2006 Deep River Waterpark BLAST (Best Lifeguards and Slide Attendants According to Your host Mark T.

The following are the opinions of your host of Deep River Waterpark Daily Mark T. who spends much time at Deep River Waterpark. Opinions should not be mistaken as facts and everyone is welcome to your own. To form your own you are encouraged to go to Deep River Waterpark located just 4.5 miles east of I-65 in Lake County Indiana on U.S. 30. The park is open until Labor day and operates from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.


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The 2006 Best Bag Award:

This season many of the bags carried by the lifeguards appear the same to me but there is one lifeguard that carries a unique bag that intrigues me deeply. This is a black bag and the words "LUCKY BAG" are emblazed upon it. Is the bag lucky to hold the contents or is someone lucky to pull something out of the bag? I may never ever know but it certainly is unique and this year the Best Bag Award goes to Justine.

The 2006 Best Sunglasses:

I have the winner picked out but I don't know her name. She is a blonde girl that often works the wave pool and her sunglasses are my favorite she is a new guard this season and once in awhile I see her on a card but not very often. One day she came up and worked the top of the abyss and she had some energy. Maybe I'll find out her name before the end of the year and then we will all cheer. Especially since she might just be the 2006 Female Rookie Lifeguard of the Year and the Best Special Guest Slide Attendant this Season. Her glasses have just a touch of yellow on the each side. I like that. Her sister tells me her name is Alicia.

The lifeguard or slide attendant your host Mark T would like to go down the storm on a double tube with:

The 2006 Male Rookie Lifeguard of the Year:

The 2006 Female Rookie Lifeguard of the Year:

It's Emily versus Emily and with that you get Emily versus Alicia or sister versus sister. Then there is that one girl that normally wears a shrek towel even though the last times that I have seen her she has not worn it. I don't actually know her name but she knows mine and thinks I should come early so that she could see me. Maybe her name is Ashley maybe it isn't I should find out. Do I know the name of the 2006 Rookie Lifeguard of the year or am I trying to find it out? You'll find out soon and the winner is the only lifeguard I've slid under boy is she fun and we hope that she comes back in 2007 to try and take The 2007 Female Lifeguard of the year. She is Emily

The 2006 Best Sandals

The 2006 Male Lifeguard of the Year:

With Mike the perrennial winner of this award and the 2005 Winner not back to defend this has become a very difficult award to give as I realized I don't think I know any names of the male lifeguards and my sister isn't around to ask nor is Megan from last year who introduced me to so many guards or Your 2005 Female Lifeguard of the Year Lindsey IV. So will I find someone soon, Will I give it to Dustin for the 2nd time in 12 years or will this award go vacant for the first time ever. When Mike left some of the fun left Deep River Waterpark. He is seen here below on the right in green with one of my favorite people to see James who at least I have seen a few times in 2006. I never could get Mike and "I am The Cute One" aka Christina to stand back to back with their arms folded as I wanted to but at least we can remember. Was he so good that this award needs to be retired? We miss you Mike.

The 2006 Female Lifeguard of the Year:

It came down to

versus Jennifer

versus Justine

versus Rachel

They all do such a fine job so there were many contenders this season Jennifer and work at the wave pool a lot so that means I don't get to observe them as much. The decision was tough but looking at the criteria having fun doing a good job and coming back to defend the crown next year. Mark T. Congratulates your 2006 Female Lifeguard of the Year seen below. Rachel

The Highly Coveted Mark T's 2006 Best Hair in the park award.

It came down to Jennifer with beautiful long flowing blonde hair that is absolutely gorgeous and people say that I prefer blondes. I had to learn her name to put her in the picture and how I wish I had a picture to share with you but I don't so it was Jennifer versus

Kristen the 2005 winner of the best hair in the park award. She works at the front gate I think in group sales and she has so many diffent hair styles that I absolutely positively beyond a shadow of a doubt love. On this one I listened to the heart and Kristen makes my heart flutter. She has an open invitation that I'll buy her lunch or dinner any time. I have a huge crush on her and she just may snatch Mark T's 2007 Valentine but in 2006 She wins the award for the best hair in the park for the 2nd year in a row.

The 2006 Best Slide Pusher:

How we long for the days when Mr. James had competition and he swung from the slide to give you that boost to go down and sailing you would go but his time was before bowl slides to get you that extra spin. We have seen a guy push from swinging on the slide and we like that so congrats to the 2006 Best Slide Pusher: Mike

The 2006 Male Rookie Slide Attendant of the Year: It was Matt versus Mike versus Ralph. All of them have fun up on the slide and that is great. The one thing people might not know about me is I don't like to be called Sir and Mike always for somereason calls me sir. I call my nephew Sir he was born on October 31, 2005 and you can call my dad sir but you can just call me Mark T or if you don't know my name just call me Chuck. Therefore I went with Matt versus Ralph for the final cut and in the end even though he did wear those big white sunglasses a few days he did get rid of them quickly and that is good. I don't know if he is still around bu he is your 2006 Male Rookie Slide Attendant of the Year Congratulations: Ralph.

The 2006 Male Slide Attendant of the Year: I always ask for him to be at the top of the dragon and sometimes he gets up there but some days he is just happy to be up on a slide. He is back for year number 2 as a slide attendant. Mark T. congratulates your 2006 Male Slide Attendant of the Year: Ryan

The 2006 Female Rookie Slide Attendant of the Year Runner Up: It was a close competion and I highly considered this very friendly girl who is always a joy to see. She is always happy and how about that one Tuesday night the guy just waited in line for the abyss just in his towel so he could talk to her and she was even ready to catch me as I was about to fall down the cyclone and we may have both went rolling down but she didn't mind. She is always happy and you too will be happy when you get to see Lucy.

The 2006 Female Rookie Slide Attendant of the Year: Sometimes you know my favorites and there given away and she may have gone away but maybe she will be back I enjoyed her every single day that I saw her as she was so much fun. While she may be gone forever here she will be remembered forever as your 2006 Rookie Female Slide Attendant of the Year: Danielle

The 2006 Female Slide Attendant of the Year:

Sometimes she has a whole lot of fun and you know I like lines to move fast and I have a whole lot of experience with climbing up slides and by far she keeps the line moving the best that is why she is the 2006 Female slide Attendant of the year and she wears a alot of flair. She is Brittney.

Inspired by those Real Men of Genious Commericals Mark T. has prepared this SALUTE to SLIDE ATTENDANTS

Today we Salute you

Deep River Waterpark Slide Attendants

You stand atop slide rides wearing shirts that say Slide Attendant

So that there is no mistaking what you are

You make sure no one crosses your imaginary line

If they dare you will be ready

To yell "Get Back!"

You make us wait in line

Until it is our time to ride the slide

Splash you no one would dare

Or you might not push them down

Hold on to the handles

You instruct us as you move

The line along

Handles not in front this isn't good

As then you must say Turn the Tube around

You control the slides. You have all the power

No one can go down without you

There is nothing we can do

But wait until you get to that Children's play area

When the hoses turn on you.

Crack a smile

Deep River Waterpark Slide Attendants

And while you push us down with that smile we read your shirt

You might even add have a splashtastic day.