(an ongoing work in progress)

This list is by no means complete. It can't be for several reasons: Firstly, new films enter the topic with occasional frequency and even though I've tried to be as thorough as possible, certainty dictates that I've omitted quite a few films and or artists. This is where you might help out. If indeed you see a glaring (or even glimmering) omission, please be kind enough to contact me and I'll be certain to update this listing. Kindly remember that we don't include made for TV films, television broadcasts or non-opera house singers (e.g. Alan Jones, Deeana Durbin, et al). Also, to enhance your enjoyment of this list, I'd like you to use this as an accompaniment to Mike Richter's extensive Opera on Video Encyclopedia.

To access a particular artist's listing, click on the first letter of that person's last name:


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Addison, Adele Porgy and Bess 1959 Voice only
Albanese, Licia Serenade 1956 Otello duet w. Lanza
Alda, Frances Otello: Ave Maria 1930 Vitaphone short
Alda, Frances Star Spangled Banner 1930 Vitaphone short
Amato, Pasquale A Neopolitan Romance 1928 Vitaphone short
Amato, Pasquale Glorious Betsy 1928
Baccaloni, Salvatore Full of Life 1956
Baccaloni, Salvatore Merry Andrew 1958
Baccaloni, Salvatore Rock a Bye Baby 1958
Baccaloni, Salvatore Fanny 1960
Baccaloni, Salvatore The Pigeon That Took Rome 1962
Bartlett, Michael She Married Her Boss 1935
Bartlett, Michael Love Me Forever 1935
Bartlett, Michael The Music Goes Round 1936
Bartlett, Michael Follow Your Heart 1936
Bartlett, Michael The Lilac Domino 1937
Bechi, Gino When Love Calls 1948
Bechi, Gino Voice of Love 1950
Bechi, Gino Aida 1953 Voice only
Bechi, Gino La Traviata 1954
Benson, Yvonne Faust, act V scene 1930 Viaphone w. Martinelli & d'Angelo
Berger, Erna Ave Maria 1936 Traviata excerpt w. Gigli
Berger, Erna Don Giovanni 1954
Berry, Walter Don Giovanni 1954
Bjoerling, Jussi Framm For Framgang 1938
Bjoerling, Jussi En Svensk Tiger 1948
Bjoerling, Jussi Resan till dej 1953
Bohnen, Michael Der Rosenkavalier silent
Bonanova, Fortunio Don Juan 1924
Bonanova, Fortunio A Successful Calamity 1931
Bonanova, Fortunio Careless Lady 1932
Bonanova, Fortunio Podoroso Caballero 1936
Bonanova, Fortunio Tropic Holiday 1938
Bonanova, Fortunio La Immaculada 1939
Bonanova, Fortunio I Was an Adventuress 1940
Bonanova, Fortunio Citizen Kane 1941
Bonanova, Fortunio That Night in Rio 1941
Bonanova, Fortunio Blood and Sand 1941
Bonanova, Fortunio Larceny, Inc. 1942
Bonanova, Fortunio The Black Swan 1942
Bonanova, Fortunio For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943
Bonanova, Fortunio Five Graves to Cairo 1943
Bonanova, Fortunio Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 1943
Bonanova, Fortunio Mrs. Parkington 1944
Bonanova, Fortunio Double Indemnity 1944
Bonanova, Fortunio Going My Way 1944
Bonanova, Fortunio A Bell for Adano 1945
Bonanova, Fortunio Monsieur Beaucaire 1946
Bonanova, Fortunio Fiesta 1947
Bonanova, Fortunio The Fugitive 1947
Bonanova, Fortunio Adventures of Don Juan 1949
Bonanova, Fortunio Whirlpool 1950
Bonanova, Fortunio Nancy Goes to Rio 1950
Bonanova, Fortunio September Affair 1950
Bonanova, Fortunio The Moon is Blue 1953
Bonanova, Fortunio New York Confidential 1955
Bonanova, Fortunio Kiss Me Deadly 1955
Bonanova, Fortunio Jaguar 1956
Bonanova, Fortunio An Affair to Remember 1957
Bonanova, Fortunio Thunder in the Sun 1958
Bonanova, Fortunio The Running Man 1963
Bonanova, Fortunio Million Dollar Collar 1969
Bonelli, Richard Various MovieTone Shorts
Bonelli, Richard Enter Madame 1934 voice only
Bonelli, Richard The Hard Boiled Canary 1941 aka: There's Magic in Music
Bonelli, Richard There's Magic in Music 1941 aka: Hard Boiled Canary
Bourskaya, Ina Aida, judgment scene c.1930 Vitaphone w/Martinelli
Callas, Maria Medea 1970
Capoulican, Cheif Whoopee 1930 Native American (alleged) appeared in Damroch's The Polish Jew (Met)
Campora, Giuseppe Aida 1953 voice only
Caruso, Enrico My American Cousin 1918
Caruso, Enrico The Splendid Romance 1918 unreleased
Case, Anna The Hidden Truth 1918
Cavaleri, Lina Manon Lescaut 1914
Cavaleri, Lina The Shadow of Her Past 1916
Cavaleri, Lina Eternal Empress 1918
Cavaleri, Lina Woman of Impulse 1918
Cavaleri, Lina Love's Conquest 1918
Cavaleri, Lina The Two Brides 1919
Chaliapin, Fyodor Don Quichotte 1933 filmed twice, English & French
Connor, Nadine Of Men and Music 1950 Qual Guardo & Verrano a te w/Peerce
Corelli, Franco Tosca 1958
Corelli, Franco Andrea Chenier 1960 (?)
Costa, Mary Marry Me Again 1953
Costa, Mary The Big Caper 1957
Costa, Mary Sleeping Beauty 1959 Disney Animation. Voice only.
Costa, Mary The Great Waltz 1972
d'Angelo, Louis Faust act V scene 1930 Vitaphone w/Benson & Martinelli
d'Angelo, Louis La Juive act IV duet 1927 Vitaphone w/Martinelli
Dal Monte, Toti Cuore di Mama 1940
Dal Monte, Toti Carnival of Venice 1940
de Luca, Giuseppe Largo al factotum 1927 Vitaphone short
de Luca, Giuseppe Rigoletto Quartette 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gigli, Talley, Gordon
de Luca, Giuseppe Au fond de temple saint 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gigli
De Segurola, Andres General Crack 1930
De Segurola, Andres My Man 1928
De Segurola, Andres The Red Dance
De Segurola, Andres The Loves of Sunya 1927
De Segurola, Andres One Night of Love 1934
De Segurola, Andres The Cardboard Lover
Del Monaco, Mario Cavalleria Rusticana 1952 Voice only
Del Monaco, Mario Casa Ricordi 1954
Del Monaco, Mario Verdi, King of Melody 1953
Della Casa, Lisa Don Giovanni 1954
Dermota, Anton Don Giovanni 1954
Diaz, Justino Otello 1986
Didur, Adamo Scene and Celeste Aida Vitaphone short w/Martinelli
Domingo, Placido Carmen 1984
Domingo, Placido Otello 1986
Domingo, Placido La Traviata 1982
Eddy, Nelson Broadway to Hollywood 1933
Eddy, Nelson Dancing Lady 1933
Eddy, Nelson Student Tour 1934
Eddy, Nelson Naughty Marietta 1935
Eddy, Nelson Rose Marie 1935
Eddy, Nelson Maytime 1937
Eddy, Nelson Rosalie 1937
Eddy, Nelson The Girl of the Golden West 1938
Eddy, Nelson Sweethearts 1938
Eddy, Nelson Let Freedom Ring! 1939
Eddy, Nelson Balalaika 1939
Eddy, Nelson New Moon 1940
Eddy, Nelson Bitter Sweet 1940
Eddy, Nelson The Chocolate Soldier 1941
Eddy, Nelson I Married an Angel 1942
Eddy, Nelson The Phantom of the Opera 1943
Eddy, Nelson Knickerbocker Holiday 1944
Eddy, Nelson Make Mine Music 1946 Disney Animation. Seven Voices.
Eddy, Nelson Northwest Outpost 1947
Edelmann, Otto Don Giovanni 1954
Edelmann, Otto Der Rosenkavalier 1962
Egener, Minnie Cavalleria Finale 1927 Vitaphone shoert w/Gigli, Picco
Eggerth, Marta My Heart is Calling 1935
Eggerth, Marta The Charm of La Boheme 1938
Eggerth, Marta For Me and My Girl 1942
Eggerth, Marta Presenting Lily Mars 1943
Eggerth, Marta Her Wonderful Life 1947
Eggerth, Marta The Land of Smiles 1952
Ellis, Mary Belladonna 1934
Ellis, Mary All the King's Horses 1935
Ellis, Mary Paris in Spring 1935
Ellis, Mary Fatal Lady 1936
Ellis, Mary Glamorous Night 1937
Ellis, Mary The Three Worlds of Gulliver 1959
Ernster, Dezo Don Giovanni 1954
Farrar, Geraldine Carmen 1915
Farrar, Geraldine Temptation 1915
Farrar, Geraldine Maria Rosa 1916
Farrar, Geraldine Joan the Woman 1917
Farrar, Geraldine The Devil Stone 1917
Farrar, Geraldine The Woman God Forgot 1917
Farrar, Geraldine The Turn of the Wheel 1918
Farrar, Geraldine The Hell Cat 1918
Farrar, Geraldine Shadows 1918
Farrar, Geraldine The World and Its Women 1918
Farrar, Geraldine The Stronger Vow 1919
Farrar, Geraldine The Flame of the Desert 1920
Farrar, Geraldine The Woman and the Puppet 1920
Farrar, Geraldine The Riddle Woman 1920
Farrell, Eileen Interrupted Melody 1955 voice only (cameo appearance which Farell denies)
Flagello, Ezio The Godfather II 1974
Flagstad, Kirsten The Big Broadcast of 1938 1937
Garden, Mary Thais 1918
Garden, Mary The Splendid Sinner 1918
Gentle, Alice Golden Dawn 1930
Gentle, Alice Song of the Flame Thought to be lost
Gigli, Beniamino Cavalleria Finale 1927 Vitaphone short w/Egener, Picco
Gigli, Beniamino Cielo e mar 1927 Vitaphone short
Gigli, Beniamino Ships' Concert 1927 Vitaphone short: three songs
Gigli, Beniamino Au fond de temple saint 1927 Vitaphone short w/de Luca
Gigli, Beniamino Rigoletto Quartette 1927 Vitaphone short w/de Luca, Talley, Gordon
Gigli, Beniamino Verrano a te 1927 Vitaphone short w/Talley
Gigli, Beniamino Non ti scordar di me 1935
Gigli, Beniamino Ave Maria 1936
Gigli, Beniamino Forever Yours 1937
Gigli, Beniamino The Life of Giuseppe Verdi 1938
Gigli, Beniamino Solo per te 1939
Gigli, Beniamino My Heart Belongs to Thee 1939
Gigli, Beniamino Du bist mein Gluck 1940
Gigli, Beniamino Legittisma difessia 1940
Gigli, Beniamino Mamma 1940
Gigli, Beniamino Ridi Pagliaccio 1948
Gigli, Beniamino Night Taxi 1953
Gobbi, Tito I condottieri 1940
Gobbi, Tito Giovanni di Medici 1940
Gobbi, Tito Il barbieri di Siviglia 1945
Gobbi, Tito Tosca 1946
Gobbi, Tito This Wine of Love 1946 L'elisir d'Amore
Gobbi, Tito La Traviata 1948
Gobbi, Tito Rigoletto 1948 voice only
Gobbi, Tito The Glass Mountain 1949
Gobbi, Tito Pagliacci 1950 plays both Tonio and Silvio
Gobbi, Tito La forza del destino 1952
Gobbi, Tito Casa Ricordi 1954
Gobbi, Tito Verdi, King of Melody 1953
Gobbi, Tito Musica Proibita
Gordon, Jeanne Rigoletto Quartette 1927 Vitaphone short w/Talley, Gigli, de Luca
Gordon, Jeanne Carmen excerpts 1927 w/Martinelli
Grummer, Elisabeth Don Giovanni 1954
Gueden, Hilde The Lifes and Loves of Mozart 1956 voice only
Hackett, Charles Concert (Il mio tesoro, O paradiso) 1927 Vitaphone short
Hackett, Charles Concert (Song of India, Call of the Nile) 1927 Vitaphone short
Hackett, Charles Romeo et Juliette Tomb Scene 1929 w/Rose Low
Hackett, Charles Faust Act I duet 1929 w/Chase Baromeo
Hampton, Hope A Modern Salome 1920
Hampton, Hope The Bait 1920
Hampton, Hope Love's Penalty 1921
Hampton, Hope Star Dust 1921
Hampton, Hope Light in the Dark 1922
Hampton, Hope Lawful Larceny, Does it Pay? 1923
Hampton, Hope The Gold Diggers 1923
Hampton, Hope The Truth About Women 1924
Hampton, Hope The Price of a Party 1924
Hampton, Hope Fifty-Fifty 1925
Hampton, Hope Lovers Island 1925
Hampton, Hope Manon Act IV scene 1929 Vitaphone Short
Hampton, Hope The Road to Reno 1938
Horne, Marilyn Carmen Jones 1954 voice only
Houston, George Masks and Memories 193? Vitaphone featurette
Houston, George The Melody Lingers On 1935
Houston, George Let's Sing Again 1936
Houston, George Captain Calamity 1936
Houston, George Wallaby Jim of the Islands 1937
Houston, George Conquest 1937
Houston, George Blockade 1938
Houston, George Frontier Scout 1938
Houston, George The Great Waltz 1938
Houston, George Laughing at Danger 1940
Houston, George The Howards of Virginia 1940
Houston, George The Lone Rider in Ghost Town 1941
Houston, George The Lone Rider in Cheyenne 1942
Howard, Kathleen Death Takes a Holiday 1934
Howard, Kathleen You're Telling Me 1934
Howard, Kathleen One More River 1934
Howard, Kathleen It's a Gift 1934
Howard, Kathleen The Man on the Flying Trapeze 1935
Howard, Kathleen Stolen Holiday 1937
Howard, Kathleen First Love 1939
Howard, Kathleen Young People 1940
Howard, Kathleen Mystery Sea Raider 1940
Howard, Kathleen One Night in the Tropics 1940
Howard, Kathleen Blossoms in the Dust 1941
Howard, Kathleen Ball of Fire 1942
Howard, Kathleen You Were Never Lovlier 1942
Howard, Kathleen Crash Dive 1943
Howard, Kathleen Laura 1944
Howard, Kathleen Shady Lady 1945
Howard, Kathleen Centennial Summer 1946
Howard, Kathleen The Late George Apley 1946
Howard, Kathleen Cynthia 1947
Howard, Kathleen The Bride Goes Wild 1948
Howard, Kathleen Cry of the City 1948
Howard, Kathleen The Pretty Girl 1950
Howard, Kathleen Born to Be Bad 1950
Jaynes, Betty Sweethearts 1938
Jaynes, Betty Babes in Arms 1939
Jepson, Helen The Goldwyn Follies 1938 Sempre Libera w/Kullman
Jeritza, Maria Grand Duchess Alexandria 1933 Forza and Aida excerpts
Jurinac, Sena Der Rosenkavalier 1962
Kalich, Berta Marta of the Lowlands 1914
Kalich, Berta Slander 1916
Kalich, Berta Ambition
Kalich, Berta Love and Hate
Kiepura, Jan Farewell to Love 1931
Kiepura, Jan Be Mine Tonight 1932
Kiepura, Jan My Song is You 1934
Kiepura, Jan My Heart is Calling 1935
Kiepura, Jan Ich liebe alle frauen 1935
Kiepura, Jan Give Us This Night 1936
Kiepura, Jan Thank You Madame 1936
Kiepura, Jan The Charm of La boheme 1938
Kiepura, Jan Her Wonderful Lie 1947
Kiepura, Jan La Valse brilliante 1948
Kiepura, Jan The Land of Smiles 1952
Kirkop, Oreste The Vagabond King 1956 Speech dubbed. Singing is his!
Kirsten, Dorothy Mr. Music 1950
Kirsten, Dorothy The Great Caruso 1950
Knight, Felix Babes in Toyland 1934
Knight, Felix Pick a Star 1937
Knight, Felix Bohemian Girl 1938
Korjus, Miliza The Great Waltz 1938
Korjus, Miliza Cabellero del Imperio 1942 Thought to be lost
Koshetz, Marina The Great Caruso 1950
Koshetz, Nina The Loves of Casanova 1929
Koshetz, Nina Enter Madame 1934 voice only
Koshetz, Nina Algiers 1938
Koshetz, Nina Our Hearts Were Young and Gay 1944
Koshetz, Nina Summer Storm 1944
Koshetz, Nina The Choice 1947
Koshetz, Nina It's a Small World 1950
Koshetz, Nina Captain Pirate 1952
Koshetz, Nina Hot Blood 1955
Kraus, Alfredo El Gayerre
Kraus, Alfredo El Vagabundo
Kullman, Charles The Goldwyn Follies 1938 Traviata excerpt with Jepson
Kunz, Erich Der Rosenkavalier 1962
Lanza, Mario That Midnight Kiss 1949
Lanza, Mario The Toast of New Orleans 1950
Lanza, Mario The Great Caruso 1950
Lanza, Mario Because You're Mine 1952
Lanza, Mario The Student Prince 1954 voice only
Lanza, Mario Serenade 1956
Lanza, Mario Seven Hills of Rome 1957
Lanza, Mario For the First Time 1959
Lauri-Volpi, Giacomo La canzone de sole 1936
Lehmann, Lotte Big City 1948
Lewis, Mary Way Down South Vitagraph short
Lipp, Wilma The Cardinal 1963
MacDonald, Jeanette Follow the Boys 1944
Low, Rose Romeo et Juliette Tomb scene 1929 Vitaphone short w/Hackett
MacDonald, Jeanette The Love Parade 1929
MacDonald, Jeanette Monte Carlo 1930
MacDonald, Jeanette The Vagabond King 1930
MacDonald, Jeanette Let's Go Native 1930
MacDonald, Jeanette The Lottery Bride 1930
MacDonald, Jeanette Oh! For a Man 1930
MacDonald, Jeanette Don't Bet On Women 1931
MacDonald, Jeanette Anabelle's Affairs 1931
MacDonald, Jeanette One Hour With You 1932
MacDonald, Jeanette Love Me Tonight 1932
MacDonald, Jeanette The Cat and the Fiddle 1933
MacDonald, Jeanette The Merry Widow 1934
MacDonald, Jeanette Naughty Marietta 1935
MacDonald, Jeanette Rose Marie 1936
MacDonald, Jeanette San Francisco 1936
MacDonald, Jeanette Maytime 1937
MacDonald, Jeanette The Firefly 1937
MacDonald, Jeanette The Girl of the Golden West 1938
MacDonald, Jeanette Sweethearts 1938
MacDonald, Jeanette Broadway Serenade 1939
MacDonald, Jeanette New Moon 1940
MacDonald, Jeanette Bitter Sweet 1940
MacDonald, Jeanette Smilin' Through 1941
MacDonald, Jeanette I Married an Angel 1942
MacDonald, Jeanette Cairo 1942
MacDonald, Jeanette Three Daring Daughters 1948
MacDonald, Jeanette The Sun Comes Up 1949
MacNeil, Cornell La Traviata 1982
Maracci, Livia Ah! si, ben mio; Di quella pira Vitaphone shoer w/Martinelli
Maracci, Livia Duet and scene from Marta Vitaphone short w/Martinelli
Marshall, Everett Dixiana 1930
Marshall, Everett I Live for Love 1935
Martinelli, Giovanni Scene and Celeste Aida Vitaphone short w/Didur
Martinelli, Giovanni Aida Judgement Scene Vitaphone w/Bourskaya
Martinelli, Giovanni Gypsy Caravan Vitaphone short, 3 songs
Martinelli, Giovanni Carmen excerpts 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gordon
Martinelli, Giovanni Rachel, quand du Seigneur 1927 Vitaphone short
Martinelli, Giovanni La Juive Act IV duet 1927 Vitaphone short w/d'Angelo
Martinelli, Giovanni Vesti la giubba 1927 Vitaphone short
Martinelli, Giovanni Scene and duet from Marta 1929 Vitaphone short w/Maracci
Martinelli, Giovanni Faust Act V scene 1930 Vitaphone short w/Benson, d'Angelo
Martinelli, Giovanni Celeste Aida 1930 Vitaphone Short
Martinelli, Giovanni Ah! si, ben mio; Di quella pira 1930 Vitaphone short w/Maracci
Martinelli, Giovanni Ship's Concert 1931 Vitaphone short, 2 songs
Martinelli, Giovanni Italian Songs Vitaphone Short, 2 songs
Martini, Nino One Night with You 1948
Martini, Nino The Gay Desperado 1936
Martini, Nino Music for Madame 1937
Martini, Nino Paramount on Parade 1930
Martini, Nino Moonlight and Romance
Martini, Nino Here's to Romance 1935
Matzenauer, Margaret Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936
McCormack, John Wings of the Morning 1937 Sings 3 songs. Color film
McCormack, John Song O' My Heart 1930
McCormic, Mary Paddy the Next Best Thing 1933
McFerrin, Robert Porgy and Bess 1959 voice only
Melchior, Lauritz Thrill of a Romance 1945
Melchior, Lauritz Two Sisters from Boston 1946
Melchior, Lauritz This Time for Keeps 1947
Melchior, Lauritz Luxury Liner 1948
Melchior, Lauritz The Stars are Singing 1952
Melton, James Stars over Broadway 1935
Melton, James Sing Me a Love Song 1936
Melton, James Melody for Two 1937
Melton, James Ziegfeld Follies 1946 Libiamo w/Marian Bell
Merrill, Robert Aaron Slick of Punkin Crick 1952
Migenes, Julia Carmen 1984
Mitchell, Leona Yes, Giorgio 1982
Moffo, Anna La Traviata 1966
Moffo, Anna Lucia di Lammermoor
Moffo, Anna The Adventurers 1970
Moffo, Anna Weekend Murders 1972
Moffo, Anna La Storia del'amore Allegedly X Rated
Mojica, Jose One Mad Kiss 1930
Mojica, Jose King of the Gypsies 1932
Mojica, Jose Melodia Phrohibida 1934
Mojica, Jose The Cross and the Sword 1937
Mojica, Jose Melodies of America 1942
Moore, Grace A Lady's Morals 1930
Moore, Grace New Moon 1930 aka: Parisian Belle
Moore, Grace One Night of Love 1934
Moore, Grace Love Me Forever 1935
Moore, Grace The King Steps Out 1936
Moore, Grace When You're in Love 1937
Moore, Grace I'll Take Romance 1937
Moore, Grace Louise 1939
Moscona, Nicola The Great Caruso 1950
Munsel, Patrice Melba 1953
Namara, Marguerite Stolen Moments 1920
Namara, Marguerite Gypsy Blood 1929
Namara, Marguerite Thirty Day Princess 1934
Namara, Marguerite Peter Ibbetson 1935
Novotna, Jarmila The Night of Great Love
Novotna, Jarmila The Song of the Nightingale 1933
Novotna, Jarmila The Bartered Bride 1934
Novotna, Jarmila Frasquita 1936
Novotna, Jarmila The Cossak and the Nightingale
Novotna, Jarmila The Last Waltz
Novotna, Jarmila The Search 1948
Novotna, Jarmila The Great Caruso 1950
Pagliughi, Lina Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 Disney animation, Italian soundtrack
Pagliughi, Lina Rigoletto 1948 voice only
Pasero, Tancredi Solo per te 1939 Mefestofele excerpt w/Gigli
Pavarotti, Luciano Yes, Giorgio 1982
Peerce, Jan Carnegie Hall 1947
Peerce, Jan Something in the Wind 1947
Peerce, Jan Hymn of the Nations 1943 short w/Toscannini
Peerce, Jan Of Men and Music 1950 duet w/ Conner & O Paradiso
Peerce, Jan Tonight We Sing 1953 voice only
Peerce, Jan Goodbye Columbus 1969 Cameo. Directed by his son, Larry
Pernet, Andre Louise 1939
Peters, Roberta Tonight We Sing 1953
Peters, Roberta City Hall 1995
Picco, Millo Cavalleria Finale 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gigli, Egener
Pinza, Ezio Carnegie Hall 1947
Pinza, Ezio Mr. Imperium 1951
Pinza, Ezio Strictly Dishonorable 1951
Pinza, Ezio Tonight We Sing 1953
Pons, Lily I Dream Too Much 1935
Pons, Lily That Girl from Paris 1936
Pons, Lily Hitting a New High 1937
Pons, Lily Carnegie Hall 1947
Ponselle, Rosa Screen Test Habanera from Carmen
Powers, Marie The Medium 1951
Raimondi, Ruggiero Carmen 1984
Ricciarelli, Katia Otello 1986
Rothenberger, Anneliese Der Rosenkavalier 1962
Ruffo, Tita L'Africana: Adamastor MovieTone short
Ruffo, Tita Largo al factotum MovieTone short
Ruffo, Tita Otello: Credo MovieTone short
Scheff, Fritzi Pretty Miss Smith 1915
Schipa, Tito M'appari, Princesita Vitaphone short
Schipa, Tito Tre uomini in frak 1932
Schmidt, Josef MySong Goes 'Round the World 1933
Schmidt, Josef Wenn Du Jung bist, gehort dir die Welt 1934
Schmidt, Josef Heut'ist der schoenste Tag inmeinem Leben 1935
Schmidt, Josef A Star Fell From Heaven 1936
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine By the Shores of the Minnetonka Vitaphone Short
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine Erlkoenig, Pirate Dreams, Trees Vitaphone short
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine Here's to Romance 1935
Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth Svengali 1954 voice only
Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth Der Rosenkavalier 1962
Siepi, Cesare Don Giovanni 1954
Sills, Beverly Uncle Sol's Problem Court 1936 Short. She was 8 yrs old. Sings "Il Baccio"
Slezak, Leo Grand Duchess Alexandria 1933
Stevens, Rise The Chocolate Soldier 1941
Stevens, Rise Going My Way 1944
Stevens, Rise Carnegie Hall 1947
Stratas, Teresa The Canadians 1961
Stratas, Teresa La Traviata 1982
Supervia, Conchita Evensong 1934
Swarthout, Gladys Rose of the Rancho 1935
Swarthout, Gladys Give Us This Night 1936
Swarthout, Gladys Champagne Waltz 1937
Swarthout, Gladys Romance in the Dark 1938
Swarthout, Gladys Ambush 1938
Sylva, Marguerite Carmen 1916
Sylva, Marguerite The Honey Bee 1920
Sylva, Marguerite The Seventh Victim 1943
Sylva, Marguerite The Gay Senorita 1945
Tagliavini, Ferrucio Barber of Seville 1945
Tagliavini, Ferrucio Rigoletto
Tagliavini, Ferrucio Anything for a Song
Tagliavini, Ferrucio Lady is Fickle
Tajo, Italo Barber of Seville 1945
Tajo, Italo Lucia di Lammermoor 1946
Tajo, Italo L'elisir d'amore 1946
Tajo, Italo Faust and the Devil 1948
Talley, Marion Caro Nome 1927 Vitaphone short
Talley, Marion Rigoletto quartette 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gigli, de Luca, Gordon
Talley, Marion Verrano a te 1927 Vitaphone short w/Gigli
Talley, Marion Follow Your Heart 1936
Tauber, Richard Das Lockende Ziel 1930
Tauber, Richard The Land of Smiles 1931
Tauber, Richard Die Grosse Attraktion 1931
Tauber, Richard Melodie der Liebe 1932
Tauber, Richard Blossom Time 1934
Tauber, Richard April Romance 1934
Tauber, Richard Heart's Desire 1935
Tauber, Richard Land Without Music 1936
Tauber, Richard Pagliacci 1936
Tauber, Richard Waltz Time 1945
Tauber, Richard The Lisbon Story 1946
Tebaldi, Renata Aida 1953 voice only
Tebaldi, Renata Casa Ricordi 1954 voice only
Thebom, Blanche Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1944
Thebom, Blanche The Great Caruso 1950
Thill, Georges Louise 1939
Thomas, John Charles Under the Red Robe 1923
Thomas, John Charles Danny Deever, In the Gloamin' 1927 Vitaphone short
Tibbett, Lawrence The Rogue Song 1930
Tibbett, Lawrence New Moon 1930 aka: Parisian Belle
Tibbett, Lawrence The Prodigal 1931
Tibbett, Lawrence Cuban Love Song 1931
Tibbett, Lawrence Metropolitan 1935
Tibbett, Lawrence Under Your Spell 1936
Tozzi, Giorgio South Pacific 1958 voice only
Traubel, Helen Deep in My Heart 1954
Traubel, Helen The Ladies' Man 1961
Traubel, Helen Gunn 1967
Turner, Claramae Carousel 1956
Valdengo, Giuseppe The Great Caruso 1950
Van Dam, Jose The Music Teacher 1988 aka "Le Maitre de Musique"
Walska, Ganna Child of Destiny 1916
Warfield, William Showboat 1951
Warren, Leonard Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1944
Welitsch, Ljuba The Man Between 1953
White, Carolina My Italian Cousin 1918
Windheim, Marek I'll Take Romance 1937
Windheim, Marek Ninotchka 1939
Windheim, Marek On Your Toes 1939
Windheim, Marek Mrs. Parkington 1944
Windheim, Marek Kismet 1944
Windheim, Marek Our Heart Were Young and Gay 1944
Windheim, Marek In Our Time 1944

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