Murray is an eight year old Flatbush Pound Collie-Shepherd that originally was found in Castacic, California animal shelter. His first television assignment was the backup dog for the "Bingo" commercials.

He then got the part on the hit show Mad About You as Paul Buchman's furry side kick. He places a part of an exceptionally smart but lazy dog who has made many appearances on the show since its first season.

As Murray, he loves to chase imaginary mice, hitting walls chasing this mouse or just sitting around on the floor or coaches beside Paul or Jamie Buchman. On the show, he starred in his very own gum commercial called Yum Yum Gum. That made him a star!! Occasionally, you will find Murray in new places that surprise Paul and Jamie!! An example is when Paul and Jamie found Murray on top of the table in the living room. Paul said "This is new!!". You see everyone is trying to get a piece of the cute, loveable dog named Murray or as we here call him Maui!!

In past epsiodes, Murray was found dancing around, dropping balls into the toilet as Paul and Jamie argued, and summoning help at Mark and Fran's when Paul and Jamie were stuck in the bathroom [1.16]. He was often the conversation stopper as Jamie and Paul were in a serious conversation topic. Both Paul and Jamie stop and look at each other question the actions of poor Murray. In one earlier episode [1.20], Lisa brought home another dog that right away Jamie and Paul recognized as not murray for he was too smart!!

Paul Buchman found Murray (or otherwise known as Swifty) at Central Park with Ira Buchman. Murray later had five puppies (four boys and one girl) with Sophie the cairn terror who was a show dog. Sophie lives across the hall and is owned by Maggie Conway. Murray is know to forget all the rules taught to him. This frazzles Paul and Jamie constantly. Murray is " a rug with organs" according to Paul Buchman. In another episode Paul state, "See? If I could do that, why would I be going out tonight" (Murray was "cleaning" himself).

In the fourth season, Murray amazed everyone by trying to display his knowledge of his ABC's [4.1]. As well, he showed his talent of being able to move the Buchman's car at the end of Episode [4.2]. To make Murray even happier, the Buchman's hired a dog walker to take Murray on morning strolls [4.6]. Nat, is the dog watcher's name, and he comes every day to walk Murray.

In the fourth season, Nat often said things about Murray that makes him unique. The Nat's Triple was one example [4.8]: Murray Tyler Moore, Virgin Murray and Murray the King. In [4.10], Nat also introduced Murray as Jan murray, Murray Slaughter (hence no connection to Jason Slaughter, co creator of the Next best homepage for Mad About You), Murray Antoinette, Murray Osmond, Bill Murray, and Murray-Lu Henner. Murray has influenced the lifestyle parterns of Paul and Jamie Buchman. Paul even has imitated Murray at times. He has found himself reaching into the fridge and eating as messy as Murray (Murrayness) [4.13]. In that same episode, we find Paul and Jamie trying to sneak Murray into the Slackton Hotel. The tag was the hotel clerk trying to guess Murray's pedigree.

Murray enjoying the time to be lazy on the producers chair of the hit show Mad About You!! See more details of Murray on his very own webbpage.

"He is a big, agreeable dog in an enourmous apartment" [Vanity Fair]