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Okay... here it is in no uncertain terms...

I want click-in bindings.

I got to play with someone else's at a local slope. Let me tell you... such response is scary. The entire brain -> board connection is frighteningly quick and instinctive. And the weight loss is noticable too. So, looks like I'm getting an upgrade soon.

Anyways... looking to make a trip soon.. anyone who knows me is free to call or email me or whatever. Someplace local (still in New England) and not to 'spensive, okay?

....and now, the disclaimer/brotherly advice...

Before you buy anything, make sure to go and head to a hill, and DEMO everything you can. It's a free trial, and most companies will jump at the chance to let you try their stuff.

Basically, don't get stuck with stuff you don't like. It kills the experience.

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