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Saturday June 3, 2006

When I arrived home on Memorial Day my power was out and my telephone line did not work. The telephone line was finally restored on Thursday. It is good to have that service back so I can update this site. It was great to finally return to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course after a very long 4 days away. It was 10:03 a.m. and 71 degrees when I returned today. I began by taking "The Hike" over to the Action River and sometimes in the morning I do not have all the energy necessary. I therefore rode a tube over to the red bowl slide as it was the only one open again today. Later in the day there were some guys working on the yellow bowl slide which will hopefully open real soon. I rode the red bowl slide only once and then around the river I went before going to do "The SHOW." I have done "THE SHOW" every day this year how about that? Normally it is the dragon that is not working at the beginning of the season. It was 1 time on the steep slide followed by 8 on the curved and during all those times I watched one girl be to afraid to go down the steep slide. The end of "THE SHOW" went to the steep slide.

The 1,000 stair game was won again with 1,014 stairs climbed. It was time to go over the 10,000 stair mark this year so I went to my favorite ride of them all Whitewater and in all I rode that slide 6x in a row making the stair count 1,278 and 1,250 were made to make 10,000. At the bottom it was really great to see "The Eye Popping Kim" but sitting next to her the person that I am most terrified of "I am the Cute One" This particular lifeguard frightens me immensely there is no one I am more afraid of then her. In fact 10-15% of the nightmares I have involve her. She is extremely beautiful in fact she is in the top 20 of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Now some people say Dreams come true but in this case I have had this nightmare and was the nightmare about to become reality. This was only a nightmare but one I have had I think 3 times when riding whitewater which I was doing today "I am The Cute One" hits me over the head with a beer bottle. It is a glass brown bottle. This blacks me out and later I wake up buried in sand which in my opinion is the #3 thing along with the world and I am just puzzled of how she got that bottle in the park as there is no glass allowed. Then why would I get buried in sand. To me it is a nightmare and it was becoming all too real.

I am out of practice on whitewater so had some hard times sticking the landing and why I would like to say Hello to the "Eye Popping Kim" and admit that I owe her $20.00 because I was she was right I was wrong she is back again. I never ever talk around the "I am the Cute One" except sometimes to other people to ask her to leave. In my nightmare I never see the bottle before she hits me. On the first time down I was thinking oh no what better distraction could she have then "The Eye Popping Kim" although she is not in the nightmare. I made it past that only to see this rope that was just there. Normally people put something on ropes like "Don't Enter" but it just hung there. The first time I just stepped over it. Apparently this bridge is peeling it is one of the places where I have been injured and wouldn't this be great at other people they blow whistles telling them not to go that way I saw that later but not me so her would be the opportunity. I did not get knocked out by "I am The Cute One" and she probably isn't as terrifying as I imagine but she does scare me. What a strange situation the girl you like next to the girl that terrifies you at the bottom of your favorite slide what to do?

I next took "The Hike" over to the action river and then once again went on the red bowl slide at the top was Shane what is this his last day is tomorrow this is unbelievable I mean last days get sooner every year but on June 4? Apparently he is going to a small pool to work so he can just chill out. I do not know what the life of a slide attendant is but I imagine it is even less than a lifeguard. I then went over to the storm and I rode the vortex and that was the most entertaining slide attendant that I would meet all day. She sure was fun good for her because several seem so angry. The vortex was followed by the abyss and then I broke the pattern and went to the dragon which I rode 5x. The stair count was 1,950. I went back to the storm same slide attendant at the vortex she was great. I went on the vortex, abyss and then my favorite storm slide the cyclone 2x and the stair count went to 2,206

I had reached the 10,000 stair mark on whitewater so how about 11,000 I went over to whitewater and with one ride the count went to 2,250 and 11,000 for the season. I then returned to the storm 5x and then over to the dragon and that made the stair count 3,040 and I could feel 12,000 coming on but when I went to whitewater I only rode it once and ran out of energy at 3,084. I then went and took a ride around the action river and then it was back to whitewater and 4 more times would push me over the 12,000 stair mark this season 12,010 to be exact with 3,260 stairs climbed today.

Hopefully I return tomorrow afternoon maybe around 2:00 p.m. but you can show up before then because the park opens at 10:00 a.m. and eventually I’ll see you there.

Sunday June 4, 2006

Today is my nephew Matthew T's birthday. He is 3 today. I have another nephew who was born on October 31 2005 his name is Luke T. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

There are some days when I have "it" and somedays when I don't. Often on Sunday I don't have it. To me Sunday's are the most depressing day of the week and studies have been done that actually support this belief. Crowds on Sunday at Deep River Waterpark seem to be light and usually late arriving. I am among the late arriving since I walk to church and back and it is a mile each way so maybe that wears me out. Today my nephews came and we went to the Pentecost Picnic it sure was fun. I even had a fudgsicle and boy was that great. I did finally arrive at Deep River Waterpark at 2:02 p.m. and it was 74 degrees. If you come after 2 p.m. you can save $2.00 off the regular admission price so there was a handful of people at the gate.

I began the day at the storm following the regular pattern it was rather quickly that I could tell today I did not have "it." Normally I am not bothered by temperatures others feel are crazy to be at the waterpark. I have always admitted not to be a fan of wind but I normally can take it. Today I actually felt the wind. Nevertheless I continued on my normal pattern and on slide #8 the vortex remember we met her the other day and she quickly became the favorite to win the 2006 Female Slide Attendant of the Year award as she is most entertaining to me. She only apparently works this one slide well that is the only slide I have ever seen her at. She does use her hands alot but did not know sign language. She has a whole bit she does its fantastic. I love it.

She asked me on one of my rides did I see anyone that scared me today? I told her I had not seen that girl today but I have only been on this one attraction. She seemed startled and stated "You're afraid of a girl" I think she found that to be funny. She told me I should not be afraid of anyone and I said except for her. It is ok to be afraid of people that you have nightmares about. Although I really would like to know why I am so terrified of "I am the Cute One" I can't even remember anything she has ever done to me in real life that has been so bad and she is so very attractive. Well maybe one day I'll conquer that fear but it wasn't going to be today.

I rode the storm a total of 18x in row visiting each slide 3x and making the stair count 1,152. I then went over to my favorite ride of them all whitewater and rode that 2x. Was that Stephanie I would see with Lindsey IV the 2005 Winner of the Lifeguard of the Year not being rehired Stephanie became the early line favorite to claim the crown in 2006 as she is one of Mark T's favorite. She might even be adjective worthy but we will have to wait and see. I did not know if I had anything left in me so I took "THE HIKE" and around the action river I went. There were a few double tubes today that is what my nephew likes. The Yellow Bowl slide had opened but now the red bowl slide was closed. The line was rather long and I just did not feel like waiting.

It was therefore time for "River to River" where from the action river to the Lazy River I would go. I did have a bit of energy left so I went on each storm slide once vortex abyss and cyclone. I then thought that could be the end of me and since I hope to be back tomorrow afternoon I would finish up on my favorite ride whitewater which I went on 2x making the stair count 1,520 for the day and 13,530 for the year leaving me 86,470 away from the 100,000 stair goal.

The work week may be starting on Monday but that doesn't mean Deep River Waterpark will be closed it will be open tomorrow and all summer long from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Hopefully traffic and weather will allow me to be back around 4:00 or so but driving from Elmhurst IL on the Illinois toll road with all the construction that often proves to be more work than my actual job. You probably will have an easier time getting to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course so come on out right now. I'll see you there.

Monday June 5, 2006

Time for the tune up. Starting next week on June 13 Deep River Waterpark will be open until 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and that means your host will have opportunities to be at the park from Sat-Wed or 5 days in a row. Today it was 4:21 and 81 degrees when I finally returned. There was a silence over the park some times that happens on weekday afternoons just a few people there and not much noise. It was also time to let myself in as there wasn't a soul to be found at Season passes so I flashed the pass to no one and proceeded into the park.

Traffic was not kind to me today so could I still climb 1,000 or more stairs in an hour this could finally be it. I started by going on each storm ride once. I went on the cyclone 2x. Tick Tock Tick Tock time goes off the clock. I then went over to the dragon and did the technical "THE SHOW" techincally "THE SHOW" is riding the dragon 8x or more in a row but normally I do 10. It was 4 on the steep slide and 4 on the curved slide in an alternating pattern. By the time the second lifeguard came along I was telling the slide attendant to blow the whistle at her so I could get going as there was no one else but we had to wait for the signal

I did win again with 1,008 stairs climbed and there was still time so I began taking the Hike did you know blue is Rachel's favorite color. Normally I go to the blue when I am sad but these days its "Blue MOnday" where I work we like people to wear Blue on Monday to reflect this. Currently I am alternating between blue, red, and green shorts. I think the favorite of the public so far is the green and those are a little longer very good for riding the dragon with.

Finally I got to ride the yellow bowl slide. Red was still closed but there were people working on it so maybe one day all the rides will be open once again. The yellow was much better than what red offered on the opening day. The slide attendant was wearing gloves. I like that. He recognized me from the other day how long do you think it is before people recognize me making it so difficult to blend in. I rode the yellow bowl slide 3x in a row pushing the stair count to 1,230 for the day and 14,760 for the year only 85,240 for the year to reach 100,000. I return Wednesday and can I play all day? We will have to see what is left in your host Mark T. but hopefully will be back at 10 a.m. You too can be at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark any day this summer at 10 a.m. because it is now open come on out and have some splashtastic fun. I'll see you there.

Wednesday June 7, 2006

Have you seen these big white glasses that people wear? The greatly disturb me and I wish that people would stop wearing them. What is the deal with these things you don't need glasses that big and if you did why would you have them in white only making them look all the bigger. If you come to Deep River Waterpark please leave the Big White Sunglasses at home don't bring them in. They should allow no glass, alcohol, or these big white sunglasses.

It was 9:54 and 76 degrees when I finally returned to Deep River Waterpark. The park would open at 10:00 a.m. It was a tough day away but I made it through. I began the day by taking "The Hike" and then rode on a tube to the yellow bowl slide still the only bowl open. If you want to ride the bowl slides you have to come early or be prepared to wait especially if only one is open. I rode the yellow bowl slide 4 times before I got something in my right eye and became blinded in one eye. Luckily there is probably no one that knows the park better than me so I did make it up the stairs the fifth time and then went around the river often with the eyes closed hoping to find a green water station only looking for the color so that I could wash my eyes out as this was even painful.

I did stumble out of the action river and that wasn't green it was grey but it would do the trick and "I can see clearly Now" what a relief it certainly is not easy to go through a waterpark blind. I then went over to the dragon and one day I will attempt to do "THE SHOW" every hour on the hour where I go on the dragon at least 8x in a row. However today was not a good day for that because it was not a very friendly staff at that particular attraction.

I went down each slide once making the stair count 558 for the day. I did then manage to sneak in my favorited of them all white water and up to 602 the stair count would go I then went over to the storm and mainly rode the abyss. At the Abyss was the most entertaining slide attendandt I have met all year and while it is still early she currently is the favorite to win Mark T's 2006 Female Slide Attendant of the Year Award. Of course for that I would have to learn her name and that seems like a lot of work. I have met her 2x before on the vortex but today she got to ride a different slide ride. I had to stay off the cyclone for a while because the girl over there was wearing big white sunglases. I do not like that. Eventually she left but unfortunately she went to the dragon where I wanted to go but not with someone wearing those glasses.

I rode the storm 12x in a row making the stair count 1,370 for the day and then I took a walk around the park just waiting for this girl with the big white sunglasses to come down from the dragon. Once she came off the slide I went up the slide but things went from bad to worse. I have ridden the dragon more times than any person alive today unless youc an prove otherwise. I put my safety record up for anyone to see and I am often tempted to ask people how many times they have ridden the dragon that they could tell me how to ride it. My guess is most people haven't ridden as much in their life as I have in a day. I then switched to the curved slide and got some sort of mock thank you from this lifeguard guy.

I got out of that area as "THE SHOW" was ruined. I returned to the storm. I went mainly on the abyss and whats this the lifeguard was out of position sitting on the ledge that makes her fair game to take out or at least get wet and I asked Brittney to push me to the right so that I could get her but to show it is still early or I just don't have enough weight anymore I could not even get a drop of water on her. Eventually she moved to the safety of the chair. I saw that the last crew left the dragon and there was a new crew so I rode each slide once and I did not like this crew either.

I then returned to the storm riding each ride once making the stair count 2,450 for the day and 17,210 for the year. I could have sworn that I saw "The Eye Popping Kim walking toward the wave pool but it was probably only a dream even if it wasn't I don't go to the wave pool no matter what. Ah the dreams of her those are pleasant things. You to can have pleasant things happen to you if you come to Deep River Waterpark which is now open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily. I have to spend 2 long days away so how will you know whats going on there except to come on out yourself. On Saturday, I'll see you there.

Sunday June 11, 2006

There have been many occassions during the past years in which you host has declared it was "to hot" to go to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. It will most likely happen again this year. However, in all that time I can not remember when your host ever declared during the season that it was to cold. Yesterday, at 10 a.m. my weather service indicated that the temperature was 50 degrees and by noon it had risen up to 56 degrees and it has to be 60 degrees even for me except on opening day when whatever temperature is really close enough. It therefore was a rough week and again 3 days I spent away. I returned to a nearly empty park today at 1:04 p.m. it was 66 degrees adn the wind was blowing so it probably did not feel all that warm.

There was no buzz of excitement like you can hear approaching on most summer days. Those that were there could have been in a daze. I took advantage of this opportunity to ride the yellow bowl slide as the red bowl slide was still not open. At least today no one was bothered by the lack of double tubes available by the bowl slide. There may be like 6 or 7 currently and they did all get used today. I learned from the people in line that this slide attendant was mad. I tried to determine why she was mad but could not and the people in line said she really should not be made because it is not so busy and so it couldn't be that hard of a job today.

The next slide attendant was much more perky. She had a earring in her nose. I think that is a symbol for anarchy. She did not banish us to back to the 1st step where no one could see anything at all. She let us stay up at the top watching the people get into the water. Everyone liked her better and she did let me know that girl before her would be ok. Apparently she knows. In all I rode the yellow bowl slide 10x in a row making the stair count 740.

I then rode around the river and this girl lets call her a lifeguard cause she was sitting in a stand asked me how I was and then I can talk. I try never to initiate any conversations but if you talk to me I'll talk. I was ok at this point except there was some writing on her hand. I found this very disturbing apparently it was as she put it "times of when to work" in English I think they call that a schedule. She was sorry about writing on her hand. She claimed she had nothing else to write on. I told her I could buy her a note big. When I was a kid they had these little pads of paper that they made us bring called assignment pads and I think you could get one for maybe 49 cents. Why do people write on their hands? I mean especially at a waterpark. This does not give one much confidence oh here I am drowning and wait you can't jump in because well today if I made you jump in you should let me drown but I have this schedule on my hand and the water would erase it.

I took "The Hike" over to the storm and there I rode each ride once. I then rode each slide on the dragon once making the stair count 1,120 for the day so once again I win the 1,000 stair game. I then took "THE Hike" over to the action river and around I would go to see if any energy was left today. It was like the cold had zapped it from me. Plus yesterday I fell down injuring the left hand it is like a scrape and it was good to keep in in the water. I went around the river 3x I learned that lifeguard's name is Emily. I miss Emily. Don't you remember everyone's favorite game "Where's Emily?" and you never knew where or if I would find her but if I did she would let me wear her glasses down a slide ride. I wonder whatever happened to her. Now maybe we can bring back Where's Emily? Although I am not sure this girl would let me wear her sunglasses down a slide ride but maybe as the season goes on. Her times to work still appeared to be on her hand so that is good.

I then went on the yellow bowl slide this time 5x in a row on the 5th time the same slide attendant that I started with earlier in the day was right back. The stair count today 1,490 making it 18,700 for the year. The next 2 weeks are going to be tough on me but hopefully will be at the park some days. Don't forget this Tuesday June 13, 2006 its what you have been waiting for the park open longer on Tuesdays only it will be open from 10 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Admission after 5:00 p.m. is only $8.00 only $5.00 for those of you less than 46 inches tall. All other days from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Come on now in June while the price to get in is only $15.95 or $13.95 after 2:00 p.m. cause July 1 the price goes up to $18.95 and $16.95 after 2:00 p.m. Plus right now there is still time to get a 2 for 1 admission coupon at participating Marathon stations. I think you have 1 week left for that. Come on out to Deep River Waterpark now. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday June 13, 2006

For the next several Tuesdays during the summer you can get into Deep River Waterpark after 5:00 p.m. for a mere $8.00 (less than how much it cost me to get back and forth to work every day which is over $10.00). This is fantastic deal considering regualr admission is currently $15.95 but when the temperatures rise in July so does the price to $18.95 so that will be a savings of over 10.00. Sometimes on Tuesday nights you get good weather and sometimes you don't. Today it was 5:32 and 74 degrees when I returned. I have tried to keep it secret that during the last week and a half I have felt terrible lacking energy and where I work we have this fitness program and my blood pressure has risen. Finally today I felt normal again so it would be a good day to play.

I began today at the dragon because it was time to do "THE SHOW" where I go up and down the dragon at least 8x in a row. There was no line today so I was able to alternate the slides. At the bottom was Rachel did you know that her golden birthday is coming up on January 19, 2007 when she will be 19. I learned from her that this is a pro Cubs waterpark and there and you can not even wear a White Sox baseball cap there which is apparently her favorite team. I do not know if you could have WhiteSox Flair. This year so far Rachel had no flair. Rachel had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some doritos for dinner. At this time I had not had any dinner. I did have it later picking up some tacos at Rancho Grande Tacos and Burritos in Dyer Indiana as it is open until midnight. There are not actually that many restaurants open past 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night as I have often discovered in the summer.

Rachel had several favorite foods I think almost everything you could eating even including potato chips dipped in apple sauce and breadsticks dipped in ice cream. According to dictionary.com favorite is defined as ONE that enjoys special favor or regard emphasis on the ONE and I tried to tell her that you can have more than one favorite but she insisted. I completed "THE SHOW" riding each dragon slide 5x and the I went on a long walk to get Rachel a Tootsie Pop her favorite one is chocolate I think because the brown reminds her of chew or I think she refers to it as dip. Just ask her about that some day. Since she does not know about the internet she won't know what we're talking about.

Next I went and rode my favorite slide on the storm which is the cyclone. I worked on trying to stick the landing but that was not happening today. I believe because the sun was shining brightly in my eyes. On occassion the tube even came and hit me in the head how cruel this ride could be but so much fun for me. The stair count went to 1,260 and I win again. It was a good time for some rest and today it was at the old part of the park I would stay so I went around the Lazy River and so happy to see . I may have thought she did not work there any more and could save myself $20.00 but actually I saw her once before but since she was with "I am the Cute One" who is the person who terrifies me the most I could not speak to her.

I had the time of my life tonight finally for the first time since opening day I felt happy again. She is so great. She may arrange a sit down with "I am the Cute One" so I could see that she is not really scary as she is one of my top fears and she may soon move up to number 1 which is currently dogs. Apparently "The Eye Popping Kim" has been mainly on wavepool this summer which is why I have not seen her because even though I like her I would not go over to the wave pool even if she is working there. There are to many bad memories over there if you can remember way back several years ago I spent a whole lot of time in the wave pool. I met Jordan of the Jordan Rules there and even went then it was years but then when "The Lovely Christina" asked and promised her picture in exchange I went over there but she never delivered and I've never returned and I don't think that is going to happen.

"The Eye-Popping Kim" had a very large bag. Apparently because she worked out earlier in the day see how she managed to get that in. It was not a very nice bag for summer it was big and it contained things like running shoes. You know this year I was going to try that Mini Marathon in April but as the time came closer I really don't know why I would want to run that far although it does seem fun to say and if I could just do it once I could live on that the rest of my life. I got out of the river to get "The Eye-Popping Kim" a tootsie pop. She claimed that she was really looking forward to getting one tonight. One year I tried to discontinue "Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooosday" and that did not go over well so why not it is fun to see how happy people get over a piece of candy. I held the tootsie pops rather long may have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome before she asked if I wanted to take them. She did not want to just be all grabby. Eventually she got to rotate so I rotated from the river to the storm.

I followed the normal pattern and put the effect in at every slide each one has an effect but I can't always put them in but tonight very few people were in the water. I ended the day with "The LAST RIDE" on my favorite storm slide the cyclone and there is the perkiest slide attendant of them all even tonight. I like that. I still could not stick the landing. The stair count went up to 1,900 for the night (20,600 this year leaving me 79,400 from my 100,000 stair goal) and since I'll be back tomorrow that is a good place to stop. It was 8:42 and 67 degrees when I left the park after having the time of my life. I'm sure the dreams will be pleasant of and not nightmares of "I am the Cute One" You too can make dreams come true by coming out to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course which is now open every day from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. I'll see you there.

Wednesday June 14, 2006

Before I came to Deep River Waterpark today I walked over to a bank where they had me pop a balloon with a jerryrigged paper clip. I won a piggy bank. I was at the bank so that I would be sure to thave the $20.00 that I owe . I also had a hot dog as Walt's celebrates its 69th Anniversary and my parents never let me have a hot dog so while they were away I had one and it was great. I finally returned at 1:44 p.m. and the temperture was a beautiful 78 degrees. I began the day at the dragon going down each slide once.

Next I went over to the storm and followed my usual pattern and when I got to the Abyss there was my favorite slide attendant I don't know her name and that is a lot of work to find out but she sure is great and even though normally the abyss is not even popular she is so fun and happy everyone wanted to ride that slide. She had not seen me in awhile but claims she was off. Do you believe she missed Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooosday? She would have been sure to get a Tootsie Pop. She said she did work yesterday from 9:30 until 5:30 p.m. and she did not leave because she was cold but because that is what time she was scheduled. I must have just missed her. If I would have known that I would have come earlier. Actually traffic and meetings would not allow that. However it sure was great to have her there today. On a very special Tootsie Roll Tootise Pop Tubin Tooooooosday July 4 when I try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July she is who I request to work the abyss stick her up there at 10 a.m. for me and then I will be very happy.

I took "The Hike" over to the Action river and guess what not 1 but 2 bowl slides were open today. This could be a first this year. I first went on the yellow and then followed that up with the red which I went on twice. It had a good flow to it. I went around the action river and I did not find "The Eye-Popping Kim" that was my search you know doing what I do every day I am at the park and if I run into her that is fantastic if not guess it was not to be. I seldom ever have any money on me when I am in the park but this I had in my pocket all day but never found her. Maybe Saturday. I went over to the dragon where there were many children including one hiding beneather the slide attendant's chair. By request I went down the steep slide first and then the the curved one. I then snuck in my favorite ride of them all whitewater.

I went to the storm and I started with the cyclone and that girl was wearing frightfully large glasses. At least they were not white but still is that really necessary? Next to the abyss and then the vortex. Don't they say "Guys Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?" The lifeguard at the bottom of the abyss had on some glasses and I like that. They seemed to be just normal every day glasses like I would wear and do when walking around the park. Long blonde hair flowing in a ponytail nice and very interesting for me to observe. After a couple of times I began to work on sticking the landing off of the abyss because it is fun for me to try. I did succeed a few times but failed more often. Sometimes the tube even hit me in the head and once it hit me in the head bounced off my head and then hit me again. I am pretty sure that lifeguard was laughing so the slide attendant gave me permission to splash her so she would stop laughing. The lifeguard seemed cold so I wasn't going to do that. Then once I landed on my face as momentum carried me forward and I think there was a snicker from that lifeguard.

On try #10 I stuck that landing good so for the second day in a row "THE LAST RIDE" goes to the perkiest slide attendant of them all that sure is an honor and the stair count went to 2,050 or 22,650 for the year leaving me a mere 77,350 from the 100,000 stair goal. It would be the first time ever that I climb 100,000 stairs in back to back seasons is that possible? What is possible is that you can enjoy yourself by coming to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course which is open from 10 a.m until 6:00 p.m. daily. I don't know when I'll be back not tomorrow thats for sure because a very long day is ahead of me but since I won't be there why don't you find out what is going on by coming out yourself and eventually one day. I'll see you there.

Friday June 16, 2006

In the past several years seldom do I ever appear at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course just a few hopefully a few more this year but today it was 10:01 and 82 degrees when I returned since on Sunday at 7 a.m. I will be where I work in Elmhurst Illinois testing some sybase computer system. I'll be glad when that's over with. Today I started at the yellow bowl slide to ride the bowl slides I have to come early or wait for a long time as they are long rides so nothing you can do about that. It took some time until the ride was complete but that was ok as I still had most of the day.

I took "THE HIKE" over to the storm and I rode each slide once. I learned a slide attendant's name atop the abyss her name was Lucy. I told her my name and she was honest that she probably will not remember because she is not good with names. While I do have an excellent memory I am not very good with names for some reason maybe because so many people come and go and if I see you out of the element that I am familiar with you that becomes even a harder challenge to remember a name.

I then went to do "The SHOW" which is climbing up and down the dragon at least eight times in a row. That is Justine's favorite spot right at the bottom of the dragon and I like to have her there I don't know if I feel the same about the tree frog that was there but it was interesting to see for slide rides 1-3 but then it was gone. Justine had an unsightly blemish on her leg apparently from falling and then she told the story that she was excited about something I still do not know what and she fell and this is what happened. I probably would have filled in the story better than that. She had something called Lucky Bag that leads to many questions and one day I will investigate this further.

I rode the dragon 11x in a row so I could even things out making the stair count 1,300 for the day and I win the 1,000 stair game again. Next I went over to the storm and the vortex had the shortest line that was a surprise normally it is the slide that I ride the least because the line is long and it becomes a time consumer. Today what is this it was Jennifer at the top isn't she a lifeguard? Good to see her but she missed me Tuesday I was in the park so was she but she was rotating people and are paths never crossed :(. Apparently Jennifer has been on the wavepool most of the season so she has not seen me because everyone knows I don't go to the wavepool. She said one day she will take a card so she could see me. I like that :)She has to be nice because my nephew likes her I think best from last year he is now 3. Jennifer knows that Friday's are not a common day to see me so I explained this whole thing that I would rather just not talk about.

She was there for 6 rides the last time I was her last push and she was right that she would not see me the rest of the day. Once she left I was having some issue with my shorts chafing so I had to switch and go to the red shorts. I then snuck onto my favorite ride whitewater and at the top was my favorite slide attendant wow double favorites should this be the "LAST RIDE" the stair count only 1,728 though and I like things to be even. I went around the lazy river and then rode on the cyclone which is my favorite slide ride. Next I went and rode the dragon 4x alternating between steep and curved. The stair count went up to 2,168.

I then went over to the storm and rode the cyclone and then at the abyss what's this? There she is my favorite slide attendant she is so great and she always seems to be on the abyss now. I ride that alot. I rode the abyss 2x and on "THE LAST RIDE" I learned that her name is Dannielle see I told you that was going to be hard to do. My hearing is not so good so the first time I was trying to read her lips it was hard so I had her repeat it and I am going with that is what she said. She is so much fun. The stair count went to 2,360 for the day and that is a lot. The count for the year goes to 25,010 leaving a mere 74,990 left to climb to reach the 100,000 stair mark this season.

It was 1:04 and 91 degrees when I left. I have no idea what this weekend will bring except it will be hot and will this be the 1st weekend in a long time that I don't even get to the park on Saturday or Sunday I sure hope not. While there are things that I have to do that may prevent me from being there you should make sure you get there because it is going to be hot. I'll see you there.

Saturday June 17, 2006

In the last 4 years dating back to 2003 and going through yesterday I have only been at Deep River Watepark a total of 157 times and during that span every single day I have climbed at least 1000 stairs as thtat is the game I play every day. Some days it is tough but I have always some how managed to pull it out. On the weekends I normally need the 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. hour so that I can go on the slide rides before the lines get to long especially if it is hot like today. However today that time period would not be available to me as I stopped with my family 2 nephews included at a pancake breakfast in my original home town Crown Point Indiana after spending last night in the city of my birth Gary Indiana watching the Gary Railcats lose to the Kansas City T-Bones. Therefore today when I arrived at 11:20 a.m. and the temperture was 89 degrees and lines had formed everywhere one wondered would the 157 in a row streak end now?

We will have to see I started at the abyss shortest line there I went on it 2x before it was my least favorite thing about Deep River Waterpark "Chaos at the Cage" this is where no worker is at the cage to make people wait for Tubes hey give me a whistle I can do that for you no problem. That would be a dream come true for me just to be a slide attendant hey I don't even need the slides although that would be fun just let me work that cage a few hours. A lot of things happen in the cage that you really don't want to know and chaos spreads throughout things I should not have seen today due to this 2 people a lady and a small child riding on a single tube you need double tubes for that and whitewater blue double tube coming down the storm you chaos creates more chaos.

I then went over to the dragon. The slide attendant their had hair blowing in her face and she did not want sun in fact she used Baby sun screen SPF 50 that is nothing compared to the only sunblock I use Hawaiian Tropics Ozone Block SPF 70 and this stuff really works. I am on bottle #3 so far this season. I rode the curved slide of th dragon 3x and slowly the stiar count went up to 410. I then rode the abyss followed by the cyclone making the count 538 but the time that was consumed and then would I dare try a bowl slide? I took "The Hike" and actually in the action river for awhile I waited for a tube and I went around the action river once and judging from the length of the line this was not the day to be playing on the bowl slide so I went back to the storm.

"Chaos at the Cage"continued oh boy what a mess that is but I manage to ride the abyss 3 times and even got the cyclone once making the stair count 794 for the day and the lines grew longer and longer. People continued to make their way to the gate not even waiting until after 2:00 p.m. when you could save $2.00 on admission. I went over to the dragon and rode on the steep slide 2x and the stair count mover to 982 and now could I get just one more slide ride in today?

It would take awhile but the "LAST RIDE" goes to the cyclone my favorite storm slide and the count goes to 1,046 and for the 158th time in a row I win the 1,000 stair game but quite a challenge today. The count for the year goes to 26,056 leaving me a mere 73,944 from the first ever back to back 100,000 stair seasons can I actually win at that? I left the park at 1:27 p.m. the temperature was 91 degrees and the crowd continued to pour in. Will I be able to play tomorrow? I won't even know until 5 a.m. central time and you can find out where Mark T will be by calling Tranzact Technologies Inc "The Worldwide Leader in Freight Payment" at 630.530.6710 and it will either be successful conversion to Sybase and I'll be in Elmhurst Illinois some 60 miles away from Indiana's Premiere Waterpark from 7 a.m until 1 p.m. or it was not successful and try try again on yet another weekend. In which case you will find me at Indiana's Premiere Waterpark. Whether I'm there or not doesn't mean that it isn't the perfect place to take Dad for Father's Day come on out and have a splashtastic time. The park opens at 10 a.m. and will be open until 6:00 p.m. it may or may not be tomorrow but eventually I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday June 20, 2006

Coming in 2008: One Man: Your Host One Park: Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of Course One Million Stairs climbed. Do you think that your host can make it to One Million stairs climbed by then end of 2008 life is a journey. Today however it is One Man Your Host One Park One Hour One Thousand Stairs? It was 8:00 p.m and 75 degrees when I finally returned to Deep River Waterpak after Sunday's Father Day Fiasco when I was in Elmhurst from 7:00-1:00 oh wait nothey forgot to cross that and make it 4:00 by the time that day was done I ran into a walked into a wall in my own home. I think bending my glasses and I don't even drink but I was worn out. Then come Monday wake up at 4:00 a.m. get to work by 5:30 a.m. and leave at 2:15 p.m. and still traffic would not allow me to get to the park. That brings us to today wake up at 4:00 a.m. get to work at 5:30 a.m. and then leave at 6:25 p.m. and I didn't even take a lunch. I'm to old to work this much. Today at 6:00 p.m. I was to be in 3 places in Elmhurst Illinois at Tranzact Technologies "The Worldwide Leader in Freight Payment" in Glenwood Illinois at Glenwood Oaks for the Calumet Chapter of the IMA where I am the newsletter editor, webmaster and now the secretary and how could I miss a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooosday?

I did not think I would make it tonight but I did and that made me feel a whole lot better but was this to be the end of the streak as tired and fatigued only have eaten 2 muffins and a donut and then for dinner a sleeve of cinnamon grahm crackers that can't be healthy. Could I even climb any stairs let alone 1,000 and time was not ample. I began the day at the abyss and felt good enough to go over to the dragon. Was it "Showtime?" Let's see if I have that energy. Up and down I would go today only riding the curved slide. The lifeguard at the bottom of the dragon showed no movement. I wanted to get a stick so I could poke her as she sat lifeless. However, I really liked her sandals. I made it up and down 10x in a row and the stair count when up to 1,004 keeping my winning streak in tact.

Now I took "THE HIKE" over to the Action River and I got stopped by a big group of Lifeguards and maybe even a slide attendant and anyone can stop me as much as they want on "THE HIKE" because for me that is the lonliest walk there is. I even gave out a green tootsie pop and I don't even know what that is. I went around the action river and here is something I had never done before ride a bowl slide at night. I went up the yellow bowl slide and the guy up there had a blister from pushing all day. I don't know that I needed to see that and I am not the first aide station but ok down the bowl I would go. It was pitch black and suddenly there you are in a lit bowl and I even manage to keep the Tootsie Pop in my mouth man that was fun.

Time had not expired and I have tomorrow off so I could stay and play even more so I took "THE HIKE" back over and went on my favorite slide of them all whitewater and at the top was the perkiest slide attendant of them all and we had a grand old time. At the bottom I met a lifeguard named Emily and she knew who I was somebody told her on her second day working there it is a good thing they did not tell her on her first day because she would have never come back. Remember everybody's favorite game "Where's Emily?" then this year I met that one lifeguard named Emily and ever since have been playing but have never seen her again making me wonder if that was just all a figment of my imagination. Now here is another Emily that we can play everyone's favorite game with. However she was not wearing glasses of course it was dark so I don't know if she would let me wear her sunglasses.

For the second Tuesday in a row "THE LAST RIDE" goes to the perkiest slide attendant of them all. I think she has gotten the honor of "THE LAST RIDE" more than any other person this season. I was able to ride the tube slide 4x and the announcement came over that the rides and attractions would be closing in 15 minutes. The stair count 1,254 and for the year it goes to 27,310.It was 9:15 and 73 degrees when I left. I return tomorrow weather permitting after I go to the dentist at 9:00 a.m. but I can't stay all day because my days at Tranzact Technologies may be numbered. Actually they are and if you want to know how many more I have just click on this Days remaining until August 1, 2008 but don't tell anyone else ok. At 4:00 p.m. I need to be in Blue Island but just because it's blue and an Island that doesn't mean I'll like it there.

You to can come to Deep River Waterpark there is nothing like staying all night and coming the very next morning and if you do I'll see you there.

Wednesday June 21, 2006

Last night I left Deep River Waterpark at 9:15 a.m and today 12 hours and 46 minutes later at 10:01 with the temperature 80 degrees I finally returned. While this is quickly becoming the summer of my discontent. This is my favorite thing to do but it won't be tried again until July 11 and 12 as next week I mix it all up to see the Tranzact Softball Squad which is currently tied for 4th in the Wednesday Coed 14" softball league sot I am taking off Friday June 30 instead when later in the day I'll be joined by my sister and my nephews. Thursday may be the first time since 1999 that I work on June 29 that day "The Lovely" Christina turned 19 and I bought my house and I have never worked on June 29 since. I have already made plans to have it off in 2007 as that is when my dental appointment will be this could be a travisty that I may not be able to live with

However lets get back to today. I began today by taking the tour of the park. I started at the storm vortex, abyss, cyclone followed by steep dragon slide and curved dragon slide. I took "The Hike" went around the action river and then up the red bowl slide and then the yellow bowl slide. I took "The HIKE" back and went down my favorite slide whitewater and then each body slide. I rode all the slides in the park today and that is 660 stairs and then I went around the Lazy River and there was Emily hey how about that. I was lamenting that it was a rough 13 hours away but at least most of them I was sleeping. She said for her it was less than 12 hours away now how lucky can someone get?

Next I went over to the storm and I followed the classic pattern which is vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, abyss, vortex, vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone adding 640 stairs to the total making it 1,300 stairs climbed today. I then took "THE HIKE" and went on the red bowl slide and then I went on the yellow bowl slide 7x in a row and I could actaully do that today because the park was not so busy. The stair count went up to 1,892. I sure had fun on this today. I then went and rode each dragon slide making the stair count 2,080 for the day and then over to the storm I would go play where the stairs added up and after 10 more times it was up to 2,720 and would I be able to climb 3,000 stairs today? This is not the 4th of July where I try to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July but that will be here before you know it. This will be only the second time in Deep River Waterpark History that a Tubin Tuesday is also the 4th of July and I've been waiting for years for redemption as the only other this occurred I lost and was not able to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July despite having from 10 a.m. until the rides closed at 9:15 p.m. actually they closed early that year due to some mysterious weather in the area. Coming very soon will your host be able to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July at a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Toooooooooooosday? I'll be there to play all day weather permitting.

I went over and rode the dragon curved slide pushing the count up to 2,814 and then I needed some rest so took "THE HIKE" over to the action river actually went around 3 times I saw Justine get stung and she had some orange suglasses which she claims are not hers so I will be watching to see if she wears them again. She asked if I did not like the slide attendant at dragon earlier but I have no issue with her she is very nice and friendly and she does not wear big white sunglasses. I only went on it 2 times because that was part of the tour normally I go on 10 or so but today was a beautiful day but not many people in the park because of the threat of rain. I think it is at 1 p.m. my nephews take their naps and today I could use a nap. Stick a fork in me I'm done so close to 3,000 but no more energy left in me so that is where I would stop at 2,814 and making the action river "THE LAST RIDE" and that doesn't happen often well ok if the Eye-Popping Kim shows up there it happens boy I miss her. I think in 15 days at the park I have seen her 2 days. How am I ever going to pay her off like this? The total for the year goes to 30,124 leaving me a mere 69,876 stairs away from 100,000 stairs. It was 1:57 and 90 degrees when I left. I return I hope on Saturday. You are running out of time before the admission price goes up on July 1. Summer has officially started and there is nothing better to do during than the summer than to come out to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. I'll see you there.

Saturday June 24, 2006

It has been 30 days exactly one month that Deep River Waterpark has been open this season and today for only the 16th time this year I made it to the park at 10:33 a.m. The temperature was 76 degrees and I had my season pass scanned at the gate and I even got a wave from Kristen in the office there. I like her. Today her hair was curly I like that. I really enjoy seeing her wish I could see her more often but it is I have one opportunity a day and that is it. At least the days starts off right then. There has always been a Kristen Contingent that says Kristen is great and when I see her I say long live the Kristen Contigent.

I started the day at the storm following my normal pattern. There was Melanie we know her and she is fun and then over to the abyss and then at the cyclone which is my favorite storm slide but something is amiss as I don't recall seeing anyone ever looking this gruntled. This slide attendant looked very angry and did not eminate any happiness at all. I put in my notes to avoid her and luckily by the time I got back at the top of the cyclone Brittany was there to save me from that girl. The pattern continued and I climbed the storm 10x putting the stair count at 640 and then I took "THE HIKE" and around the action river I would go as I noted that the slide attendant I was avoiding had gone up to the top of the dragon which is where I wanted to go but I figured I could just simply wait her out so I went around the action river a couple of times.

When I thought she was gone I made my way over to the dragon and apparently the stairs are slippery when wet and like on the 3rd or 4th stair I took a tumble ending up in tremendous pain. It appears that I have crushed 4 of my toes on my left foot that poor foot I have had trouble with it for years ever since falling on the stairs on that bridge by whitewater. There was not a soul to be found so I would have to try and shake it off and my sister always warn me I am older and I can't just get right back up like I used too. I slowly in pain made my way up the dragon only to find the very slide attendant that I was trying to avoid right up their still so things had gone from bad to worse. I then rode down the curved slide and then hobbled across the park to the Lazy River trying to access the damage that had been done. Luckily it seemed to be just with the toes and not with the foot itself but still painful to walk.

Around the lazy river I would go and guess who I would see? No it was not Emily. It was and boy was I happy to see her. I seldom ever carry any money on me to a waterpark but I bet her that she would not return this season and if she did I would give her $20.00 and for nearly 2 weeks every day I have had this $20.00 to give to her but never found her. So from worse to good because had I not fallen on the stairs of the dragon I certainly would not have ended up around the Lazy river and I never go in the wavepool. I had to go around several times because I was not up to walking so I got to "The Eye-Popping Kim" a few times and that made my day. Most interesting to me she talked to Christina not to be confused with "The Lovely Christina" and you know Christina as "I am The Cute One" even though apparently she does not refer to herself like that but I do. "I am The Cute One" did agree that the 2 of us should sit down and talk because she doesn't want me to be afraid of her. I would have paid to have that conversation recorded how does that conversation even happen. I don't know if that will ever happen but if that is what "The Eye-Popping Kim" wants. I'll do it. I still don't know how to get over my fear of "I am the Cute One" as she has never even done anything to me but she scares me. Maybe if she let me take her picture sitting in that high chair as I am still the master of the Chair shot. Then every one can see how cute she is and someone so cute can't really be terrifying now can they? Last year I requested that Mike and "I am The Cute One" stand back to back with their arms crossed so I could bring you that photo but we never were able to get it.

Once I thought I could walk again I got out of the river and walked over to the storm where I rode the cyclone and th climbing up the stairs was not as good I as I would like so I left the ride and went to try something easier like my favorite ride of them all whitewater and that was a little better but still very painful and the stair count went up to 842 and then into the lazy river again I would go and around and around and now at wave pool river was Jennifer wow that is the place to be or at least in this lazy river the nice people come to me. Ok after 2.5 time around time to give it another try and I went and rode the abyss 5x in a row and then for what became "THE LAST RIDE" it was right where I started with Melanie on the vortex and the stair count went to 1,226 and 31,350 for the day leaving me a mere 68,650 away from the first back to back 100,000 stair season climbed. However wil this entry slow me down will it make me lose 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July we will have to wait and see but hopefully I return tomorrow and don't forget June 30 is the last day that admission will be $15.95 after that it goes up to $18.95 at 10 a.m. and I make a very special apperance on that Friday maybe even 2x as at 4:00 p.m. I'll be joined by my sister. Come on out today before the price goes up and you certainly will be happy that you did. I'll see you there.

Sunday June 25, 2006

Last Sunday I was where I work in Elmhurst Illinois some nearly 60 miles away from Deep River Waterpark from 7 a.m. until 4:00 p.m and since that day until yesterday I was suffering from exhaustion and not up to speed so today would definately be better than that as at 12:33 with the temperature at 76 degrees and the sky overcast I returned to Deep River Waterpark. Though I am not a doctor my sister is a nurse so I am qualified to give medical advice and the damage from yesterday's fall could just be 2 broken toes on my left foot or they could be severely bruised but it is better than the early estimate of damage to 4. They sure are colorful. I started off the day at the vortex. There was something not right so I would have to figure out how to walk with this nagging injury. They say that when you fall off a horse you need to get right back on so I went right to the dragon and up those stairs I climbed without another incident and I rode the curved slide and everything went ok so that is good but I don't have the stair climbing right to much pain.

I would try something easier and I went over to my favorite ride whitewater. The slide attendant at the bottom seemed to like the color green she was very nice. I like her already although she seemed to be cowering in fear. I learned that was because she was cold from being at the top of the thing with the bucket that pours water out. (Editor's Note that is callled children's play structure and they have some sort of bird as the mayor over there). Apparently the bucket poured right on her as she was leaving. Her name was Tori.

The stair count went to a whopping 202. I went around the lazy river for awhile and then I was ready to try again and I started at the vortex and things went fine so it was time to move it up a notch might it be time for the best weapon in my stair climbing arsenal? Ladies and Gentelman it's time for "THE SHOW" up the stairs of the dragon I would go. "THE SHOW" is riding the dragon at least 8x in a row. I rode mostly the curved slide but sometimes the steep slide. It was actually 8 for the curved slide and 3 for the steep slide. The stair count went 1,300 and my winning streak of the 1,000 stair game continued on. I felt very happy and safe with the lifeguard at the bottom and I learned her name was Stephanie.

After this I thought I was up to taking "The Hike" and that I would do and around the Action River I would go. I ended up going around it 5x on 2 I saw Stephanie remember her the morning line favorite to win Mark T's 2006 Female Lifeguard of the year. Not to be confused with Stephanie who I just saw at the dragon. She could tell I was not having a good day well actually that was yesterday where else would I suffer an injury except at Deep River Waterpark in the last 12 years except for last summer when in the early morning I was knocked out by my own washer in my home this is the only place I have ever been injured and most surprsingly never riding a slide. Before the park was open to the public I fell down the stairs of whitewater fracturing my left arm. I have fallen on the bridge by whitewater which severely injured my left foot may have even broke it but we could debate that forever it caused years of pain and now this. I wonder why it is always the left side and in all the stair climbing that really isn't that bad. Anyway Stephanie is "Adjective Worthy" so we will have to see if I make one for her. She had a cup which she claimed was empty but earlier had lemonade yet I still saw her at least pretend to drink out of this supposed empty cup.

Around the river I would go and on time number #4 it was nightmare time when I felt like I was in a bad episode of Knight Boat. I could see Chris along with "I am the Cute One" approaching quickly and I could not go fast enough to avoid them they were gaining ground and I did not want to go through all the buckets and stuff and then as I passed the stand beneath it I see a hammer and just imagine she could pick that up and throw it at me and eventually "I am the Cute One" said "Hi Mark how are you?" and I told her I am much better now that she has passed the hammer. Apparently she was not aware of this hammer or that could be some ploy to throw me off. She kept walking and while my eyes were so pleased because she is so cute and they wanted her in their sight as long as possible my heart was pounding I think I may have had a mild heart attack there in the river. I did notice her eyebrows raised when she talked so I wanted to know why she apparently does not realize this. They made it to right where I was going to get out and I asked her where she was going so I could go elsewhere and she said she won't bother me anymore. I survived today and nothing actually bad happened. So maybe she isn't so terrifying. Maybe we can try this again next time at the park and then after facing my fear a few times it could be over.

Actually I think I may have figured this one out. She is so cute. I obviously like her if you were to see my 2007 Valentine Contender's she would currently rank #5 and she was in the 2006 Contender list. Maybe I can conquer this fear this year. I went and rode whitewater as there was no line at all and then it was to the vortex followed by the curved slide on the dragon and I just did not feel as comfortable with this lifeguard as with Stephanie so I took "THE HIKE" and one is the lonliest number. I went on the red bowl slide 2x and the stair count went to 1,650 and from up top of the slide I could see "I am The Cute One" and since now I was above her and she was so far away she did not seem so terrifying but still so cute.

I next went on the curved slide of the dragon pushing the count up to 1,744 and then I went on the abyss making it up to 1,808 followed by the vortex 1872 and then my favorite storm slide the cyclone making it 1,936 and then it was time for "THE LAST RIDE" and since she was the nicest slide attendant I met today I would give that ride to Tori on the vortex and the count went up to 2,000 making it 33,350 for the year leaving a mere 66,650 left to reach 100,000 stairs. I don't know if I can make it on Monday as that as proved extremely tough but I will be back for sure on Tuesday weather permitting for Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Toooooooooooosday which will mark 1 week left before I try 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July.

The 4th of July will be only the 2nd time In Deep River Waterpark History that a Tubin Tuesday falls on this date the last time in 2000 some 6 years ago I started trying to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July and with America's Sweetheart and mine Kristen:) at the top of the storm only 3,964 stairs were climbed. This was my most humilating defeat ever and for years it has eaten at me. In 2001 I climbed 4,060 stairs but then in 2002 it was so hot and the park so busy I was handed my worst defeat in this game climbing a mere 2,904 stairs but in 2003 it was a good year for me and 4,058 stairs were climbed. In 2004 lets go once more climbing 4,090 stairs and last year in what has been called the Best 4th of July in my life thanks to I climbed 4,084 stairs making my record 4-2 in the 4,000 stair on the 4th of July game. I hear that will be at the park this 4th of July and she advised me to bring plenty of Tootsie Pops because she will be there all day and maybe I'll actually get to see her and this 4th of July can be as great as last years. Just imagine you can come to the park at 10 a.m. play as long as you want go eat and then get your hand stamped and come back and play all the way until 9:30 p.m. It is so exciting.

You don't have to wait to the 4th of July to come out to Deep River Waterpark because you can come today and you will be glad you did. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday June 27, 2006

On the way to the park today at the American Sales on US30 I saw an inflatable that disturbed me greatly. I just did not like that man and woman in that spa inlated like that. It was around 6:30 when I finally returned after once again failing to get the trifecta when I am at the park 3 days in a row. I have only been able to accomplish this 2x and those were the first two weekends. It was a long day away but so great to be back tonight. However unlike most Tubin Tuesdays I could not say all night as have to conserve energy for work tomorrow and on Friday I'll see if I could hit the trifecta again this year by coming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today time was limited and I started the day off by attempting "THE SHOW" where I ride the dragon at least 8x in a row and today it was the steep slide with the perkiest slide attendant of them all at the top which made the show rather easy in fact at one point I thought about brining out the seldom seen BACK TO BACK SHOW but not tonight for it's only 1 week away when I will try for the 7th time to climb 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July. I rode the cirved slide 10x in a row putting the stair count up to 940.

I went to the storm and rode each slide once and then I went over to my favorite ride of them all whitewater and rode that 2x and that put the stair count at 1,220 for the day and makes 34,570 stairs climbed this year leaving a mere 65,430 left to go to reach 100,000. At approximately 8:00 p.m. lightining was in the area I saw alot of it and that would make it time to go. Can I make a special appearance on Thursday June 29 a day I haven't worked in 7 years since I bought my house or will my summer of discontent continue? I return for a very special Friday maybe even in the morning and the afternoon when I'll be joined by my older sister. Remember after Friday the prices go up so you best come on out today to Deep River Waterpark. I'll see you there.

Friday June 30, 2006

The summer of my discontent continued so I could not make it to the park on Thursday forcing me to be away a very long two days and many people would comment on how they had not seen me in a long time. It sure was rough but hey at least today I got to turn a Friday and that has proven a very difficult day to get to the park for me in the past but I have turned a few this year and may get one or two more so I hope. It was 10:13 a.m. and 78 degrees when I finally returned. I started off the day at the storm and that is where I will spend most of the 4th of July if all goes according to plan. Today it was the vortex and that slide attendant had very large sunglasses. I don't like that at least they were not white but I still don't like these large glasses. On the abyss it it was one of the slide attendants that I try to avoid so that was not good and then the cyclone which at least is my favorite storm slide. I felt I could do better later so I left this attraction and went off to the dragon.

At the dragon I would say the water was hot. I felt like I was perhaps a hot dog being boiled. That is very unusual in the morning where the water is often cold. I did not like that. I therefore took "The Hike" and it was lonely but I made it to the Action River and rode a tube over to the yellow bowl slide which I went on 2x. The stair count went up to 528 and around the action river I would go before returning to the storm and they say around here if you don't like the weather just wait for a bit and it will change and that is how I felt about the storm if I don't like the slide attendants just wait and they will change and they had and that made me happy. I went on the cyclone 2x followed by the abyss 3x pushing the count up to 848.

I then returned to the dragon where the water was at least not hot but I would consider it warm and I don't like that. I rode each dragon slide once and then I went and rode the abyss making the count 1,100 for the day. I left the park at 12:18 p.m. the temperature was 81 degrees. The 1,000 stair game had been won again which is what was my goal in the morning because later in the day I would be meeting my sister and nephew and stair climbing would not be that easy then. I went home and took a nap. It was 4:08 and 85 degrees when I returned to meet my older sister and my nephew by the frog over there in the child's play area. I now actually have 2 nephews but only one here today. He is 3 and he likes to just be on the outskirt of the play area as some water squirts up through the ground and then he steps on it making it splash others.

We did go around the river and up the red bowl slide we would go and he apparently is only good for only one slide ride reminds me of my other sister who when she came was only good for one slide ride. When asked if he would go again he said "No Way" we did go under the buckets in the action river and he really liked the entrance to the action river where it was shallow enough for him to play so for awhile there we would stay and just like that it was 5:15 p.m. My nephew just kept asking where is grandma with turkey. He also may have the favorite of Turkey Store Honey Turkey. It was sad that she never showed up but we were going to Sanfratello's in Highland Indiana for pizza tonight. I like the hostess there Elena in fact she is currently ranked number 2 in the Mark T. 2007 Valentine Contender's. Maybe I should put those up on this site soon.

After my sister left there were only a few minutes left but I went and rode the dragon switching between curved and steep and I could feel comfortable because Justine was at the bottom and I often see her there she was still wearing those orange sunglasses that she claims aren't even hers. There was not enough time for a show at this point but I did ride these slides 7x in a row making the stair count 1,832 for the day and 36,402 for this year leaving me still 63,598. Last year by the end of June I had climbed 40,314 so 3,912 behind that pace.

After I left the park I was reunited with my sister and nephew and joined by her husband and my other nephew and we went for pizza and boy my youngest nephew lets call him Luke T because that is his name got my glasses, glass, utensils, plate, some paper but he sure had a good time and then at 9:30 p.m the brother-in-law and I went and saw Superman which then ended at like 12:10 a.m. and I thought hey only like 10 more hours until I return to Indiana's Premiere waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course. I try for the trifecta coming to the park 3 days in a row then it will be time 4 4,000 stairs on the 4th of July will I make it followed by the Trifecta I really don't want to see as I will be away for 3 days on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. After that I should be back every Wendesday. Last Wednesday The Tranzact Softball Team once again won by forfeit it was the 2nd game I had been too and the last game they also won by forfeit and now they have trading cards. Wendesday July 5 is my assistant's birthday so we are having a birthday bash for her before the game and then maybe Tranzact will win by forfeit again. I've never seen them play an umpired game. If you are having a birthdy this summer why not have it at Deep River Waterpark they have excellent birthday packages. If only mine were in the summer I'd have it there. Even if it's not your birhtday why not come out to Indiana's premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course today. I'll see you there.