For My Sweet Zachary

          You came into my life as such a surprise,
          At a time when my hope was all but gone.
          The universe knew this.
          It gave you to me as its gift.

          To tell me to keep on....
          To have hope...
          To keep my heart open...
          To remain loving, caring, committed...
          No matter what the world throws my way.

          I was terrified.
          Afraid I would not be good enough,
          For you,
          To you,
          With you.

          This tiny life inside of me
          Continued to grow each day.
          And I remained amazed that my body
          Could and would sustain such a miracle.
          I was profoundly touched
          That the universe believed I deserved such honor
          To be chosen as your mother.

          You arrived eight days early.
          And I was giddy with excitement
          As I labored to bring your life
          Into this world,
          To begin your journey
          As an independent human being.

          And when first I held you,
          I'd never seen anything so beautiful
          In all of my life.
          And I cried that you were mine.
          That the waiting was over
          And you were here.

          For me to love,
          To hold,
          To nurture,
          To protect,
          To teach,
          To learn to let go.

          We have so many years
          Of this journey ahead of us.
          And already
          I've learned so much.
          I've learned what really matters.
          You are here,
          You are safe,
          You are healthy,
          You are beautiful and happy.

          And I've learned
          That for now,
          Loving you
          Is all that I really need to do
          To be enough.

          I love you Zachary Ryan,
          Now and always.

          –Love, Mommy
          June 11, 2001

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