Mr. and Mrs. Stemple

Mr and Mrs. Stemple are Jamie Buchman's marternal parents. When Jamie was a child, they nicknamed her Peanut. This frustrates Jamie sometimes, especially in earlier episodes of Mad About You. The couple lives in New Haven, Connecticut. Gus Stemple (Jamie's father) likes french mustard, and often says "Its a fact". He usually says this i n a three in a row proclamation. For example he used it when these following sentences were used 1) Shari is Jerry Lewis's wife, 2) vegetarians die young and 3) $179 minimum for a plumber on Thanksgiving. Gus likes Paul Buchman, but has no high opinion of his tool-handling skills and never invites him to play golf.

Theresa (Jamie's mother) was an actress as child. She played the pretty girl number three on the Alan Brady show. She appeared on the show five times. During the appearances on Alan Brady, she was bubbly and full of pep. That is why they chose her for the part. She needed the job an had a connection Aunt Lolly dated Alan Brady.

Mrs. Stemple likes to torture Jamie with advice. She, also, uses Lisa to get at Jamie when they are fighting. Mrs. Stemple drills her daughter, Jamie, and makes sure she looks her best (hair and clothes). She checks to make sure that her daughter looks fantastic at all times. She talks and talks none stop and she does not know what she says. Talks about stuff she just talks. Jamie and Lisa tell each other news to mom. They fight to make the other one look bad in front of their mom. Mrs. Stemple brings the girls food just to see how they are. Never gets to the point in stories side steps. "how old are these olives? smell this milk? etc."