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Jessa MaC's word of the day: Yeah. I let Bold Font do the site design. It's easier on me this way.

New stuff: I took down Macross. I know a few of you read it and enjoyed it, and hey! You can still find it on FF.NET (if you bother looking for it)...But it was taking up too much room in my Geoshitties account. Smchaos is still here, for those of you who read it, as are the rest of Danish's fics.
Erienna's msts are in the process of being moved to Dissolved Girl's MST page
All of my artwork that I actually care about is being moved onto one page, where it will probably stay.
The links are exactly the same as before. I like them where they are!! But the about us page has been taken down. It was dumb. ^_^;;

In conclusion: Woo!! Low data fast loading action!! Less Jess Stress!! Ph34r d4 P0w4h!

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