Hello! Welcome to my humble little home! It's a new year and a time of New Beginnings. So thought I'd do some early Spring Cleaning here at my little cyberhome! I hope you'll still come by every once in a while and visit, there's always a pot of Coffee or a pot of Tea on. So C'mon in grab a cup and lets visit!

I haven't changed the theme of my place, just the look! I'm still going to expound on the "funnier" aspects of Aging!

Time sure flies after you hit Middle age! Seems only yesterday I was telling you that I was turning that wonderful "Senior Citizen" age. Now in a couple of months I'll be a year past that and don't even remember where that year went,(of course I've gotten out of the practice of "remembering"!) Sheesh walking into the next room presents a challenge as to why the heck I'm there! Ever wonder how many people are experiencing the same thing? I'm thinkin ALOT of people this side of 50 are! Really! I am praying there are alot of people experiencing loss of memory, cuz if they aren't I'm in deeper trouble than I thought!!!!!

Well on to what my new and updated home has to offer!
First I've updated the "Ain't it the Truth" Page!
Hopefully there will be some fresh and just as Truthful funnies there for you to get a giggle from!
I will be removing alot of the pages and adding different themes...hopefully some that will spark your interest!.
So for a while my Home here in Cyberspace will be undergoing some serious Reconstruction! Please be patient and keep checking back to see whats New!