5 April 2002

Oh wow, has it been this long since I've divulged my recent goings-on? Well, it really is an indicator of how busy I've been these past few months. Between November and February I completed two works: my bassoon sonata for my friend Ryan and my octet which is now entitled simply Octet. The premiere of the sonata went splendid up in San Francisco on March 17th. I have to give my friend, Ryan credit for learning such a difficult piece. Thanks a lot, Ryan! The premiere of the octet is coming up very soon...this Sunday, in fact. Wish me and the performers luck! Remember to e-mail me if you are interested in scores and/or recordings! Bye for now

22 November 2001

Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are here and my schedule is as busy as ever. Recently, I was made President of the Board of Directors for the Windsong Southland Chorale. I also received a commission from the Lontano Music Group, a group based in Los Angeles and conducted by Matthew Cody. So far, the fifteen-minute, three-movement work is entitled Tres Paisajes.

I also finished a suite for violin and 'cello entitled Postcards. Each movement is named for a stop along the old Route 66 from Needles to San Bernardino. That's the news for now...Happy Holidays.

31 August 2001

Here are the projects that I am working on: A three-part song cycle on poems by Lorca for mixed chorus and piano entitled, Canciones des Arboles, A string quartet, A violin sonata, A violin/cello duo entitled Aswang I, and a revision of the Grand Divertimento for bassoon now entitled Saturday Suite.

16 August 2001

I just recently completed my first comic strip since my undergrad days. Check out my friend's strip which I used to create my guest storyline. More art is forthcoming as well as my own original comics.

1 August 2001

I have had a fantastic summer so far working on various composition and artistic projects, meeting with old and new friends, watching a slew of movies, taking trips to the beach and Curry House (YUM), and singing karaoke in front of total strangers! I recently had a movement from my Piano Quintet performed by the Taylor String Quartet and me on the piano. It was an absolutely exquisite performance...thank you guys if you're reading this. I would definitely have no qualms with having them premiere my entire work...(hopefully the second movement sold them). My friend, Sherwin Thia who plays with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, has asked me to write a Violin Sonata AND a Violin and Cello duo which will be performed in Malaysia (along with my Piano Trio and Piano Quintet) maybe at the DFP!!

Also, I'm pursuing my dream of being a published comic book creator. To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever have my drawing chops up to the same par it was when I was in college. But, it will be fun to just try it out especially since I have a collaborator, my friend Bryan Choi. Check out his awesome webpage and comics!

I also finished the first song out of five in a song cycle of Lorca's poems which I've entitled Canciones des Arboles. The poem that I finished is "Arbole, Arbole." I hope to get a spot in the Dale Warland Singers Choral Composition Competition Finals in order to get a free reading and (please please) a commission. I'm also planning to enter the Toru Takemitsu International Orchestral Composition Competition in 2002 where I will submit Aswang, still in the sketches stage.

That really is a hell of a lot that I'm doing and I'm glad for it. If you don't know me, I hope you will sign my brand new guestbook and drop me a line. If you do know me, then we MUST keep in touch. E-mail me NOW =) At any rate, have a nice day.

23 June 2001

Yes...I finally graduated with my Master's of Arts degree in Music! I am so happy and proud of my thesis composition. Hopefully, the Taylor String Quartet will perform it. Just came back from my sojourn in New York. Sang at Carnegie Hall. Went to the Metropolitan Museum and had a blast. Also looking for a job or jobs. Anyone need a good pianist? While you're thinking about that, take a look at what the UCR Highlander had to say about my playing.

27 February 2001

Well, it sure is pouring here in Southern California. The weather hasn't been as nice as my academic career so far. Enjoying school especially my "History of Dissonance" class. I plan to participate in the the Vera Yin Sheng Piano Competition this year, and I'll be performing Byron Adams' Ballade for piano and orchestra in June. AND I'll be going to Carnegie Hall again this year with a very large Windsong Southland Chorale. Yes, things are getting very exciting!

20 December 2000

Fall quarter has just ended and I've sent applications to UC Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania so far. I'm planning to pursue a doctorate by next year. Also finished teaching my first college class: musicianship. Great kids...some just need more practice while others need to get on the ball and realize that music isn't a slacker subject. I'm also close to finishing my piano trio, and I'm moving on next to my thesis, my piano quintet. I plan to have my recital of compositions sometime in May.

5 June 2000

Just played Rhapsody in Blue with the UC Riverside orchestra on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to all of you who came; it was a special performance. Also thanks to those of you who came to the Chamber Singers' concert on May 20. Right now, I'm attending the ChorusAmerica convention in Baltimore and working on the rough draft of my piano quintet dedicated to my mentor, Byron Adams.

16 May 2000

This is my brother Mike and my mutt of a dog, Omps.

12 May 2000

I just had my suite for solo oboe, Euclid's Toybox, performed on May 11 at Watkins Recital Hall at UCR. It's a very cute, unassuming little piece and many people enjoyed it and thought it very amusing. I have to publicly thank Robert Presler for performing it splendidly. Next up: Finishing my "breakout" piece, my Trio for violin, 'cello, and piano.

I've also got a couple of performances coming up. One is the Chamber Singers concert on May 20 and the other is the Orchestra concert on June 2 and 3.

23 April 2000

It's Easter and I've got a new look to my site to accompany the season. I decided to go for a very simple look and design for my site. There will be more pictures up in the future. Also, if you haven't heard, I'll be playing Rhapsody in Blue again, this time with the UCR Orchestra. The concerts will be at the UCR Theatre on June 2 and 3. Contact the UCR Department of Music for more information.

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