( Dont forget. When making a brew it is best to use spring water, or distilled water ). :)


Gas stoves, stove coils, and fire will do all the same. If you have nothing but a microwave oven, that will do but it is not the number one choice. If nothing else, it reduces some of the magic of the process. If you like to do it the old-fashioned way, or just the old-fashioned kind, try to do it in a fireplace, or outdoors over a blaze. :)

The Vessels:

It is best if the water and the herbs don't come into direct contact with metal while brewing. There are a few exceptions to this herbalism. You can do cauldron brewing, which is not really practiced all that much today. Herbal products prepared with double broilers may also require metal. But it is best, and try ( for your sake.... ) not to, use metal.

Clear glass jars work well when doing solar infusions. Just place in herbs and water and set into complete sunlight, preferably outdoors. Then leave there for the day. And pick it up before nightfall. Some brews included here are made with glass jars of different colors.


To Make the Brew:

( Not every brew that is listed is made in this same manner. Make sure to read the info about each brew. )

To Make a Basic Brew:

Gather, mix, and grind the herbs. For brews that are to be drunk, use a seperate culinary mortar and pestle for grinding, not the one used for heavy-duty magical herbs. Empower the herbs with your magical goal. Heat about two cups of water to a boil. Place about one handful of mixed, empowered herbs in a teapot or some other heat-proof, non-metallic container. Pour the water over the herbs. Cover with an equally non-metallic, steam-tight lid. Let the herbs brew for about 13 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth or bamboo strainer, and use as directed.

Yuor brew should be used very soon after you make. If possible keep in your refridgerater for three or four days. After that, pour them on earth and make a new brew. Also another note. There are no "love" brews that can draw a person to you. Only spells and certain other things may do that. Though they cannot draw some one to you they are long celebrated for relaxing inhibitions and mellowing the emotions. Also, a few have been used to smooth over difficulties in marriages and relationships. A few of those are in here. But they are NOT love potions! :)


Aphrodisia: a Passion Drink

1 pinch Rosemary
2 pinches Thyme
2 tsp. Black Tea
1 pinch Coriander
3 fresh mint leaves ( or 1/2 tsp. dried )
5 fresh Rosebud petals ( or 1 tsp. dried )
5 fresh Lemon tree leaves ( or 1 tsp. dried )
3 pinches Nutmeg
3 pinches Orange peel

Place all ingredients into a teapot. Boil three cups or so of water and add to the pot. Sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.


Cauldron of Cerridwen Brew ( CAUTION! )


Boil water in a cauldron on a open fire. Place all the ingredients into the cauldron. Sit by the fire and watch the flames. Smell its mystic scent and receive wisdom. ( DO NOT DRINK! Why? ITS POISONOUS! Thats why! )


Dream Tea

2 parts Rose Petals
1 part Mugwart
1 part Peppermint
1 part Jasmine flowers
1/2 part Cinnamon

Mix, add one teaspoon to a cup. Pour boiling water over this and let steep, covered, for a few minutes. Drink before going to bed to produce phychic dreams.


Isis Brew

1 part Rosemary
1 part Sage
1 part Thyme
1 part Cinnamon

Half fill a blue glass bottle with fresh water. Add the ground empowered herbs to it and let it sit in the sun all day. By sunset the water has been colored by the herbs, and is ready for use. If not, store in the refrigerator overnight and steep im the sun the following day. Strain. Anoint the body or add to bath water while visualizing yourself as being in perfect heatlh.


Love Wine

3 tsp. Cinnamon
3 tsp. Ginger
1 one-inch Vanilla bean.
2 cups Red Wine
2 tsp. Rhubarb juice ( optional )

Score the Vanilla along its length. Add herbs to the red wine with the Vanilla bean. Add two teaspoons Rhubarb juice ( if avalible ), and let sit for 3 days. Serve.


Well. There are some of them. Here is one more thing you may like:

Sun Water

Set a glass or crystal container with pure water in it outside at dawn, in a place where the sun's rays will shine on it all day. At sunset, bottle and cork the water. Add to baths for energy. Sprinkle in home to remove evil, and you can anoint yourself for purification and so on.


Well. I hope you liked all of that. If you want a lot more of this type of stuff get Scott Cunningham's book called, " The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews." So don't thank me for this good stuff. I just wrote some of it down. If you want more of the title, ( and alot more! ) get the book. :)

Blessed Be!