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The Hearthfires

These pages are a labor of love dedicated to womyn, their passions, and the freedom of choice. I believe all humans should have the right to choose their own path. They should be able to decide whom to love, when and where. They should be able to choose if and when to be fertile or not fertile. And I firmly believe that it is the quality of the relationship, not the gender of the participants, that is important. There, I'm done expounding....I feel better, don't you?
I would like to tell you that much of the content of my homepages here will be pro-womyn, and also pro-lesbian.
If that is disagreeable to you , you are free to leave now. If you feel you must "convert" me, straighten me out, or generally save me I should tell you that I am:

  1. already converted :)
  2. as straight (or not) as I will ever be
  3. already saved (SHE (God) loves me just as I am)
So, if you know what I feel and you are still interested......

Enter here!

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