The Second Ever Lifetime Achievement Award given by Mark T. at Deep River Waterpark
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In the summer of 1995 Deep River Waterpark came alive. Remember how the twins Kelly and Kristen roamed the park and often times they were joined by that terrible fellow who was named Mark. Remember how Kristen loved to laugh so not everyone knew that I had a crush on Kelly. Everyone was excited to be part of Deep River Waterpark history. The suits they were a black and boy did everyone love the hats the guys had to wear. Most people could not help but stare and they felt happy as could be because this was the making of history. . Remember Scotty oh and then what trouble there was for me the one and only Mark T “Double Trouble” emerged and after that in 1996 the storm entered and who could forget Miss Jennifer as she tried to tell us how to ride the slide. “The heavier person goes in the front and then the very next day the heavier person goes in the back” Why was everyone always picking on my weight problem. Finally she had to say the older person goes in back. Remember way back when Milo’s opened and who could you find in Milo’s but Tina and if you wanted to see something strange there was a lifeguard we thought might be deranged. However, most people liked him and that was Tim. The saving grace was the hat I bet. Boy I wish they would bring those hats back.

Remember Clarence and Tina from Guest services? (seen here in the black) walking through the park selling big squirts and cleaning. Remember that machine they had that you could take your picture and in this picture you can see Carrie. It was Tina that led to the beginning of “Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop Tuesdays.” Did you know that I really like her a lot and if only I could have hooked up with her but she liked Mr. James. Remember Mr. James “The King of the slide pushers?”. No one ever before pushed like him and no one after although someone tried and has they swung from the storm boy was it fun. Remember Clarence and how he hooked up with Carrie? In 1997 remember when I thought I had died and gone to heaven as surfacing out of the clear blue skies right before my very eyes was “The girl with the cute knees” and how I cared for her so but the feeling wasn’t mutual though. Now she has been banned from this site for life. Remember Courtney who was my best friend and knows the secret of why the T is in my name. She became a lead guard for a couple of years

Remember Dana with the orange shoes and it was who my sister would choose. My sources say she was engaged to be married I wonder if that ever happened. Remember Erik and Joel when they worked in the sand. Remember Butthead before he tried to clean up his act and became Bryan? Rember that short gal Rubecca they would say. She moved from food to guest services was as nice as could be. I think she had a brother named Davey. Remember those seasons when even Steve Dahl came to Deep River Waterpark?

Remember 1998 it sure was great as everyone was happy to see Mary Z.. Her name you could not say with out being happy and how she longed to hook up with Jon.. It was 30 years of the Lake County Parks and I named 30 people in the park. Wasn’t that Misty’s first year I believe so. In 1999 There certainly was something about Mary wasn’t there? Especially when she turned 18 on October 11, 1999. Mary’s Minions were formed and of course who could forget the Kristin Contingent? Never actually went bowling with her though came very close was at the bowling alley when received her call that she would be a no show but at least the Kristin contingent was disbanded. Ah way back then our pal Jaimie was at the carts and for she shall be our pal Jaimie. Remember how Michelle told me all the rides were safe not matter what and she was right. How about that. Remember when the dragon entered Deep River Waterpark? Once hot dog was even a sandwich shop and in there everyone would stop. In 2000 there was Brent he was a big guy but boy did he have fun and saw him everywhere and then Kristen :) who people say I had a thing for. She sure was a nice good looking gal and boy did I love her voice but she would be one and done. In the red swimsuits people would be in Y2K. Those suits would be one and done because they were liked by virtually noone. In 2000 a lifetime achievement award was given to Erik the only one that had ever been given in the history of Deep River Waterpark as we were forced to say goodbye to who had become our favorite guy even though he was always over there at the wave pool and some nights it was rather cold but he was always bold and in with sweatshirt and all he would jump not caring if he got a nasty bump or any other clothes to wear home. It was fun to watch the wavepool when Erik was on guard.

In 2001 remember that it wasn’t all that long ago when TJ and his brother called brother were in the house. He seemed to love his job or at least Alyssa whose best friend was named Alicia they almost broke the story that I liked Tina but hey we couldn’t yet give that away now could we? The red suits were through and now they were wearing blue. Kevin walked around and James and Chase were at the surfside café. Remember Liz in merchandising who at the end of the year got to run some slides but they still wouldn’t give he a radio ever.There were Laura and Emily as well and every day people would say wheres Blair? Remember how Kara liked Scuba and that picture from that rainy day.

Most of these people have come and gone and in that time I may have a crush or two and you may even know on who. With all these people only ONE The Only Lifetime Achievement Award Ever given until now out of them all has ever received a lifetime achievement award because they are very difficult to get. However, as we say goodbye to a guard who served us for half a decade there is someone deserving. If you wanted someone to listen because often I was sad you could talk to Kate and she wouldn’t make you feel bad. Remember when she was in the sand and had the boxes of Kleenex and we all knew what she was going through. She even developed her own catch phrases from “Glamorous to Fabulous” and you know how much I love catch phrases. She was the 2001 Female Lifeguard of the Year and there is only 1 award higher than being a lifeguard of the year. This year she rescued my sister's prescription glasses from the catch pool at the storm. From guard to lead guard she rose and now on she must go but Kate will always be remembered especially since in 2002 she hereby is given by me the one and only Mark T only the second lifetime achievement award ever given in the 8 year history of Deep River Waterpark.

Congratulations Kate and best of luck in the future. You certainly will be missed.


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