I did spend Monday away knowing that this week I would get to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" when I come to the park Tuesday night and I come right back on Wednesday morning. Unfortnuately, due to the 4th of July next week I won't get to play for a week but I will get to come to the park on a Friday as I try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July and I am possibly thiking of dedicating that to "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" who was Mark T's 2008 Valentine and still holds the key to my heart. The conclusion would be on the cyclone which is the last slide she ever pushed me down. I have never lost a dedication but I have a few times failed to climb 4,00 stairs on the 4th of July

There are many things to be decided. Can you believe this was the last Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooosday in June this season? I arrived aroudn 5:30 p.m. There were numerous guest service staff at the season pass gate. Kevin mentioned I am here most Tubin Tuesdays in fact I would be willing to say that in 14 seasons I have been at most Tubin Tuesdays and I am certain that there over the years there would be no more than 5 that I would have missed and that is even counting the one that one year that just happened but wasn't even scheduled. However, I never come over for the limbo contest at 7:30 p.m. The contest is locate West of the storm. I don't limbo and you won't see me at a limbo contest anytime soon. There are many things I won't do.

I began the day by going on each storm slide once. That would prove to be a good warm up because ladies and gentlemen it was now "Time to Climb" where I go op the stairs of the abyss 16x in a row and that is 1,024 stairs. I began and this lifeguard was pretty friendly dont' know here but I enjoyed her. I learned she was only 17 and her favorite number was 11 and I continued to go up and down the slide and I told her I am doing a bit so I would not stop. After time 15 I saw Joe Parker and Brianne and I don't think I know this other gal that was with them or maybe I have a bad flashback sequence as often times I remember last season on a Tuesday night when that one maintenance gal did a cartwheel for me. Now that is the stuff dreams were made of. This made my night easier since only Joe Parker could have the blue tootsie pops. He is right that every bag does not have blue. Most times only one on occassion there have been 2 but I don't think I have ever seen a bag with more than that. Tonight this bag had to many chocolate where is the "Sensational Sasha" or Stephanie I think I have like 4 of these chocolate tootsie pops left. Well maybe tomorrow I can move them. The other flavors very limited I think maybe a grape but if you like chocolate your in luck.

One bit became 2 on one slide because the other game I play is outlast the lifeguard and the guard who had pushed me down 15 times was ready to go she did not stay to push me down time number 16 so I won in the Outlast the lifeguard game. I continued on the storm mainly going on the abyss but I got the cyclone and vortex in there and I had ridden the storm 25x and the stair count went to 1,600. I began the walk to the West Side I saw Dustin go to wave pool. I do not go in the wave pool not that you shouldn't. Apparently his stay there would be short lived. I actually saw Justin tonight and he did not say he would catch me later. Remember last week I never saw him again after he said that. He had a very big stick with him. I was concerned. What President was it that said "Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick" Justin had the big stick.

Apparently, when I am on the storm I am hard to find as the family had sent one of my sisters out to search for me. She did not find me but I found them and my nephews were most elated to see me. There was turkey store turkey. I was told they actually made their first appearance of the year yesterday and my nephew Matthew T who is 5 heard on the announcements "Don't feed the birds." I did not feed any birds. Once we were finished eating he wanted to show me what he could do on these slides which apparently were near the wave pool. We made are way there. Luke Tyler who is 2 introduced himself to Brianne. She is pretty you know? I think I would agree. I do not know how you can hear him though I have to get down close to him although sometimes he yells. I kept askign him if he was cold and he would yell no and laugh.

We made our way to the original children's play area which my sister was impressed was well staffed. My nephew, Matthew T who is 5 needed to always be walked to the stairs and he wanted me to go a few ways. He did go down the enclosed slide a few times. He always let me know to stand back. I did get wet. Once done with slides wanted me to go under mushroom and then step on some water that was spouting out. Then after this we returned to the West side and my 2 year old nephew Luke Tyler wanted to go on the bowl slides since he got there. My sister says his eyes lit up and he just wanted to go. She was afraid to take him bu she trusts me since I have ridden the slide so often although usually alone. Luke Tyler and I climbed up the stairs to the yellow bowl slide. The lifeguard there was Trent he helped me get Luke Tyler in once I told Luke Tyler it was ok he was fine and we went in a circle around the yellow bowl slide and out we came. The exit was a little difficult on me since he wanted to get out there. I probably needed to go around the river with him. He really liked it and wanted to go one more time.

It was my 5 year old nephews turn and he is afraid of slides currently so he was told if he wanted to go I would take him but don't go up if doesn't want to go and on the way up he was excited but when the tube got put in the water he cried and was afraid adn apparently tired and every excuse. I like to observe children I wonder where this fear comes from a 2 year old has no fear and someone who is 5 is crying about it. I asked Trent to watch him because I never want to go down these stairs they are very slippery when wet. I did get a single tube and rode down alone and I sent his mother up to get him. However, my 2 year old nephew thought this was his chance to go on the slide again and went up with her and they all made it down safely. My 2 year old nephew wrappped in a towel seemed to be shivering and his lips were blue just kept saying one more time. He really wanted to go again. I think there is some Mark T in him. My sister told him I am there all the time so another day he could go with Uncle Mark again.

The family left into the sunset and I carried on. I found Dustin at bottom of abyss and I used this chance to do "The Classic" I completed "The Classic" and then almost put it in reverse I went on the abyss and the vortex 2x and the stair count went to 2,580. I made a note that Becky had been at the cyclone for a very long time and I think I may have lost to her if I had played "Outlast The lifeguard." I hope to see Dustin again next week I mean we only see each other 10 days out of the year but he could be in Texas if so I will see him in 2 weeks. Let's hope he is on his stand. I took "The Hike" over to the bowl slides. I saw a Mark T favorite Natalie at the entrance of the action river. She looked like she was pumped tonight. To bad she was not on a slide. I am begining to think she gets more energy as the day goes on. I did give her a tootsie pop. I am sad she will not be at the park tomorrow but I don't know if that will stop me from returning to my trademark yellow shorts. After all I won't get to play "Let's Pretend The Day Doesn't End" for a whole week.

I went to the yellow bowl slide it was around 9 p.m. Still at the top was Trent and now he was running both the slides. That is really impressive as even when short staffed they usually managed to get 2 lifeguards at the top of this slide. It is very tough when you have the small children to be whistling down and keeping watch and stuff. Apparently, the lifeguard that was on the red bowl slide went down the slide and dislodged her shoulder.Good thing my nephew who is 5 didn't hear that. Although I always tell him safefy first. It was very dark on top of the bowl slides. I did go on yellow 5x and I was so close to 3,000 stairs I just had to go one more time and I went on red as "The Last Ride" the stair count was 3,024 now I need to even it out again. It does leave 74,266 stairs left to climb until reach 1 million. I wonder if I can make it by the goal date of August 1 2008 that is now only 37 days away.

I heard the announement that the rides and closed and Natalie was about the last lifeguard I would see so that made me happy and I left the park according to the clock in my car since I can't see the sing at night at 9:30 p.m. so I may only spend like 12 hours and 30 mintues away from The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark Deep River Waterpark. I'll be right back tomorrow and if you missed tonight why not come on out tomorrow. Don't let summer pass you by without giving Deep River Waterpark a try. I'll see you there.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

12 hours and 51 minutes passed before I returned to Deep River Waterpark at 10:21 a.m. this morning. The temperture was 72 degrees. The sky was grey. I was happy that this week I got to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" although once again this morning I was delayed but I had some important business to attend to before my arrival. Today I would first begin at the bowl slides since I like to have even numbers and last night because of time constraints had ended on a 4. I alternated between red and yellow. I rode each slide 2x and the stair count went to 296 and very quickly the first 2 digits of the stairs remaining went from 74 to 73 and that is nice. I took "The HIke" over to the storm where I was able to do "The Classic." However, I could not stop myself I really like things to be even so I rode the cyclone once more and the count went to 1,000 but I had just climbed 4 slides on purpose so as to end today in a 6.

I went over to my favorite slide whitewater. Alicia was at the top but she was ready to go. She was not at the park last night because she felt "light headed" and did not want to pass out on her stand. I did not wish her to pass out at the top of whitewater either. I thought if necessary I would push her down the slide and the lifeguard at the bottom would help her isn't that thoughtful of me? She gave me the riding instructions and then she said George would take over. I rode the slide 2 more times and the stair count went to 1,132 stairs for the day and I took "The Hike" over to the bowl slides. There were not many patrons at the park today so no lines to wait in. This time I alternated between red and yellow and when I was done I had ridden each slide 8X and a total of 16x at the time I couldn't tell you how many stairs that was but it was 1,184 and add that to 1,192 and you get 2,376 and originally today I wanted to climb 2,266 stairs but this was a great stair climbing day so I took the ride around the action river and I took "The Hike" this one wasn't so lonely I met Justin's brother who apparently is not named Dustin. His name is actually Lucas. I think I have been calling him Dustin for the last 2 years.

I returned to the storm where the same lifeguard was so I couldn't have outlasted him. In fact as I did "Time To Climb" he pushed me all 16x and he was still going after that. I then went on vortex 2x as that is a good slide to get some rest on. It was then abyss and cyclone and before I knew it I had ridden the storm 20 more times and the stair count went to 3,656 and I thought perhaps I was done but so close to 4,000 stairs and this would be a good tune up for 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. I once again took "The HIke" I got a lot of walking in today. This was an erratic pattern but yellow and red were involved. I would end up on red because I would need to go around the action river and not just once but 2x as enery was lacking. I had done the bowl slides 7 more times and around the action river I went. The stair count went to 4,174 and the count in my mind was off I wonder what happened. I have the calculator to recreate. Usually I do increments of 5 or 10 makes things simpler. I thought maybe I should just end hear because I did not know if I could get back to the storm side.

Eventually I did make it to the storm and I rode each storm slide once. There was a pause before "The Last Ride" as I needed every ounce of energy. In the cage were Tim you know I have been calling him Erik the Red this whole season. He was working so that made some sense and then there was Christy and she explained that she was going to work at 5:30 p.m. and had been there like since 7 a.m. I had been calling her curly as she has curly hair. Apparently there was an in service and she was done like by 10 a.m. so I still don't understand how one thinks 10 until 5:30 p.m. is not a long time. Apparently she thought it would be nicer today. It did get nicer around 4:00 p.m. so maybe she got to go on some slides then. They indicated they had gone to the mall earlier all crammed in a small car I imaganied a saturn like clowns and then had some Gloria Jeans coffee and played some stuff at Guitar Center but had no soft pretzel. I like soft pretzels. They are good. I still do not understand this apparently it was to save gas but she doesn't leave this far away couldn't you just not have the coffee and you wouldn't have to fill 8 hours until your shift starts. She had a nice swimsuit.

As you know on Wednesday you can still get Tootsie Pops although I was down to cherry and I think 3 chocolate. They did a rock baper scissor for cherry and Christy won and since Tim doesn't like chocoloate she said he could have cherry and this confused me but we got it all right in the end. I ended up with 2 chocolate tootsie pops. I think I will take them to Kristin tomorrow. Kristin is my personal waitress at Sheffields in Dyer Indiana. Normally I take them to work but the chocolate are hard to move there. Kristin said she would take them. Next week you have to get a Tootsie Pop on Tuesday because I won't be back on Wednesday as I rest to find the energy to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. This pause in the action gave me enough energy to make the cyclone "The LAST RIDE" It began to rain. The stair count went to 4,366 and that is a lot of stairs. I certainly was done. It leaves me 69,900 away from 1 million stairs. Do you think I can make it by August 1? I sure hope so. I hope you get a chance to get to Deep River Waterpark soon because summer is flying by. June is nearly done so make your plans to come out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today I returned to Deep River Waterpark at 9:51 a.m. it was 76 degrees and quite the crowd was already forming. Today I decided to start on the West Side where I would ride the bowls slides. On yellow back where she belongs if we remember from last year it was yellow and on the red bowl slide despite the fact she wasn't suppose to start work until 11 a.m. was Alecia. I began on the yellow bowl slide and alternated between the slides. I was appreciative that there was order at the top of the slide stay behind the sign and go across to get on the slide that you are to ride just don't switch slides at the top because of shorter lines and cut other people who have waited their turn. This leads to Chaos and chaos would show its ugly head today but we will get to that. I was saddened by the fact I could not get this lifeguard at the bottom of the yellow bowl slide to smile even just once and I even told her to smile and the frown went to a straight line but no curves upward it looked like this _____

I continued on the bowl slides. On time #18 which was on red bowl slide for the first time ever Alecia let me wear her visor. I managed to keep it on my head. She said I could wear it once more on the yellow bowl slide and on that slide in the tunnel it did fly off my head but I was able to catch it. I don't know that I could replace a visor. I can replace sungglasses. I did make it up to the red bowl slide and I outlasted Lisa but Alecia was still going and now the lines were getting long so I exited the red bowl slide which was slide #20 for the day and I rode around the action river and made my way over to the storm. It was not a good day at the storm because this was a busy day and there were only 2 lifeguards at the top so this made progress pretty slow. On slower days it is ok but not like this and down below it was Chaos at the Cage at least just for double tubes but as I continued on it did get much worse and. I went on abyss and cyclone in fact once on my abyss riding I passed these gals in some yellow swimsuits 3 different times before they made it to the top of the vortex. Justin's brother Lucas did come to the top of cyclone/abyss and did some double duty he did make things move a little faster so that was good. However, the set up was not good for stair climbing today. I did manage to ride the storm 15 times I did end on the cyclone in case that would be "THE LAST RIDE"

I decided that this would not be "The LAST RIDE" it did look a little calmer at whitewater which is my favorit slide and I was able to ride it twice and then since there was really no line at all I decided that this would be a better test of the shoulder as I am hoping that on July 6 that Mark T will return to the dragon perhaps for the return of "THE SHOW" I first chose to go down the enclosed body slide not to bad a slight discomfort but much better than what happened earlier in the season and I think I could make an adjustment but this is a bit easier to go from than the dragon. There was no line still so I went up and tried the open body slide not to bad and the view coming down was very nice. I returned to whitewater which could be "THE LAST RIDE" it is afterall my favorite and with staffing today this park was a mess tubes everywhere and I did check and see that Chaos at The Cage had gotten worse since I was at the storm and I don't like that so it would be best to make an early exit there will be better days to play.

The stair count today 2,660 leaving me 67,240 stairs away from 1 Million already I am looking at the back up days August 2, 3, 5, and 6 as it seems will be very difficult to reach that goal by August 1 but I am not done yet. Tommorrow is June 29 and on that date in 1999 I bought my home and I was at the waterpark that day it was when "The Lovely Christina" turned 19. I wonder where she is now? The last place I saw her was on top of the body slides. Remember her she ripped out my heart, stuck in a blender, turned on the blender, poured the blood into a glass, lifted the glass to her mouth, poured my blood in and then spit my own blood into my extremely beautiful hair. She made me realize there is no one for Mark T and for years that troubled me but in the last 2 I have started not to care any more. I have a pretty nice life come and go as I please. Anyway every year except last year I believe I have been at Deep River Waterpark on June 29 it is kind of a special day and so I will return tomorrow and since I went to church tonight it will probably be in the a.m. and you can come to Deep River Waterpark tomorrow as well which I encourage you to do. HOwever, if you can wait 1 more day on the front pages you will find a link to the "Magic Monday" coupon which is good for $5.00 off admission on Monday June 30, 2008. YOu can print as many of these as you would like and it is a great deal so click on that link and save yourself more than the price of a gallon of gas. On Monday in the afternoon I'll be in Mokena Illinois so I know I can't make it on that Monday to tell you what happened so you really need to go to Deep River Waterpark then. If you can make tomorrow please do so and I'll see you there.

Sunday June 29, 2008

It was 12:45 p.m. and 74 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark this afternoon. The sun was shining brightly and this will be the last day I get to play in the month of June where has summer gone as after June there is only 1 more month that Deep River Waterpark will operate every single day of the month. The importance of this day was that is was day #16 I came to Deep River Waterpark in June so during this month I was at Deep River Waterpark more than I wasn't and that is a very good thing.

I began the day at the storm and there today an odd story would unfold. When I arrived near the storm just sitting there in the grass near a few chairs was a seagull. It did not move just sat there. I went up the storm doing "The Classic" and monitored this bird. It seemed some maintenance people came and tried to shoo it away and "The Classic" continued and there was a new set of lifeguards and you know I like to play the game outlast the lifeguard pick one on a slide and just keep going on that slide. Today I wonder if I could play on the storm and manage to outlast all 4. Today, there were only 2 lifeguards at the top of the storm. However, the crowd was much less than before. This bird made its way onto the sidewalk so each time I saw it. I saw Katie is that her name at the top of the vortex and I told her I was monitoring this bird. She asked if it could fly? I had not asked it so the next time down I asked it could you fly and it shook its head no. It only had one wing and it seemed that wing was covered in blood and the bird remained there. Normally if people come by birds fly away.

"The Classic" was complete and I don't really know how a reverse classic works but today I would try it after the 2x on the cyclone I just went to the abyss and continued on. A group of people came and ran at this bird and it was frightened and it tried to run away. It did not get very far and I continued on with the storm slides and then when I returned to the vortex for time #18 a group from the waterpark came and they put a towel over the bird and carried it away. This is something I have never seen before. It was like some sort of parade as many people went with this bird but it was covered with a towel. PETA would like me to tell you that much like Bald Eagles in zoos that seem unable to fly that this bird was placed in a sanctuary somewhere and is enjoying what is left of its life. However, that is not what happened. Let's just say that bird had it's "LAST RIDE" and is no longer with us.

In all I rode the storm 20x and the stair count was 1,280. I went to my favorite ride of them all Whitewatera and there was Elizabeth as the whitewater attendant could we have had an attendant yesterday? This is staffing is so crazy. She looked at her wrist and told me she had arrived at 1:00 p.m. I called her on looking at this fake watch because she was not wearing a watch and even if she was why would she look at it to answer what time she came in? I do not wear a watch in the summer because of the tan line as well so I certainly understand that but I do not pretend like I am wearing a watch and look at my wrist. I rode whitewater once the water was ice cold. I know that but maybe because it was a cooler day I could really feel it today. I put the tube back told Elizabeth she should have warned me and then I took "The Hike" over to the West side.

I took a lap around the action river as wasn't feeling the necessary energy today. I saw Lucas he said that he will be there Tuesday I am at the park for every Tubin Tuesday. I saw my nephew Luke Tyler last night and he is ready for the red bowl slide if he gets to come this Tuesday night. My sister says while a lot of people can't understand this story he won't stop telling it and you should see how excited he gets so if you see him Tuesday ask him if he rode that big bowl slide. He went in a circle and around and there was a hole and he went through the hole and he got all wet. I don't find it that easier to understand since he gets out of breath because he is so excited. Lucas said on Tuesday he has baseball. I guess he plays 3rd base but he did not answer that.

I rode the yellow bowl slide 5x in a row. I remember Sammy from last year she is so nice. I like to see her. The stair count went to 1,694 and then I rode around the action river once more before taking "The Hike" to the storm the ride and now a storm was coming. It was getting dark and very quite and usually quite is never good when black clouds are in the area. The goal today was to climb 2,240 stairs so that I is what I was trying to do before any possible storms. I mean in 10 years I have come down stairs 2x would it be 2x in 2 weeks? I did not have to come down the stair of the storm today. I rode the storm 9x the stair count went to 2,270 and I had achieved my goal and there was some rain falling on this side it was falling pretty heavily. I took "The Hike" in the rain although when I reached the West Side it seemed not to be raining.

I went around the action river once more. I saw Christy remember her from the other day that came at like 7 a.m. or something to start at 5:00 p.m. Today she had arrived about an hour ago. I made it up to the bowl slides and now I would alternated and I remember Tim from the same Christy storyline and I put them together as a couple so cute. However, Tim was wearing a name tag that said Aleina and yesterday I saw Aleina with a nametage that said Timothy so I wondered if these 2 were an item as well if they were willing to wear each others nametags. I really wanted to ask about this but I did resist. I learned Tim lives on a farm. Although if you asked me name an animal that you raise on a farm I would never guessed the animal he said he raises and that would be rabbits.

The bottom of the red bowl slide was filled with tubes and there were many so you could not even move I went right into them and I tried to push some of them out of the way and then one flipped over and landed on the top of me. I think I managed to push a good 8 out of the way and then the lifeguard pushed them further down but still another 4 were agains the wall at the exit I could see them so was able to avoid them. I alternated between red and yellow bowl slides. There were no lines. I think that girl at yellow bowl slide was Erin. I thought the towel she had looked like it was something from a circus. It had some very large different color spots and I think the primary background was orange if I remember correct. She said if I screamed she would come and get me today. I don't scream on rides. She did a good job pushing because if got high enough on the slide I did not get stuck but not that high first time around equal stuck. Today red was the better bowl slide. There was a panel of the yellow bowl slide that was completely dry so no water coming out of the top from that section.

The stair count went to 3,010 and that is a good place to stop but I could still change the number even more because it was 67,240 when I started today I took "The Hike" and I went to the storm where I rode each storm slide once. I then sat down with the calculator to make sure everything was right and to decide what two rides I would end up with today. I saw many people go by and if I knew all them wouldn't that be something. I did know one of Mark T's favorites Natalie so that was good. I decided I would take "The Hike" and ride each bowl slide once. I began with red bowl slide and then it was yellow bowl slide and that was good because Sammy was up there and she is good people and sometimes this Caitlin disappears but she was at bottom of yellow bowl so good group here and the stair count was 3,350 for the day leaving 63,890 stairs to reach 1 million.

This June 29 reminded me of June 29, 1999 which was a day much like this. I had some business to attend to in the morning and when I arrived at Deep River Waterpark on that day the skies were grey and it was a cooler day. I can not believe that was 9 years ago and even if I don't reach 1 million stairs on August 1st my home will still be paid for on that day. That is actually the reason I picke that day but now with all the days in June done for me I think I am running out of time. I mean 63,890 stairs means if I were to just ride the storm I would have to rind it 999 more times before then. When I first started keeping track I just wanted to know that I climbed about 1,000 slides in a season that is how got to 65,000. While my time has run out in June that doesn't mean yours has too. There is a link to a great discount coupon which is good tomorrow only so why not go to the front page of this site and print as many as you want and round up some of your friends and such and come on out to Deep River Waterpark. If you can't make it tomorrow how about Tuesday after 5 p.m. admission is only $5.00 and this Tuesday I can't stay all night but only have one day to move those Tootsie Pops before they make it up to my office. I will try to see how quickly I can actually get to Deep River Waterpark on Tuesday. YOu should see how quickly you can get to Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.