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Congratulations on your wedding, Ms.Tracy Lau! December 10th, 2005
DBIS principal Anne-Marie Naughton retired in 2005, after an amazing 23 years in the job.
A 15th anniversary greeting letter from Miss Naughton!
Another interesting Discovery Bay Web Site, from the eyes of a younger generation!
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  • Welcome to Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay is a new (mid-1980's) urban development community on Lantau Island, near the site of Hong Kong's new Chek Lap Kok airport.

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    DBIS was the first school I ever went to, excluding nursery school. I have many fond memories of the school. I believe this was also the very first year the new school welcomed its first students.. we were in the Senior Kindergarten "2" class during the 83/84 term.

    I met many "first" friends at the school, especially in Miss Ann M. Naughton's grade one class in 84/85. Miss Naughton was a very caring, and dedicated lady, who has continued to teach at DBIS - and has also become the principal of the school. After graduating from her class for 10 full years, we met each other in the summer of 95, and she recognized me right away. You may have guessed that my physical appearance may have changed somewhat, between age 7 and 17 ?!?!?

    In school..

    DBIS Alumni Directory

    As fate would have it - many of our P1 classmates have since left Hong Kong to seek an even more exciting life in foreign countries. Quite a few came to Canada. I am now also in contact with two other friends in Australia and one more in the United States. The final chapter of this fateful story brings us all together, in several separate incidents - with many flashes of sheer coincidence. Well folks.. it really is a small, small world after all!

    Summer 1997.. and we had a great time in Hong Kong last summer! Winnie, Tracy, Shun Ning, Hoi Ling, Edmond and myself (Harry) were in Hong Kong for the unforgettable historic changeover and a summer of fun too! Many of us discovered Hong Kong for the first time; others re-discovered it after a decade of absence. We were enchanted by the atmosphere and the pre-handover frenzy!

    Twenty Years later.. (Now and then)

    See if you can match the above characters with the ones below!

    Toronto, 2005 - We welcome Clement into our alumni club!

    Toronto, 2002 - Shun Ning is visiting from NYC. We also welcome Claudio into our club!

    Ms.Naughton invites a few kids to breakfast at the Mandarin Continental (Summer 1998)

    Let's party!

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