The Simpsons Cartoon Studio Cartoons

Regular Cartoons:

To play these cartoons, you'll need the full version of The Simpsons Cartoon Studio on CD.

1. When the file has been downloaded, unzip the file using WINZIP into the Simpsons directory.
2. Launch the Cartoon Studio and click on the OPEN button. A dialog box will appear.
3. Click on the IMPORT button and choose the file you want to import.
4. Click on the OPEN button once again, and open the cartoon.
5. If you're having any problems loading the cartoons e-mail me at These files are very small, and should take less than a second to download.

File Name:

Cartoon Title:

Maggie in the kitchen

A day in the life of Nelson

Homer and Burns

Krusty the Great

Skinner vs Bart

Lisa in the woods

Day in the life of the Simpsons *

Evil Homer *


3 kb

3 kb

3 kb

3 kb

2 kb

4 kb

11 kb

7 kb

Cartoon of the Month:

If you don't have The Simpsons Cartoon Studio, you can still view these cartoons!

1. First, you'll need to download the Cartoon Player. Unzip the files into any directory on your computer.
2. Now download the Cartoon of the Month below. Unzip the file into the same directory as the Cartoon Player.
3. Open the Cartoon Player.
4. Open the cartoon you want to see. That's it.
5. It should be noted that if you have the Cartoon Studio on CD, you should download the cartoons listed above since they are MUCH smaller in size and there's more cartoons available.

Cartoon for February 1999:

A Day in the life of Nelson (657 kb)

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