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S O M E - S T U F F

The Storm


Season's Greetings
people I know would have gotten this
if I didn't get them back from
the printers on the 23rd... my bad.


Would you actually believe this is what I get paid to do?

Of course not. But it's true. I get to illustrate things and design web sites and do layout for documents, and do UI testing, and build UI labs, and fix stuff that needs to be fixed, and no one else has a clue. And do HTML scripting. And a little JavaScripting. And whatever else needs to be done. Go fig.

As time goes on, there will be some more examples of some of my work on this site. Right now though, I can't seem to find much of anything worth putting up. I guess that's the problem with being an artist, you are your own worst critic... sometimes.

This site last mucked with on 12-30-97

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