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Now by popular demand you can read about every day your host Mark T. spent at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. Simply click on the day to see what Splashtastic Fun was had.

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Friday August 1, 2008

It was 9:38 a.m. and 79 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark for the 7th day in a row. This season I have gotten to the park at least once every single day of the week and that is great. There would be a wait as I was early but I was at the dentist at 8 a.m. and you never know how long that will go. I did get ahead of the larges groups with the season pass. It was noted that I was wearing the same bright yellow shirt that I was in the picture. That picture was taken last summer. Sometimes I have been wearing a coat because had the picture taken just after Christmas. The bright yellow normally signals that I am very happy. While I had hoped to reach 1 million stairs climbed on this day I knew that wasn't going to happen today. However, that wouldn't stop my home from being paid for and I was at Deep River Waterpark the day I bought it on June 29, 1999 so why not celebrate the end of payments at Deep River Waterpark as well.

Today, I would start on the West side. The first ride was red bowl slide and then I switched to the yellow bowl slide. These stairs are the hardest to climb and the sun it likes to burn me despite the fact that I was wearing SPF 85 sunscreen now on bottle #6 for this season. I would then take "The Hike" and go to the storm where I would try to perform "Time to Climb" which is when I go up the stairs of the abyss 16x in a row. I would see many lifeguards come and go. It would be a slow process. Never usually on the slide just waiting for a tube. Today this crowd was nicer than past ones this week so wasn't so bad. Natalie lost her sunglasses and she really said lost. She did say she checked the bag. I saw Stephanie come and go and then Lauren was still short but she came to the top. Lauren had a lot of energy it was so great with her at the top. She had a green whistle today. When Lauren left she said good bye. I told her I would miss her as I certainly would those were some good rides lots of enthusiasm. I ended up riding the abyss 20x in a row and then swiitched to cyclone. After Lauren it was Mark T favorite Erin. She said she arrived at 9:30 a.m. but this was the first time had seen her all day.

Erin had the pockets to her shorts hanging out. I wondered if this was so she could show she had no money. She indicated this Panama Jack guy didn't know how to make shorts and these were made stupid. She did not know how to make her own shorts but she might look that up online. I feel that most people other than jean shorts would not have blue shorts in their wardrobe. I do not believe that blue shorts have ever been featured in blue pants quarterly but I could be mistaken. It seemed very quick that it was time for Erin to go. Next up was Brittney as I continued on the cyclone. Her glasses had stars on them. I like that. I noticed that her nails had been painted to match the bright orange whistle. I love that. Today I wanted to get back to an even number so I rode 47 slides and usually I want to ride 50 slides a day. The stair count was 3,218 which leaves me 13,110 short of 1 million but I can feel it coming int he next week or so now. The heat and crowds have delayed me but now feel good that it will be reached in 2008. This summer I have climbed 111,100 stairs and the most ever climbed in any season is 112,000 so soon a new season record should be set.

Time is running out on the 2008 season there are only 21 more days that the park is scheduled to have all the rides running at once and an additional 5 that some of the rides will be open all day. Please don't let summer pass you by without giving Deep River Waterpark a try. All the rides and attractions are schedule to be open the next two weeks so come on out so you can enjoy everything at the "Midwest's favorite waterpark" Deep River Waterpark of course. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 2, 2008

One week ago on Saturday I started my consecutive streak of being at Deep River Waterpark. This would mark day #8 in row and that is so great. It was 9:54 and 78 degrees when I returned. There was a wind blowing. There were many people already anxious to get in. With the season pass I just walked by all of them. They did a good job at the season pass gate announcing season passes only. Kudos to them. This year I failed to reach 1 million stairs by August 1 and there are many excuses that could be offered up: Last season the parks season was cut short, I was injured last year on the yellow bowl slide, I have never fully recoved the most getting to 95% this year but then I can't stay off the dragon, "The Show" has been unavailable and only performed once this summer, all those days with 1 lifeguard for 3 slides, this season Saturday staffing has been abysmal, I could say all those things but it does not matter because the quest for 1 million continues. Today with this large crowd I knew that good progress would not be made. It woudl have to be a chipping away as I started the day 13,110 stairs away from this goal.

Today I would start on the yellow bowl slide. I got to see Amanda at the bottom :) I like that. She quickly this season became a Mark T favorite but will she win Mark T's coveted best hair in the park awad. I do not know many of the male lifeguards names that makes the story tough. Today there was one lifeguard at the top of 2 bowl slides and I have certainly seen him around as I am around alot. He indicated he had asked to be there until 1:00 p.m. and he didn't think I could outlast him. I was willing to admit to that. The problem with bowl slides is there out there in the open there are no umbrellas no shade and I have a tendency even with the SPF 85 to get red spending a lot of time in the sun. I may have used most of my allotment up yesterday. This lifeguard was absolutely awesome in keeping the 2 lines moving. Even with the added challenge of having to go down the slide to rescue people that had been stuck. I admit there is no point ever in my life that I could have ran up the stairs as fast as he did and get right back to pushing people down the slides. His energy and excitement were beyond compare and I would say that in the history of bowl slides at Deep River Waterpark never has anyone done a better job of keeping the lines moving than this guy today. If I knew his name he would be declard the best lifeguard ever on top of bowl slides.

I was able to ride the yellow bowl slide 15x in a row and then everything was going so fast even I was warn out so I took a spin around the action river. I saw Becky and Patrick who asked if Jennifer turned over the bag of tootsie pops. She has not and she doesn't really need too. I kept the bag that she would have won. I did not think it would be leaving me but it does have 4 blue tootsie pops in it and just think Jessie could have had some. I will give the contents of this bag away on Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooosday #9 of 10 on August 5, 2008 and if I see Joe Parker he will get 4 blue tootsie pops in one day. I took 1.5 laps around the action river. I saw Lucas who said he would be moving from that spot soon although it looked as if there was no relief in sight today. This summer Saturday mornings have been the worst time to be at the park from 10 to 11 there have been not enough staff for all the people that are in the park. My stair count was up to 1,110 and that meant 12,000 stairs to go and that might be a good place to stop today.

I did take "The Hike" and I could see that there were some long lines on the storm, for the tubes and for the slides and I went over to the dragon which was starting to get a line and I could see from there that there was only 1 lifeguard at the top of the storm and this was one of the busiest days of the season so I would feel for them and as you know I have always stated that I dream of running just one slide and it would have to be on the storm and I would prefer it be the cyclone. Except for August 30, 2008 I pretty much am at Deep River Waterpark for the opening and you know I am going to be there. How fun it would be for me but at last not all dreamds come true. I went down the curved slide of the dragon and that move the count up to 1,204 for the day and knocked the 12,000 down but today we wouldn't be able to knock the one out. I would scour the park found a blue whitewater tube in some bushes and began my slow ascent up whitewater. I certainly had noticed that Erin was below in the middle of 2 body slides and whitewater standing on the rock. When you get down to send a lifeguard to stand on a rock there certainly is a staffing issue. I did make it to the top and down whitewater I would go. It has been awhile and today this would be as good as it would get so that would be "The Last Ride" and I got to see Erin at the end and she was like in the umbrella and it was not opened. I asked her why and she said she didn't know how to open it and then I was mean even to mean for me as yesterday she didn't know how to make shorts today she didn't know how to open an umbrella? What does she know? I don't know how to do either of these things either and she missed the 1st month of training. She was a slide attendant last year they didn't deal with umbrellas. How could I be so mean after all the good times we had in the past. Plus since she is 17 and won't be 18 until May 4, 2009 I can't say she is good at loooking good but I can't say that so I won't.

Oh in my adventures today I saw Alecia but she was not on duty. She had come to play with her family. I looked around and not one of these people was Emily. Apparently, these were cousins. They certainly came on quite a busy day. The amount of stairs now remaining to reach 1 million are 11,862 and I so want to knock out the 1 and get this to a 4 digit number. Tonight I lectored at my church so I can come once again in the morning and maybe I can beat some crowds and get the count up. I should be able to play all day tomorrow as I return for the 9th day in a row. I don't know how many days you can make it to Deep River Waterpark in a row. I do know we only have 20 days left that the park will be in full operation so whatever you are doing can wait because you must get to "The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark" Deep River Waterpark of course, I'll see you there.

Sunday August 3, 2008

For the 9th day in a row I returned to Deep River Watepark. Today it was 9:53 a.m. and 78 degrees and this would mark the final day of an event so big it lasted 13 days and spanned the course of 2 months that event of course was which statred on July 22, 2008. I can not believe it is now over. It sure was a good time as I ramped up my time at Deep River Waterpark now I probably have less than 10 days to play at the park the rest of this summer. Today since in a rare occurence I did not ride the storm yesterday it is where I would start. Samantha was all alone and soon a big crowd it would be a coming. Today I wouldn't get to the slides before all the people were let in. It did make the people in front of me very angry as the season pass gate which normally gets in first watched hundreds of people pour into the park and then finally at 10:02 a.m. the season pass gate opened. I would ride the abyss 3 times and then I took "The HIke"

I arrived at the yellow bowl slide. Today just like yesterday Amanda was at the bottom. That was great. At the top was Jessie who wore a button indicating she had been bitten by something. The guy on the red bowl slide, lets's call him Kelley because that is his name was having a good old time. I like that. Amdanda was not as happy as she was yesterday. I could tell. She did confirm this. I was happy that she was here as Amanda is great but will she win Mark T's coveted best hair in the park award? She is in the group photo. I was able to ride the yellow bowl slide 11x in a row. It took 10x to outlast the lifeguard but I did get a late start. The stair count was 1,006 and my win streak of climbing 1,000 stairs every day at Deep River Waterpark continued. I went to the dragon. I rode the curved slide followed by the steep slide. At the bottom was Amy but she would not be there long. I learned she will be 20 on November 6, 2008. Maybe we will put up the Happy Birthday amy on this site. However, her last day is August 12 and after that I will probably never see her again and her storyline will end but it will be fun while it lasts. She was going to have a chicken sandwich for lunch. She had brought some water which was in a cup that said Valpo Vikings. Apparently, that is where she went to High School. My biography indicates that I went to Lake Central I did for a swim meet and I claim the tri town area as my home but if you dig deep originally I am from Crown Point and in their bit they claim Valpo with their courthouse and stuff is just a Crown Point want to be. I don't miss those days.

I walked with Amy for a bit had to make sure she wasn't 17 or that would be inappropriate and I would not be taking that walk. I did then go to the storm. It had to be a good day for tube rental today lots of blue tubes. That is the smart thing to do on days like this you could avoid Chaos at the Cage. Today I would not say their was Chaos though at least when I was on this slide the 2 lifeguards at bottom of abyss did excellent work and they blew their whistle at anyone who continued with the tube so Kudos to them for making everyone's day more pleasant as this kept everyone happy and avoided the violence that sometimes breaks out in hot days on the cage. At the top was Lauren and today she had an orange whistle. Lauren was still short. Lauren is fantastic. I love her at the top of the storm she is so enthusiastic and always smiling. She was going back and forth from vortex and abyss. Her time would be short lived. I could not believe she left me so soon. She said she would be back I said I would wait but I could not wait long enought. She was followed by Josh. He runs a clean slide. I like that. I would ride the abyss 9x in a row and the stair count would go to 1,770 and today no matter what I was going to knock the 1 out and get the stairs to 1 million to get down to a 4 digit number.

I went to the dragon and lucky me Amanda was there. She had not seen me ride the dragon. I have had to avoid it this season but not by choosing. I had ridden the curved slide. I wanted to ride the steep slide so I warned Amanda and then I went down the steep slide with "The Full Effect" and Amanda was scared. She said her heart stopped beating for like 5 seconds. At least she recovered. Mine might beat faster when she is around. I learned she is going to school in Michigan so she will be gone for the week and then back next weekend. At least she was happier when she knew that this was her last day for awhile but not last day for the season. She said she wanted to be something in the FBI but wasn't sure because those jobs go to people with military expereince. I feel she should be more confident. This is the United State of America the greatest country in the world where you can become anything you would like within reason. I know they have people in the FBI that investigate fraud that are accountants but I am sure she wants a more adventurous job than that. I hope Amanda never gives up and that I am never involved in any FBI sting.

Amy would come to rotate Amanda. My staff was in on Friday night all the way from Elmhurst Illinois for the Dyer First Annual Corn Roast and I know that first annual is gramatically incorrect as it should be inaugrial. It is corn fest season. Amy though there were other things made out of corn. No it was just all you can eat corn and some other activities including music. The next corn fest of the season is in St. John Indiana St. John corn Roast Friday August 8, 2008, For more info call 365-4686, presented by the St. John Chamber, 4-6pm, $7adults at the door, 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. The fest will take place on the lawn of the Community Hospital Outpatient Centre, located at 9660 Wicker Ave. in St. John. Proceeds will be used to support local scholarships. “Last year’s corn roast was a complete success! The Rotary Club of Schererville and St. John Chamber of Commerce teamed up to raise nearly $8,000 for local high school scholarships. Get your fill of all the corn you can eat with one polish sausage or hot dog, chips and a can of soda. And, bring the kids! Children three feet and under are free. Amy apparently has never been to a corn roast. She said she wanted to go. If she really wanted to go I'd even by her ticket and be willing to drive her there. I just love corn roasts. I missed the Scherrerville Corn Roast on July 25, 2008 because I was at a Gary Railcats game. The St. John corn roast the last several years has featured some gals from Hooters in a dunk tank so that is some good old fashioned fun. At the Dyer Corn Roast I had 4 ears of corn.

The one had been knocked out and the stair count was 1,958 and I could live with that. I don't like to be at the park on busy days between 2-4 p.m. because that is the busiest time. More people come in at 2 p.m. because you can save $2.00 after 2:00 p.m. but most people haven't left yet. I did leave the park at 1:48 p.m. I stopped at the Super Walmart and got some Turkey store honey turkey and was asked if I wanted some honey deer meat. I just wasn't willing to try deer meat and then was asked why I don't like deer? I am not that adventurous. I did return to my home in Dyer Indiana where I would stay for just awhile before heading back down US30 and to Deep River Waterpark. It was slightly after 4:00 p.m. when I returned. I began at the storm and I must have missed Lauren :( I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way I should have just waited on the slide for her. I could have continued on. It was Josh who had followed her last time and I would doubt that he had just been there since I left nearly 2 hours ago. However, that is possible. I then went to the dragon as how could I without presenting "The Show" where I climb the stairs of the dragon at least 8 times in a row.

When I was going for time number 2 Amanda came and she had full warning that "The Full Effect" was coming so she was not scared that is good. I would mix the slides up for this performance just going on whichever slide had the shortest line. Remember Kelley from the yellow bowl slide in the a.m? When I returned this afternoon since so happy to knock the 1 out I did return to my trademark yellow shorts. Kelley was losing his voice but he continued on and I would be reminded that there is a reason "The Show" hasn't gone on but once this year and on time #7 I thought maybe I should just try and save the shoulder but I have come this far and the season is short so I continued on and up again I would go and when it was time to conclude "The Show" on time #10 there were 2 long whistles and that means trouble in the park. The best guess would be by body slides or whitewater but we on the dragon could not know and usually I like to get on the slide to show it's safe. Even when I suffered my own injury on the yellow bowl slide one year ago tomorrow in a tremendous amount of pain I went right back up and rode the slide again. I have riddent it 100s of times since then. This year it had to be adjusted as last season it was every day that people were getting hurt on that slide but don't see that this season.

On my way walking out of the park the prompt ambulance had its siren going and lights were flashing and I would take it that it was headed to a medical facility. Hopefully, everyone is ok. Would you believe that perhaps at that very time an ambulance was coming to check on my mother. She along with my father and sister were taking some motorcycle class the last 3 out of 4 days and today my mother took a spill and she was hurt broke a finger and who knows what else. The helmet she was wearing cracked and this happened tonight probably just as this ambulance was leaving the park.

On my way home I would stop at the Jewel and what a conclusion to as I got to see current storyline favorite Megan F she is so beautiful and tonight as she was pushing a cart when I walked in the store I couldn't help but do a double take and I am sure that was noticable and she was wearing glasses and you know I always tell you "Guy's make passes at girls who wear glasses" I asked her if they were different glasses and she indicated they were not but it is always a great day when I get to her. I think she may now be the favorite to win Mark T's 2009 Valentine.

The stair count was 2,962 for the day and that leaves me 8,900 stairs away from 1 million stairs so there are many factors that go into the number of stairs climbed it could be anywhere from 2-6 more days which leaves from August 6-August 13 that might reach the 1 million stair mark. If I were a betting man I would not choose Saturday August 9 because Saturdays have not been good for stair climbing. 12 is my lucky number. That is also Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooosday#10 of 10 the final of the season but I get so distracted on Tuesday nights. So coming soon it will be an event 10 years in the making 1 man 1 park 1 million stairs. Speaking of coming soon you should plan on coming soon to "The Midwest's Favorite Waterpark" Deep River Waterpark of course I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooooooooosday #9 or 10 August 5, 2008

It was 6:07 p.m. and 84 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark tonight and the quest for 1 million stairs would continue. Today I would begin at the storm and quickly I would realize I did not have my usual amount of energy. Perhaps it was the 2 day return to work. Of course those weer good days to be at work as yesterday from my office I could see lots of activity in the sky. Then last night in the neighboring town of Griffth Indiana there were actually funnel clouds that touched down. I did notice that many chairs were covered with mud and there would be no one playing volleyball today. I don't know if sand turns to mud but it turned to some sort of mess. Of course to me sand is the 3rd thing wrong with the world. It follows people and cellphones. I just don't like sand.

Tonight I would take my time and do "The Classic" the lines were not so long and on the first few times up there was actually one person for every slide so things went so well. I continued on "The Classic" and about on ride #7 Lauren came to the bottom of the abyss and a smile came to my face. She is short but so great and has such a high energy level. I love it. I would complete "The Classic" and that would but the stair count to 640 and then I just had to do one more slide so I went on the abyss and Lauren said she would be there all night and that made me very happy so later I would see her.

I took "The Hike" I noticed that waterwars had been knocked down perhaps by the wind from last nights storm. It was not open but at least this year the rest of the park was open. I took a walk around the action river getting a layout of the staff tonight. After the 1st lap around I saw Brianne and I don't think I saw her even once in the 9 days in a row that I was at Deep River Waterpark. That made me sad since seeing Bree is one of the highlights of the summer for Mark T. Today, her earring were very small. She had indicated she was at the park alot not on vacation. It is surprising that are paths never crossed but at least that explains why I never got her to go see Mama Mia with me right? Brianne indicated she did get to be on the top of the slides at a buyout one night. Oh how I wished she would be on top for me. It would be so great if she pushed me down the storm. It seems there is still a chance this season as now maintenance has begun to be at the top of the slides. Water testing had to be done so our encounter was done.

This time around the action river I had the tootsie pops. It was great to see that Samantha was still alive after being all alone at the top of the storm on Saturday which was probably one of the busiest days of this season. When I came back to check on her she was gone so I was worried about her but now she was aok and probably will be right back up on the storm all by herself this coming Saturday as well. I couldn't tell you which twin was at the bottom of yellow bowl slide but at least I know they are twins so things make some more sense. She hadn't had to jump in the water all day even when she was at wave pool so that was good. I went out of the circle and saw Adam he said he would be there and he was and he may have thrown a tootsie pop into the water as I certainly can't throw. I don't even know if I could throw like a girl. I reached Stephanie her bag was now black and white. She likes chocolate tootsie pops and usually some of those always make it to the office on Thursday. In fact I think there were 2 at my office when I left today. Last week there were 2 chocolate and 2 grape that made their way to my office. Once in awhile there has been some orange and one time big excitement when cherry made it to the office. During the middle of the season was going through nearly 2 bags a week but staffing now is less.

I continued on. I did learn tonight that the park had to open late today because of the mess created by the storm. I made my way to Erin oh and you know that makes me happy. Today she had some blue sunglasses. I learned that she is Senior Class Treasurer. See we can make an accountant of her yet. I am President of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of managment accountants which you can learn more about by visiting http:://www.reocities.com/imacaulumet I do get to use a gavel and have even planned some fun events. One will take me away from Deep River Waterpark on Saturday August 30, 2008 and then one month later I'll probably get as close as I will ever get until next summer when we take a tour of the Albanese Canday factory. If you have an interest in accounting at all you should consider coming to one of the events or even joining the group. We are another week closer to Erin turning 18 so that is some good news.

I decided to go to the bowl slides. It was a little longer than I would have liked to wait but that is what Tuesday night is for until the end of the night when like to finish with a flurry. Kelsey was at the red bowl slide and tonight she wasn't causing any trouble. In fact Dwayne on yellow bowl slide still had all his hair. I would ride each bowl slide 2x and during those 4 rides I saw Kelsey go down the red bowl slide 2 times to get people who were stuck. Kelley once went down 18x in a day. Jessie went down 23 times in one night I think that was a Tuesday night and I was on the slide then 23 in one day is the highest I have heard but you have a good chance on red bowl slide. Today I could not get myself stuck came out of the shoot to high and probably needed a tube with more air. Dwayne is a professional at running the slides he made sure everyone was behind the sign in a courteous fashion and the slide was clean. I like clean top of slides. Dwayne also likes chocolate tootsie pops so that was good news. Kelsey would like red which is why she was on red bowl slide.

I would take "The Hike" back to the other side in my quest to find Dustin after missing him last week. I would find Amy at the bottom of kiddie. I do not know that there was anyone at this kiddie area other than her. I learned that she bought a mattress and it is a queen size mattres so since it was after dark you can think what you want about that. A mattress is a big purchase. Apparently, her mom would not let her take the mattress from home to school because her mom wants to sell the house and in order for it to sell people need to see a mattress. The mattress will not be included in the sale. I do not know what will be done with Amy's old mattress once her house sells or if her mother will just move to a place far away. One day Amy will take this mattress to Purdue in West Lafayette.

I learned that Amy has a dog name Vincenzo or something like that apparently it is a cute dog or sometimes referred to as Vinny. My philosphy on pets is that you will outlive every pet and therefore you are simply buying a funeral. It also seems to be proven that girls are attracted to dogs that is one of the 29 reasons I am not married. After my funeral I would like to be cremated and put in the tootsie pop container and have my ashes kept at Deep River Waterpark perhaps at Guest Services and maybe once in awhile someone could bring the container up to the top of slides and on Tuesday in my memory Deep River Waterpark could give out Tootsie pops. I do not think the family is willing to force anyone to carry out these wishes and hopefulyy I have awhile before that happens. We did see Jessie tonight. Her hair was high up so she was happy and maybe because of the night but it looked much darker than it was before and you know i am all about hair and tonight with this light Jessie looked so cute and I have to say I absolutely positively loved her hair.

I did make my way around the park and found Dustin at the bottom of whitewater. Where as summer gone? We only have one more time to see Dustin this summer and then we will hope for his return for year #15 in 2009. I would finally make my way to the storm. Lauren had waited all night for me she is such a good person and tonight we would see if there would be "Time to Climb" and up and down the stairs of the abyss I would go. I would learn that Lauren's favorite tootsie pop was chocolate how about that? Where has she been all season long on Tuesday nights? I learned the maintenance man at the top was Dan he did great work. In the end there was not "Time To Climb" as I made it up the stairs of the abyss 15x in a row and that made the stair count 1,960 and leaves me 6,940 stairs away from 1 million. I got to spend the night with Lauren so who could ask for anything better?

I did not find Joe Parker tonight but I have 4 blue tootsie pops for him maybe we will see him tomorrow as I play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" there are still a few other tootsie pops left couple cherry,grape and of course a chocolate. My next goal is to get to 5,000 stairs remaining and maybe I can do that tomorrow. I left the park according to the clock in my car at 9:30 p.m. so we will see how long it will take me to return to Deep River Waterpark. You need to get out to Deep River Waterpark very soon and there is no better time than the present so make your plans to come out to Deep River Waterpark today. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 6, 2008

It took 12 hours and 26 minutes for me to return to Deep River Waterpark at 9:56 a.m. The temperature was 78 degrees. This is the time of the season where happiness and sadness battle it out. As I realize after this week I only have one more week that I get to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End." I have been fortunate this season to play so much but now summer has nearly flown by and soon for the first time since May I will actually have to go to work for 5 days in a row. I sure have the rough life. Not to many people at the season pass gate today but there were plenty of other patrons. My bag was checked. I got a nice greeting from Nicole I think she will be named your 2008 Best Guest Service Gal at (BEST LIFEGGUARD AND OTHER FOLKS THINGS AT DEEP RIVER WATERPARK) The 2008 edition

according TO Your Host

Today, I began on the bowl slides and the gate to the red bowl slide was open but that slide was not in operation and no water was in the bowl so we can't say for lack of staff. Howeve, I did note that on the action river only every other spot seemed to be filled. With only one bowl slide avaialble and a large crowd on hand I would not get to play here very long and I rode the yellow bowl slide 4x and by that time the line extended pass the second set of stairs and when I took "The Hike" it was 10:25 a.m. I did see Brianne on "The Hike" she was wearing an orange shirt and appeared to be hobbling. She was doing water testing while we can complain about the staffing and the water is cold by whitewater this season the water has been very nice and clean and soft so something is being done right. I did notice that Water Wars was still knocked over. I saw you 2008 Female Lifeguard of the year Kaitlin at the wave pool and she only had one partner this morning. Apparently, they were very short staffed. I heard 15 guards at 9:30 and they manage to find a few more and at 10 a.m. they were up to 21 I don't think that is very close to 41 now is it? I went to the storm and there were 2 guys up there. I think they were maintenance men. They did at least work at the park and they were having a very good time. I like that. They seemed so happy to be at the top of the slides. They even had whistles which they new how to use. I got in 3 rides on the abyss and 3 rides on the cyclone and then with this large crowd and the line out the cage to get a tube I went to where there was no line for tubes and that would be my favorite ride whitewater.

I knew it would be slow but at least I was in the line for the slide. the first time I started I did go up a few stairs. The second time just at the base of the stairs and I got further back each time. I did see Jessie at the bottom of the body slides and the sun was shining brightly today so I could see her hair was really darker and it looked so great absolutely amazing. I positively love it. I did get waved to come and see Jessie so I got to see close up how great her hair looks. I also would get to see Erin, I think she was covering 2 spots on the lazy river lots of folks right back at work from last night so really good for "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" I did get Jessie a tootsie pop made her day and she if she found a ponytail would put her hair up high oh how cute would that be?

I managed to go on whitewater 5x and that put the stair count at a mere 900 and it was already after noon. I returned to the storm and I rode the abyss 2x and for a brief moment in time there were 3 people at the storm Stephanie had ended up in the middle of the 2 guys at the abyss. If you could get a tube you could get right up to the abyss no waiting for that slide. Her stay was brief and these guys had been there all day and yet they were as happy as could be just like when the morning started. It would be so great if everyone could have that sort of enthusiasm. I did get on the cyclone and then on the abyss and now the line wrapped around the cage but I was not at an even number so I went back to my favorite ride whitewater where I was able to find a tube. Many get abandoned by the body slide and up I went and the stair count would be 1,200 and that would be the stairs for the day leaving me 5,740 away from 1 million. This was not a good stair climbing day but we are getting closer and know barring unforseen circumstances that I will reach 1 million this season and I am 95% certain it will be by next Wednesday.

I did see Alecia at 2 spots in the lazy river. On Tuesday she was watching some drum core quarter finals. Apparently, this is something her and her sisters enjoy watching. All of them worked at the waterpark. Alecia is the youngest so no more left to give to the park. Alecia will be at the park every day until close except Sundays and on Labor Day which means her story will soon end as I estimate I have 8-10 days left this season. 4 of them are Sundays and 1 is labor day so that leas 3-5 days left with Alecia working. I had to move on. I saw Nicole at the Guest Service Hut and then I made my way to the exit. I saw Kirsten she did not have a chair but there were 3 guest service representatives there. They claimed the podium had been painted this season. One could not tell this. Apparently, they like to peel the paint on this thing and had to practice restraint. There was a nice breeze and they were in the shade. It was not yet 2:00 p.m. so this must have been a good down time. I was wished a good day and at 1:40 p.m. with the temperature at 84 degrees I left Deep River Waterpark and will return on Saturday when maybe they will have those people who hold up signs announcing furniture stores going out of business or that Cardnial fitness mascot working at the park. I am sure they will find bodies someway somehow. However, I would suggest if you could make it during the week you come on out to Deep River Waterpark as time soon will expire on the 2008 season. Come on out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 9, 2008

This will be the final push of the summer of 2008 as if all goes well during the next 10 days I will be at Deep River Waterpark 6 of those 10 days. Then comes the week where all the rides and attractions will be open but not all at once from August 19-22 and while you can experience the park at a reduced rate then it is just not for me and then from August 26-August 29 Deep River Waterpark will be closed but will reopen for 3 days August 30, 31 and September 1, 2008. today I would return at 9:56 a.m. it was 71 degrees and overcast. The season pass gate opened at 10:05 a.m. Today you could see that staff was still getting into place which probably caused the delay. Today, would be a good day to reduce the number and get closer to the 1 million stairs climbed at Deep River Waterpark.

I would begin the day on the bowl slides and today they were both staffed. I would not say by lifeguards but good people nevertheless. I would go back and forth on the bowl slides. It was interesting that in the morning red had some kick to it. The 2 geyesers at the end really pushed you out but as I continued on it lost that and yellow became the better bowl slide to ride and people started getting stuck in the red bowl slide. I did manage to outlast the staff on the bowl slide and a lifeguard even came up and I outlasted her but I could not outlast the lifeguard on the bottom of the red bowl slide. How time flies when you are having fun. I rode the bowl slides 28x in a row putting the stair count at 2,072 and then I went around the action river. I saw Lucas it was not his last day and he seemed happy at the spot which was his first spot of the day and he was good with this spot.

When I took "The Hike" it was five minutes until noon. I saw Kaitlin at the wave pool. The waves were going so I left something for her. Today she was wearing a jacket and pants. She is your 2008 female lifeguard of the year and it is great to see that she is still around. I went to the storm. There was a line for tubes there was one lifeguard who was standing up and doing a very nice job keeping an eye on all 3 slides and even making sure that people returned tubes. When I first arrived the very guy I had first at red bowl slide, and then at yellow bowl slide had made it up to the top of the abyss. It was nice they had 3 people and since the guy on the cyclone was wearing a polo shirt I am thinking that used all the maintenance folks up and had to go even deeper to find someone on to work on the top of the slides. 3 people did not last long at the top soon it was down to 2 but one guy had the vortex and this guy that I had most of the day lets call him Justin because that is what his name tag said ran abyss and cyclone. I did get on cyclone once. I had intended to ride this 2x but 2 became 7 and then the sun came out and the line for tubes was out of the cage but it had been a pretty good day so I was ok with that. The stair count was 2,520 leaving only 3,220 stairs left to reach 1 million. I can climb that many on a good day. However, it won't be tomorrow as I will play at the end of the day so may not have enough time. I now estimate it will be Mark T on Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooday #10 of 10 August 12, 2008 reaching the 1 millionth stair and the plan is for it to be on the yellow bowl slide. We will see though.

I did leave the park at 1:03 p.m. it was 74 degrees and the sun was shining. I got a very enthusiastic "Mark have a great day" from the Guest Service at the front gate. I made a note of it that they are meeting and greeting and even wishing you a great day. I like that. Soon Deep River Waterpark will no longer be open and you will have missed the park in 2008 but it's not to late you can come right now or even wait until Monday when you can save $5.00 by printing out the coupon that you can link to on the front page of this website. Don't delay to much longer as time is running out for you to get to Deep River Waterpark. You best come as soon as possible. I'll see you there.

Sunday August 10, 2008

Today would not be the best day to play at Deep River Waterpark because of the weather as wind is no friend of mine. Nevertheless this is one of the few remaining days this season so I would play at the back end of the season. It was 3:02 and 70 degrees when I returned. It was very windy. I was greeted by Kirsten and Nicole at the front gate. I learned that Kirsten spent some time in Oregon where since her grandmother did not have a computer she chopped wood. Apparently for fun. I have never been to Oregon and to intend to ever go there. The closest I ever got was playing the computer game Oregon Trail. Is that game still around? Kirsten also picked alot of peaches and by this she meant 20. Another highlight of this vacation was talking to a cat while apparently staying in her grandmother's log cabin. Kirsten did not do a good job in making me want to go to Oregon. I have been to the following states usually I am in Indiana and Illinois weekdays. I have been to California, Florida,Ohio, Kentucky,New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. I would like to visit Hawaii but not Oregon. Apparently Kirsten drove by Mount Hood. You can just look at pictures of that on Mount Hood. You can pick apples here during the fall I go with my parents each fall to County Line Orchard which is not to far away and many tiems find people that used to work at Deep River Waterpark there. Kirsten asked me to just walk down the stairs when close to 1 million and don't count them so she could be there on Wednesday night. I don't think that will happen as things worked out well that the 1 millionth stair should be climbed on Tuesday night and through all the years I have missed very few Tubin Tuesdays and it is so great that should be at the final one of 2008. Of course I do get distracted on Tuesday nights so not a sure thing.

I did make my way into the park not many lines today. There was no lines for tubes at the storm and 3 people at the top so got to like that. I was able to do "The Classic" I was told several times by the girl on the cyclone lets call her Erin that she was cold. She was the only worker at the top without a sweatshrit. The wind did blow and blow and since I stll have an issue with my left ear it wasn't the best with the wind blowing. I was able to even do "The Classic" in reverse if there is such a thing. The stair count was 1,280 which meant the there were now less than 2,000 stairs to climb to reach 1 million and that would have been good enough for this windy day. However, there was still more time to play. I went to my favorite ride whitewater and I rode it 2x and then I returned and rode each storm slide once vortex, abyss, and cyclone. The stair count went to 1,560.

I took "The Hike" over to the West Side and today there would be time to ride the bowl slide and I like to tame the yellow bowl slide. That is the slide I intend to reach 1 million stairs on since it is the only slide I have ever been injured on. It has not been so rough this year. At the top I remembered him from the other day at the top of the storm. He was having way to much fun probably the most fun anyone working at the top of these slides has had all season long. As slide riders we want to keep him at the top of this yellow bowl slide. He was soaked and in the time I rode this bowl slide I saw him go down the slides 4x so I wonder how many times he went down. Would he top Jessie's 23x or Kelley's 18 in one day? I would think so. All the slide riders loved this guy he was so great so hopefully we will see him at the top again soon. I did manage to ride the yellow bowl slide 5x in a row which put the stair count to 1,930 for the day and leaves me a mere 1,290 stairs away from 1 million. That is approximately 20 slides and I still remember when had approximately 1,000 slides to go.

I saw Amy as I left the park. I think her last day is Tuesday and then her brief storyline will end. She will never ever be seen again. I made my way to the front gate and your 2008 Best Guest Service Gal Nicole was at the front all by herself. I remember when she was over by group sales earlier in today. She had not found this (BEST LIFEGGUARD AND OTHER FOLKS THINGS AT DEEP RIVER WATERPARK) The 2008 edition

according TO Your Host on the front page to click on and see she was the winner. Today, she was wearing glasses and guys make passes at girls who wear glasses so I had to be on good behavior as it was so tempting. Nicole or Nikki is one of my favorite people to see during a Day at Deep River Waterpark but I can't explain why she just is. Definately in the top 5 that I hope to see in my adventures you probably figured out that Brianne is the person I most hope to see.

Apparently, this is Nicole's 3rd sesaon and she will be back in 2009. That is good news and will give me something to look forward too during the often sad off season. Her last day will be Thursday. I will not be at the park for that:( Nicole will be doing the limbo at 7:30 p.m. at the storm on Tuesday night. I don't limbo but maybe for Nicole I could stop by and see I did promise here a tootsie pop on Tuesday night since shedid not have one all year. I think usually around 7:30 p.m. am saying goodbye to the family. I got to stay with Nicole from 5:26 p.m. until slighly after the park closed. I even helped tell the patrons goodbye. It was an absolutely wonderful time. I even got in that real men don't cry nor do they carry umbrellas. I learned that Nicole misses Shark week. She watches animal planet on discovery channel alot and she knew some very big words which I can't spell. She is going to Purdue and hopes to be an elementary teacher. I could see her teaching 2nd or 3rd grade and if I had kids which I don't and won't since I have no plans to get married and am pretty sure these days I don't need anyon that won't happen. Eventually, all good things have to end so I took a lonely drive down US30 and returned to my home where tonight I did actually eat. I had a cheese quesadilla.

Tomorrow I will rest to gear up for what should be the conclusion of "One Man, One Park One Million Stairs" on Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooosday #10 of 10. It will be the last one all season and you don't want to miss it as you can get in for $11.00 after 5 p.m. and this is your last chance to experience Deep River Waterpark at night in 2008. If you can't wait until then there is a coupon for $5.00 off admission tomorrow only so print it out and come to the park. This is the last week that the park will be open in full operation so if you want to come out during a weekday with all the rides operating at once this is the week to come to Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooooooooosday #10 of 10 August 12, 2008

There are some nights that I will probably remember for as long as I shall live. This night the last Tootsie Roll Tootsi Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooosday of 2008 will be one such night. Words will elude me as I try to describe a night that was more than Devine, Wonderful, Lovely, Totally Terrific, Super Sensational, Eye- Popping or Absolutely Stunning. Tonight could be the night that has been 11 seasons in the making and here I thought it was only 10 when finally your host Mark T would climb the 1 millionth stair at Deep River Waterpark. It was 5:28 p.m. and 78 degrees when I returned. I was greeted at the season pass gate by your 2008 Guest Service Gal of the Year Nicole and you know she is a Mark T favorite so this was off to a great start. She did check the season pass. I was not wearing a winter coat in this picture instead it is a yellow shirt and that means I am very happy. Usually where I work at least in the summer it is yellow shirt Tuesday. Often times I have had my picutre on the pass taken int he dead of winter. I usually get the pass as a Christmas gift and then if have some time in January to give hope for the New Year I go and have the picture taken. That did not happen two years ago.

I am a man of my word so Nicole got first choice of Tootsie Pops because who knows if I would find her later. I didn't get passed the gate and I got to see the biggest earrings she has it was my favorite person in the park to see and despite the fact she was wearing a rather large name tag I am sure that I will come up with yet another way to spell Breeann today. These earrings were black and she had something in her hair which matched as well as the sunglasses so very nice. Tonight, there were 1,290 stairs to go to reach 1 million stairs. This would be my 49th time at Deep River Waterpark in 2008 and any year that I make it 50 times to Deep River Waterpark is great.

This was my 22nd consecutive Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooosday. The last one I missed was August 1, 2006 which I declared to hot and in the last 4 years dating back to 2005 I have been at 40 of 41 or 97.56% of Tubin Tuesdays including a few that the weather wasn't all that great. If we looked into history maybe Dustin could competed but I doubt in 14 seasons theres is another person that has been at Deep River Waterpark for as many Tubin Tuesdays as I have so that was another reason it would be so great if would reach one million stairs tonight.

I would get into the park. On the way I saw Dwayne make a not of that. He was not lifeguarding tonight just here to have fun and tonight I would start on the storm and first I would perform "The Classic" which has existed since the storm entered Deep River Waterpark in season #2 in 1996 and at that time my sister and I were among the first to ride on this ride and sometimes I was told to get in the back and sometimes in the front until they figured it out. I remember Miss Jennifer from way back then. The storm is where I have probably climbed most of the stairs in my time at Deep River Waterpark. The Classic goes vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, abyss, vortex, vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone for a total of 640 stairs. Often times the vortex blocks "The Classic" it would not do so tonight. I was told everyone at the park was so excited about this milestone. Would you believe that Dustin wasa at the bottom of the storm? He has been a lifeguard at Deep River Waterpark for 14 years. Usually, on Tuesday nights I try to find him as that is when I see him these days. I was successful 9 out of 10 this season. This was the easiest and he was assinged to the storm as Dustin and I go way back ah the staff we have seen come and go at Deep River Waterpark.

After "The Classic" I went on "the stair climbers best friend" the abyss and if you go back to the very begining of starting to climb 1 million stairs way back when the idea was that it was impossible and if I could really do it there was this lifeguard that I was quite fond of let's call her "The Lovely Christina" and when I climbed that 1 millionth stair it would be at the top of the abyss and she would be there in a wedding gown and there would be someone to perform the marriage ceremony I don't think I was thinking Nicole who tells me she is now an ordained minister and can marry people. She has the e-mail but not the certificate yet. Anyway we would be married on top of the abyss and then I never figured out the details of how to get rid of the wedding attire and slide down the abyss probably to the steps to the awaiting crowd and that would be when I climbed 1 million stairs. However, back then it seemed likt it would be impossible. The abyss would not get the 1 millionth step and I am not getting married. The abyss however I made sure that it got stair 999,000 and after riding the storm I went to my favorite ride of them all whitewater. It has been around all 14 seasons very few of us can say that. I remember this was the first slide that I tried to ride several times in a row and it was 44x and it was a long time ago on a cloudy day and I remember being exhausted and they had a vanilla shake ready in Milo's for me when I was done ah the memories and the first time I was ever at Deep river Waterpark it was for a charity Duck Race before the park was open tot he public and I fell down a flight of stairs on whitewater and fracture my wrist. To me that does not seem so long ago.

Whitewater holds many memories for your host. Perhaps that is why I like it so much each ride is like a stroll down memory lane. It would get 99,500 and after that ride only 478 stairs remained to reach 1 million stairs so it would be tonight as the park was not to busy tonight. I did take "The Hike" just to see if the family was ready to eat. I learned they had just arrived. I really did not plan to go on any slides at this time. However, my nephew Luke Tyler who is 2(he will be 3 on October 31,2008) and weighs 27lbs and is a little man and often referred to as "Geppeto" wanted to go on the yellow bowl slide as that is his favorite ride and like his Uncle Mark he likes to go on slides. He had come to the park not just to eat but to ride the slides. My sister told me he was telling her in the car that he was going on that slide when he came. She told him it might be to cold for her to go on that and he told her Uncle Mark will take me. Indeed he was right and him I had to let choose which slide he wanted to go on and it would be yellow.

He would walk up the stairs with me and be so excited as a crowd of employees began to gather around this slide and Dustin made his way over to the bottom of the yellow bowl slide and Brian who has also worked at Deep River Waterpark all 14 seasons would start to get into position to push me from the top of this yellow bowl slide. Remember way back when he competed with Mr. James to be the best slide pusher? Those were some good pushes. My nephew Luke he will go as fast as his little feet will carry them up the stairs with his excitement. Each time we ended up coming into water backwards and it took some help to unload him as he just smiles and says "again" He rode the yellow bowl slide 4x in row with me shall we get his stair count going at 296? Luke Tyler he doesn't have the cold tolerance so he was shivering so he went to his mom to warm up and had my brother-in-law and have had him a few times the last 2 seasons as a rider we would certainly get mores spins then my nephew. I have to feel a bit sad for him because he tried to have my nephew ride with him but Luke Tyler said no Mark. We would go 2 times on the yellow bowl slide and I would realize that it was a lot harder to subtract in my head than to add but I knew what slide 1 million would be on although with all this excitement I could not determine the exact stair. With the aid of my calculator I know it is the 34th stair on the yellow bowl slide so I will count up the next time I am there so I could see.

While I enjoy riders and it is much different expereience then riding alone I wantd to make this last climb by myself although if he was warmed up I would have let Luke Tyler come with me but he was near the slide as was every member of my immediate family. Just think when this quest started my nephews weren't even a twinkle in their mother's eye. I saw Breann and Nicole cameras were out what? I want the picture of them togther instead their taking pictures of me. I did walk up the stairs I saw Amy she would like an adjective and well adjectives are reserved for you know all the staff I had crushes on but since this is probably Amy's last day ever to set foot in Deep River Waterpark we can go with articulate Amy since she is a communications manager and I think she likes to talk alot. She was waving from the action river. I think by now you could tell something was happening. Although not my sisters who told me they tried to leave but the staff wouldn't let them and yes we can agree Jessie is so cute and nce. This is the second time my married sister has told me that.

When I got tot he top Brian had gotten into position. I am quite impressed on how he got this all together since not even I knew the timing of how this would occur. There was a call at the top of the slide and Congratulations offered. This is the 2nd time I have been ont he phone at the top of the slide. The last time was several years ago and that was on the top of whitewater. Was that before cellphones? They had phones at the top of slides and at stands then must have been linked somehow and down the yellow bowl slide I woudl go and there was loud thunderous applause and I think every employee that was left tonight were all waiting. It was something I would have never imagined and they had all sorts of gifts including a key chain with my name on it that says Deep River Waterpark so now everytime I am driving and I drive alot and most days I can think of Deep River Waterpark. There were some congratulations artwork from departments maintenance even had their art laminated. It has been awhile since I have gotten artwork from Deep River Waterpark but I still have the pieces that were made for me by Elizabeth Schmitz who knows maybe she is married now but she was I believe in merchandising they are fun to see and now I will add these to the collection.

There were also several shirts one is a polo so I should be able to wear that work on Fridays I am pretty sure I will do so this Friday. Also, since there were slide attendants it has been my dream to be a slide attendant but only on the storm and preferably the cyclone while that dream may never come true I now have the shirt that says slide attendant. I have acquired a few lifeguard shirts through the years but not a slide attendant and even a blue tube which I may inflate and put next to the chair in the breezeway so I can think of Deep River Waterpark at all times. There was even a cake with 1,000,0000 and then stairs and a slide and water and a tube and ice cream. We even seemed to have a parade to bring this stuff which I could not carry it all without dropping it. It was so great. I am so thankful to the staff and that I have to be blessed to be able to spend a lot of time during the summer at Deep River Waterpark.

Now the staff had to get back to work. At least they were able to spend some time at this event so even though I didn't pick this day it just happened it worked out so well and this date is exactly 4 months after my birthday of 4-12 and 12 is my favorite number. I even finished in time to get Nicole to the Limbo by 7:30 p.m. and then since none of this was planned it all happened my stuff was on the other side of the park so my nephew, and sister who used to ride with me way back when and I went to go get it and turn in the nephews life jackets. I got Dustin his last Tootsie Pop of the season but it sounded like he might be back for season #15 in 2009 and wouldn't that be great? I know I can hardly wait. We did go over and see the limbo contest as I told Nicole I would but I would not participate. My nephew Matthew who is 5 and will start kindergarten next week would. However, he is not familiar with what limbo is so he would just walk under this pole no bending back. He just liked being in the line and going under this. He definately did not win the big squirt.

We still had these lifejackets to return but oh my could it be but it's Tuesday. I did good to avoid any crushes on lifeguards in the storyline this year but if I had oen it would have been on her your 2008 Female Lifeguard of the Year Kaitlin and there she was at the wavepool and she doesn't work on Tuesdays so I pack a tootsie pop or maybe more for her but tonight I would see her on Tuesday night and she is one of my favorite people to see at Deep River Waterpark. We did not get much farther when saw Alecia and she said that if Emily wasn't going to Iowa that she would be here at this very park tonight. It was approximately 7:45 p.m. so time was running out much like time is running out on the 2008 season. Finally, we would make it to return these life jackets and then there was a sale in the surf shop so we had to check that out and eventually we made it back to the family who wondered where we went. It was to return lifejackets

For one last time we ate on Tuesday night it is always a little bit sad but at least we have next year to look forward too. We had the ice cream loved the little wooden spoons enclosed with these sundae cups which were a swirl of strawberry and chocolate and then even had the cake and the cake was very good. My nephews they wanted the blue part not sure why but that is what they wanted and my nephew Matthew who is 5 was amazed as it got dark and he was at the park. They usually leave before it gets dark. His eyes were lit up to be a Deep River Waterpark at night. I took this merchandise to the car as did not wish to just leave it out and at the front gate Dwayne was there now and he would remember me when I came back so that was good no trouble getting back in. I took my favorite walk around the action river. I met Nicole a new lifeguard for like 1.5 weeks and her last day will be soon. Also Samantha I think her last day is Sunday so maybe she will get to run the storm one more time all by herself before then. I also saw Jodi who had a very nice summer. Her last day is Thursday but she might be back you never know what you will be doing a year from now and the thing about Deep River Waterpark is the staff you get during this summer of 2008 will never ever be the same again,new people will come and many will go each summer its a whole new mix of people that is why you must just enjoy each season as it unfolds.

I made my way to Amy she had was doing the cheering while I went up the yellow bowl slide and tonight I could think of no better ride to have "The Last Ride" be then the slide that I reached 1 million stairs on especially with all this celebrating. This is probably the last time in my life I will ever see Amy and it was a short time but she is not short, she is tall. Sometimes, that is how things work. She might get an internship next summer in communications and way on the other side of the river was Courtney and she at least will be here for awhile until August 27 so that is good. It seemed a lot of the staff is done this week and I see my schedule is becoming more booked each day as now estimate I have 5-6 days left this season and maybe 2-3 out of the final five days. While I have been at Deep River Waterpark every opening day I can not say the same for the closing days. Those often are tough to take or other things happen. It has been a wonderful season though and I should make it 50 times this season so I can not ask for more than that.

Now I saw Breeann one last time tonight. Now she was wearing glasses and sunglasses and all the water testing was done for the night so soon she would get home and then who would I see but no it can't be. Do you remember everyone's favorite game? Where's Emily? Is this a dream as all the way from Washington DC on the night that I climbed 1 million stairs I couldn't believe my eyes it was really no lying Emily. I haven't seen her in over a year and I felt like hugging her but that might be inappropriate but she is not a current employee nevertheless I did not hug her. She did not have much time as had to get going but how about that finally I found Emily this season. She was going to run and say hi to Becky who was on the island so it would just be a wave. Apparently, she could not walk on water and very few people have been able too. Emily new they were Jesus Christ and Peter so way to get those biblical references in. Emily wasn't even going to try but it was so great to see Emily especially on this day.

I did see Brian still had some tootsie pops he really went all out. He thinks he got Joe Parker's blue tootsie pop and we can let him thinks that but that was grape and that is really purple so he could have all of those that he would like except pickingw were getting slim. I didn't even have an orange tootsie pop for Emily of course I did not know she was coming. I made my way to the front gate and remember do you that when I entered the park I saw Dwayne and I like symmetry where we start and end with the same person and he was there and he could get a chocolate tootsie Pop as he likes them and usually they are lef. It was 2 chocolate and 1 cherry and I think her name tag at Guest Service red Ilea. I just know she is very nice. Earlier got a high five from her for reaching one million and at the end of the night left with one chocolate tootsie pop and I saw Stephanie earlier she was playing tonight. She likes chocolate.

According to the clock in the car it was 9:23 p.m. when I left Deep River Waterpark. I wanted to savor each and every moment. I don't know if weather will allow me to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" tomorrow but maybe or maybe later in the day we will see. This would be the perfect conclusion to the season but I still have a few more days and now there is talk of 2 million stairs and I never thought I would reach 1 million but I climbed more stairs this season than I ever have. I wonder if I could do it quicker if could climb 125,000 stairs on average for the next 8 seasons. I don't know if I have another million in me but may as well start and see if can reach 2 million stairs by 2016 or 2017. That seems so far away. What doesn't seem so far way is the end of this season so you must get out to Deep River Waterpark right now. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 13, 2008

Last night I had some trouble getting to sleep as there was so much excitement. Truly I did not want that day to end and it would be a great day to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" and this would be the last chance this season to play my favorite game. Next week for the first time since the middle of May of this year I will go to work for 5 days in one week. Until this year and this is my 8th year at Tranzact Technologies I have never been away for more than 2 consecutive business days. This year if I came today I would be able to say that while the park was in full operation I have never been away from Deep River Waterpark for more than 2 consecutive days that it was open to the public. i arrived at 10:38 so it was 13 hours and 15 minutes away.

Last night I knew what slide I reached 1 million stairs on but not which stair it was so today I wanted to find out. The stairs to the yellow bowl slide were not open but I am pretty sure the other staircase is exactly the same and I counted the 34 stairs and it just so happened and this was not planned that the millionth stair is the 2nd platform on the yellow bowl slide. I was shocked to learn this but now if there really is a sign that commemorates Mark T on August 12, 2008 climbinb 1 million stairs at Deep River waterpark it could easily be put there. The gal at top had heard that I reached one million stairs last night. Apparently, that was the talk of the park yesterday and today. It was quite an event. I would then take "The Hike" but at least it wouldn't be alone today Breanne was right back and she was able to help me with the last tootsie pop of the season would you believe it was chocolate and she even agreed to deliver all the blue tootsie pops there were either 3 or 4 to Joe Parker. I think he has to be busy these days since I haven't seen him in 2 weeks but today was his lucky day as it was a Tootsie Pop Blowout for him.

I made my way to the storm. Julie from guest services was at the top with one other person. Jessie was at the bottom of this I think we have found her a few Wednesdays now all alone at the bottom of the storm. She offered congratulations and I was able to once again do "The Classic" and then I rode the abyss 5x in a row adn the stair count went to 1,034 and now the legs are starting to get fatigued as the stairs climbed this season exceed any climbed in any season previously. Plus I did not get that much sleep last night. I went to the lazy river to rest and that was a good choice as I saw your 2008 Female Lifeguard of the year Kaitlin she has never seen me in the Lazy River and therefore I have never seen her guarding the lazy river. I have been in the lazy river and even a few times this year. Admittedly the lazy river gets a lot less traffic since the introduction of the action rive. I still like to go in it every once in awhile. I doubt there will ever be a time when I go around it 10x again that was a long time ago. Kaitlin left at 10 p.m. and returned today at 11 a.m. so only 13 hours away and it wasn't that long until I saw her again and I was so happy. I went around the lazy river 1.5 times.

I did return to the storm but not much was in the tank today. I went on the cyclone and then can you believe it at the top of the slide at abyss and cyclone it was Breann. Never did she think that she would be pushing me down a slide yet here we were and since she was at the top I would find enough energy to put the number back to a round number as I went on the abyss, vortex, and "The Last Ride" was the abyss which Breann pushed me down and that made this a great day so a good time to end. The stair count today 1,290 the very number I needed to get to yesterdy to reach 1 million. I did navigate my way through the mud to give something to Kaitlin I could only see her off in the distance she sure was having a good hair day looked so fine today. She was guarding 2 spots. Her last day is Saturday so I should be there for that and you should be too.

I made my way to the front gate.Now there are new maps of Deep River Waterpark. Nicole tested if we could get water on them and one seemed to take some water ok. As a frequent visitor tto this park many things stick out in this map but maybe I will frame it. I notice that in the map it shows a canopy over the bowl slides but there has never been such a canopy so was there suppose to be? I have spent a lot of time with Nicole in the last few days and I have loved every single minute of it even if I am not all that nice. Did you hear that tomorrow is her last Day and Deep River Waterpark has decided to issue a coupon for $5.00 off on this Thursday August 14, 2008 to celebrate? I can't be sure that is the reason but I can't prove otherwise.

I still learned alot about Nicole and I could not remember it all but here is some things. Kyle plays tennis he was nice enought to come in today and help out so Nicole should be nice to him. Now lets see last night for the first time in 8 months Nicole ate pork but she really doesn't eat meat except chicken because that is the comprimise she ate with her parents. I am glad that she confessed this to me apparently it is a big deal for some people to eat pork. She wants to teach 5th grade I still think I want to put her in 2nd or 3rd grade. Apparently, she was the 2nd best tennis player at her high school, did something called mock government where had to travel to Indianapolis and she tried to pass a law allowing polygamy in the state of Indiana. She was in cheerleading and then in gymnastics if we were near some grass I would have asked her to do a cartwheel for me. Apparently she was in a singing group called Mystique and she learned to tap so that she could be in a spring musical. My married sister and I usually visit some High school production in the spring. This year we were at Munster High School for their production of Guys and Dolls. Our favorite I think it was 2 years ago at Lake Central High School Seusical The Musical. We hope to see that performed at some high school in the area again.

The most important thing that she said I must write though is that she is better at ice skating then Pat and we know him as the tall lead. Eventually she had to take the count so our time this season would come to an end and while it would be nice to come to Deep River Waterpark tomorrow for her last day I probably couldn't get there until after 5 p.m. and that is not guaranteed as my assistant is taking her daughter back to college and sometimes that means I have a bit more I have to do through the course of the day. Nicole shook my hand but she said she will be back next season and soon the countdown to 2009 will be here. Unfortunately, the non summer time does not go as quickly as summer. I have really enjoyed the tiem I spent with Nicole these last several days it has been so great and you still have a chance to meet her if you come to Deep River Waterpark tomorrow so go to the front page and print out that coupon for $5.00 off and get to the park. I will be back Saturday for sure so if you come on that day I'll see you there.

Saturday August 16, 2008

When I returned to work on Thursday for the first time after climbing 1 million stairs at Deep River Waterpark over the course of the last 11 years, there were some paper feet on my office floor and a big sign that said congratulations and the number 1,000,000. There was even a chocolate cake it was good. I must say the one that was designed and made by the staff at Deep River Waterpark was better and more fun but still we had a good time continuing this celebration. Many congratulations were offered and now they would like to put a picture of the event in our company newsletter The Tranzmission so if you have a picture of this night please send it to in2deep@xvi.net

Today it was 9:54 a.m. and 75 degrees when a I returned. There was not that large of crowd on hand. Today, I would start on the West Side and both slides were open so this meant for the first time since reaching 1 million stairs I could actually set foot on the 1 millionth stair climbed which is on the yellow bowl slide the second landing and there I paused to remember all that happened and how great that night was. Today I would alternate between yellow and red and there was virtually no line until was on time number 18 and I continued on just back and forth it was very nice. Earlier in the season I could have climbed more but this year I have noticed that toward the end I am losing energy and may not be able to climb as many stairs as was able to at the begining of the season or even the middle. Maybe I have come to a ceiling as everyday a new season record is set.

In all I rode the bowl slides a total of 30x in a row 15 yellow and 15 red. I exited the red bowl slide and went around the action river. I did see Lauren, today is not her last day and she will be at the park all the way until the last day of the season which will soon be upon us on Labor Day Monday September 1, 2008. Lauren was the first person I met that was going to be at the park all the way to Labor Day. I went around the action river 1.5x before taking "The Hike" and I decided why not do "River to River" and in the lazy river I woudl go. It doesn't have all the glory it once did and staff is easily pulled from there so it was lightly guarded today. However, in the lazy river exactly where she was when I left her on Wedensday there was your 2008 female lifeguard of the year Kaitlin and today was her last day. This made her excited and it was sad for me. It took me 3 years to learn her name and I never got that picture I wanted of her at the top of the slide with the stop sign made by her hand saying "Stop Wait Right There" It was great to see her thoug and in the competition to be Mark T's 2008 Valentine she will be the Deep River Waterpark representative. Do you think she will win? She has a good chance. Unfortunatly, my bag was empty today so I had nothing to leave her with as this season ended but this would be a stellar way to end this day so the lazy river became "The Last Ride"

I made my way towards the exit short stay today but have to try and wean myself from the waterpark as soon the slides will no longer be open and we will have to wait until May 2009 for them to reopen when there will certainly be plenty of staff. I did see Kirsten got a High 5 but she had to go to a birthday party at the park that is a guest service function not like she was leaving work. She indicated she will be there until Labor Day as well so that is good news. I hope to be back tomorrow in the afternoon. It is the last day for 5 days that Deep River Waterpark is scheduled to have all the attractiosn open at the same time. The park will be open from August 18-22 but not all the rides at the same time but that will give you the chance to save. If you want to experience everything Deep River Waterpark has to offer you best come tomorrow and I'll see you there.

Saturday August 23, 2008

One week had passed since your host was last at Deep River Waterpark. In my world, I don't count the time that all the rides and attractions would be open but not all the same time as full operation of the park. However, I did hope you enjoyed that week as it is better than what we will get this upcoming week as from August 25-August 29 Deep River Waterpark will be closed and then reopen for 3 final days August 30-September 1. It was 9:48 a.m. and 82 degrees when I returned. There was not a large crowd on hand. The group sales gate had just a few smaller groups. I was the first one at the season pass gate. A family did come behind me and we waited and waited. I imagine as they tried to find anyone to put on the slides or in the lazy river. While I did not hear an official count of lifeguards in the park at 10 a.m. I would guess it was 15 or less by my count. That is a far cry from 44. It was 10:05 a.m. when the season pass gate opened. It did appear that the guest services group they were ready to go just waiting for the signal.

I began the day on the storm and there were 2 gals at the top. They were quite excited when I was the first person up the stairs. For the first time ever, I got pushed by 2 people at once and that happened twice, by time number 7 although this was not a large crowd by any stretch of the imagination the lines began to form and these girls looked worn. I doubt any relief was in sight. Over in my sight lines one could see that the dragon was not currently open I am sure do to staffing issues. I did begin "The Hike" at approximately 10:45 a.m. after completing "The Classic" I arrived to the West Side and not many people there and up the bowl slides I would go. I did mix it up some but not completly alternating. At red bowl slide what's this? Just once this year have we been able to play everyones favorite game Where's Emily? and now this girl's nametag ready Emily. Her blue shorts seemed liked they were just taken from a bag.

In the end I went down yellow 4 and red 6x. In that time Emily went down the red bowl slide 2x because people got stuck. She was all wet after that. I rode around the action river and today there were not many familiar faces nor many workers faces at all. Th good thing was the crowd was not so large but there was no buzz in this park like there is at the begining of the year. Each season has its own life and right now it looks like this one is on life support. I saw Chris and then I think this other guy is also Chris who wanted to know if they had marked the 1 millionth stair. They had not but that's ok I don't pressure people. He said he would. I think they have all next week or how great would it be if it was ready for opening day of 2009 then there will be a buzz again and plenty of staff. The 1 millionth stair is the 2nd platform of the yellow bowl slide. I did take a walk around the park and the dragon was now open. I need to stay off of that hopefully to be 100% by next season. There was a tent for Jack 104.3 FM playing what we want. It is really the station that is normally on at the waterpark. I could play air guitar or beanbags to win a prize. Each game seemed hard. I threw some bean bags and eveyone was a winner just if you got 2 in you could get a tshirt or DVD. I got none in so I had my choice of a fan or a cup. I chose the cup which is probably a tumbler. The stair count today 1,380 on 20 slides.

I made my way to the front gate. At least some of these folks looked familiar. The nice lady can't think of her name but she has been at the park for at least a couple of years at Guest Services wasn't at the park for the 1 million stairs but reported that Nikki was very happy that she was there. Apparently Nikki is down at college now. She should be back in 2009. It was 12:18 and 87 degrees when I left Deep River Waterpark. I will back to Deep River Waterpark a little sooner than that but it will more than likely be more than a week as it is projected Mark T returns on Sunday August 31, 2008. You don't have to wait that long but if you don't come on one of the last 4 days August 24, 30 ,31 or September 1, 2008 you will have to wait a long time so this is it the very end so get out to Deep River Waterpark right now. I'll see you there.

Sunday August 31, 2008

This was the longest I was away from Deep River Waterpark all season 8 long days but soon that will seem like no time at all. It was just before 3:00 p.m. when I arrived and I was lucky to arrive as on US 30 I lost vision in my left eye it just started tearing up it seems to be allergies do that to me but it has been quite awhile. I made my way somehow to the season pass gate. I could tell there were many people in the park today as it was a beautiful day. I would go over to the storm and perhaps for the last time this season I would attempt "Time to Climb" where I go up the stairs of the abyss 16x in a row.

Each time had to wait in line for a tube, but the one lifeguard below tried to keep everything orderly and made people turn in there tubes and when they do that it realy doesn't take long. Another good note today was there were 3 people for the 3 slides at the storm so that kept the line moving. It was all up to guest services now to run the storm. Even Kevin was over at the top of the vortex. I continue on the abyss and after about time 6 my vision was finally restored.

I continued on the abyss and what was this? At the bottom of the storm even though it was not Tuesday it was Dustin what a pleasant surprise. Apparently, they really needed the help and got anyone that was willing and Dustin is a good guy. This seems like a good set up for his return to Deep River Waterpark for season 15 in 2009. The guy at the top left and Chloe came to the top how about that here on the abyss were 2 people I actually had seen all season and the lines were moving nicely so a good time was had. I did make it all 16 times which is 1,024 stairs. Then I took a walk around the entire park and made my way to the west side. The yellow bowl slide was open but not the red so down past the stairs the line went. I figured it will be best to ride that in the am tomorrow before the line. My favorite walk is around the action river and now it was pretty shady. The river was sparsely populated with lifeguards. I saw Jessie with her hair so high so she must be happy and it looks so good I love it and then we go to another Jessie who will be sad that the season comes to an end as she loves this park as do I and she will be there tomorrow. I will too and you should be too as it is really your last chance in 2008 to expereince Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Labor Day Monday September 1, 2008

This is it the conclusion of Deep River Waterpark's 14th season and today for the 54th time this year I arrived at Deep River Waterpark. It was 9:52 a.m. and 78 degrees. The crowd waited with much anticipation for those gates to open one last time this year to the general public. People often ask me don't I get tired of this place? As of yet I have not and when one considers in this leap year there will be 366 days I spent only 14.75% of this year at Deep River Waterpark. Any year that I get to the park 50 or more times is a great year. I am truly lucky to be able to enjoy this park so much. I hope that you had a chance to share some of this enjoyment. As I entered the season pass gate on this last day I got a high five from the nice lady and today her name tage read Amy so I believe that to be her name. I did not turn the pass in. This was the longest line I had seen all season at the season pass gate. Much talk about will they use these pictures for a 3rd season next year? I should find out in December as that is normally when I get mine as a Christmas gift. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving and look for season passes to go on sale at deep discounts in November. You will read about it here.

Today I had plenty of time to play not like yesterday. I would begin on the West Side as if you want to ride bowl slides I have always told you, that you should come early. Today, only yellow as open and that was fine with me. The stairs were to red so it was confusing to some of the people that had been there throughout the season. No water was in the red bowl slide and no lifeguard on duty. At the bottom of yellow and looking so fine was Jessie. She indicated she woudl be at this spot all day and she was there all day yesterday. Her umbrella wasn't even up so she must have much better sun tolerance than I do. Today, as there was no more time left to even things out for the year I must end with a 6 on the count. I knew I couldn't outlast the lifeguard today as she indicated she wasn't going anywhere. Although I was very happy that I would get to see Jessie. She has very nice legs and great hair and sometime it was high, and sometimes it was down, it was so great to see so many styels in one day and often I got an aerial view.

I continued on and on the yellow bowl slide, the line got longer and longer and then at time #14 with the stair count at 1,036 I decided to go around the action river and I went around about 1.25 times exiting at the red bowl slide exit which proved to be much easier than at the entrances where people were waiting for tubes. I took "The Hike" and on this one I saw for the 2nd day in a row Dustin and this truly is it but hopefully he will return next year for season number 15. We shook hands. He is truly a good guy. I also saw Breeann and that was good but I did not hug her as that may have been inappropriate but I still may have thought how nice that would be.

I returned to the storm where I spent most of the time this summer. When I began counting stairs 11 years ago I just wanted to say that I probably rode a 1,000 slides in the summber and in 1998 I climbed 65,000 stairs. There are 64 stairs on each storm slide. That would be around 1,000 slides now in this season I more than doubled that original total that is quite a few stairs. Since 1996 I have done "The Classic" and for one last time this season I would give it a try. I had enough time so I would not be blocked by the vortex. "The Classic" goes vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, abyss, vortex, vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone and before I knew it "The Classic" was complete for the final time this season and the stair count went to 1676 and todays goal was to climb 1,836 stairs so that I could climb a record 132,000 stairs which is 20,000 more stairs than the previous record of 112,000 stairs climbed in 2005.

I went to my favorite ride whitewater and the line was a little long but I had to go on it today. Normally, at the end of a season I would conclude on this slide as it is my favorite. Sure many years ago I concluded on a body slide because that is where Jordan was and one time I would just ask her for her number. I never could but I got her number when she called me and then I wished I never got that number as false accusations were made and to this day my name has never been cleared but I did call her once not several times which would be impossible for me. I always wonder what could have happened if the truth were known? It doesn't matter though although I often wonder whatever happened to Jordan she just had some effect on me. I always remember her on labor day as when she called I was watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon ah memory lane. Anyway I like to have a wonderful memory for all the off season so I knew that whitewater would not be the "LAST RIDE" of 2008. I knew where it would be and who I wanted to see and I knew where she would be.

I would return one last time to the storm. It would be cyclone which is my favorite storm slide where Kevin was at the top and then the abyss which is probably the slide I rode the most this summer where Chloe was just like yesterday and then to remember the storm it was the cyclone and the stair count went to 1,912 and then for one last time this summer I took "The Hike" and it was lonely and uneventful and even somewhat sad. It was very busy on the West side but I managed to get a tube and ride around the action river and there was Jessie :) She had been there all day only left for just a short period once and even had her lunch right there on the stand. A gal after my own heart I wanted to offer to buy her lunch sometime but that may have been inappropriate so I continued on to the red bowsl slide exit and I just barely got on the stairs of the yellow bowl slide and slowly went up. The line did get longer even went past the stairs so I got in at a good time.

I made it up one last time. The guy at top he did have to go down to get some people unstuck once during this time 2x during my morning session. The view often was nice and on this day I climbed 1,986 stairs making this season a record season with 132,150 stairs climbed. The plan now is to climb 125,000 per season the next 8 seasons to reach 2 million stairs in 2016 but a lot has to go right for that. This yellow bowl slide with Jessie at the bottom would be "The Last Ride" of 2008 and it will be the last vision until Deep River Waterpark opens again by estimates in 263 days on May 22, 2009 and then there will be a brand new story to be writtend and the park will be fully staff. Who knows the new people we shall meet or which favorites will return. This season while full staffing only lasted about 1 month I say until July 4 the staff has to be classfied as one of the friendliest in Deep River Watepark history and it seemed people that actually worked at the park because they really liked the place and while I may have numerous times complained about the quantity of staff the last 2 months of the season I do say good job for the quality of the staff this season.

Well yesterday, I wore my trademark yellow but now that will be washed an put away until opening day as in shorts it was time to fade to black and now for Deep River Waterpark Daily 2008 edition it is time to fade to black. I hope you enjoyed the season as much as I did and I can't wait to return in 263 days on opening day Friday May 22, 2009. In 14 years I have never missed an opening day at Deep River Waterpark good lord willing I won't miss opening day #15 at Deep River Waterpark. It is on May 22, 2009 so mark your calendars right now and in 2009. I'll see you there.