2006 Deep River Waterpark Daily
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Now by popular demand you can read about every day your host Mark T. spent at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. Simply click on the day to see what Splashtastic Fun was had.

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The 12th Opending Day Friday May 26, 2006

Have you heard those Volvo commercials that start telling a story and then they interrupt to talk about the Volvo and if you want to hear the end of the story you can go online and hear it? None of those stories intrigue me enough to find out the ending. During the summer I write a storyline and I may never know how the story ends. I mean whatever happened with the Jordan Rules? Never saw her again. Remember the Lovely Christina who consumed the storyline. On June 29 it will be 7 years since I bought by home on her birthday. The mention of her brought a tear to my eye but who knows what happened? I've seen 2 different marriage announcements for "There's Something about Mary" If the "Eye Popping Kim Returns" this year it will cost me $20.00 but if she doesn't I will not know how that story ends. Therefore it is best to tell the story and see what happens.

I have not missed an opening day in 12 years and back then I was much younger. Most opening days are cold and on several I have been asked to leave because there was no one else in the water. This one however was different as it was 75 degrees at 11:48 whn I arrived. It is to soon in the season to let myself in because people have to see and I doubt they know me. I started on my favorite ride of them all because who knows when I'll ever ride it again and people continue to be surprised that it is whitewater. Ah the classic. I then went on each body slide you know the ones I never ride and then around the original lazy river.

Next the tour continued over at the storm and my pattern I got to follow and finally someone I knew Melanie remember her on top the slides from last year and comes to the park even when she is not working. I rode the Storm 15x in a row and look I win again keeping my streak still alive climbing 1,000 or more stairs everyday that I am at the park. Next I went over to the Dragon and normally at the begining of the year this attraction is not evern open and I just wanted to even things out. However after 2x the stair count was at 1,280 and I could not stop because I just had to do "THE SHOW" where I climb the stairs of the dragon at least 8x in a row and this year I so want to try to do the never before seen nor attempted "THE SHOW" every hour on the hour where in each hour from the 10 a.m. to the 5:00 p.m. hour I would put on the show. Do you think I can do that? Usually I don't do "THE SHOW" this early in the season because I need to get into shape but it sure was fun.

Next, I took "The Hike" over to Action river and around I rode and the ride not open on opening day this year was the Yellow Bowl slide. The red one was open so that is what I rode on 2x. Even though the line was not all that long it was slow moving with just the 1 bowl open and last year red was not the best so we will see. I rode that slide 2x putting the stair count at 2,180 and the I returned to the storm and rode that 5x making the count 2,500 and putting me half way to winning the Memorial Day 5,000. Deep River Waterpark is now open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. every single day. Now is the time to come to avoid those huge summer crowds. You can even get 2 for 1 admission coupons at Marathon stations so why not pick one up and come out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

On opening day not only do I always show up to Deep River Waterpark but I also take the rest of the day to plant the flowers in my yard with my sister. While I survived the sun using Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock 70 at the Park I was not as prepared the rest of the day so already the sunburn has shown up which is why you need to use sunscreen always. It was 10:38 a.m. and already 82 degrees when I arrived at Deep River Waterpark and immediately it was Showtime. Normally I need to do the show at the begining because it is easier to climb less stairs for me than to work my way up like I did yesterday. I rode each dragon slide 5x putting the stair count up to 940 very quickly.

I then took "The Hike" over to the action river and around I would go. Guess who's back Rachel for season number 3 and that is her favorite number. Mine is 12. The yellow bowl slide still had not opened so after a lap around the river went on the red bowl slide. I rode it 5x in a row and that made the stair count 1,310. Next I went over to the storm and rode that 15x in a row. At the cage was Shane but he never made it up to the top of the slide but so good to see faces that are friendly to your host Mark T. The stair count for the day went to 2,270 making it 4,770 for the year and only leaving 230 to wint he Memorial Day 5000

It was 1:13 p.m. and 88 degrees when I left the park. It is actually going to be hot this Memorial Day weekend so why not come to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark it is open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily. I'll see you there.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Normally on the opening Memorial Day weekend I can have the park to myself whatever time I arrive. Sure they make it look busy by having the workers park their cars in the lot but seldom is there anyone there. Today however was much different as when I arrived at 2:06 p.m. the thermometer read 90 degrees and the parking lot really was full and I had to go park by the bowl slides and take a long walk to the park. On Sunday mornings I walk to church and today just happen to be a 50 year Jubilee for a priest so it took awhile. It is a mile either way. Next week there is a Pentecost Picnic and it is my Nephew's birthday. He will be 3 so if with him me you see say Happy Birthday Matthew.

I was asked why I was late. I don't actually work at the park but wouldn't that be fun for me so I really can not be late. Here's a secret I like that Kristen that works in that office and it certainly is great to see her back. A day can not start any better than with seeing her. If I were to list the 2007 Valentine Contenders today I am sure she would be considered. I began the day at the dragon. Have you ever been to a place with plenty of people and yet you are all alone? That is how I felt today. Normally I do not feel that nor care but today it was highlighted. At the Dragon It was time for "THE SHOW" and up and down 10x I would go. It was nice when Justine came along because then on the steep slide I was able to put in "THE EFFECT" and I absolutely love that but I don't wish to scare anyone. Until it is proven otherwise there is no one that has ridden the dragon more than your host Mark T. and I do know how to ride it safely.

The stair count quickly went to 940. It was very interesting to watch an angry patron come and start yelling at Justine because his daughter was refused to ride the dragon because she would not take the life jacket off and he was really going and finally he was going up front. Good old Justine in year number 4 what was she to do she isn't even at the top of the slide. I guess the guy just did not want to walk up and complain. I wonder what happened with that.

Next I went over to the storm and this time there was even a line for single tubes and its only May what happen to me getting the park to myself this weekend. I guess 90 degree plus weather will do that to you. A stair climbers best friend is the abyss when you have lines like this and that is where I spent most of my time but I did sneak in the vortex and of course my favorite storm slide the cyclone. In all I rode the storm structure 8x in a row.

I then went back to the dragon and rode each slide once making the count 1,640. Then I took "The Hike" all the way over to the Action River and since I did not come early today there would be no bowl slide ride for me as the red bowl was the only one open and boy was there a line past the bottom of the stairs. I went around once and it was time for "River to River" many people no longer like the Lazy River once they try the Action River but at nearly every stand there is a memory and the Lazy River is full of memories for me. There was a more peaceful time way back when and how many guards have come and gone that sat in those stands and how many of them have I liked? There was a time when I would know every single guard in the park because they only could be in certain places. I did see one friendly face around the river Jennifer remember her she still hasn't done the splits for me. I think she may have graduated if my memory serves me correctly. I had this little bottle she gave me for several months absolutely loved it. Helped me get through some of the none summer time. Apparently she was not cold even though her arms were crossed because if she was cold today you may as well forget the rest of the year.

After that I went over to the storm at the Vortex was Shane he finally after 3 days made it to the top of a slide to push me down and I really dug those sunglasses. I should get a pair like that then we would be styling. I rode the vortex and then the abyss and then I went over and rode the dragon 3x and the stair count ended at 2,050 for the day making a winner for the Memorial Day 5,000 yet again with 6,820 in 3 days and tomorrow it continues so how many stairs can I climb on opening weekend. More importantly how about you why not come and try or just go in the river. Make sure you come on out because there has not been a Memorial Day this nice in a very long time. Don't miss this once in a decade opportunity to celebrate Memorial Day in 90 degree weather at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course which will be open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Memorial Day and everyday there after. I'll see you there.