The Fifth Season

In the first episode of the Fifth season, we see the conformation that yes Jamie is pregnant. She convinces Paul that they should keep the pregnanacy a secret for at least three or four months. Most of the show focused on finding the right gynecologist. Joan became the one in the end to take on the task of the gynecologist position. Joan is presently dating Paul's sister Debbie. Which in this episode we see the first meeting of Joan to Debbies parents. As Jamie realized the parents (Sylvia and Burt) got a long really well. Jamie feels she is still at the bottom of the totem pole. Ira went out a search for the best gynecologist and came out with several bunches and bruises. He came to the conclusion that Dr Von Derphal was the best one. By that time Jamie and Paul agreed on Joan.

There was a noticeable difference between the end of last season and the tag of this season. The most obvious difference was that Paul's hair was shorter. It was less messy as was Jamie's. The clothes were the same as last season. The other noticeable difference was the bed. It ended last season with Jamie simling at Paul at the stick results. The bed was unmade and messy from them getting up. This season started with the bed made up and the pillows all neat. Most people would not notice these details unless they had seen the ending and beginning back to back.

For the second episode of the fifth season, there was plenty more action with respect Paul and Jamie's baby saga. Paul convinces Jamie for the health of the baby she should quit coffee. Ira questions this sudden life style change as he comes over with coffee. It is still not out that Jamie is pregnant. Uncle Phil contacts Ira and invites both Ira and Paul to Brooklyn for a visit. Jamie continues to help Lance Brockwell in his campaign. When Bill the New York Times representative calls to see what Brockwells position is on drugs. Jamie adds some of her own thought into the question. She feels that they should have coffee houses on every corner and than druglords were big and than Van Valdez was a drug lord. This caused severe controversy and Bill hung up on her. Paul and Ira arrive to see Uncle Phil (Mel Brooks). He wanted them to move is coach closer to the television set. He did not want the television set since he would lose blue colour in the tv. He offered them the shaking strawberry, mango and peach drink. There was a time near the end where Paul and Ira found the photo album under the bed. They found a picture of France that looked like Paulie from a distance. The episode ended with Jamie and Paul at four in the morning agreeing to play Yatsy.