2005 Deep River Waterpark Daily

Monday August 1, 2005

This is August and that means there are only 3 Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooooosdays left this year so why not come on out tomorrow to Deep River Waterpark when at 6:00 p.m. it will be hot and admission will be only $8.00. I mean you only have 3 chances left to experience the park at this low of price and once there done there gone for 2005. If you read Deep River Waterpark Daily on July 31 you know that August is among my least favorite months and I can already feel something bad is going to happen even though I can't tell what because if I did I would plan to prevent it. It is just like there is something so terribly wrong with me that I will never be loved by anyone ever. I do not know what it is but I have come to accept what is.

Yesterday refused to accept my sister and I bowling challenge and you know I have no idea what she said. I have failed every hearing test I have ever taken and I admit my hearing is not good and to compensate I read lips which is why I need to look at people when they talk but when the head goes down it makes it difficult and I can only say what a few times. We challenge her and a partner of her choosing and we would defeat them but luckily the Lindseys will take the challenge well Lindsey IV the 2005 Female Liveguard of the year who you can see at

(Best Lifeguard and Slide Attendant Things According to Your Host)

said she would get Lindsey III and they think they can defeat my sister and I. We don't think so. My sister is currently incapacitated since she has 2cnd degree burns from being at Indiana Beach on Saturday and then while I was gone she was at Deep River Waterpark yesterday did you see her then. She will be ready by the end of the week and her ball Joey is ready to go. On occassion she has thrown the ball the wrong way. She has advised that I shouldn't even let anyone see me bowl in public because to say I throw the ball like a girl would be very kind. She would not advise that I ever ask any girl I like to go bowling with me because it would be a bad date watching the ball slowly rolling down the alley. I do not have much arm strength. I climb stairs my power is in the legs not the arms.

Of course my sister doesn't want me dating anyone I mean on November 6 Jo Dee Messina with special guest Sugarland come to the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville Indiana tickets on sale this Sunday and I told her she could be the back up for when I can't get a date because I never had one and she said don't bother trying just take her and will have fun so it's Mark T and My sister Mary VS The Lindseys in a bowling competition how do you think that will go. Now lets get back to the storyline. It was 4:18 p.m. (traffic was good to me) and 91 degrees when I entered the park and being blue I was wearing the blue shorts and the first person I did see was Lindsey III and let the games begin because Lindsey IV told her all about this and they are ready to defeat us. She said my glasses were hot my vision is actually corrected to 20/20 when I am wearing them. I am near sighted so when I am very close I can see you but from far away it is difficult for me to see details.

I would begin the day at the dragon I rode the steep slide 3x and the curved slide 2x and each time I just flew off the slide maybe an inch or two and up I went and down I came. The line was not all that bad in fact for a 90 plus degree day the crowd was very light at this time and I knew that I would win the 1,000 stair game. There were 470 stairs climbed and then I went to the storm and at the top of the abyss was Ryan I want to name him the 2005 Male Slide Attendant of the Year so I probably should because I do control that but I hadn't seen him for awhile so I didn't know if he still worked there. There was a sadness in the slide attendants because Stephanie's last day was yesterday I think she might have been the first to leave and hwo we miss her smiling face. I rode the abyss 9x in a row. Ryan said he would be bowling partner. He certainly could meet my sister that way since we will be together she might find that partner acceptable she would do anything she could to make sure she got a better score than because she doesn't like her she is the sister that goes thumbs down so she would love to beat her but will take any and all comers and will go wherever you want to bowl.

Once Ryan left after time #8 there was a new slide attendant and I don't even no her and she wore this frightfully big white sunglasses I think they are the same kind that Siobhan and Stephanie wear and that is barely ok but does a slide attendant need such large glasses and I mean this is frightening ok its not terrifying like "I AM THE CUTE ONE" but I don't think these are going to make people want to ride the slide in fact I noticed that no one rode the abyss 2x in a row after seeing these glasses. Her hair was very cute thats my favorite braided pig tails but those glasses and Katie who was at cyclone when she first saw them thought they were a joke being so big. I therefore split between the vortex and the cyclone which is my favorite storm ride. At the vortex was Barbie and how on earth am I suppose to answer the question do you like me can someone define the word like for me. I enjoy seeing a Barbie I wouldn't try and avoid her like some people and I did name her inwhere I name my top ten x 2(20) guys in the park in 2005 and top ten x 2 (20) gals in the park

I did learn from Ryan that was in the park today but I was going to simply stay on the storm climbing stairs sometimes I get lucky and get to see her and sometimes like today don't and I am sure there is a day coming very soon when I will never see her again that is the cold hard truth. I switched between the vortex and cyclone and when it was time for "THE LAST RIDE" that went to Katie on the cyclone and down I would go with the stair count at 1,430 making the count for the year 72,510 leaving 27,490 to go to reach 100,000 it does suprpass my 2003 total of 71,370 next to pass 1999 when I climbed 73,200 stairs 1,830 will tie that and that should happen this week. 2001 was the only year I have ever been able to climb 100,000 stairs will I succeed in 2005?

The weather will be hot this week so why not cool off by coming to Deep River Waterpark right now remember only 3 yes count them 1, 2, 3 Tubin Tuesdays left when you can get into Deep River Waterpark for the lowest price $8.00 at 6:00 p.m. and you can see all the new rides and attractions. Come on out today. I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday,August 2, 2005

It was 4:50 p.m. and 93 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark and as you can see traffic was not good to me. Still no one has gotten me this girls name at the front in the office today she had on a yellow shirt hair in a ponytail I absolutely positively love it. I would begin the day at the abyss and there was Ryan just like yesterday it is like deja vu the same thing over again lets here it don't you think he should be the Male Slide Attendant of the Year? I rode the abyss only once before switching over to the dragon and this time just rode the curved slide and then switched back to the abyss which I rode 3 more times but Ryan had gone away. The stair count 350 and one could tell there was going to be a crowd on hand tonight. I therefore went over to the dragon and my slide of choice is the steep slide because still fly right off that curved slide right where the curve is and I do not like that. Oh can you believe when I came in that I saw Megan and there was a high five. I haven't seen her for several days apparently she is mad at me I don't know for what it was her shadow Michelle that kicked me in the head if anyone should be mad it should be me but I can't get mad. My sister will tell you I can't even pretend to be mad for a minute I just start laughing often sad never mad.

I rode on the dragon 6x and the stair count went to 914 and then I went and rode the cyclone and this was around 6:00 p.m. and up the stair count went to 978 so only would need one more slide to cross the 1,000 stair mark but the lines grew and grew and I went to the action river they have a new effect where you push this thing with your hand. At the action river there was Stephanie with new sunglasses I like that and then Justine who I didn't even think was allowed to work after 6:00 p.m. wow is she amazingly thin. I went around the river just once a little to much action over there for me tonight

At the lazy river there was "The Belle of The Ball" Rachel she was at wave pool river haven't seen her for a very long time apparently she was at cheer camp in Illinois. I didn't know cheer camp was a real thing I thought it was something that just existed in the movies but apparently that is where she was but there were no cheers from her tonight. Around the river I went and so happy to see it was tootsie roll tootsie Pop Toooooooooosday and just moments before the Tootsie Roll song was playing I brought her a purple one and I haven't forgotten that Rachel has the favorite of the chocolate so does "The Sensational Sasha" and Siobhan. Remember whn chocolate was even popular. If there are any left over chocolate does not move at the office which is where the unused tootsie pops end up.

I learned that favorite month is December because that is when her birthday is I'd send her a nice gift but that always goes badly for me. My sister is still waiting for those $250 in best buy gift cards that I sent the "Lovey Christina" so that she could get a cd player for her car for her birthday I'm pretty sure they got lost in the mail right. I'm on record as saying December is my least favorite month. She appeared to be very uncomfortable in this chair and in fact every time I see her in this type chair she seems noticablly uncomfortable. I had never tried one of these blue tootsie pops so I tried one tonight as I rode around the river and I did not like it although it came in handy while no one can make me mad some people can easily make me sad so I realize there are some areas simply to stay away from and then the world of make believe can be how I imagine it. Some where she heard that she was the runner up in the 2005 Female Lifeguard of the Year Competition and while she certainly is my favorite that award is not for that. It is not a beauty contest if it were there would be a swim suit competition and that is not happening. Upon all my observations I felt she was to popular and therefore at times distracted I mean there is always a guy or two around her chatting her up I guess or maybe I set up the 2006 storyline to have her want to be the Lifeguard of the year a whole lot after coming so close. I don't think people care about some guy writing a website like that I don't have that big of an ego. Her quote was "Always a bridesmaid never a bride" and I had to have the tootsie pop in my mouth for that one. I mean otherwise she could have heard that is good because it gives me some hope or see me exactly 3 years from today and if you want to be a bride I'll probably be more than happy to grant that wish. It is now less than 3 years on August 1, 2008 when my home will be paid for and then I might consider getting married but not until then. Luckily, I just licked the tootsie pop before I got licked and would have to switch to the blue shorts.

I also learned that despite her coughing all through the night that she does not smoke and most people know the 2 things I fight for are the Prevention of Child Abuse and for Smoker's rights because I don't drink and if I smoke I smoke Lucky Strikes but not a lot of cigarrette advertising marketing etc is not allowed so individuals have to encourage other people to smoke. At least at Deep River Waterpark you can get your hand stamped and go outside the gates and smoke and then come back in but smoking bans are and more and I like to argue against them all. Apparently I may be addicted to second hand smoke. Well this cough means that she was ill shouldn't she see a doctor then I notice this cough of course I notice many things if I had one super power it would be to be invisible if had one super power I believe it would be to read minds I wonder whose she wants to read you can read mine right here every day.

Around the river I would continue to go and Lindsey III was now at wave pool river we are still going to defeat the Lindseys but they have to check there schedule as They may have the same name but my sister and I we've got game. We will defeat them in the bowling competetion. They have to do it at night which is good since we are in Elmhurst Illinois during the day. According to our schedule we prefer August 13-August 21 since my sister next week works on 10 hour days and often we drive together and I just volunteer to work 10 hour days she gets off Friday then our preferred night Thursday August 18 but the Lindseys have to make sure they aren't working any buyouts. She was going to try a cherry tootsie pop as she is not a fan she did not like orange. Well the nephew was in the park and so was my older sister and brother in law and we would go on the yellow bowl slide on a double tube I have only ridden on the bowl slide with my nephew or by myself. We are some large men so this would be something.

The line was very long in fact it circled just to get to the stairs once on the stairs it seemed to move rather well. At the top of Red was Melanie and she is still sick or sick again and Barbie I think I would like to ride this slide with her you know which lifeguard I would like to ride the cyclone with right? I instructed the brother-in-law who was having some difficulty staying up in the back and Barbie who plays soccer and well most people know I love soccer and I have this thing for girls who played high school soccer or volleyball don't why but I do and I would play if I could find an old mans league I just like to be a defender and once in a while kick the ball out of there defense doesn't get much credit Barbie is a forward they get all the glory. Her dad plays in they probably don't call it an old mans league but she will get me some info maybe I could do that all my strength is in my legs that is how I can climb all the stairs and as many as I want at any given time.

We came flying down the chute and I thought for sure we would be falling off the tube and then around the bowl we spun 3 times very quickly and then there was a point that we were either going backwards or going down and this ship was going down and off the tube I fell down the hole and on top of me my brother-in-law and then for good measure the tube on top of us. It was a whole lot of fun I'd do it again but it took 30 minutes to get to the top of that but that is where the 1,000 plus stair game was won tonight.

There was a break for family dinner time my parents are always concerned these days that I don't eat anything do you know what it is like to eat alone every single meal I mean why even bother eventually that is just depressing and being a large man I should lose weight. I do however enjoy the Turkey Store Honey Turkey so that is what they had and the nephew he wanted to eat he is so much fun and he is having a good time at the park he has been there several times this season and started by being a afraid and now he is going. After the dinner I went to the cyclone it was pitch black now and there was the same slide attendant at the cyclone I don't remember her name but she had been there several hours and I remember she had done this another week as well. All the slide attendants miss Stephanie and so do I her last day was Sunday and we don't think we will suddenly see her as a Special Guest Slide Attendant but maybe next year she will be back or at least we can hope

For "The LAST RIDE" I went on my favorite ride whitewater and the gal at the top hasn't been around awhile because she got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction if I have one complaint it is the number of flying insects at this park although I don't know what you can do about that I know a few workers that have been stung and since last Wendesday I have been pointing out this wasp nest that is attached to the red bowl slide and I just watch it get bigger and get more flying insects coming to it. Myself I used 3 cans of spray to get kill them at my home it says kill on contact and then I destroyed there nest once I knew they were away. I did take one last lap around the river because this is one of the last times I can stay so late since I get to play "LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" tomorrow and I will play it one last time after the Last Tubin Tuesday on August 16. Can you believe where the time went? The stairs climbed today 1,160 making 73,670 climbed this season and leaving 26,330 to reach the 100,000 stair goal. Time is going by so you best come on out to Deep River Waterpark today even if you have been there earlier this year you will find something new. I return tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. for only the 40th time this season and that is now less than 12 hours away. Why don't you come on out to Deep River Waterpark today. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 3, 2005

Last night it was 9:19 p.m. when I left Deep River Waterpark and this morning it was time to play "LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" and it was a long time away more than 12 hours but I returned at 9:58 a.m. and the temperature was already 84 degrees. I began the day on the yellow bowl slide because already the red bowl slide had a line but not really that long. I then went on the red bowl slide cause I have issues with it. It was then to the Yellow bowl slide and then I took "The HIke" I went on the vortex and the abyss good to see Kristen at the top there. The tubes were in high demand and no attenandt at the cage so then I went on the dragon and at the top was Melanie did you here that she was the Co 2005 Female Slide Attendant of the Year and since Stephanie is no longer at the park she is the only one you can still see but you best hurry.

I went on whichever slide had the shorter line and usually that was the curved slide which was surprising but that is the one I rode on most. In all I rode the dragon 9x in row and that is technically a show but on time number 10 the line was down to the 3rd flight of stairs so I just went over to my favorite ride whitewater and while I was waiting in line up came Melanie and told me I was following her which is impossible since I was there before her she had to be following me. The line went rather quickly that was nice. On the return I heard my name yelled out that is surprising that I could hear that and it was Justine and she wanted to know if I had anything to drink but today I did not could have helped last night I offered to buy her something. They have Pepsi products at Deep River Waterpark I would guess for her a Sierra Mist but she said it was ok. I really would I don't mind. I went on whitewater once more making the stair count 1,190 for the day and then I took the hike and I could see numbeous hands waving as I walked but I certainly can not see that far without the aid of the glasses so I just waved my trademark wave which people should not copy.

The park was really busy so I took one lap around the action river and I could feel the sun burning me and thought I can play later so at 12:21 with the temperature at 91 degrees I left the park and got my hand stamped but I can barely see this and in that office by season passes there she was this girl is driving me absolutely crazy. I want to give her the best hair award can't remember her name and today it was in my favorite Braided pig tails and I just was going to die because it was so beautiful. She wore a yellow shirt today now can't someone tell me her name in2deep@xvi.net She already once received my highest review ever on this site for her hair and she gets it again today I absolutely positively without a shadow of a doubt love it. Well I best be getting back to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark so that this day can be continued. I"ll see you there.

It was 4:05 and 92 degrees when I returned and many people had left but the park was still rather busy and luckily I had already won the 1,000 stair game or this would have been trouble with that in mind I just wanted to be cool and the quickest way for me to do that was to go in the Lazy river which was near by. Lindsey IV was there and she spoke to Lindsey III who was not working today and will not be workign tomorrow and they will be checking there schedules and will be ready to bowl sometime next week. My sister and I are sure we will defeat them. I went over and rode on the abyss Katie was at that slide but not that other Katie who is shorter than her see. I rode the vortex once I find it odd when the abyss is not the outlet but I take whatever rout looks the quickest.

I went over to the dragon and I rode the steep slide 3 times now there was the other Katie the one who is shorter did you get that? I had to ask her what time it was because while I can see there is a clock over in the distance I can't tell what the hands are on. She was nice enough to tell me 5:20 so I knew time was ticking away but no worries today because this was the Deluxe Edition of LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END when I even came back in the day. It was very nice for me. I rode on the storm until the rides and attractions closed so I got 2x on the vortex and once on the abyss and that would be it and the additional stairs 922 added to the 1,190 from earlier makes 2,112 stairs climbed today and 75,782 for the season leaving 24,218 left to climb and the clock is ticking away there is only like a month left do you think I will make it we will have to see. It was 5:59 and 89 degrees when I left. You should see Deep River Waterpark before it closes for the 2005 season and you don't have much time so why not come out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 6, 2005

How much do you know about your host Mark T now you can test yourself by taking Mark T. Trivia including such questions as which ride at Deep River Waterpark is my favorite and which month is my favorite plus many more.

It was 10:15 a.m. and 78 beautiful degrees when I arrived and on the window there was a sign that the Bayou River ride would be closed until further notice and probably no one even knows what a Bayou River Ride is I should have put that in the trivia but the Bayou River Ride is the lazy river and this is the first time I have ever seen it closed. There were 3 lifeguards that guarded it so that you could not go in it. I started the day by taking "The Hike" and at the entrance there was Justine and you know she could have won the best sandal contest if only I had seen these sooner they were black and she has a few other pairs I want to see blue because they will match the suit. She is all about shopping. I don't shop unless I have too since it is very difficult for me to make decisions and most guys myself included need a gal to help them pick out things especially clothes.

I went on the yellow bowl slide that line appeared to be a bit shorter. I need to arrive at 10 a.m. to really ride the bowl slides a few times. I went around the action river which is not the Bayou River Ride and the effects that were around were really weak one was just a drip. I then went over to the storm where I rode the vortex and wondered where have all the slide attendants gone as now we have moved from last year lifeguards to slide attendants to I believe mainteneance personnel we want that one guy what was his name saw him today he was up there last year send him up at least. I mean this is confusing we have a gal wearing a shirt that says lifeguard, shorts that say gymnast, and is doing the job of a slide attendant so which is she? I rode the cyclone and the abyss 2x. The stair count was a mere 330

Next, I went over to the dragon and at the top was Heather at least that was a real slide attendant and they don't like when I get them wet but there is a cross that I make every time I ride the dragon and have made even before slide attendants. She was tired and apparently she nearly hit a deer in the parking lot a baby deer at that and driving while tired is the equivalent or worse than driving when intoxicated I hear but she does not drink so she makes up for it like this oh great. You know I am a closet watcher of the Gilmore Girls Tuesday nights on the WB and in the first season Rory Gilmore played by Alexis Bledel had her car hit by a deer as she drove to Chilton that is one of my favorite episodes and that show is how things happen. I mean here she had a nice guy in Dean but would she had to break up with him and go with that no good Jess every girl loves the bad boy right and then poor Dean goes off and gets married and then she ruins his marriage by being the other woman. That is the way it is I am not getting married I'll just wait and see maybe the right girl will come around. Now that Rory Gilmore and Logan why does she always go for the bad buys I mean she ended up in jail because of him. Those bad guys I tell you but I'm off the subject.

I climbed the dragon 5x and the stair count went to 800 and then I like to be where lines aren't and that was the abyss and there was a slide attendant not from begining of season I remember when she started but not her name maybe I don't know it but if I did I would name her the best slide pusher of the 2005 season maybe someone can tell me at in2deep@xvi.net she was at the abyss has a pink bag wearing green sunglasses. Her pushes had some kick to them and she barely had any line although on sometimes she was sorry for delaying me which I found funny. I would ride the abyss as many times as I could without having to give up the tube and I found that it was 12x with her and 1x with the next guy up then there was a line for tubes so I went over to the dragon because the line didn't look to long and now Heather was sittign in my favorite chair how did that get there it wasn't there earlier. The stair count went to 1,662 and the line grew very quickly.

I took "The HIKE" and around the action river I would go and since Justine was on the rotation with the bottom of dragon it seemed that she was following me or that I was everywhere. I could feel the sun burning me but around I went saw Mike and Justin do you think one of them will win the 2005 Male Lifeguard of the Year. I don't know anyone that will be able to defeat Mike so that is where I am leaning and according to all the observations I don't think I've even seen Justin guard anything ever. I have seen Mike even a few times this year and I certainly remember him running 3 slides at once and quickly and how fast whitewater would go you should remain the champion until someone can defeat you or you retire. I think Justin will win for best hat because I like that when he wears the green hat maybe we can get a picture of the guys I've got another camera ready to go don't you want to see all the leads including the girl who terrifies me "I AM THE CUTE ONE" I might be to afraid to ask on that.

According to them the girl that works in guest services with the extremely beautiful blonde hair today she cut in front of me as I was walking in back of the wave pool and she wore these wonderful golden sandals I loved them well they both claim that her name is the name I have been calling her which is Kristen I think she will be climbing up the ladder on the potential 2006 Valentine now that I am sure of her name. With the sun burning down I decided to exit the park it was 12:56 p.m. and 81 degrees. The stair count for the year goes to 77,444 and leaves 22,556 left to reach 100,000. I return tomorrow I think but who knows when since lots on the agenda. My sister has to make sure she is the primary person to take when Jo D Messina with Special Guest Sugarland come to the Holiday Star Theatre on Sunday November 6, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. and tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon and the box office is like 5 miles away from Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course so you should check it out because there is only 1 month left before this season passes you by so you need to come out right now. I'll see you there.

Sunday August 7, 2005

It was 9:53 a.m. and 78 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark and since I was there at the opening I could ride the bowl slides so I took "The Hike" over there. The lazy river was still closed today and that is sad. I have issues with the red bowl slide so before the year I aim to tame it. At least my injuries are healing from that. I rode it 5x in a row without an incident. I then switched over to yellow because there was no line for that but that quickly changed I went on red which must have the fastest forming line I have ever seen. In all I rode the bowl slides 7x 6 red 1 yellow for a total of 518 stairs and once again I was stuck in this action river I am pretty sure that David was laughing at me see how I saw him guarding but I think this will push him down in the 2005 Male Lifeguard of the year Standings.

At the entrance of the river which is wear I was exiting with her nails all done I like that was Lindsey IV and you know I'm always following her or she me because she tells me where she is going to be plus if you are at bottom of dragon you end up in the rotation I am in. She said she would be over at dragon at 11:15 and don't forget the bowling challenge when I'll actually see lifeguards outside of Indiana's Premiere waterpark Deep River Waterpark of course unless they don't show and then My sister and I will claim victory here is the promo

Coming Soon it's Your Host







They may have the same name but we've got game.

Now back to Deep River Waterpark Daily oh but first how much do you know about your host Mark T now you can find out atMark T. Trivia including such questions as which ride at Deep River Waterpark is my favorite and which month is my favorite plus many more.

I went on each storm ride once and that would give me time to go over to the dragon and do "THE SHOW" and up and down I would go and the slide attendant left and she was replaced by a maintenance person who was not armed even with a whistle he hopped up in this chair and did the best he could in the situation but what could he do there were people sitting up riding the slide, some way to short to ride that ride, tshirts and life jackets were being worn. I felt that perhaps I should just stay up at the top awhile and give him some pointers about how this is suppose to work at least I saw no injuries so that is good. I had rode the dragon 10x in a row and that was a good show and then when I was leaving along came Lindsey IV so I would ride the slide once more and without any trouble I could put in "The FULL EFFECT" on the steep dragon slide now that is some fun

Do you think Lindsey IV should be a contender for Mark T's 2006 Valentine I don't know about that. I mean once the park closes in less than 1 month I start the countdown to when Valentines day will be and the contenders are already up but they change alot between now and then. I did like her nails and her hair was in a ponytail that and apparently I have a thing for lifeguards but probably the Church girl will win or Church girl II well you can follow that even when the park is closed. I took "The Hike" which is very lonely but today I had Lindsey IV with me so not so bad and there was the girl that says her name is Jillian and Lindsey IV said it was Jillian and she would show me on this schedule which was in pink which I believe is her favorite color and she could not find anyone on the schedule with a name of Jillian which leads me to believe I am correct and her name is not Jillian her picture is on this site if you know her real name e-mail me at in2deep@xvi.net

The sun was coming down and I had to get in a different line down the street at the Holiday Star Theatre for when JO Dee Messina with special guest Sugarland come there on November 6, 2005 tickets were on sale today at noon at the box office and my sister has already made sure that this is not a date night for me I told her I would take her if I couldn't find a date by then and since I never have she had no worries but she said don't even try just take her. Trying is the first step to failure. I did have to wait in line like an hour but I have the tickets in my possession. It was 12:50 when I left Deep River Waterpark the stair count was 1,744 making the total this season 79,188 and leaving 20,812 stairs left to climb and there are only 29 days left this year that Deep River Waterpark will be open so time is running out. I am sure I won't be there all 29 days so will I make it? I don't know but I should soon surpass last years total of 80,210 as only 1,022 away from that. Not even 30 days remain this season so come on out right now I'll see you there.

Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday,August 9, 2005

When I arrived at Deep River Waterpark today it was 4:28 p.m. and 92 sweltering degrees and a very large crowd was on hand. I was suffering from a mild depression. Since Friday I have not been feeling well and this morning I should have just stayed home sick and rested but that did not happen. After tonight there is only 1 yes 1 Tubin Tuesday left all season where did the time go. I started the day off at the dragon the steep slide and it seems that Tuesdays are the hardest days for me to reach the 1,000 stair goal despite having an extended period of time.

I would be alternating between the dragon and the storm depending on the line. Actually the line for storm slides was not bad but the line for tubes for it was which is why I was switching as people know I am no fan of CHAOS AT THE CAGE and once an attendant left it showed up a few times tonight. At the top of cyclone which is my favorite storm ride was Your 2005 Male Slide Attendant of the Year Ryan in fact he is the only person ever to win this award how about that. I rode the cyclone twice and then it was back to the dragon twice and cyclone once and slowly the stair count got up to 538 and Ryan thinks that I may have a problem reaching 100,000 stairs and I've only been able to reach that goal once way back in 2001 and since then haven't even come close. However tonight I should go over the 2004 season total of 80,210 but we will have to see.

I went on dragon and then the abyss 2x and then the dragon and then I took "The HIKE" over to the action river as the Bayou river ride aka the lazy river was still closed and it was a very lonely walk despite numerous people around. The effects in the action river today were all working at full strength. I just went around once do you think that Jason should be the 2005 Male Lifeguard of the Year? I am thinking of fragmenting Male Lead Lifeguard of the Year and Male Lifeguard of the Year. I don't think there have ever been so Many Male Lead Guards in fact I know there haven't been. It in the past has been one token guy if my memory serves correctly. There is no person that has more Lifeguard of the Year Awards then Mike so maybe he will get another one time he was a co winner. His supporters were out tonight. He is a nice guy I don't dispute that in fact I think he is the friendliest person at Deep River Waterpark but the question I have to answer is how much has he guarded and I have seen him guard and I certainly miss him at the top of whitewater and at the top of the storm riding the 3 rides. One then must factor in that you should not be defeated unless someone better comes along to defeat you. Now Jason he works in the sand and he did come up and push on slides and it was great but it seems that those are different categories so I'm still deciding what to do in that contest. I'll decide by Saturday when I'll be at Deep River Waterpark Day and night

The stair count was a mere 844 and the lines grew and grew but tonight I could out wait them because tomorrow its time to play "LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" and as I took my walk around the park who would be guarding the secret entrance to the Lazy River but and today she looked comfortable as she had a lounge chair not that chair normally see her in at the Lazy river on Tuesday night when she looks most uncomfortable and earlier tonight at bottom of Dragon Stephanie was sitting in that uncomfortable looking chair and she looked most uncomfortable.

There are many stories I hear at Deep River Waterpark I do not tell them all and tonight I had the chance to hear some from and she cured my depression how do you like that? It sure was nice of her. I also bet her $20.00 that she will not return as a lifeguard next season at Deep River Waterpark usually I only make sure bets but I did lose with Justine and I did pay her the $20.00 when she returned and I am happy she has returned for a couple of years now and she is one of my favorites. Of course it is rather hard to pry a $20.00 bill away from me I don't think that after next week I will ever see again in my entire life people just disappear I make up a story for their departure and must go on Some people I miss alot she will more than likely make this very short list do you know everyone on that list I am certain you don't. There aren't even 10 people on that list

With it being Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Toooooooooooooooooooosday for nearly the last time it was time to deliver and at the bottom of whitewater was Justine see how I tie that all together and I know she likes red but there is cherry and that Megan likes and then there is rasberry which other people like but no one specifically this year. I suppose if I were to pick a favorite tootsie pop it would be the rasberry. I brought Justine both and to do so I had to be on the step of the stand and this is a place that I have never been for and it was so great being up there and then she said I have to step on the top step and this is what dreams are made of. Season after season I have dreamed what it would be like to be up on that guard stand and here I was in now a euporhic state drunk with a feeling of absolute power. I did not have a whistle on me but could you imagine. I don't think I have had a greater night at Deep River Waterpark then with this experience all thanks to Justine see that $20.00 I lost certainly has paid some big dividends.

Oh and of course I would not forget but she had quite the line of guys chatting her up I realize that there was no water around except they were going to just go in the lazy river and she would not chase them this is why she did not win the 2005 Female Lifeguard of the Year always being chatted up but maybe next year I'll lose and she will win. You have to have a storyline build up. First we must find the ending though will the line be defeated 2 years in a row can the old man finally do something he hasn't done since 2001 and climb 100,000 stairs or in the event of success it's never been done in all of Deep River Waterpark history can your host climb 100,000 stairs in back to back seasons. Will the new part of the park ever be finished? Will return and cost your host $20.00. and if so will she reign supreme and snatch the Lifeguard of the Year Crown from the 2005 Winner Lindsey IV that and whole lot more to be answered when Deep River Waterpark Summer of 2006 comes. See we can promote 2006 season already and who will win Mark T's 2006 Valentine that answer before the park opens on the greatest Holiday of them all and those standings constanly change.

I went on whitewater which is my favorite ride and there happen to be tubes there so I did not have to wait in line for that. The line wasn't all that bad I mean I had nothing else to do anyway and I was close enough to winning that I could just go on this as much as necessary. It was very nice that just happen to rotate very far to the bottom of whitewater and then I could put the spin in. Every slide has an effect my favorite being the FULL EFFECT on the steep Dragon Slide. Each storm slide as a spin at the end and on whitewater there can be up to 10 spins. The effects come out more at the end of the year don't worry I know what I am doing. said I spin more than anyone what does that mean. at least I got her to admit I have nice hair because I do. My hair is extremely beautiful and often my only reason for living.

I rode on whitewater 4 times and Mike did not come to the top so I could not give him a tootsie pop but if see him tomorrow I can because its "LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" when I return around 10:00 a.m. when the park opens. Since whitewater is my favorite ride and you know who my favorite person is once I got to the 1,000 stairs that would be "THE LAST RIDE" and was moving on anyway. I did thank her for cheering me up and then I went on my way at least now with that lost smile on my face. The stair count went to 1,030 and that makes 80,218 stairs climbed this season in 43 days passing last years total of 80,210 in 44 days and that is the most stairs I have climbed since 2001 there are still 19,782 left to reach the 100,000 stair goal and time is fleeting and August is not a good stair climbing month. It does at least look like finally I will have a good year which by my definition is 50 or more times at Deep River Waterpark in a season. There are only 27 days left in this entire season and only one Tubin Tuesday which is the lowest price of $8.00 that you can pay to see the entire new expansion. You don't want to miss this or you will have to wait until May 2006 and that is a long way off. So pack your things and head out to Deep River Waterpark right now. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 10, 2005

On Friday August 12, 2005 my sister and I will be at the St. John Corn Roast which is from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on the Lawn of the Community Outpatient Center in St. John Indiana and right across the street they are building a Target and Stack and Van Til. Tickets are $5.00 in advance and $6.00 the day of. On Saturday night your host will be at Deep River Waterpark for the St. Mary's buyout tickets still available for $6.00 and the following week it will be at the Stardust Bowl II in Hobart I believe they call that. enter>Coming Soon it's Your Host







They may have the same name but we've got game.

That is a busy schedule but you must make time to come on out to Deep River Waterpark and this morning I returned for only the 44th time this year which is as many times as I got tot he park all of last season. It was 9:57 and 79 degrees and there was not a large crowd on hand but they did rush toward the bowl slides. I did manage to ride the yellow and then the red as I continue to try and tame the red bowl slide. If you are going to ride the bowl slides you should ride the yellow first because the red bowl slide is faster and it is at least to me better to go from slow to fast otherwise you might feel the yellow bowl slide really is doing nothing for you.

I then went on the dragon 2x on the curved and 2x on the steep and I continue to fly off the slide on the curved slide that is not an effect that isn't even something I want to do it is something that started happening last month and I dont know why. I then went and rode each storm slide once followed by my favorite slide whitewater and what do you know Bayou River Ride is finally open again. The stair count was 760 and then I took the Hike and went around action river just once before I was ready to do "THE SHOW" and sometimes I just can't stop so I just kept going even past 10 I was alternating slides and in the end it was 14x that I had ridden the dragon slide and the stair count went to 2,076 and then I went and rode the abyss 1x and the stair count was up to 2,140

Around the Action river once more I would go and then was the second time that I would do "THE SHOW" and up and down I went and after time number 9 that lifeguard left and who would appear go ahead and guess no wait you will never guess. He was actually guarding and the ride got a whole lot safer and the line a whole lot shorter it was Mike who now has an entire group backing him to be the 2005 Male Lifeguard of the Year and if I go that way it will be Mike versus Jason for the award or if I go with the Lead Guard of the Year and put them all versus each other it would be Mike versus Christina. I am trying to get a picture of them standing back to back because that is what you would like to see. When Mike leaves Deep River Waterpark that will be very sad but he is definately going to get the seldom given Mark T's Historic Lifetime Acheivement Award and I don't give those out very frequently. I think I have given 2 in 11 years. Do you know who received them? Maybe I will make that a question for advanced Mark T. Trivia have you taken Mark T. Trivia including such questions as which ride at Deep River Waterpark is my favorite and which month is my favorite plus many more.

Thus far people are getting about 7 out of 15 answers correct. I think that is the score my own sister would get she would know my number one enemy is Michael Essany but that isn't a question.

I was able to ride the dragon 13x in a row this time the last few times had the nostalgic feel to them with Mike down at the bottom and he said he will try to get up to whitewater for me before the year ends how great that would be at least for me. The stair count was 3,362 and with that I went to the action river and went around just one time and then went and rode each storm ride once and that made 3,554 which is pretty good for a day in August but would that be enough. I had to see that the Bayou River ride was safe and it was it seemed that all the stands had been ruined I doubt that was wind by how they looked. Maybe they will rebuild them for next season maybe they won't but the ride was fine.

It was then from River to River as I took "The Hike" over to Action River and this is the lonliest walk there is for me then I notice I am all alone so anything that goes on along this extremely long walk is welcome and this guy who is maintenance and whose name I could not remember but it is Jake and I want you to go to http://www.deepriverwaterpark.com right now and e-mail them that we want Jake to be on the top of slides pushing people down. Most especially on the top of the storm. I mean he was at the park last night and we have gone past maintenance people and on to "entertainment" as slide attedants. Jake as experience he has fun he isn't afraid to talk which was rather odd that the entertainment people didn't say anything I think they could have been in shock. So write right now and before this season ends we want to see Jake at the top of the storm. He should be put up there with Dragana and she will keep an eye on him and make sure he does everything right. She is going to win the best name. I never knew it before I just knew her as Dee who got stung by a bee and then had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.

I made it into the action river and around I would go 3x even though Megan was not around to count for me. I did at least get to see on the island and her hair was disheveled I can't help pointing out when hair is messy and she took that as I told her that she looked awful I am certain that she could never look awful and knowing me if someone looked awful I would probably tell them so. She said this was a disheveled day and while she was at an 8 she might be going down to a 3. I am trying to really find out if the Self Proclaimed Friendliest Lifeguard "I AM THE CUTE ONE" is really the friendliest and in who is friendlier David or Christina David didn't know who was friendlier and in Mike versus Christina Mike went with Christina and he thinks that he could get her to be in this photo I wan of Mike and Christina standing back to back and if I get that picture will put it up for all to see and you will love it.

Apparently I was now in the middle of some sort of bit as Mike was telling me there is Kim over there behind you and for that I had to turn around but then those pink buckets are there and my nephew likes those but I can't move on the tube through that area but I can't move in that river at that one section no matter what way the current thinks me and then when I saw she told me that Mike is over there which was very confusing because he just told me that she was there. Well once more around I would go and then didn't oblige me with the entertainment I like to see when people leave the island a lot of lifeguards don't like to get wet and they try to ride on a tube to the exit and they usually are on all 4s on a single tube sometimes the smarter ones lay flat on a double tube but unless you get help from the lifeguard at the entrance you usually fall off and it is most entertaining just to watch. However she just jumped in the water and walked through it. I told her that lifeguards don't like to be wet and she said "I love to be Wet" and I'm going to leave that line right there.

Next Friday is her last day so maybe I will get to see her on Saturday I hope so but you never know. I don't go around looking for people it does make me most happy when she happens to end up in my path but soon those days will be gone forever at least I have the picture on the dresser so that makes me happy but will she make it into the clock that hasn't had a picture in years maybe. The stair count today 3,554 making 83,772 for the year and leaving 16,228 still to climb this season to reach the 100,000 stair goal. Oh and since was leaving the Action River would be "THE LAST RIDE" Time is running out on me to reach my goal and time is running out on you to visit the expanded Deep River Waterpak this season only 26 days remain this season make sure to get to at least one if not a whole lot more. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 13, 2005

In the picture above you can see my nephew Matthew T along with my sister who were both suppose to be at Deep River Waterpark tonight as St. Mary's Catholic Community Church has there buyout. I had planned to play all day and night but the rains they were rough and if I wasn't coming tonight I would have braved them but I waited for the rain to stop. It was 5:02 p.m. and 79 degrees when I arrived and very few people were on hand. I began taking "The HIKE" and who would I see at the very first place I ever saw her but and she was wearing a sweatshirt. She was wet but apparently today she did not like being wet. Since I saw her that was well worth the $6.00 price of admission for this buyout so I made my first ride "THE LAST RIDE" and called it a night.

Ok that isn't what happened but it could have. I went over to my arch nemesis the red bowl slide as I am trying to tame that slide. I rode it 5x in a row and the stair count went to 370 and then I went around the river right back to wear I entered and somehow found out that my sister and I are taking on the Lindseys in bowling at the Stardust II sometime soon and last night I even went and bought a pair of bowling shoes to prepare for this despite the fact that I haven't thrown a bowling ball since January 21, 2005. It was quite an adventure just to get these shoes as on Thursday night my sister and I were going to practice but first there was dinner at the Sheffields it is one of our favorite restaurants and the bar gets happening over there so if you are ever in Dyer Indiana check it out. Before we bowl will be having dinner at the Sam's Cafe in I think they call that Winfield. We traveled up and down The Boulevard and saw 3 pairs of bowling shoes and we traveled down 30 and would you believe that the Sports Authority closes at 9:30 p.m. my sister assured me no store would close at half past an hour but they did so we were to late. Since I had to wake up at 4:00 a.m I wasn't going to be bowling after 10 p.m. but I am sure we will defeat the Lindseys

Yesterday we were at the St. John Corn Roast and I thought there was something wrong as The Community Outpatient Center wanted to register you for a free massage and right next to them was "Dunk a Hooters Girl" where you buy 3 balls for a $1.00 and can dunk a Hooters girl. Also, at this corn roast some brownies selling baked goods who took a break to throw balls at Hooters girls. There was a line for girls and guys and dads were more than happy to give there sons dollars. The things that happen to me but we did eventually travel down US 30 to Sports Authority and I bought a pair of bowling shoes the selection was limited and I certainly don't think these are stylish but now that I have gear isn't that itimidating.

Time was running out before the rides closed so the question would become as the announcement came on 15 minutes until the rides closed how many times could I ride the dragon and the answer was 7 until they made the exact same announcement that the rides would be closing in 15 minutes but they made a correction within a couple of minutes. Since people like a Ryan who is your 2005 Male Slide Attendant of the Year want to know what my sister looks like and she never seems to be around we were together once this year there is her picture. I am trying to gain control of beautifulpeople.net by having her picture. Normally she wears a button shirt because sometimes she will undo a button or two to get things for free. I've seen it a few times.

The stair count was 1,028 and had to wait for the park to clear out but that was very intriguing to me just to sit in a chair and watch all that was happening many people came and went. It was a whose who of only a few spots remain wonder who will fill them. At the end it was a group of 4 slide attendants see if you see the pattern: Melanie, Brittany, Tracey, and Carlie. Now I officially met Tracey and she is the winner of your 2005 best slide pusher at Deep River Waterpark just needed to know her name. Did you hear that Carlie likes that tall slide attendant named Patrick and that she was at the Lake County Fair which ends tomorrow holding hands with him? She did not deny this so it obviously happened. Ah what goes on at the top of those slides I can only imagine one at the red bowl slide and the other at the yellow and then there was something between them if only those slides could talk they can't but others can.

The rides did open and I was going on a tour of the park but I would not make it far it was yellow bowl slide followed by the red bowl slide and then it was my parents with my nephew. He was looking for me apparently he knows where I live and when he comes over to my house he begins calling my name and my sister says everytime at the waterpark he starts calling my name because usually I'm in the park somewhere but one day he was sad when I was not around the action river we would go and he saw Jennifer and he thinks shes pretty see the kid has good taste. He likes to go under those pink buckets and on the island today Rachel I haven't seen her that much this year apparently she does a lot of cheerleading. The newest effect was not working today where you push the hand and water squirts people ahead of you that made him confused.

We went around the river 3 times actually got my other sister not the one pictured to get into the water. We then walked to the storm but he didn't want to go on that so we went up the stairs to whitewater and saw Shane it was a little slow and down my favoirte ride we would go and then we nearly went into the Lazy River it was nice according to my nephew but then he began to shiver and he was done and had to go get warm. I saw Justin who was not wearing the green hat why did I give him the best hat award if he isn't even going to wear the appropriate hat. This hat was white and how am I suppose to recognize him like this. On my walk I got distracted by many people are surprised to see that I actually do wear glasses and when they are on I my vision is corrected to 20/20 otherwise unless your rather close to me I can't see that well. After Wednesday I will probably never see her again but if I do it will cost me $20.00 next year will see who do you think will win that bet? My sister is ready to collect if need be. I don't worry about that I guarantee that I will pay I have a record that says I will. My sister pictured above showed me a a picture of I think from when she was a freshman I did not recognize her. I have the picture of her and Megan on my dresser like to look at beautiful things before I go to bed and tonight she wasn't even wearing the sunglasses so the twinkle in her eye and with my glasses on the receptors were taking in an overload of beauty. It is a wonderful image to have and I'm sure I'll have pleasant dreams at least tonight ant this night was one of the best that I've ever had.

According to her the girl that claims her name is Jillian really is named Jillian she has seen her license and it I learn something all the time girls like to look at peoples licenses. I did not though that. She even saw her paycheck with the name Jillian on it however she has only known her this summer. While I wished the moment would never end and was glad she didn't ask for anything because looking into her eyes I get hypnotized and there have been very few people that had this effect on me but she could have whatever she wants and I would get it. Time did expire on this most beautiful of nights and Justin did not go and get my bag for me so I didn't have to walk all the way back and get it. Maybe he didn't here me. It was 8:17 p.m. and 72 degrees when I left with the stair count of 1,502 and that makes 85,274 leaving 14,726 left to reach 100,000 this season and only 23 days remain this year so will I make it?

August has never been good to me so we will have to see plus on Wednesday it may be the last time ever that I see which is sure to take something out of me but maybe there will be a special appearance on Friday which is her last day but I've only made it 2 Fridays all season and one of those was opening day. Nearly every stand will remind me of her. Well since I was with this church tonight have to go to my own church St. Maria Goretti in the morning so will be back in the afternoon weather permitting and when I'm away you can see Mark T. lectoring at St. Maria Goretti in Dyer normally on a Saturday 4:00 p.m. mass hard to break into the 10:30 a.m. mass which I normally attend and then hope to see the Church Girl and the Church Girl II maybe tomorrow but if you want to know that schedule just go to St. Maria Goretti Lector Schedule>

The Lake County Fair is coming to its end. Deep River Waterpark has many folks saying goodbye. Summer is nearly ended but have you made it out to Deep River Waterpark this season and if you have why not come out again. This week all the rides and attractions are suppose to be open. If you wait until next week during the week Monday-Friday they may not all be at once but you can save a lot of money because August 22-26 and August 29-September 2 the admission takes a steep drop to $11.95 and only $9.95 after 2:00 p.m. thats right you can see the entire new additon for not even $10.00 actually $9.95 is the admission price from when the park opened in 1999. I can see if you want to wait but set a date and come on out. You'll be glad you did. I'll see you there.

Sunday August 14, 2005

In Case of Emergency Break Glass. That is what is often on encased fire extinguishers. It is now recommended that if you have a cell phone which I do not that you progam a number called ICE and that way if you are injured it will be universal that will mean In Case of Emergency. As time quickly runs out on this season my In Case of Emergency Button is known as "THE SHOW" and deep down in the arsenal there is "THE BACK TO BACK SHOW" AND even further down which I hope I don't have to break out but I know I can if necessary is "THE BACK TO BACK TO BACK SHOW"

Today I decided to break the glass as it was 1:42 p.m. and 72 degrees when I returned. I started at the Dragon and I did the seldom seen "BACK TO BACK SHOW" I rode the curve slide once flew off the slide and with the crash had some mild back pain so I went over to the steep slide and rode it 19 times. Remember Brittany from last night she was at the top for 17 of those rides. I may be bad with names so you have to remind me like Mary does but usually when only a few hours have passed and you are in the location I am used to seeing you then I can remember.

The stair count in less than an hour rose to 1,880 and then I took the very lonely "HIKE" and went around the Action River. Stephanie was wearing a jacket with a hat covering her hair what is that for apparently she claims that is being cautious. I don't know about what it had appeared to be raining when I arrived and when she has her hair in pigtails that is so cute and I love it how can I tell with this covering. I then went on the storm and it has been awhile since I got to do the classic pattern but with a small crowd on hand it was easy to do today.

I then took "THE HIKE" once again and it was lonlier than before and at the Action River there was Rachel and she said I was to good to talk to her last night. I'll talk to anyone who talks to me I just don't initate conversations but what am I suppose to say when floating in a river with my nephew and parents at a church buyout and I get a question if this is my illegitimate child? I don't have a response for that and how about my nephews feelings? I then went on the bowl slides and it was 3x for red and 3x for yellow and the stair count went to 2,964 and I would go around the action river once more and Rachel could do a duck call and then something with her hands that was an alligator. I can neither wink which causes some problems nor snap there is no noise that comes out when I try.

I went over to the dragon and rode it twice and then it was time for "THE LAST RIDE" and today with more than 3,000 stairs climbed that gave me time for my favorite ride whitewater. It was 4:30 and 74 degrees when I left. The stair count went to 3,196 making it 88,470 for the year and leaving 11,530 more to climb to reach 100,000 stairs will there be enough time? There may or may not be but what you can make sure there is enough time for is for you coming out to Indiana's Premiere Waterpark Deep River Waterpark before this season passes you by. I'll see you there.

The Final Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tubin Tooooooooooosday of 2005 August 16, 2005

How quickly they came the first way back on June 14 but as in most years there are just 10 and this would be the last Tubin Tuesday this summer. This year as in most years I brought you every single one including the one shortened by rain. It is hard to believe time has come and gone but one must enjoy it and create the memories that make pleasant dreams. Today it was 4:18 p.m. when I arrived at Deep River Waterpark and what a difference a day makes. Yesterday my sister and I left our place of employment in Elmhurst Illinois and by the time I got to my home it was 4:15 p.m. traffic brutual but we took advantage of the situation to practice for the upcoming bowling competition versus Lindsey III and Lindsey IV and it is a good thing we had some practice to figure out how to bowl. Now bring them on. Apparently Lindsey III forget her sisters birthday was on Thursday well maybe not forgot was unaware of plans and people are flying in I think from North Dakota. My sister and I are more than happy to win by forfeit but the Lindseys will not have that as they check there schedule for the upcoming weekend we will see.

My sister and I had dinner at Livios in St. JOhn I think right across from Lake Central High School where many people think I went to High School. I mean I am from the tritown area. It was excellent so if you are looking for a nice restaurant give Livios a try. I had the italian roast chicken and my sister the lasagna that was huge but I get off topic as I try to feel the void that will soon be created. I started the day off by blinding myself and oh man it burned as sunblock got in my eye and I could barely see. I went on the steep dragon slide and at the bottom though barely visible and since I saw her I could put in "THE FULL EFFECT" and that was a whole lot of fun. I just don't know how I got to the top of the slide.

There was a pause and when left her stand I did not walk with her to take "THE HIKE" but I have with other lifeguards instead she came to abrupt stop and I nearly ran into her and that would not be good and to top it off I couldn't even see. With the pause after 2 times of riding the dragon I did not know if the judges would call the remaining times up and down "THE SHOW" if there were only 8 so in order to cast away all doubt. I went up and down 13 more times in a row. Tonight I stuck to the steep slide.

The stair count 1,410 and then I took "THE HIKE" and it was very lonely in fact it was down right depressing. There was this wall that if you were age 16 or over you could climb and ring a bell. It was presented by the National Guard and the price was free and I think in the mall they have or at least used to have a wall that you could pay to climb. The price was right but you still were not going to see me climb it. Later in the day I saw a sign that you could win an xbox by climbing this wall.

Around the river I would go and that is where I got the news from Lindsey III that she could not bowl on Thursday night. I certainly understand being for your relatives birthday. I mean I forever tell the story of how my own parents on my birthday went to a chinese buffet not even 3 miles from where I reside and they didn't even stop in and I spent the day alone. I have one birthday wish this year it will be dinner with on that night. I'll pick up the check no problem at least I can dream it even though it won't happen but at least someone will be happy on their birthday. Just down the river was and she had already heard all about this as earlier she was counting down the days for me. It may be a Friday night. My sister starts a league on September 9 where she has committed to 32 weeks of bowling with her boyfriend but there are breaks in there for some holidays so it is like 9 months.

I went around the river 2x and then went over to the storm and don't you love when I tell stories about how Mike ran all 3 slides at the top of the storm and he didn't miss a beat and all the lines were not only moving but moving quickly. Tonight it was Ryan see I made the right pick for Male Slide Attendant of the Year because they wouldn't let him run all 3 if he wasn't just that good. Just the other day my sister requested that I get a picture of him with his shirt off and look at this there he was without a shirt but the camera was far away and it isn't waterproof how am I going to get it down. She wants to see how many muscles he has because she likes guys with blonde hair, blue eyes and muscles. She really would like to see him in person but she is seldom at the Waterpark I believe we have appeared together 2x this season and that may be it. She asked me to see if I could get him to appear when we bowl since we then know where we will be and then Ryan she could see. She wasn't willing to commit to ice cream with him but certainly willing to look. She was thrilled to learn this evening that he is old enough to drive.

I rode the abyss 2x and the cyclone 3x at least he did get a helper on the vortex so only had 2 slides going but it was going to be a long night for Ryan and hopefully he made it through. I then took this walk through the park because I have never seen the new part of the park with my vision corrected to 20/20. I know what is there but it has never been crystal clear to me so I went and saw what it looked like and that childrens play section looked really chaotic. However this walk made me reminiscent because last week it was much busier but I was parked by the fence over by the bowl slides and when the lights were on it was just magnificant to watch that whole area all alive people going in the action river, others watching and the bowl slides emptying into the river. If you could put that on a dvd you could sell it to me or at least give it to me as a Christmas present because I could just watch it over and over again.

I did meet Dan who is brother how about that and I asked him if he could tell me one thing about his sister that she wouldn't want me to know please tell me it now and he had nothing but he did say she works to much for someone her age. You know my sister tells me the same thin she just doesn't go on about the age. She is also my assistant so she makes sure I leave on time and try not to work to much. I realized this wasn't Rob give me some credit and I found it very nice that they all had 3 letter names with a vowel in the middle and a different vowel but apparently these are all shortened names. Now how on earth has Dan heard of me according to what he heard from Rob and I am a nice guy and I am trying to not have people talk about me but shed that image although it won't happen. I am thinking of starting the antiMarkt website and then having someone take it over. I mean I can start you off as many people do don't you have a job and then there is my obvious weight problem which I am sensitive too and how many people wish I wouldn't be seen without a shirt. He was a very nice young man and I can talk all night about slide rides at Deep River Waterpark. Now I met all her siblings I believe never met her parents but I have met some other lifeguards parents.

You know when my sister and I have conversations about and I try not to use the adjective that she so richly deserves we just get into confusion since I have a sister by the name of Kim. Well it was all the way to get the tootsie pops and since this was the last night I would be carrying plenty just in case I hear about that and was kind enough to be my delivery person tonight. Mike told me she was crazy and I think that is a good thing. I mean my theme song is Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" I mean it may just be a lunatic your looking for. She did not know what kind of tootsie pop Mike would like and that was most disappointing because I really should know. I mean I have known him several years and I do know what tootsie pops people like. Like Rachel who came to replace like chocolate so handing her a rasberry one wasn't the best but at least the special delivery was going out tonight. I had to take the long lonely hike to get Rachel a chocolate tootsie pop but she let me take her picture and when I take 24 more you can see her. Hopefully 1 will be of Mike and Christina standing back to back because that is what we all want to see

Get this On January 19, 2005 Rachel will be 18 and perhaps with her picture I'll put up the countdown to that date because how many guys have to be waiting for this day to finally come. I had to see which side was best and I will bring the best picture to you and you will be happy. I was hoping to play "LETS PRETEND THE DAY DIDN'T END" one last time but prior commitments will keep me away from the opening but maybe early in the afternoon I'll return and it may just be the last time I ever see and if so lets hope its just a day worth dreaming about. I mean though I try how can I go on without her? The stair count 1,730 making 90,200 for the year leaving a mere 9,800 to reach the 100,000 stair goal. Do you think I will make it. These are the last few weekdays that the Deep River Waterpark calendar says all the rides and attractions will be open before they go to not all at once so come on out right now before this season ends. Only 20 more days remain in this season so don't delay come out to Deep River Waterpark today. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 17, 2005

If you have google earth on your computer and you look at Deep River Waterpark you can clearly see the slides such as the storm and the dragon which is where I like to zoom in on for my view. What you will not see however is the entire new addition to the park because whenever this aerial photo was taken it did not exisit. The only way you can see the new part is to come on out one of the remaining 19 days that the park is open this summer and see for yourself.

It was 3:05 p.m. and a very pleasant 84 degrees when I arrived at Deep River Waterpark for only the 48th time this season. It looks as if finally I am going to have a good year. A good year is any season that I am at Deep River Waterpark 50 or more times during the season and I haven't had a good year for a long time. In the stair game I am pretty confident that I will reach the 100,000 stair goal set at the begining of the season therefore I can take it slow. Today I started off at the vortex and worked my way over to the cyclone and then I rode the steep dragon slide 2x and the stair count went to 380. Normally I don't arrive until after 4 p.m. so this was a good start.

I took "THE HIKE" over to the action river and "THE HIKE" was very lonely and dull. Normally at the park there is some sort of buzz that goes on and you can feel the excitement and joy and happiness but today was just a day it was there it was neither good nor bad. I went around the action river just once nothing happened. There were a few less guards so they had to be repositioned saw Mark remember when he was a shadow and now covering what used to be 2 spots.

It was then time for the very rare RIVER to RIVER where I go from one River to the other. Normally I don't spend a lot of time in the rivers but I went to the lazy river and around it I went and the lifeguard at the entrance by the mushrooms was wearing some blue pants and I was intrigued by her hair maybe not intrigued I really liked how it was being worn but you know me to shy to say I like your hair because if you know me if I say I like your hair that is the nicest thing I can possibly say about you because it is all about the hair. I don't remember ever meeting her before but I did go around this lazy river 3x and finally asked her name and it was Susie and she had not met me before at least she said and as you know I am very bad with names but at least she agreed. This may have been the most excitement I had all day.

While in the river I did see well actually first heard my name called and it was your 2005 Female Rookie Lifeguard of the Year and if she gave me some time and got closer and wore a blue suit and an orange whistle I certainly could have identified her as Kaitlin but she identified herself as Siobhans sister. I wonder what ever happened to that Siobhan I think I saw her at the begining of the year enjoying how I got stuck in that lazy river and maybe a few times in June so I could ask her where her cute friend was but then I haven't seen her for the rest of the season. Sometimes that happens.

I went on the storm first on the abyss 2x and at the top was the short friendly Katie who seems overly happy to me. Today she was not carrying an umbrella which she had been doing in the past and I believe that it is used to beat those that do not obey her signal. Today I was told that it was in her purse and that must be some big purse then. I then went on the shortest line and that was the vortex and can you believe this may be the very last place that I ever see but I may have to rewrite history and put Saturday night as the last night since that was one of the most enjoyable nights I have had in a long time. This meeting wasn't so good. I mean I wasn't nice she was out of place. I was wishing that Mike himself could have come up to the top because he can run 3 slides she can't I think she said she tried. Ryan did it last night. She seemed to be having difficulty with just one. I wanted to compare Mike to Your 2005 Best Slide Pusher Tracie who was at the Cyclone I mean 2 years in a row girls have taken the Best Slide Pusher award

It was one and done on the cyclone and that is the bet I have with the and if she returns next year I will give her $20.00 we didn't shake on that because that could be misconstrued like we were seen holding hands thats Carlie and Patrick remember other than with my nephew I have no idea even what holding hands like. However it is here in writing I will put it on the front for your 2006 preview and should she return I will pay and if she doesn't I will say I was right. I then went on the cyclone where the sign read "Say No to Drugs" now someone had to take some time to strategically move these letters to form this sentenance. Tracie said it was not her. They really have trouble with signs at this park. I mean the Bowl slides were just added this year and that signs a mess you don't even want to look at these other signs and there not even cleverly designed signs. I mean where is the creativity?

I went on the cyclone 3x in a row and it was lots of fun and I got a good push each time and then I went over to the dragon and at the top was Shane and he was sitting in the chair and the slide attendants they really like the chair up there. There is a whole story that goes around this chair. First of all I want them to sell me this chair so that I can put it in my home. This particular chair came from the cage on a busy day when some lifeguards were feeling in. Slide Attendants don't feel that lifeguards should get chairs and they don't and with the action river there have been no chairs. There then is this covert operation going on to destroy all lifeguard chairs and if you are at the park you will notice this. I don't know who is destroying them but it works for the storyline. It leaves the lifeguards either standing or with these very uncomfortable chairs that do not move like a normal lifeguard chair so you could watch both ways and adjust height. You can see a picture of the chair on this sight a lot because I am "THE MASTER OF THE CHAIR SHOT" there even exists a picture of your host Mark T. in this chair but it isn't here. This year you can see your 2005 Femal Lifeguard of the Year Lindsey IV in the chair. It is a very nice chair.

Anyway while a lifeguard was on duty and most likely having to get up and blow the whistle or not paying attention because CHAOS AT THE CAGE is a real thing and you can see it here at the end a lot. Oh why don't they just let me be a tube attendant I'm sure I could even manage on the slides just for the final few days. Now I'm off track a slide attendant came and got the chair and then took it up the stairs of the dragon and put it there and by putting it at the highest place in the park the slide attendants have achieved victory and their trophy is this chair that now sits at the top of dragon while the chair below is broken and that is the story I have made to explain how this chair got to the top of the dragon. The slide attendants certainly love it. In previous years there was this sort of chair there but not at the begining of this year.

I rode the steep dragon slide 3x and the curved one once flying off of it the stair count 1,140 and that was good enough because that makes 91,340 climbed and only 8,660 left to climb and there are 19 days left in this season I don't know how many I will make. I have only been at the park one Thursday all summer and tomorrow it was suppose to be the bowling challenge but the Lindseys are unavailable so Lindsey IV who is the brains of their operation should just put in the forfeit but said I should come to get the new date and we will see if I can make it. Friday's are very difficult but I have made 2 this season but one was opening day. Of course anyone can contact me by e-mailing in2deep@xvi.net My partner and sister has to be somewhere on Friday night she believes around 9:30 she isn't like me that you can get me the day of. I mean if you looked at my PDA I'd eventually tell you that is just a calculator but if I had one the schedule would look like this.

Sunday August 21, Summerslam 7:00 p.m. get on Directv

Sunday August 28, Mass on Grass at noon at St. Maria Goretti followed by Lamb roast see if nephew available

Sunday September 11, 2005 Dyer celebrates 1 year of having Calumet Avenue open festival in Jewel Parking lot.

Wendesday September 14, 2005 Older Sister's birthday she will be working a double most likely call cellphone wish her happy birthday.

Wendesday September 28, 2005 Muppet stamps to be issued by United States Post Office

Friday October 28, 2005 11 year anniversary of becoming Mark T.

Saturday October 29, 2005 Breeders Cup in New York will be at if "win" chance to purchase tickets

Sunday November 6, 2005 Sisters due date Jo Dee Messina with guest Sugarland at Holiday Star Theatre

Wendesday December 21, 2005 Christmas gift to self Teeth Cleaning

January 14, 2006 1 month to Valentine's Day shop and create Valentine with flowers and chocolates and other things do not send instead just create for website make sure Lindsey IV hasn't hacked into the sight

Thursday January 19, 2006 Rachel's 18th Birthday put birthday message up on site.

Tuesday February 14, 2006 unveil 2006 Valentine on website for winner never to see

Tuesday March 28, 2006 sister's birthday make sure to remember.

Sunday April 2, 2006 Wrestlmania at Rosemont Horizon see if can get tickets

Sunday April 9, 2006 Mini marathon 13.1 miles what am I crazy ?

Wednesday April 12, 2006 birthday spend alone maybe dinner at Livios but that might be to fancy to eat at alone perhaps ribs at stones and bones wwisht that next year having dinner with

Saturday May 6, 2006 Kentucky Derby

Friday May 26, 2006 Opening day Deep River Waterpark

See there is the whole scedule until next season not to great is it?

It was 5:20 and 84 degrees when I left the park today and I shall try to return tomorrow and get the date for the bowling competition and win which my sister and I will do or lose I'll put the results right on the front page of this site for you. In the meantime remember less than 20 days remain for you to see the brand new additions to Deep River Waterpark so drop everything your doing and come on out today. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 20, 2005

"I think I'm going to be Sad" was the line that played over the speakers when I entered Deep River Waterpark at 9:56 a.m. the temperature was 78 degrees. I found it very strange certainly I may be sad that there now will not be a chance to see but at the begining didn't I tell you how it would be the story ends that Mark T never gets the girl. At least we had some fun and I tried not to fall for a lifeguard this season but she was too nice and too good looking and I have $20.00 that says I won't see her ever again but she intends to collect so you will have to see in 2006

I started the day by taking "THE HIKE" it was lonely and then I went on the red bowl slide 9x in a row and today my personal slide attendant was Barbie don't you think for me that they should allow me to select what slide attendant and lifeguard I want on any given day and then they would just come along with me? Barbie claimed the yellow bowl slide was faster and it is not. At the begining of the year the slides changed every day on which one was better but like most new toys they soon become forgotten about and for most of the season the red bowl slide has been faster. I did ride yellow on time #10 and after going on the red it really seems slow. I then returned to the red slide which is the slide I have issues with and today boy was it going and it wouldn't just let me exit the bowl it would try to obstruct my vision throw me to the other side of the exit and then when I couldn't see dump me out. Well played red bowl slide. I rode this red bowl slide 7 more times but on time #16 it got me as there was a wardrobe malfunction. Normally that happens on the dragon whcih is why you shouldn't wear shirts but now this slide that is out to get me was destroying my shorts.

I didn't know I was going to be so sad so today so I didn't have the blue shorts with me. Normally I have 2 pairs of trunks with me in the event of situations like this but not today so I tried riding the rides with some khaki shorts over the orange trunks it was not a good look I am sure and limited me to just tube rides I did ride on whitewater once and then took "THE HIKE" to show this red bowl slide that even if it destroys my clothes I can still take it on. It will be tamed before the end of this season or maybe not then just have to get it next year. I rode this 2 more times and then I went to the storm and started at the cyclone and luckily my personal slide attendant of the day Barbie made it to the top of the storm she was at the vortex. The middle was open so today I split the middle and didn't use the abyss. There was no need to be in a hurry.

I rode cyclone 2x and Vortex 3 "THE LAST RIDE" today well I started with her and had her push me down 22 of the 25 slides I rode today so it was fitting that it go to BARBIE and that was the vortex. It made the stair count 1,770 for the day and makes 93,110 climbed for the year leaving 6,890 left to reach the 100,000 stair goal and it puts me past every season since I kept track in 2000 I climbed 92,000 stairs then in 2001 it was 100,000 stairs. This year I may finally have a good year which is 50 or more times at Deep River Waterpark during the season. Hopefully, that will happen tomorrow because time is running out. Deep River Waterpark will be open during the next 2 weeks even on the weekdays and you can save some cash by coming then. There are only 16 more days this season so come on out right now. I"ll see you there.

Sunday August 21, 2005

Finally it is a good year as at 1:14 this afternoon with the temperature a beautiful 80 degrees I returned to Deep River Waterpark for the 50th time this season. The sheriff I should know his name nice guy was scanning the season passes and he had the second funniest line I heard all day as he said "Your'e late the girls have been asking about you" Like that would happen although it would be wonderful if it were that Kristen with her so beautiful hair but I think she has gone on her way as many people have. The funniest line I heard all day was this morning while the Bishop was at our church at the end of the mass they had the confirmation candidates come up and the little children were asked what do we want God to Bless these candidates and the bishop with and one of the children said "That they remember to flush the toilet."

I started off the day at the storm first the vortex and then at the abyss to maintenance people had 3 aersol cans of bug spray and they tried valiantly and they did kill several bees at least 20 bees succumbed to them but bees they travel in swarms and I hope those guys did not get stung the bees simply went higher up because they can fly and these cans were not able to be used as jetpacks. The abyss steps were temporarily closed and when they ran out of spray there was nothing more they could do except investigate where these were all coming from. In this case they were attracted to food. Later when I returned to the storm the bees had regrouped and were at the top of the cyclone actually just above it hovering on the covering.

I took "THE HIKE" to the action river and what's this to entice people to stay now all around the Action River there were chairs were lifeguards could actually sit down if they wanted too. There was Rachel she is a trooper but I still have 24 more pictures to take before you can see her and I don't know what I will take them of. I mean maybe we should just have 24 pictures of Mike and make a collage because I hear this may be his last year and then he will receive Mark T's Historic Lifetime Achievement award. He let me know that Christina had left so it was just him and Justin for the rest of the year. Every day every hour that the park is open. Mike may be on the top of storm for me before the season is done. This is the stuff I dream about. What life could be better than being at Deep River Waterpark every single hour for the rest of the season. I am disappointed I can not bring you the picture you wanted to see of Mike and Christina back to back but at least I don't have to be terrified about running into her now.

At the action river I saw Kaitlin see how I can tell if she is in a lifeguard uniform. I then went on the dragon and your 2005 Male Slide Attendant of the Year Ryan is still at Deep River Waterpark so that is a good thing. He gave me the business about not saying hi to him on time one but he was measuring someone and I don't initiate conversations. I'll talk to anyone about anything but you have to talk first. I rode the steep slide 2x and then I went to the storm.

I followed the classic pattern good to Stephanie at the bottom of the cyclone but her hair was not in pigtails today. It was a litt nerve racking to be at the top of the cyclone because of the bees at the top steps there were many there. I rode the storm 7 times and then went on over to the dragon where I rode the steep slide 3x making the stair count 1,110 and for time number 50 this season I win in the 1,000 stair game. The total goes to 94,220 leaving 15 days to climb 5,880 stairs do you think I will make it. Well there are less than 15 for me because I won't be able to be at the park on Monday but hopefully on Tuesday as the race in the days heats up which day will I be at the waterpark most this season current Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday are tied with 11 each. There is not the sense of urgency sicne I have climbed over 5,000 stairs in one day before. I feel confident I can make it. Can you believe today is Tracie's last day and she came in the middle of the season how I'm going to miss her pushing now all I can dream of is Mike please make it up to the top one day.

I took "THE HIKE" once more and Rachel was in a chair and her foot was bandaged up and since I have poor hearing I couldn't hear the yelling of what happened. At the end what would Deep River Waterpark be without Dustin and he though many people had left that is what happens at this time of year but luckily we have Dustin. It was 3:24 and 79 degrees when I left. Remember Deep River Waterpark is OPEN during the week tomorrow through Friday that's right it is OPEN and Monday-Friday you can get in for a mere $11.95 as opposed to the normal $18.95 or wait until after 2:00 p.m. and you can get in for less than $10.00 for $9.95 so if you haven't seen Deep River Waterpark this year or even if you have you best come on out right now. I'll see you there.

Saturday August 27, 2005

For the second time this season your host was away from Deep River Waterpark for 5 days in a row and that is rough just imagine if I could have been at the park those 10 days what fun could have been had. This week though on Monday there was a prior commitment and I had to be some where. On Tuesday I went to work and there were numerous problems and I worked from 6:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. without a break or lunch and didn't have a breakfast and at 2:30 barely made it to my car without passing out this caused me to be ill on Tuesday and it carried onto Wednesday where if I weren't as dedicated I would have called in sick as was in pain and then on Wednesday it is Prince Spaghetti Day and usually my parents along with nephew come over and behind me there is an elementary school with a playground which he loves to play on and his mom works on Wednesday. It is so fun to watch a 2 year old eat spaghetti so I just like to be with him so that did not get me any rest and I felt just as bad on Thursday so I came home and went to bed. Friday's are very tough to get to the park so I worked from 6:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. gave a persona ride home from work and by the time I got home it was about 6:45 p.m.

Today however finally I returned at 10:02 a.m. it was 77 degrees and parking was ample. As I was walking there was a honking and behind me in a green cart were Mike and James who apparently through the week were running the whole park. I'm sorry I missed that but maybe this Wednesday this seemed to be a photo opportunity. Unfortunately Mike had a shirt on so you won't be able to see his bulging muscles glistening in the sun and then you just dream about him pushing you down slides. James and Mike both had on hats and soon since now I only have 18 more pictures and 9 more days you will see those pictures and I wonder what the caption will be maybe will have to wait and see and then have a caption contest. I took the hike went in the river and rode over to the red bowl slide where my personal slide attendant Barbie was waiting for me and I like to have a personal slide attendant and I am very comfortable with Barbie and there is this thing where I have named which has very few spots still left but that equals 40 people so I rode the red bowl slide once for each and every one of them. I went on it a total of 40x in a row and there seldom was a line. It was absolutely great I loved it and for all 40x Barbie pushed me down and each and every time she said hold on tight feet first I mean not once did she deviate from the script you have got to love that. I was concerned that there appeared to be some writing on her hand but the water seemed to have washed it off. I did not inquire what it was but it was very concerning.

The stair count was 2,960 and then I went around the Action river 2x and then it was time for "RIVER TO RIVER" and there at the entrance was Rachel who was not feeling well and believe me I know what that is like so hopefully she will feel better and around I went and there was Lindsey IV who was at a party at Purdue last night which is where goes to school and her middle name is Ann and that is the middle name of one of my sisters see how much we have in common but Lindsey IV did not see her at the party and normally I accept the fact that people just go on but I actually really miss there is this little place in my heart that aches as at each stand I remember something that happened ah those were the days but I have $20.00 that says I'll never see her again and will see in 2006 if she will come back to collect.

I'm not an exciting person I really am a sad lonely guy simply waiting to die and if you want to know my evening last night I got home about 6:45 p.m. I drove the box to the Strack and Van Til got 1/2 lbs of the Turkey Store Honey Turkey which I ate all of by the time I returned to my home. I went for a walk around the neighborhood was amused that there were many folks on the steps outside talking on cellphones. I then watched Monk from 9:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. saw a few minutes of weekends at the DL and then I went to bed that really isn't to exciting and once the season ends in 9 days there won't be much to look forward to except Valentine's Day and season #12 in 2006

In the river a styrofoam cup was just floating around and it is not good just to have garbage floating there so I grabbed it and used it to wet the concrete my nephew loves to play with water he has a water table well it is half water half sand but he didn't like the sand and who can blame him so now all water and I found that I really enjoyed putting the water in the cracks between the concrete and watching it run down it was fun for me. Jennifer followed Rachel and she had allergies apparently from ragweed and she had this cute little aquafina water bottle 12 ounces. I have other water bottles 8 and I think like 16.9 ounces but not like this she let me have it. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but now I have it.

It was time to go since Lindsey IV was on her way back to the wave pool and since I missed Tuesday I could give her a tootsie pop today. She likes the blue ones not the purple which likes and that people kept calling blue but she had to get to the wave pool and for her even though that stand was like 3 miles away I would go and deliver and both Lindsey III and IV were at the wave pool and we made a scheduling for the bowling competition and I took there picture at the wave pool and it was around 1:00 p.m. when I thought I was on my way home.

I had to stop at my office in Crown Point and on my way out my parents came home and they were going to the waterpark and I should come with them as it would be a we are family event and my one sister wanted to see these Lindseys and I knew they were both there today and she wanted to see Ryan but I didn't see him at all today and that was disappointing so back I came around 3:30 or so and my sister immediately wanted to see these people and she saw Lindsey III at the wavepool and she was certain that we could defeat her but there was no Lindsey IV and we then went around the action river and then walked back and saw Lindsey IV and my sister wanted her shirt and I have no idea why but I'll certainly ask. I borrowed my nephew and we went on the cyclone and it was fun he told me so it is my favorite storm slide. My sister and I watch my nephew in the wavepool see he is in it and I did ask Lindsey IV for her shirt and she said my sister could have it at the end of the season which is Labor day September 5.

Lindsey IV is going to be security at the mall soon can you believe that here carrying a taser I was telling my sister and she told me how cool that was and she wishes that she could get a job like that. From seeing the competition my sister is confident we can take out the Lindseys in bowling and on this return trip it was just relaxing but the stair count went over 3000 to 3,024 and made 97,244 for this year and that is so close only 2,756 stairs away and I wonder which day will surpass the 100,000 stair mark and set a new record for stairs climbed in one season. Tomorrow at noon I have MASS on THE GRASS at my church St. Maria Goretti in Dyer Indiana so I may get to the park later in the afternoon or the day may be used up but I will try Monday, Tuesday and I'm off on Wednesday so want to see what all this some of the attractions may not be open or maybe I can be the special guest slide attendant for one day only please it would be a lot of fun for me. There are only 9 yes that is right 9 days left to see Deep River Waterpark this season so drop whatever you are doing right now because it can wait until after Labor Day these last days are precious so come on out. I'll see you there.

Sunday August 28, 2005

It was 3:41 p.m. and 85 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark today and after today there are just 8 days left 1 of each day but 2 Mondays. I was rather warm so I went under the mushrooms and cooled off and then I walked up the stairs of the dragon and I went down the steep slide. I then went over to the storm and it was slow going as I went on each storm ride once. The main wait was to get a tube since CHAOS AT THE CAGE was ongoing at least today this was a very mild version.

Once completing that I went over to the dragon and at the top was that little short Katie and she was just as happy as could be she got some new sandals and its a little late in the season for that so I asked why and she said they are very comfortable but she did not have an explanation as to why she was not wearing them at the bottom of the dragon was Rachel she looked a bit better today yesterday my sister who was with me told me she did not look good at all but she could tell that she was a hard core cheerleader by her bag which is not currently in another bag as it has been in the past. Up and down the dragon I would go and I rode the steep slide 5x and the curved slide once and up in the air I went and that is exciting but I am not looking to do that and only had that problem this year. I have lost a considerable amount of weight but I am still a large man it has been 47 lbs since my birthday or 20% of what I used to weight I just cant get by that 50lb mark for some reason or other. I am not on any specific diet but have had a change in lifestyle and now once in a while I have french fries or ice cream I love Oberweise ice cream it is so good but may 2 or 3 times a month I have it. Rachel likes Baskin Robbins and according to her the one in Crown Point on Main Street makes there own waffle cones and there is nothing like a waffle cone feeled with cool ice cream now that is living. I like plain vanilla not french vanilla not New york Vanilla plain and on occassion I can go for a pumpkin ice cream.

The stair count was 850 and I was just going on the dragon but Rachel told me to go on the bowl slides and if you have seen Rachel which you may not have because her picture still is in the camera you would see that I can't tell her no so over to the bowl slides we would go adding her to the Lindseys and Justine as lifeguards I have taken "THE HIKE" with from the dragon to the bowl slides but never with so sad. It really makes me sad to take "THE HIKE" all alone I imagine the song with one is the lonliest number and then this spotlight shining on me but that hasn't happened yet. I welcome any company on this long journey and Rachel wanted to know if I had seen any movies and didn't I promote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which thanks to me made close to 200 million dollars. I never saw it remember the story I had Megan ask and then she told me that Mike would just beat me up since he has so many muscles. I don't believe that he would beat me up he seems to nice and that would seem odd but she made me extremely sad on numerous levels.

I hear March of the Penguins is good but I haven't seen it and if I do go out and see a movie it would be alone and the only one that I am considering in the future is "THE MAN" with Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy. We had arrived at the yellow bowl slide and that is the one Rachel was working at so it is the one that I would be going on and this could spell trouble because the bowl slides take a long time to ride on and the park closes at 6:00 p.m. and the rides close at 5:45 and this is very poor planning because if I ride this slide 2x the stair count would be 998 and so close but not a winner and there would go my perfect record this season.

I went up the slide once and at the top was Stephanie and she is normally a lifeguard and she certainly isn't my personal slide attendant Barbie. I mean prior to today Barbie has pushed me down 62 of the 66 slide rides I went on the last 2 days now that is some service and I think Stephanie prior to today has never pushed me down she isn't even a lifeguard from previous seasons who had experience like a Jason who I certainly am comfortable with. She is fine watching water and she is certainly nice to look at the top of the bowl slide certainly was extremely pleasing to the eyes today. I went down once and she did ok not like a Tracie caliber push but Tracie has gone away. There were no incidents so I went again and the stair count went to 998

This time I ended up the wrong way but dont' worry I can deal with that and then time was running out and I must get to the top or at least go up 1 stair and then come back down to keep my perfect record this season so I did make it to the top one more time but Stephanie was leaving the slide and that was sad if only had been 2 people earlier she could have pushed me down for the 3rd time and the 3rd time is a charm but it was not to be today but the stair count did go to 1,072 and it was around 5:40 so there wouldn't be time for any more rides and I began "THE HIKE" and Stephanie was ahead of me and her shoes made this squeaking noise and I tried to go slow but as my sister will tell you I walk rather fast and she seemed to slow down so I took "THE HIKE" with Stephanie and she said she was an extra today and that was surprising since I saw the park and at this time of the season there really isn't an extra. She had worked top of body and my favorite slide whitewater oh now that gives me something to dream about and I was sorry I missed that. Rachel was closing in on me from behind but she can't run because of asthma and on April 9, 2006 I'm going to see if I can run 13.1 miles as I plan to be in the Valpo Mini marathon. I don't know what I'm thinking but I need to see but I can back out of that before the end of the year.

Stephanie had to go because she was on break but she brought me to where I needed to be and today I really enjoyed "THE HIKE" back and forth and how close I came to having a wonderful "THE LAST RIDE" if it could have been from Stephanie to Rachel now that was one good looking slide. The stair count for the season toes to 98,316 leaving a mere 1,684 stairs to reach the 100,000 stair goal back in May that seemed so far away but now that it is nearly here I wonder how time went so fast. It was 5:57 p.m. and 82 degrees when I left. Time is going fast as there are only 8 count them 8 days left this season 1 of each and a bonus Monday and this week only Monday-Friday admission is really cheap $11.95 before 2 or $9.95 after 2 p.m. all the rides may not be open at the same time but you can see them all and save a whole lot of money before the price goes back up to $18.95 and $16.95 after 2:00 p.m. for Labor Day weekend. Stop whatever your doing and come on out to Deep River Waterpark now. I'll see you there.

Wednesday August 31, 2005

Many people think chameleons change color to hide from predators but that is not true they change colors because of certain factors such as light, temperature, and yes emotions. At the begining of the year I pick a bright color and normally I stick to it and this year it was orange or red depending on the day. I always like to have a back up but by the end of this season both pairs of orange trunks were involved in wardrobe malfunctions. Much like the chamelon I change colors based on emotion when I am sad out come the blue trunks and when something really bad happens the black come out. The other night I was at the Kohls and this pair of trunks on the clearance rack called out to me as well they were originally $36.00 but now on sale for $4.50 and heaven knows I go through trunks. In the history as I recall I have never sported a green pair of trunks but I was going to try these today to see if I liked them.

It was 10:41 and 75 degrees when I returned to Deep River Waterpark which is open every single day from now to and including Labor Day. Parking was more than ample and it appeared that I may have been the only person in the park that did not work there. I had never seen the wavepool completely empty once the park was open. In fact I was tempted just to go in there since no one was in it but then the 2 guys guarding one was Jason isn't that some dedication had the megaphones on their heads likes dunce caps and while that was funny to see it did not comfort me.

The warning through Friday is that all the rides may not be open at once. It is a good thing I came early because from 10 a.m. until noon it was the dragon, storm, the original childrens play area, the new children's playstructure and the wavepool that were open. The dragon and the storm were the places I would be and I would start at the dragon where Chris and boy this is like old times Brian would be my lifeguard at the bottom. I told him he could go to sleep but he stayed awake and it was a lot of fun to do "THE SHOW" and there wasn't a single person around so no waiting whatsoever. I went on each slide 5x alternating between the steep and the curved. The stair count went to 940 and then I went over to the storm.

It was most impressive that there were 2 people at the top of the storm remember that one day when Ryan was up there all by himself and there were a whole lot more people then this? I went on each slide once and then on the cyclone 2 more times so on the storm 5 times increasing the count to 1,260 and hey I win for the 53 time this season but just imagine if I would have come at 2:00 p.m. when it was the Lazy River as the featured attraction and no slides. By request I took "THE HIKE" over to the childrens play structure and it was very lonely and I had no children with me but may as well let the inner child out and it seems that this is actually complete and up I went I do not count these stairs and at the top was James how about that and he was wearing a rain coat as many slide attendants do. I could not believe this and he sat perched on a bar up at the top and I was very impressed and thought I'd like to sit there but I'd probably fall off. He was right that the bucket did empty quite frequently.

At the bottom was Mike so good group but why couldn't I have them at the storm now that would be more fun for me. Actually I just wanted them to open up the red bowl slide for me but I'll have to get that this weekend as I still have a score to settle with it. If it were open today I was just going to go on it all day but that is ok. I went down both the blue slide and the green slide. The green slide is definately better there was no mob of children so I got to explore all the things and it is pretty fun.

I took a walk around the original childrens play area actually I've never seen but one side of it isn't that hard to believe but it is true. I could not find any children but on the backside where I had never been before there was a lifeguard who must be a sadist because he had some stories to tell how he had been stung by bees 8 times so far and when he used to work for the highway department he broke his leg and had the bone sticking out and didn't go straight to the hospital instead had to stop at the office so they could see the bone sticking out.

I then returned to the storm and was following my pattern and the "Sensational Sasha" told me they would be closing this attraction to open up whitewater and the original body slides and whitewater is my favorite. She said I could be last on this so I chose the cyclone and that was 6 more times making the stair count 1,644 and I knew that to win I would need 1,684. I took a walk around the park and now maybe a 100 people were int he park and it takes awhile to open a slide when you have limited resources available I watched it took about 15 or so minutes to get this open and then nearly everyone in the park was ready to go on this. I remember when this was the park. Add the lazy river subtract the childrens play structure and that would be exactly what the entire park consisted of when it opened in 1995.

It did not seem like a memorable day to claim victory so I am taking a chance plus the line was long for this one ride. I am gambling that on Labor day weekend there will be at least one day where I get to the park because all I need to do is climb up the stairs to one slide and will set a new season record for stairs climbed. For now it holds at 99,960 stairs climbed this season. Remember Deep River Waterpark is open every day until Labor Day and on Saturday, Sunday and Monday all the attractions should be open so make your plans to come on out right now. I'll see you there.

Saturday September 3, 2005

For the final Saturday this season I took the drive down US 30 to Deep River Waterpark and wonder what will next Saturday bring as there will be no place for Mark T. to go in the morning. At 4:00 p.m. on September 10 I have the lectoring at St. Maria Goretti but things are about to change. This year Deep River Waterpark was open 15 Saturday as opposed to last years 14 last year I brought you every single one but this year 13/15 I was at. My favorite Saturday was August 13, 2005 when it actually rained during the day but I got to spend the evening with and at the conclusiion it will probably be my favorite memory of this season and may have just been the best day for Mark T of this decade.

It was 11:21 and a breezy 75 degrees when I returned and way back in May I said I will try to climb 100,000 stairs this season and the last time I did that was in 2001 but today all I had to climb was 40 stairs to make it past that goal and to have a new season record. If you have followed Deep River Waterpark Daily this season you know that I have issues with the red bowl slide. It has thrown me into jagged rocks scractching up my ankle, I got my foot stuck at the exit and nearly crushed and didn't even know if I would be able to walk, It has thrown me off the slide injuring my wrist, and it has torn my shorts but I have vowed to tame this slide so there would be no where else that I would want to be to reach the 100,000 stair mark so I took "THE HIKE" and I rode a tube over to the red bowl slide and to the top I would go and that would make 100,034 stairs climbed this season and I got off the ride without incident.

It was then time for "THE CLASSIC" I can't even count how many times I have been up and down the storm using the classic pattern which goes vortex, abyss, cyclone, cyclone, abyss, vortex vortex, abyss, cyclone and cyclone. If you follow this pattern on time #16 that will be 1,024 stairs and the storm entered Deep River Waterpark in 1996 and for years I have followed that pattern when it is available when the park is busy there usually is an outlet. Today there was just one lifeguard at the bottom of the storm and at the begining it was Justine who was wearing these sparkling earrings actually they were hypnotisizing. I do not know if they were regulation for Deep River Waterpark since Lindsey III told me that she can't wear the earrings that earned her the nickname "The Model" since they were to long and then if she jumped in to save someone they would rip her ear off. That has never happened.

Justine is in love and that is wonderful apparently the guys name is Chris but not Chris that works at the park and that you see on this site as the best other folks winner. I have no love life just a storyline which I told you exactly how it must go. Along time ago I learned from The Lovely Christina that there is something so terribly wrong with me that I will never be loved ever. It is something that is disappointing but happens to a few people so now I deal with it. You read all summer how I fell for and now there is just a void because I fell for her really hard. There is this wall I try to build up not to like anyone since it only ends in tragedy so best to admire just from afar and not let anyone know and then when there gone so what but this one has been the worst ever. I mean in my entire life I could say I have met 1000s of people and very few do I miss. I actually miss the girl I named as my 2005 Valentine "The American Beauty" Kelly G and now I really miss but maybe I'll see her again at least there is hope and they say you should not take away someone's hope because that may be all they have.

I went on the storm in the classic pattern 15x and the stair count went to 1,034 and I keep my perfect record this season and this is for the last 3 seasons but I could not stop there so I went to the dragon and at the top was my personal slide attendant Barbie and her hair appeared to be different today. At the bottom it seemed that she was my personal lifeguard today was Justine and in one of those odd scenarios each time I came down the dragon it seemed that Justine put on another item of clothing. By the time she was done she had put on pants, shirt, and a sweatshirt and she ran out of clothes to put on. At least she did not put the hood up. Justine finds it odd that I feel that I should just have spaghetti on Wednesday and that is what I eat for dinner on Wednesday. Actually the way it works is Monday I like to have some sort of chicken. Tuesday who knows often during the season I would have a pizza from the Little Caesars in Lake of Four Seasons since they are $5.00 and just down the road and I ended up eating the whole crazy bread before I got home. During the off season I was often found at the Stones and Bones in Munster having a 1/2 slab of ribs. Then there is the rest of the week. Friday is not my favorite day so often work later and many times I just go to bed and don't even eat because it is so dull

I went on the curved slide 3 times and each time thrown in the air and the steep slide I went on 6 times so the stair count for the day 1,880 making 101,840 stairs climb this season surpassing the 100,000 stair goal. There are 2 days left to add to this total to set the record even higher but will it be the 3rd perfect season in a row I don't know. In the last 8 seasons I have climbed 663,136 stairs and I am thinking maybe I should have coming in 2008 1 MAN 1 PARK 1 MILLION STAIRS CLIMBED of course for that I would need to climb 336,864 more stairs i wonder if I can do that or if I should commit to that already I mean then I have to somehow get more that 100,000 stairs in a season.

While I can't commit to that yet you can commit to coming out to Deep River Waterpark right now because there are only 1, 2 days left this season and if you don't come on one of them you are going to have to wait 262 days to have a chance to enjoy the expansion. Drop whatever you are doing and come on out to Deep River Waterpark right now. I'll see you there.

Sunday September 4, 2005

I have a very addictive personality so I like to do the same thing over and over again. For the 55th time this season I made my way to Deep River Waterpark as it is almost time to answer the question How will it End? Once the season ends on Sunday's I seldom drive and they are among the dullest of all days there is an odd feel to them. However this Sunday it would be wonderful as it was 12:05 p.m. when I arrived for the 13th Sunday so Saturday and Sunday tie with 13 times. Tuesday put in its bid with 11 and Wednesday with 10 and when you can get 4 of 7 days in double digits its been a really good season. I started off the day at the red bowl slide because I have issues with it and as we come to the end I should have tamed this slide and I believe that I have. At the top was Shane working right through the end but he is not going to make a career of slide pushing. I went around the Action River and was so lucky to see Jennifer and she was hoping that everyone would show up to work today because she wanted to go somewhere with her family I think to grandparents for a Labor Day celebration despite Labor Day being tomorrow and I wondered what sort of family this must be that she actually wanted to go to this outing.

I took "THE HIKE" over to the dragon and went down the curved slide followed by the steep slide and then it was time for "THE CLASSIC" and today as many times I have done I went in the pattern 16x in a row because that is 1,024 stairs and up the total went to 1,582 and then I went over to the dragon and alterated between curved and steep slide and for 16x I had a Katie as my slide attendant since Barbie did not seem to be in the park today Katie would be my personal slide attendant. Her favorite slide attendant might be Ryan in fact today when I was at the top of the storm I saw her hugging him. It was his last day and that is sad and maybe next year he will actually see my sister as she does make a few appearances but this year he has never seen her but then I couldn't hook up with his Aunt so we don't always get what we want. This was the rarely seen "BACK TO BACK SHOW" as I rode the dragon a total of 20x in a row the stair count went to 3,462

At the storm one of my favorites Stephaine was there and she was not wearing a visor and I heard that she slept over someone's house last night she did not mention gender so it may have been a guy and she had her suit in the car but no visor hmm wonder what is going on there? I went down the vortex and she was to close to the water but she said that was ok and then I went down the cyclone and just like that she was gone so that could not be "THE LAST RIDE" even though was at 3,590 stairs and that is a lot for one day. I took "THE HIKE" and went around the action river one time before taking "THE HIKE" back to the dragon and I was simply going to do "THE SHOW" I went down the steep slide 5x and then then the curved slide 5x but then if I just went 5 more times that would be 5,000 stairs and that is how many I try to climb on the Memorial day 5,000 which is coming in a mere 263 days. I went down the curved slide 5 more times and then so close to The second showing of "THE BACK to BACK SHOW" and I've never done that but I wasn't one bit tired so I did it and that was 42x today that I rod the dragon and the stair count went to 5,470 and that is a lot especially for one day and I don't even know that I have ever climbed that many in one day before

However as time ticked off the clock I knew next week I will not be doing this this is the end so since I am having fun and time is running out I'll just keep going and over to the storm I went and I followed the classic pattern. Ryan and Katie were at the top today is Ryan's last day but he might be back next year and up and down I went following the classic pattern and I was a happy patron because at the bottom was Stephanie and she certainly is most pleasing on the eyes and I went on 9 slides while she was there and she was then going on break followed by Action 7 and she said I could come and visit her there and I should not decline but I had to find my partner for the bowling challenge which would be occuring tonight and for more on that go to the main page of this site at httP://www.reocities.com/in2deep247 and you can read what happened. Today was Stephanie's last day and she hopes to be back next year and in my world I put her in the I really hope she is back next year category.

The stair count went to 6,110 for the day and I have never climbed that many in 1 day. It makes 107,950 for the season and makes the 8 season total 669,246 leaving 330,754 more to go to reach 1 million stairs climbed and each day I feel that I should go with Coming in 2008. 1 Man 1 Park 1 Million Stairs and currently if stopped right now that would mean need to average 110,251 stairs per season so tomorrow I'm going to see if I can actually climb 110,000 stairs in 1 season I don't know where I'll stop as I did not see this coming but I do know what you need to stop and that is whatever you are doing because I have been telling you all year now is the time to come to Deep River Waterpark to see the brand new expansion time has run out as there is only 1 that's right 1 day left this season. Deep River Waterpark will be open on Labor Day from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and then it will be closed for 261 days so come on out right now. I'll see you there.

Labor Day Monday September 5, 2005 (The Final Day of the 2005 Season)

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Can you imagine until November of 2004 when Diane Huntington aka "The Honey Who Handled My Money" passed on due a tragic accident at Purdue Calumet your host Mark T was ready for retirement. I must say in 2005 it had to be the best season ever and I am very glad that I got to bring it to you. Hopefully, I was able to bring the park alive like it becomes to me with so much joy and happiness there within while it operates.

I arrived for the 56th and final time this season at 10:26 a.m. the temperature was 77 degrees and any season 50 or above is a good season but I haven't had one of those for a very long time until now. I started the day on my favoirte ride of them all whitewater which I went up and down 5x and was delighted to see Jennifer as these days many of the familiar faces of the water safety team have gone on to other adventures many never to be seen again. I then went on the body slides yes sometimes I do go on them even though most people think that I don't. It just isn't that frequent. I alternated between open and closed going on each 5x and the stair count went to 660.

I took "THE HIKE" and it was lonley on my way I saw Keith he has been in charge of maintenance for years at Deep River Waterpark and he shook my hand and told me to have a good time until the park opens again next summer and well this time I'm actually sure I'll be there. I made my way around the action river saw Rachel at the bottom of the yellow bowl slide her hair was absolutely fantastic today and soon you will actually get to see Rachel on this site but I'll pop her picture up during the off season along with some other and maybe finally this off season I will build the Tour of Deep River Waterpark including the new expansion.

I rode the yellow bowl slide 5x and then I rode the red bowl slide 5x without incident. I then took the river to the exit which really is the entrance and took "THE HIKE" over to do "THE SHOW" and I alternated between the 2 slides riding each one 5x and that was "THE SHOW" and then I went over to the storm and was doing the classic pattern but today I would only ride 5 slides adn the stair count would go to 2,660 and I felt another SHOW coming on so I went over and did it. This time at the top was my personal slide attendant Barbie and at the bottom Lindsey III and she had never seen me go on the curved slide so I did actually it broke down 6 to steep 4 for the curved. Each time on the curved slide I was air born actually leaving the slide maybe not even an inch but contact was lost and this started happening on the 4th of July. Lindsey III wore some very intriguing pants. I liked them.

After The second Show the stair count was 3,600 and I took a break to reminisce about all that had occurred this season how many people came and went and how the park was full and those Tubin Tuesdays nights I brought you everyone this season what a year it was and since I don't have anything else to take pictures of and I should get the photos updated I took the tour of the park taking pictures of everything old and new so hopefully one day this off season I can bring a tour of Deep River Waterpark to you. Plus you can then see THE Lindseys, Rachel, Mike and James and maybe even a Katie I think.

After the phots I went and rode the dragon 2x on the curved followed by 2x on the steep and for this season that would be the end of the classic section of Deep River Waterpark and for one last time I took "THE HIKE" and it was lonely and at the front gate their appeared my parents, my older sister, and my nephew. My sister tells me that my nephew associates me with the bucket she doesn't know whether he thinks I work there or I live there but he knows I am always there. It is such a joy to see someones face light up when they see you and as he arrived around 3:00 p.m. his face lit up as he knows my name and how to say Buckets he loves those pink buckets in the action river.

We would play in the childs play area for awhile he likes to go down the frog slide and he doesn't yet go in the play structure but I have taken him a few times. After awhile we around the action river 2x. He likes where the effects are but for the rest of the river he gets a bit restless. My sister took him over to the wavepool which I do not go in but he does I have seen him play in there but today I was done with that part and I had "THE LAST RIDE" and this season I had one ride that has given me trouble that I think I tamed and that is the red bowl slide it is the slide on which I went over 100,000 stairs and it would only be fitting that this new slide would be my last slide ride of this season. Plus it would allow me to even things out as that would make a remarkable 112,000 stairs climbed this season and I have never climbed that many ever before.

It makes 673,296 stairs climbed the last 8 years and puts me 326,704 from 1 million stairs and currently even though 2008 is a long way away the way time goes by during the summer it will be here before I know it in 2008 its 1 MAN 1 PARK 1 MILLION STAIRS. Today I had to remind myself to not cry because it is over but to smile because it happened. Now the stage is set for 2006 when we see if Mark T can climb 100,000 stairs back to back for the first time in history. Will the Eye-Popping Kim return to collect the $20.00 I bet her if I see her again. Will Lindsey IV return to defend her crown as Lifeguard of the year and if she does the competition is already tough. What characters will be no more and which ones will get further developed. These and a whole lot more questions I don't even know we have will be added to the main page of this site during the off season and they will be answered when Deep River Waterpark opens for season #12 in a mere 262 on May 26, 2006 so mark your calenders now because guess what. I'll see you there.