See Helen Hunt in one of her famous roles in the movie Twister!!

Twister, starring Helen Hunt, is a great action film which will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. As huge Helen Hunt fans, we were one of the first people there at the movie theatre on opening night on May 10th, 1996.

Everyone can agree that Helen Hunt looked smashing in her white tank top and jeans. The special effects of those F5 tornadoes were incredible. Beware, the next time you are running from a Twister and someone yells out "Where's my truck?"!!

Twister (The Dark Side of Nature) is the latest action adventure film starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. Helen plays Jo, a soon to divorced university science professor. And Bill Paxton plays Bill, a meterologist that helps study tornadoes. The director is Jan De Bont and producer/writer is Michael Crichton.

Twister more than 20 fellow crew members - De Bont - Don Burgess, original lenser, walked off the picture after De Bont pushed a camera at and the assistant into the mud unpredictable dust-bowl weather conditions Hunt's trips to the hopsital (fried corneas) computer-generated cycles, mounting driving scenes with a caravan of big rigs souped up weather -tracking vans and jeeos proved a logistical nightmare 180 million and spinning while shooting a driving scene, the crew "had to pump so much light because (outside) it was blue sky and they wanted to make it look dark, so we ended up gettig our eyeballs sunburned" says Paxton, recommended by Tom Hanks to do the job And then there were hepatitis shots: "we were doing this one thing in an irrigation ditch, and God it turns out there was a lot of animal waste in there." (Premiere)

"There's a school of thought that as I get dirtier, I look better and better," says Helen Hunt of filming Twister. "I hope this that's true."

"It's great action-adventure without violence, guns or explosions" DeBont says: "How many times have you run into a script like that."

This fall in October, Twister is coming on video!!

Helen Hunt's comment on the Twister part:

According to Helen, this movie has "much more character development than any other action movie I've seen or heard about. They really write a woman's part- in a big, huge, fat action movie- that's complicated."

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