Ok folks, this is site. I am sorry for the banner (and I apologize for the pop ups, which are still at my new pages, will take care of it soon). So, the simple questions: do you want to enter? My pages don't contain adult or illegal material, but you might be quite angry cause its not properly finished yet. Please bookmark it and be patient, I am constantly working on it.

Ah, yeah, maybe you're curious what you gonna find in here, well: Anime and Manga mostly, cause I simply love it. Plus a lot of information about me. A small hint: if you want to see my pictures you'll need a password. You have now two options, you can ask me, or you can read my site carefully. Hehe, now we'll see, who is really interested in what I have to say and who only wants to see my photos! Anyways, the question is: What does the name "Nastassja" mean? It is written on the Ladinov shrine pages, so not that difficult.

The old page was optimized for a solution of 800x600 and was made quite simple (was my first creation). The new one is already a lot more professional, works with java script and I optimized it for my new higher solution (dont know it by heart now... ah well...). I recommend the new one though. Cause its updated very, very often. When you read this its maybe already finished.

Well, thats it. Please sign the guestbook and don't steal from my site without linking back to it. So now please enter and have fun.

Hellfire, 31. December 2000, 23:07 GMT +1



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Für alle Deutschen: Die Seite führt euch zu den geilsten Gewinnspielen im Netz. Also warum nicht mal ausprobieren? Thanks a lot.