I have the greatest sister-in-law but sometimes she is a royal pain in the butt.
She has been at me to make a graphic site so...........
this site is for you JoyfulRat.

All the rules that apply to most graphic sites apply here.
Sure would like a link back if you use any of these graphics
just because I want the hits. *grin*
A text link is fine but a matching logo graphic
is available with each set.

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Graphic Rose
Vase Roses
Swan Set
Green Gems Set
Graduation Set

Muted Backgrounds

Bathing Beauties Garden Lady Aprhodite
Flowers One Flowers Two Flowers Three
Fruit One Bears Bobcat
Watch Over Me Deer 1 Deer 2
Dog 1 Dog 2 Ducks
Farming Lady Fawns Fish
Goldfish Leapard Lion
Ophelia Pink Lady Quiet Time
Swans Young Love