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Now by popular demand you can read about every day your host Mark T. spent at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. Simply click on the day to see what Splashtastic Fun was had.

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Wednesday June 20, 2007

Yesterday June 19, 2007 I had the best night of my life. After the best night of one's life the next day is a little rough as one just wishes to relive that magical tonight and wonders did that all really happen? At least I have a good memory so I will remember it always and by Friday hopefully I should have the pictures to remember it as well. Last night I left the park at 9:13 p.m. in state of complete euphoria. It was 12 hours and 51 min before I returned at 10:04 a.m. to play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" it was a little sad because this year I have 8 chances to play next week I will not get to play. I only have 6 times left to play this game all year so may as well enjoy it.

I have this goal to climb do "The Show" where I climb up the stairs of the dragon every hour on the hour from 10 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Once I was able to do 10, 11, 12 and 1 and so far this year I do not think I can do it just yet. Sometimeses I like to see how far I can go though. I started "The Show" when I arrived slightly after 10 a.m. and the first "The Show" went very easy. I climbed up the stairs and rode the steep slide 10x. I then took "The Hike" and rode around the action river once. The 10 a.m. show started late so it ended like at 10:45 and so after one time around the action river it was time for the 11 a.m. "The Show" I did find Emily at the action river she spent 11 hours and 42 minutes away which is not good for her usually she is just over 11 hours. I still envy that she can leave so late and then arrive so early.

The 11 a.m. "The Show" went well. I rode the curved slide 10x in a row. Then I took my walk around the park and not a single adventure or hello happened it was rather dull but I did manage to get dry and then reapplied sunscreen and it was time for the noon "The Show" I rode the curved slide 9x followed by the steep slide once and the stair count was 2,820 and I had ridden the dragon 30x today. I then tried to take "The HIKE" and I saw that B96 was at the park and they were giving away tickets to summer bash. You did have to be present to win and I heard at least 20 names called and not a soul was present. The lady doing the announcing said sometimes they call like 50 names. This ended up with her saying she had called this girls name earlier and she wasn't present but now she is calling it again and she was present. This made me think that she went through every name in the box and was just hoping someonone would show up eventually. There was one more winner which was this girls sister.

I managed to get to the action river no tubes were present and I realized I was out of energy so this was a good time to make an exit. It was 12:55 and 82 degrees when I left the park. I did have my hand stamped. It was such a beautiful day but I don't like the crowds so I got my hand stamped just in case I would return later in the day. Now it seems this is going to be a problem in my attempt to do "The Show" every hour on the hour. I may need something to drink and eat in between. I actually ended up at my own home. I have a very nice breezway that I sit in and look at the flowers. Hopefully one day it will have that high chair in it that will be really good. I did return to Deep River Waterpark at 3:45 p.m. and the temperature was 85 degrees. Now many people were leaving andthat is good for me.

I may have started "The Show" at 4 p.m. a couple of minutes early but it did go on and I rode the curved slide 10 more times. I then took "The HIKE" and rode around the action river once and there was still time so I walked a bit no adventure could not resist the storm calling so I went on the abyss and then it was time for th 5 p.m "The Show" for some reason the line had gotten longer I was a little surprised since the park was clearing out. I quickly learned though that I had hit the wall and the 5 p.m. "The Show" had to be cancelled. I did want to get up to 4,000 stairs good practice for the 4th of July so I went ont he curved slide 2x making the stair count 4,012 for the day and 34,558 for the season.

I took a walk hmm I have a good memory except for some reason when it comes to names I want to say his name is Greg I knew his name last year that is what I am going to go with so correct me if I am wrong. There was Greg and Justin at a table I saw Justin's hand go up since he isn't wearing a hat these days I often don't recognize him but maybe if he raises it high enough I could tell. Apparently Justin was off yesterday so he could have a tootsie pop today and so could Greg only what is left and after today they go to the office. I did tell Justin I did get Stephanie the tiara everything went well. He indicated they had seen it and it was very nice. She looked so beautiful in it hopefully that picture comes out but we will see. I did not see her once today but that means I get to keep the memory of the Best night of my life at least until I am able to return which won't be until Saturday morning. I left the park at 5:45 p.m. it was now 87 degrees. Just because I can't be at the park the next 2 days doesn't mean you can't as it will be open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m and you won't have anyone to tell you what happened so just come on out and have a Splashtastic time. Eventually I'll see you there.

Sunday June 24, 2007

Yesterday for it marked the first time this season that your host has been away from Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark for a period of 3 days and that can seem like an eterenity. While I am told the park was open I personally declared it a day that it should not be. Temperatures were in the low 60s at 10:30 a.m. I heard 62 degrees and rain just kept falling all day long. I did happen to have someone give me a Tootsie Pop at a Walmart as I exited and I thought are they still my material giving out Tootsie Pops it was Saturday though. This was a green tootsie pop I think that is apple and I have never had that. I did finish the logo for "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" and it debuts in 5 days on Friday June 29, 2007. I also got the pictures back with her in her tiara and she looks absolutely stunning indeed. She has made me the happiest I have been this century. Anyway today it was 9:56 and 66 degrees when I finally returned. It was overcast. It appeared there was a large group from Horizon bank today waiting to get in at the group sales.

I tell you always if you want to ride bowl slides you should come early. Today I followed my own advice. On any Sunday the crowd is late in arriving probably because they go to church. I lectored last night at St. Maria Goretti so I did not go to church this morning but maybe next Sunday I will be a late arrival. Today I was not and the slides were mine. I began with the yellow and then to feel them out I went on the red and I got stuck on that slide. I did not like that so I switched to the yellow for the remainder of my riding. I would ride the yellow bowl slide 23x in a row. These are the toughest stairs to climb in the park so it was a good work out. I learned the slide attendant's name was Ashley and I had her the entire time normally when you ride that much you see the slide attendants come and go.

Mike was on the red bowl slide and once they were not arm's length apart. If I had my ruler I could have measured like when I went to that catholic school and they measured with a ruler do not dance closer together than that. They nixed the story line that they were pretending to be the bride and groom on top of a wedding cake. That is to bad because could have had it already to go. The children's play area has the Courthouse. I may have heard bells ringing over there perhaps marriage bells but there went that whole story line. I rode around the action river.At one point a younger boy start hitting me to let me know on the red bowl slide a kid was stuck in there. I don't know what he wanted me to do about that. I had been stuck earlier just use your hands and push yourself along. Alot of people get stuck on the red bowl slide.This was 1,850 stairs climbed today. I have some other functions to attend and weather isn't so good so today my stay will be short.

I took "The Hike" and I rode the vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone and abyss only 2 slide attendants at the top today even though the vortex had a rather long line that made the stair count 2,170 for the day. That was scheduled to be "THE LAST RIDE" but then I could see the line for whitewater was very short and that is my favorite ride. A kid there said he would give me $30.00 if I punched him in the chest. I declined his offer and went up to the top. I had the same slide attendant Ashley that I started with and that was good. I had her for 25 of the 30 slides I rode today. I had Mike for 3 and then that other slide attendant for 2. The water was frigid. I enjoyed my ride down making 2,214 stairs climbed today and 36,772 for the year leaving 73,228 left to climb this summer.

Normally Monday is the day that breaks up the 5 in a row. This week there already is no chance maybe I will get back Monday maybe not. Don't forget Tubin Tuesday on Tuesday where you can get in after 5 p.m. for only 9.95 and this Wednesday I am actually working so there will be no "LET'S PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" but my favorite game returns for the 4th of July when I will try to climb 4,000 stairs on that day. To mark the anniversay of the buying of my house I will be at the park on a very rare Friday June 29, 2007 and you know what that is it is when the logo of "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" debuts on this site. It may be a rough week for me but that doesn't mean that it should be for you make your plans to come out to Deep River Waterpark which is open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily. I'll see you there.

Monday June 25, 2007

It was 3:57 p.m. and 89 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark. This is the first and only Monday I have gotten to the park in June. There was a good size crowd on hand. I surveyed the land and my goal it to climb 1,000 stairs on every single day that I am at the park. Each of the last 217 times in the last 5 seasons I have done so. This would be try number 218 and could I move the record to 218-0. The game is normally played by riding the abyss or other storm slide as much as possible and then keeping an eye on the dragon and going over there when necessary to complete the win. Today the dragon had no line so that is where I began the day. I rode the curved slide 3x in a row and then for some reason the line got long and I would go where the line is not.

This led me to the storm and I went on the abyss was that "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" diving in the catch pool? Talk about taking my breath away as she dove and then her head surfaced and back in the water she would go quite a site to see and hopefully that is what her logo will be which debuts on Friday June 29, 2007. The second time up the storm the abyss normally the stair climbers best friend was not very good to me. However after that the line did clear up. I managed to get the cyclone in once. Emily and Lucy came up on to the abyss. Emily was on break and Lucy was working the slide. Emily pushed me down a few times and that was nice I am so old I remember when they had lifeguards that pushed you down slides. I have learned to like slide attendants not alll of them but alot after all I spend a lot of time on slides. There could be lifeguards in the park that I never see. Back in the day riding the slides everyone would eventually come to me.

I rode the storm a total of 9x in a row putting the stair count at 858 and then I went over to the dragon and I rode the curved slide. There is Emily see how I missed her so when she left me at the abyss without even saying goodbye but I found her quickly. She is working every day this week except Sunday so you can see her and that even means on the special Friday that I will appear. I had a very good time with Emily guarding the dragon. I was able to ride the steep slide with the full effect and that is really fun. I rode it 2x and that should have been "The Last Ride" but Emily requested to see "The Show" and I can not disappoint so "The Show" would go on tonight. Emily's sister came along and told me she was looking for me last Tuesday but I had left so tomorrow night I will try to find her she will be wearing purple shoes that might be a clue and since I can't play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" I will try to start Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooosday early even before the 5 p.m. when you can get in for only $9.95 only $5.00 if you are under 46 inches tall.

I did ride the dragon 10x in a row. I rode the steep several times because I could without getting the dragon bites everything was right. Emily said I should just keep going after 10 but my sister was waiting at my home and most Monday nights you can find us at the Sheffields in Dyer. I highly recommend the chicken stir fry but I pick all the vegetables out. After we ate we went and bowled 2 games I beat my sister both games. If you are looking for something to do on Monday night after the park closes the Stardust bowling alley in Dyer Indiana has bowling for $1.00 a game every Monday until August 31.

There would be very few other things that I would like to do other than ride the dragon until the rides and attractions closed tonight at 5:45 p.m. but I had to be on my way. The stair count today ended at 1,798 making 38,570 climbed this season and leaving 71,430 left to climb this season to reach the 110,000 stair goal. I will at least be back tomorrow maybe not Wednesday and I doubt any day could be better than last week which was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best night of my life thanks to "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" maybe I'll get to see her again and learn more about her she is so great. I left the park at 5:43 p.m. it was 87 degrees. You too can have fun tomorrow night by coming to Deep River Waterpark it is open from 10 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. and no additonal charge to get in so don't pass up this deal or wait until 5:00 p.m. and get in for only $9.95. Come on out right now. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooosday June 26, 2007

Exactly one month ago one day late on May 26, 2007 Deep River Waterpark opened for season #13. The waterpark is open about 3 months out of the year which means we are 1/3 through the season. Tonight I knew that I would have to exit the park before I would like at 9:30 p.m. or so. Therefore, I tried to get to the park early. Traffic did not cooperate. In fact on my drive down US 30 I was passed by children bicycles on more than one occasion. It was very frustrating and one wondered why at 4:30 or so children were on bikes on this very busy street? They were however going faster than the cars that had come to a virtual stand still. I did make it to the park at 4:57 p.m. it was 83 degrees.

On this Tuesday night I was happy to be at the park but I knew that I would not be playing my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" when we count down the hours until I return on Wednesday morning. I therefore was not in my trademark yellow shorts indicating extreme happiness. I began the day riding the abyss 3x in a row. I then went and rode the curved slide of the dragon 3x in a row and the stair count was 474 which is a good base. The line to the dragon got long and so I returned to storm usually riding the abyss but I did manage to get my favorite storm slide the cyclone in there just once. The last time I rode the abyss the slide attendant threw his sunglasses at me. Ok maybe they just fell out of his hand. I took that as a sign to go do something else. I got the stair count up to 730 and then I took a walk around the park.

I found Emily and she was near her sister Alicia apparently today they had switched jobs as Emily was "cleaning" and Alicia was guarding. I tried to inform Emily that the park was open until 9:30 p.m. and there were alot of people around so this "cleaning" would not provide the best of results. She said she had to clean until 6:00 p.m. and she would not be working tonight. That made me sad :( so she too will not be able to play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" where sometimes he is away for just 11 or so hours. I did hear from her sister that she will get to play and will leave around 10 p.m. and return around 7:30 a.m.how I envy her. However she did not seem willing to count how many double tubes are at the action river. I say 12 she says more than 20. They hard count when on the slide and moving around so I need them counted in the morning when they are all stacked up.

Emily was able to take "The Hike" with me it was not sad and lonely it was very nice. We started a parade with Joe and maybe 3rd time I meet him I will remember his name of Rich for some reason I am not good with names it is very odd since I have an excellent memory. Emily told me some of the staff are reading these very pages as they were printed out and placed in the breakroom. Can you believe that? Many of the new lifeguards and slide attendants don't know all about Mark T. Unforunately, I don't know many of them as I try not to speak unless spoken too. Back in the day everyone wore nametags for a few weeks and I could learn their names those days are long gone. I do see a lot of smiling faces on the slides and I recognize them but often don't know the name that goes with it.

Emily and discussed what type of tootsie pop her sister would like and we jumped to the conclusion it would be grape and I set off on my way to give it to her and there was Justin and it looked like he was going to hug me and that is not going to happen. I like Justin but he and I will not hugging anytime soon. He also wanted grape. Joe Parker has informed me that I can purchase the very chair from the tube slide for a small fee and he will have it already for me next week. Oh this will be so great for years I have wanted that high chair to place in my breezeway to have a memory of the waterpark in the spring and fall and maybe the winter but I don't spend alot of time in the breezeway in the winter. I can not believe it will be that chair just think of all the people that may have sat in that chair and I actually have a picture of "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" in that chair. No I am not going to have a life size cutout made of her and put it in the chair that would be going to far.

In time I did make it to the West side and we were right that grape was the right choice for Alicia and then as I went to returned to the slides it was my parents sisters and nephews on there way in and my one nephew likes to play just by the action river. He turned 4 on June 4 and it says it is 2 inches but he said he would swim to me and I had to sit just a little bit beyond the entrance and my sisters sat at the entrance as my other nephew would run in the water just a little bit and then run right out very odd for me to watch. Each time I tried to move from this spot my nephew would tell me to go back to where I was. Emily did come around 6:00 p.m and she saw my sisters and my 2 nephews. Many people think my nephews look like me and in fact sometimes when I am out with my sister it is to much effort to explain that I am not their dad so I just go with that I am. My sisters were up for zero rides tonight as it was to cold.

I did eventually sneak off so that I could make sure to get 1,000 stairs climbed. I went on the abyss 6 times in a row same slide attendant he thought that was a good spot. I have to say I was impressed that on a Tubin Tuesday the entire park was staffed. There were attendants and 3 people at the top of the slide it was very nice. On most Tubin Tuesdays there is like a skelton crew the park gets crowded and they have 2 people at the top of the storm. So whoever did the staffing tonight you did an excellent job keep it up for the remaining 7 Tubin Tuesdays. The stair count was 1,114.

I could now take a break and it was time to eat. Turkey store honey turkey but after I eat I can't ride slides for awhile. On July 17 that is a Tubin Tuesday I am told we will be celebrating my dads birthday which is actually July 18 but that is his request and there might be cake and who knows what else. I ate for awhile and then I saw Dustin at the Paddles Play area and you can't miss him on Tuesday since that is like the only day I see him now but so good to see that he is back for season 13. I went and got him a tootsie pop. He then asked me where Stephanie was I have not idea how would I even know. He heard "that I have the hots for her" well he probably is right but I don't keep tabs on anyone. The slide attendant who seemed to know me and I have seen her alot said she was off today. I felt bad that I didn't bring her a tootsie pop and worse that I didn't know her name but it was great to see Dustin.

As I walked around the park the Hokey Pokey was playing and I had to jump out of the way of several people. I even saw Joe Parker and Justin doing the Hokey Pokey very entertaining for me so it seemed everyone was having a good time tonight and that is geat. I don't know if I should keep the glasses on because i can see nearly everything then and lots of dancing was happening. I went on the cyclone and then the abyss 3x making the stair count 1,370 for the day and 39,940 for the year. That leaves 70,060 left to climb this summer to reach the 110,000 stair goal.

On my way out finally on a Tuesday I saw "The Sensational Sasha" and I could give her a chocolate tootsie pop as that is what she likes. The way Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooosday works is on Tuesday there is a brand new bag of Tootsie Pops. I always make sure that there is at least one chocolate because I have to take care of "The Sensational Sasha" on Tuesday I give them away. On Wendesday we play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" and any Tootsie Pops left can be given away and on Thursday I take them to Tranzact Technologies where I work and put them in the candy dish. They all move but not the chocolate. Right now we have 3 chocolate tootsie pops in the candy dish. Luckily Brian also wanted chocolate so got rid of that flavor. Since I won't be at the park tomorrow most likely the remainder will get to the office tomorrow.

Did you here Brian fixed the wave pool so the waves are now large like they were when the park opened. I actually might know something about that since back in the day I actually spent alot of time in the wave pool but haven't been in it for years. It was 8:23 and 79 degrees when I left the park. I return for the anniversary of when I bought my house on June 29, 1999. The 10 day anniversary of the greatest night of my life and will it be morning noon or night when "The Absolutely Stunning Stephanie" has her logo debut? As the 4th of July quickly approaches why not come to Deep River Waterpark it is open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily and on July 3 it will be a Tubin Tuesday so I bet you could spend some of the night and even see the fireworks afterwards if that is something you like. It will be very interesting for me as I try to rest before I attempt to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July but then how would I play my favorite game "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" which will return next week. Make your plans to come on out too Deep River Waterpark today. I'll see you there.

Friday June 29, 2007

Normally, Deep River Waterpark opens on the Friday before Memorial Day and therefore I am at the park on a Friday because there is no way I'd miss opening day. This year however weather did that in and so after missing the first Wendesday of the season I was able to make it for the first Friday of the season. 1 of probably only 2 Fridays which I will appear this year and the next one July 27 gets very complicated as back in December I scheduled a dental cleaning for this very day but they had to change it and now it is Friday July 27 at 11:45 so that will put a challenge when I "Say Goodbye to July" It was 9:5 a.m. when I arrived and 70 degrees. I stood at the season pass gate for awhile and finally according to my watch at 10:06 a.m. the park opened up. According to their clock they opened at 10:11 a.m.

I began the day by taking "The Hike" over to the bowl slides and first I went on yellow and then it was red where once again I got stuck but this time after first dislodging myself I did make it a little bit further and was stuck again. I did not like that but I keep trying the red bowl slide. It used to be my nemesis throwing me all different ways and watch out for my landing foot now just a disappointment. I went around the river and today it was a cloudy day and cool actually just like this day was 8 years ago. That was a Tuesday though. On June 29, 1999 I bought my home and that day I always remember. I decided to do the 10 oclock "The SHOW" and I climbed up the stairs and I waited for a few minutes. I am not in any hurry especially today. It was a good view lots of people going on the storm and then the slide attendant came and asked how long I had been there I said a few minutes. She did not believe me and asked why didn't I say anything. I told her I got some rest and I don't actually speak to most people unless they say something first. It wasn't like she was sleeping or anything I could see her eyes were wide open facing the storm. It wasn't like there was a long line at this slide.

I knew the lifeguard down below but only by her face. She did remind me that I met her last year. Her name is Jen Justine introduced us but there is no Justine this year :( I did actually see her a couple of weeks ago at a Tubin Tuesday so she is alive and that is good. Jen said I could go down the steep slide after I had riddent the curved slide 4x in a row. She would not mind when I put in "The Full Effect" when I ride with "The Full Effect" I don't get the dragon bites that so many people complain about. This year it has gotten worse like everyone that rides that steep slide gets bit. Last year not everyone the year before it was sporadic but you can see who rode the steep dragon slide by the red marks known as dragon bites on there back. I enjoyed my time riding the steep slide and things got even. I then alternated and had ridden each slide 5x in the 10 a.m. hour.

Then it was like 10:55 so how about "The SHOW" Back to Back that takes a lot to do I haven't done it this year. I have done it before though. It is pretty rare although not as rare as the extreme emergency at the end of a season when I have done "The Show" BACK TO BACK TO BACK and rode the dragon 30 times in a row. Today it would be 20x in a row. At time number 13 new lifeguard in this was Alica so that was good for me as well and I continued going on the steep slide 5x in a row followed by the curved slide 5x in a row. I did not get Alica wet and she was glad about that. The stair count went to 2,028 and that is pretty good for a day.

I took a walk around the park although I really didn't get to far "The HIKE" was long and lonley and Jen had moved to a chair in action river actually whoever is on that rotation is the guard I usually see the most. I learned that she goes to Elmhurst College and that was hard to believe because I work at 360 West Butterfield Road in Elmhurst Illinois so she knows the commute I go through to be at the waterpark everyday. She will be going to tour England and Scotland for a couple of weeks so she will be missed but she will be back. If she performed locally I could actually see her perform. She plays a trumpet and is goign to school to be a music teacher. I have $8.00 that I haven't bet her yet but I will that she can not eat a whole funnel cake from Deep River Waterpark. She is a very thin girl so a whole funnel cake in 30 minutes during her break. She says with some training in a few weeks she would be able too. I don't believe that.

She did feel that I could climb the dragon 50x today and I hoped she would be right as my wall is at 40 times in hour number 4 of "The Show" it seems I can't get passed that. She alerted me at 12 noon and then it was often to the Dragon for the noon show. I did get to see Emily but since it was not 1 she was just "chillin" since she rode in with her baby sister. I should tell Alicia to get on the slide and get wet like Emily does. I did tell Alicia what Emily said and so Alicia would get on the slide and on this 3rd time down this young boy said if I went down the steep slide he would go down the curved slide so fine I had seen him up there since I started the noon show. I went down she stood on the slide did not get wet. I did not go under her like I went under Emily who got soaked from that. Alicia was afraid she would fall. She doesn't have good balance and told a story about nearly falling off a picnic table this morning. I had hoped that was a joke but it was not.

"The Show" did go on. Alicia left and was going to join Emily in the breakroom where she was more than certain they would not get into a catfight. I did make it up the dragon 10x during the noon hour. Then during the rest period which was probably a mistake I rode each of the storm slides once. I then saw one of the slide attendants I don't know her name nice gal at the begining of the year was always on the yellow bowl slide. She was going to vortex and I could come see her there. I told her when will she be at the dragon that would not be happening today. I went in the old lazy river and boy was that water cold and around I went and by the time that was done it was already 1 p.m. so I couldn't go on the vortex because it was time for the 1:00 p.m. "The Show" it would be the 4th one of the day.

Mike was still my slide attendant remember when he was there for the end of "The Show" at noon he was going on break at 1:15 p.m. and he was hungry and it actually smelled very good up at the top of the dragon you could smell hamburgers being grilled the odor wafted through the air. I did manage to finish "The Show" during the 1 oclock hour and the stair count wen to 4,100 and on Wednesday I will try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. I believe this is the 3rd time this season I have climbed 4,000 or more stairs. There I may have hit the wall as it was slightly after 1:30 p.m.

I thought maybe with just a little rest there will be a 2:00 p.m. "The Show" I took a walk around the park which actually prooved to be a bit difficult for me. The weather was ideal to do "The Show" every hour on the hour but I even sat in a chair for a few minutes and the showman in me wanted "The Show" to go on but in order to return tomorrow and to play 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July I should probably stop now. I woud not get to the 5th and elusive "The Show" today but one day I will. The stair count for the year 44,040 leaving 65,960 to reach that 110,000 stair goal.

Now here is the moment I have been waiting for on June 19, 2007 she gave me the best night of my life. Made me the happiest I have been all this century on a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tiara Tubin Toooooooooooooosday. Actually since that night I have seen her only once :( and never had a chance to talk to her again but if that is my last memory it is one I forever shall cherish. I spent hours on her logo. Only 3rd person on this site every to get a logo and I asked her about it when it was yellow and red and she said that is like our coolers but she likes blue and so do I so I spent more time to fix it up. Maybe I will never see her again but I sure hope I do. Her picture is suitable for framing and it has been framed so I have the night of June 19, 2007 recorded for ever. I am pumped to wake up to get to see her beauty. Now drumroll please. If I were choosing my 2008 Valentine today there would be not even a sliver of doubt that she would be my Valentine. I wish I could get her 10% of the joy she has provided me this season. She is

Hopefully our paths will cross again one day very soon. Maybe one day I'll tell the story of how everything in her logo fits together. It was 2:00 p.m. when I left the park and 74 degrees. If you are off for the 4th of July or even if you are not and maybe just off for the weekend why not come to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course to celebrate. It opens at 10 a.m. which is about the time I should return tomorrow. If you can't make it tomorrow pick any day because June will be gone and just like June summer will go too. Come on out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

It was 10:23 a.m. and 74 degrees when I finally returned to Deep River Waterpark today. Yesterday I had "it" and I kept climbing those stairs 4,100 in all but I failed to make a good exit strategy. Luckily I have a few days to prepare for 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July on Wednesday if theis had been the 4th of July there is no way I could have climbed 4,000 stairs. I began the day by finding Emily she was at the Action River. I do not know how many more times I can shock my body I wonder that often in the morning. When it is cool at night the water isn't the warmest in the morning actually a lot of times it is cold. Last night it was in the 50s. Once I am wet I am ok.

I gradually worked my way into the river then my body did not get the shock. I saw Emily. She saw the logo and was certain that

was not avoiding me because she hasn't seen her in a week either. That made me feel much better because often times I am parnoid. I didn't think Stephanie would ever see her own logo because I don't imagine her being at a computer much Emily said that she probably has a computer as they are the same age and both in college. Emily is probably right. Maybe she couldn't find this site but if you type Deep River Waterpark into Google it is like the 5th entry. Or you can type Deep River Waterpark Mark T and it will be at the top.

Emily does not notice she has a nice happy voice when talking and then when she yells it sounds mean. Eventually I took the tube in the river and went on the red bowl slide and I told the attendant I did not want to get stuck and she said she would come and get me if I did get stuck. I was watching several people get stuck as I waited on the stairs I could not find a common denominator there were single tubes and double tubes it did not make a difference. When I came down I did not get stuck so I clapped for the slide attendant and aroudn the river I went and I had ridden one slide and Emily was still at the entrance and she thought it took long to ride just one slide and it does to ride bowl slides you have to come early because even a line down one flight of stairs takes a while to get through.

The stair count was 74 and that is really not good but today I just didn't know if I could climb as much as I would like. I did take "The HIKE" and went over to the storm it was vortex, abyss, and cyclone. I got to see Jennifer :) that made me happy usually she works at wave pool. Apparently she was not afraid of the big new waves she says they are great and I should try them but I haven't been in the wavepool since 2000 but maybe this is the year as my nephews try to push me farther in I might go past the red line one day. I learned that Jennifer's sister was the slide attendant at the top of the abyss. I know Ashley today her hair was blowing every which way. That actually was disturbing. I don't think I would have linked the 2 of them together.

The line to vortex had gotten to long so I stayed with cyclone and abyss. In all I rode the storm 9x in a row and the stair count went to 650 and then I needed to take a break so I took "The HIKE" and I went around the action river. After the once around I returned to the storm and can you belive I finally learned her name that slide attendant that was at the red bowl slide earlier and earlier in the year at the yellow bowl slide her name is Lisa. Today she only had 3 slides and I made it to 2 out of 3 of them. Apparenlty she is also involved in the catering business so would have to get to her other job later today. She will however not be catering on 7-7-07 and since that falls on a Saturday many people are getting married then. I hear it is quite the popular date.

Jennifer also returned but just for one ride for me. If I had blinked my eyes she would have been gone. I worked on the cyclone and abyss and summing up all the energy that was left today I got down the storm 6 times in a row making the stair count 1,034 for the day and the cyclone would be "The Last Ride" as I needed to get some rest. The stair count for the year moves to 45,074 and I get closer to the 110,000 stair goal. Now 2007 is half way done and Deep River Waterpark only operates fully for 2 whole months then in August they have parked closed park open but not all the rides and attractions. Of course for me that means that we are closer to 2008. In 2007 it is just a gateway to 2008. Everything big is slated then. I decide will I retire on August 1, 2008 which is only 398 days a way. In 2008 it should be One Man: One Park: One Million Stairs. Now as we enter July it is time to get ready for 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July and then from July 21, 2007-August 1, 2007 Mark T will proudly present Say Goodbye To July and will have a BLAST as I name the Best Lifeguard and Slide Attendant Things

If you haven't made it out to Deep River Waterpark all year? What are you waiting for? Time is going to pass you by as it is soon going to be July. Make your plans to come out today. I'll see you there.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome to July. July has many events. In just 3 days I will try to climb 4,000 or more stairs on the 4th of July. Last year do you remember the 4th of July was also a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooosday? That is really rare in fact the next time that occurs will be July 4, 2017 and we can only hope that Dustin is still guarding then and I don't know that I have 10 more years left in me we will have to see. Last year I won 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July and my record in that game went to 5 wins versus 2 defeats but I had a long time to try. Last year gave the clue that I was becoming enamored with a certain lifeguard and on the 4th of July she played slide attendant and hit me with her whistle. I told you she was adjective worthy and now she has her very own logo she is

On July 3 on a very special Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooosday finally after all these years that High Chair should come into my possession. In just 20 days its time for which will occur from July 21, 2007-August 1, 2007. IN the past July has been a very good month to me so in 2007 we will see and hope for the best. I started off July by arriving at Deep River Waterpark at 3:05 p.m. the temperature was 75 degrees. It was an odd time for me to arrive. I like to arrive around 10 a.m. but today there was church so that wouldn't work and next Sunday I have the 10:30 a.m. lectoring duty at St. Maria Goretti so can't show up at 10 a.m. then. If I can't show up at 10 a.m. then I like to come about 4 p.m which is the time the park starts to clear out. Often I just can't get to the park any sooner but it works out very well for me. Due to the time I parked in an unusual spot for me I had to remember that.

I entered the season pass gate. I showed my pass to an empty window and proceeded in. Noone stopped me no one was around there were some people in the office but they looked busy so in I went and today I began the day on the cyclone and then went on the abyss 2x followed by the steep slide of the dragon and on that slide I noticed that I had the key to my car in the pocket of my shorts and this was not a good thing. I was worried the key would fly out and then I'd have to try to find a water safety team member who would retrieve the lost article at their earliest convenience if they could find it. I hoped this would not happen but I was aware and as I came to the end the key flew out of my pocket but I was aware of this and not the ideal stop but I grabbed the key from the water and then put that in a bag where I wouldn't have to worry. I thought hmm I live about 16 miles from the park but the keys to the house are in the car so oh my sister lives just off of 30 only 11 miles away she could let in the house and maybe even drive me back once retrieved the spare key. That would have been a lot of work. I already had walked the mile to church and then the mile back. Luckily all that was avoided and the stair count went to 286.

I went around the action river once. This was a Lazy Sunday afternoon. It seemed that excitement was lacking today. I believe studies indicate that Sunday is the most depressing day of the week. It is my second least favorite day. Thursday is the day I dislike most maybe cause I haven't been to the park on a Thursday except one time in 2005 very few times to I ever appear on a Thursday. Sunday is my second least favorite day. After the ride around the action river I went back to the storm and then game I play is be where the line isn't. I went on the abyss 3 times and it was odd that this line grew so then I went over to the dragon and then the line moved over there. I know that people ride the dragon in packs a whole group will go up so that creates a line. Often there is more talk than actual riding. The stair count was 572 and I returned to the storm which I rode 4 times just abyss and cyclone. The stair count went to 828 and the line got long so there was no line at dragon so I was back and forth.

I rode the curved slide once and then the next time I did get to go right on it but quite a line was forming for the steep slide and the stair count went to 1,016. The stair game was won so I could even take a break and walk around the park and then I heard my name or so I thought I actually can't hear well I have to read lips alot of times as long as I am looking at you I can pretty much tell what you are saying but yelling from behind I am not so good at but I turned around and his hand was up in the air and he had a group with him. See if Justin holds his hand up high in the air then I can tell that is him. I don't have the hat to go by anymore. I am starting my push that Justin should be The 2007 Male Lifeguard of the Year. I have actually seen him on the stand several times. He always seems to be having fun what more could you ask for? So lets start the ball rolling to have that happen. He has made sure everything has gone very smoothly for me this year. I don't think I will have a button made up that says Justin for 2007 Male Lifeguard of the year but I will think about it. This group assured me that chair will come into my possession Tuesday night. I hope it fits in my car. Of course we then have to get the button made for Joe Parker for Manager of the year when he delivers this chair to me and how bout that picture he took for me. These are some top notch individuals and I am pretty sure I get to have the deciding vote but we will see

I returned to the storm and now the park had nicely cleared out. It was vortex, abyss, cyclone, abyss and abyss was "The LAST RIDE" it was 5:27 and 75 degrees when I lef the park. The stair count was 1,336 for the day and 46,410 for the season leaving 63,590 left to climb this summer. On the 4th of July I should go over the 50,000 stair mark. Remember Deep River Waterpark will be open on the 4th of July from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Don't forget Tubin Tuesday number 4 on July 3rd when you can get into the park for only $9.95 after 5:00 p.m. or come at 10 a.m. and enjoy the park from 10 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. If you want to come back just get your hand stamped for reentry at the gate you exit. I am near certain I will be needing to rest on Monday but then it is Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooosday followed by the very special edition of "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" so I'll be at Deep River Waterpark for several hours in the 24 hour period from 5:00 p.m. Tuesday night until 6:00 p.m. Friday night. Hmm I wonder if I wonder during that 24 hour period how many hours will I spend at Deep River Waterpark. We will have to see and you should come on out to Deep River Waterpark because this is a great Country where we can do stuff like this so come on out and enjoy your freedom at Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooooooosday July 3, 2007

This was Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday #4 of 10 in the 2007 season. In the history of Deep River Waterpark I have been at most of them. I am sure more than 100 in the last 13 seasons. I remember one last year I declared 2 hot. There was a year when they just suddenly had a Tubin Tuesday with no notice and I missed that one but other than that it would be hard to find many others that I have not been at the park. Today it was 5:23 and 85 degrees when I returned after one long day away. In fact on my day away I arrived at work at 6:48 a.m. and I left for the hour drive at 6:37 p.m. I was physically exhausted and don't actually know I got home luckily it is just one road straight for mos of the way. No one even said thanks for all this work that I did to try and keep a client happy. I am a morning person so as the day goes on I lose some of my excitement. That apparently took its toll on me.

Yesterday night my sister stood me up for dinner which we usually have on Monday night. I have developed a strange thing that I don't like to eat dinner alone so often I don't eat anything then except for some grahm crackers but now I noticed those have transfat so I am trying to curtail that. I was happy to get to the waterpark tonight but not as happy as I could be I guess once you get so high it is hard to even things out again. Since it has been more than 2 weeks since I have seen

I am pretty sure that her storyline has come to an end the way the storyline must only earlier than usual remember it always ends that I am Mark T sad lonely guy waiting to die and there is no way in the end that I get the girl but in the summer we do have some fun. I couldn't have written a better exit for her as she did make me the happiest I have been this century.

Usually I have to edit this blog because so many things happen in a given day or night I can't possibly tell you them all. Tonight was completely lackluster. There was no excitement the park was pretty dead not many people. No lines. I brought the small fee. I never saw Joe Parker I never got that chair I have been trying to obtain for years. The highlights were very few. The attendants on the cyclone were very nice. The first one I had I still don't know her name and I feel bad about that I did give her a tootsie pop and I looked closely at her bag as she might win the best bag award. I did not know there would be any competition as I have seen an orange bag with a fish that I like. However this bag was really nice.

I climbed the storm 12x to start the evening. I saw the sisters of Emily and Alicia they were not working tonight as they were not needed. Wow what a difference from previous years when on Tuesday nights some nights were scary with the lack of staff tonight not many patrons but the park was fully staff. This was the best part of the evening when they both accompanied me to get some tootsie pops. Emily had a really nice swim suite she looked great. Alicia had a shirt on inside out and some yellow shorts I didn't really like that but I guess it worked. They did notice I was not in my trademark yellow shorts but those are for extreme happiness. When I put them on I am really happy. I told them why I am not that happy but actually there is more.

There was the rough day yesterday and since the end of April my sister has not had a job and since I am the cosigner on her car and condo that puts some extra stress on me. At least this evening I did find out she finally got a job so maybe things are starting to look up. Plus I Friday I spent the day at the waterpark but I wanted to be at my desk. I did not like being there that Friday I would have preferred Wednesday. Plus every year I get my share of hate mail at in2deep@xvi.net. Common things people like to tell me are I am to old and I should get a job. I do actually have a job. I have never felt old until this year. Until this year I could honestly say I was cold once in my life that was during a blizzard and there was no heat for a couple of days. This year I have been cold several times even with temperatures in the 70s. I tell people I climb stairs because I still can but one day I will not be able to and that day is coming sooner than I want to think. This year I have noticed that I don�t have a good recovery I can climb a lot of stairs in one day but then I can�t climb that many for a few more days. I guess all those things add up to the mild depression that I am currently suffering from but at least this is mild and I will try to fix it asap and usually the waterpark helps cure what ails me but it really needed some energy tonight.

Tonight my parents did come and one sister but no rides for her. My other sister had to work so my nephews were not present. We did have turkey store honey turkey that was good. I took a walk around the park. I saw Justin he was studying some law so he could be a lawyer he could be my lawyer. You know it is a bad year if I have to see a lawyer but knock on wood haven't had to recently and that is good. There were no pictures in this book. Justin was not as happy as he normally was. I offered him a tootsie pop but he could not leave that side of the park and I told him I would come back but he said he would be over in a half hour and he would find me. He never did that was disappointing.

I did go on my favorite ride whitewater the water was frigid even colder than the storm water. I asked the slide attendants if this water was cold up there tonight or am I just getting really old they told me it was cold. I then rode the vortex, abyss and cyclone 5 times it is my favorite storm slide. I had Ashley as my attendant now. She has a sister Jennifer you know she is one of my favorites has been for years but I did not see her tonight L The stair count was 1,260 and then I took a walk around the park. I found Dustin as I do on Tuesday nights. They are thinking of bringing back those hats from way back. They are some nice hats. His is signed by Dick Biondi and Steve Dahl. I gave him a tootsie pop. Lamented to him that this was a rather dull night maybe because fireworks going on in many places weather was not so bad.

That could have been the night but I saw Lucy at the top of whitewater so I went up and said hi as haven't seen her in awhile but it hasn't been 2 weeks so her character hasn't been written out of the storyline. Good to see her. I went then on the cyclone and then "THE LAST RIDE" was the curved dragon slide making the stair count 1,462 for the day and 47,872 for the year. Tomorrow we play "Let's Pretend The Day Didn't End" although this day needed to end so maybe we won't call it that. I left the park at 8:46 p.m. it was now 75 degrees. Also I will try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. The weather forecast doesn't look good but I will still try and why don't you give Deep River Waterpark a try. It will be open on the 4th of July from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and I'll see you there.