Paul Buchman a.k.a. Paul Reiser

Profile: Actor, Comedian, Writer

Born: March 30, 1957
Sign: Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries

Status: Married to Paula Reiser and son, Ezra

News: Spring of 1997 - new book released

Paul Reiser is a seasonal stand-up comedian. He was born and raised in New York City. He was born on mArch 30, 1957. He used to perform at Greenwich Village comedy clubs during his free time. He attended State University of New York at Binghamton in a major of Music especially piano and composition. Other accomplishments are co-writing the Mad About You theme song. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Paula, a psychotherapist, and son Ezra. He met his wife while on the roade doing stand up comedy in a club in Pittsburg. Paula was a waitress working her way through college.They were introduced by the club's owner. They have been married now for six years.

He has been nominated for Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series two years running. As well, second Golden Globe nomination American comedy award. Screen Actors Guild nomination as Best Actor in a comedy series as Paul Buchman. An interesting little side note is that Paul Reiser has contributed to the end production title of Nuance Productions Ince. So if you are ever watching Mad About You check out the very end image!!

Paul's first foray into television was in My Two Dads and he stayed with it for three years. But he decided to do a show about the first few years of marriage. He came together with Danny Jacobson, the co-creator and the idea for Mad About You unfolded. After lots of hard ache with network stallings the show finally fell into if they found the right female actress. Mad About You was finally produced when Helen Hunt was chosen as Paul Reisers wife on the show.

Paul's comments about Helen Hunt:

"I think she brings a level of dimension to it that we didn't see on TV before" - Paul Reiser, in Vanity Fair

"She doesn't have the movie-star-polished in accessibility some actresses have." - Paul Reiser, in Cosmoplitan

Paul's comment to his wife about Mad About You:
"Sometimes, after we've worked at something on stage for a week and a half, I go to my wife, "Now! I have a snappy comeback! Say that again, what you said in July, go ahead! I'm ready now!" - Paul Reiser, in Enternament Weekly

A comment made about Paul Reiser by Jeanne Wolf, Jeanne Wolf Hollywood 1994
"You'll be mad about Paul Reiser in Mr.Write."1994

"Paul Reiser exudes a hip, charsmatic charm." by Patrick Stones, Flicks

Paul Buchman

Paul is probably Jewish. He likes watching the show Baywatch. He likes to watch Miami Doplhins play. He was born and raised in New York. He likes basketball and football. He is a documnetary filmaker. He has been granted the national endowmnet for arts grant [1.11]. Recently, he got the Silver Sprocket Award (which he covets in episode [2.23] and actually receives it in episode [4.20] for the movie "The Weed". He finds Murray [2.20] adopts and names from Central Park. He used to live at 129 west 81st before meeting Jamie.

He is quite the dutiful son, calling mom and then regretting telling her things. His father-son relationship with his father is weak sometimes. He gets along well with son on laws[1.5]. He is uncomfortable about telling lies His birthday is around 1957, which means he attended college in 1975. In 1980 he was the most promising filmmaker of the year award at the NYU film school. He can be snippish with Jamie sometimes (2.19). He wears 9.5 shoe size, his ears turn red whn turned on, he whines in his sleep, he was superman for halloween, and he sleeps on his right side of the bed. Paul and Jamie have a keep me away from this boring person signal which is to rub their hands thru their hair.

Paul: "The more you try to fall asleep, the more you can't....It's like the erection thing!"

Episode 3.15 Alan Brady Show
Jamie: "So what's he like?"
Paul: "He's like him, but in color."
Paul: "You're going to wear that?" Jamie: "Paul!"
Paul: "What?...Two words...First word... sounds like duck..second!"

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