Tom and Kelly Piacsek
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The Las Vegas Advisor
Marquette Basketball
- GOLD?  Are you kidding?!
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Republican National Committee
Junk Science
Drudge Report
The Sopranos
What we like to do:
We enjoy golfing and hiking...
and, of course, the great city of Las Vegas.
We make about four pilgrimmages
to the desert each year.

Check out the homeland:
Uncle Tom Depottyondy's Website
Uncle Nick Piacsek's Website
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About Us:
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We met in October, 2001.  We were indirectly introduced by Tom's sister, Kris. Our first encounter was via internal (business) email since we worked for the same company.  We had our first date in November 2001 and have been sitting around watching ESPN and Fox News ever since! 
We were married in Lake Geneva on June 5, 2004.
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