Cast Information

There is several interesting information here with regards to the cast members, the production team and the supporting cast members. As well, there is a collection of Jamie and Paul Buchman's nicknames from the past seasons. There is a list of Jamie and Paul's like and dislikes.

Cast of Characters

Paul Buchman
Jamie Buchman
Lisa Stemple
Fran Devanow
Ira Buchman

Paul Reiser
Helen Hunt
Anne Ramsay
Leila Kenzle
John Pankow
Supporting Characters
Mark Devanow, Fran's ex-husband
Ryan Devanow, Fran and Mark's son
Burt Buchman, Paul's father
Sylvia Buchman, Paul's mother
Gus Stemple, Jamie's father
Theresa Stemple
Debbie, Paul's younger sister
Sharon, Paul's elder sister
Jed, Debbie's son
Noah, Debbie's son
Aunt Lolly

Allison Rourke, Paul's boss
Maggie Conway, neighbour in 11-C
Hal Conway, Maggie's husband
Sid Novak, Paul's editor
Hollis Pavelle, Paul's co-worker
Lance Brockwell, Jamie's boss
Doug Berkus
Nat, Murray's walker
Bill Wicker, super
Kim, grocer

Richard Kind
Spencer Klein
Louis Zorich
Cynthia Harris
John Karlen
Penny Fuller
Robin Bartlett
Randy Graff
Bradley Pierce
Andrew J. Ferchland
Meg Wyllie

Gates McFadden
Judy Geeson
Jim Piddock
George O. Petrie
David Strickland
Alan Ruck
Bradley White
Hank Azaria
Jerry Adler
Darrell Kunitomi
Ping Wu

The Production Team
Created by:
Executive Producers:

Co-Executive Producer:
Art Direction:
Sound Mixing:



Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson
Paul Reiser, Larry Charles
Helen Hunt, Maria Semple, Jenji Kohan, Bob Heath & Craig Knizek
Richard Day
Craig Knizek
Bernard Vyzga
Bobby Byrne
Sheila Amos
Peter Damski

Larry Charles, Ron Darian, Stephen Engel, Shana Goldberg-Meehan, Billy
Grundfest, Brenda Hampton, Danny Jacobson, Seth Kurland, Victor Levin,
Pamela Norris, Paul Reiser, Liz Sagal, McNally Sagal, Kenny Schwartz, and
Scott Silveri.

Gordon Hunt, Thomas Schlamme, and David Steinberg.

Mad About You is from Infront Productions and Nuance Productions in association with TriStar Television.

Paul's Nicknames: Jamie's Nicknames:
Pedro the Cabana Boy
Love Bug King
Mitten Boy
The Sweaty Boys

Sponge Women
Queen Love Bug
The Amazing Awake Lady
Agnes From Truthville
Dragon Lady
Corporate Sally
The Mother of all Dictionaries

Jamie's Likes/Dislikes: Paul's Likes/Dislikes:
* loves chocolate/ ice cream
* rosemary chicken
* veal chops
* rice krispies lasagna
* fish sticks
* goose dinner
* pineapple pizza
* chicken fried rice
* fried clams
* popovers
* meat loaf
* cheeseburger / chef salad (Riffs)
* opera
* shopping
* waffles
* hates tea

* loves Three Stoogies
* Beatles
* veal chops
* mushroom barley soup
* canned peas
* goose dinner
* pineapple pizza
* chicken fried rice
* calamri
* bagels
* Guava
* pumpkin pie
* potato chips
* cinnamon toast
* Trout Almondine with bones
* hates the opera
* shopping
* spinach in egg florentine
* allergic to coconut
* uneasy with bisque
* force fed grapes by Sylvia Buchman

They both like bananas, tomatoes, no eggs, bagels, muffin, sprite, mushed potatoes, Haagen Daz (1.6), Kippers and chocolate in N.S. (or on the boat) steak and egg for breakfast, and cornflakes for dinner, Chinese, sandwiches pizza on Tuesday at 5, egg-rolls, cold hot oatmeal with cinnamon or new old cheese.