Food in New York City

Entire books can be written about this subject, and I certainly do not intend to be comprehensive here. But I have categorized a few interesting places that are worth a visit.

Themed Restaurants in Midtown Manhattan

Hard Rock Cafe (221 W 57th between Bway/7th Ave)
B.B. King Blues Club and Grill (W. 42nd between 7th and 8th Aves)
Planet Hollywood (1540 Broadway at 45th St)
Harley Davidson Cafe (1370 6th Avenue, at 57th St)
Mickey Mantle's (42 Central Park South between 5th/6th Aves)
Le Bar Bat (311 W 57th between 8th/9th Aves)
Ellen's Stardust Diner (1650 Bway at 51st St)
Motown Cafe (104 W 57th between 6th/7th Aves)
Mars 2112 (1633 Broadway at 51st St)
Jekyll & Hyde (1409 Ave of the Americas between 57th/58th Streets)
Hooters (211 W 56th St between 7th Ave/Bway)

Gourmet Pizza Places

Nick's Pizza (108-26 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills, Queens)
John's Pizzeria
  • 278 Bleeker Street (6th/7th Aves)
  • 408 E 64th Street (1st/York Aves)
  • 48 W 65th Street (Columbus Ave/Central Park West)
  • 260 W 44th Street (Broadway/8th Ave)
    Patsy's Pizza
  • 1312 2nd Ave (69th St)
  • 61 W 74th (Columbus/Central Park West)
  • 509 3rd Ave (34th/35th St)
  • 67 University Place (10th/11th St)
  • 2287-91 1st Ave (117th/118th Streets) [original store]

    Other Interesting Places to Eat

    Soup Kitchen International (the famous Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) [259A W 55th at 8th Ave] Fan Site
  • Note:Open only M-Sat 12PM-6PM; closed during the summer
    Carnegie Deli (854 7th Ave at 55th St)

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