Jamie Buchman a.k.a. Helen Hunt

Profile: Actress

Born: June 15, 1963
Sign: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries

Status: Dating Hank Azaria

Helen Hunt's Mailing Address:
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA

Helen Hunt is the female lead in the hit show Mad About You!! She plays Jamie Buchman (a publicist) who is the wife of Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser) the documentary filmmaker. They have an apartment on lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Helen Hunt was born in Culver City on June 15, 1963. She spent most of her life in New York City. She went back and forth growing up. Though most people classify her as a Los Angeles native. Her mom was a professional photographer and her father a theatre director. Helen has a thirty nine year old sister Colleen and they both grew up in a colourful, offbeat household. At age seven, Helen rehearsed play scenes and at age eleven she attended her father's acting classes.

Gordon Hunt, her father took her to see Godspell in church and Taming of the Shrew which peaked Helen's interest of Shakespeare. Her father was a prominent coach and director for most of Helen's growing up years. Her maternal grandparents were voice coaches and Helen was their student. Helen, also, liked to do ballet but acting cut into this obsession at an early age.

Helen started her acting career off with Pioneer Women at age nine and later her first television series Swiss Family Robinsons. Her college career lasted two months when a acting opportunity came up. She stopped UCLA then and went on acting in several movies and plays. Thought the road was a hard one to travel since several of her first choices of movies were taken by someone else. For instance, A League of Her Own (later starred Geena Davis) was one movie Helen was scheduled to act in. A change in director caused some actress changes to be made.

She has dated in the past Matthew Broderick for two years. She met him on the set of Project X. After Broderick, she dated a C.A.A. agent and then she started dating Hank Azaria, who recently was in The Birdcage. (To clarify, they are not engaged as yet.)

Helen Hunt has attained some recognition for her achievements. She is a two time Golden Globe winner (for the Waterdance, and Twister) and a Screen Actor Guild Award, as well she is starring in Twister a movie with lots of talented directors. She has recently won her first Emmy as Best Actress in a comedy show (1996).

She presently, lives with her sammoyed dog named Jimmy. Though most of her busy schedule encompasses seeing Hank, taping Mad About you and catching up with her friends that she has trouble seeing.

"I think she brings a level of dimension to it that we didn't see on TV before. What's fun about her is that she's flawed and the charachter's flawed and she's not afraid of bringing it out" - Paul Reiser on Helen Hunts contribution to Mad About You [Cosmopolitan]

Jamie Buchman

Jamie Buchman is the wife of Paul Reiser on the hit show Mad About You. She is a graduate from Yale, who snores at night and was born at 2:01am. She has twenty-nine teeth. She works for the mayor as Campaign Managers Full-Time. She is a non-Catholic (protestant) and was born on October 1963. She often mishears things like Dave De Busschere(2.8) which is really Dave the Butcher or Andy Griffith that is really Randy Rifkin. She was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She has seven boyfriends and two mayors. She used to hang out at a biker bar and she has a tattoo (never clarified where though). She used to work at a public relations firm of Farrer and Gantz. "Latin men love blondes." was the comment that made Jamie quit the Farrer and Gantz job.

For five years she waited to become promoted to become regional VP. After Fran, quit she took over the position. She worked with accounts like Computron and New York Tourism campaign and central american tourism account. She quit her job dues to boss not liking her talents. She started owning her own PR business. Jamie is fluent in lying as the occasion demands, imagination and effectiveness "You are good it scares me!" exclaims Paul to Jamie. Jamie can predict things (3.5) even when phone calls come. They have competions with I love you's.

She lived at apartment 142 West 81 St. On December 22 1989, she met Paul at a newstand on a Sunday evening. Then she met him later at Fran's office the next day in the p.m. He had found her dry cleaning slip and picked up her clothes from there. On December 28th Paul ends up at Jamies apartment. On February 14th 1991 [2.16], Jamie promotion to Regional VP. Fran had quit to more spend time with Mark and Ryan. As well, Jamie moved into 12th Street and fifth avenue.

In March or April of 1992, she got married (12th?) and now lives two blocks from Greenwich Village in apartment 11-D of a brickfaced. The building is 16-storey and 50 years old. The nearest subway are W 4th st and 14th streat. It has slanty floors and a piano in bedroom (2.11). Jamie gets embarrassed by Paul sometimes, for his actions [1.18]. Jamie often protects Lisa in guy situatuons [1.19] Jamie figures Lisa moves too fast in guy situations. Too much togetherness is to much (1.13). "I know, I didn't have time to think about you.. to miss you... I missed missing you!" Paul likes to admire his "Beautiful girl who married me for some reason".1.16 Jamie: "Wants gesture of romance" Jamie upset about virtual reality

Paul: "That's why guys get married, so they can stop wooing. It's exhausting to woo, you woo, you woo, and you woo, and then you've got to go. Whoa!"
1.16 Jamie: "Wants gesture of romance" Jamie upset about virtual reality
Jamie tries to comfort Paul about age topics hair(2.8)
Paul: "How many married men get to sleep with a pretty college girl?"(2.10)

Jamie: "Honey, what time will you be home." (2.16)

"She brings so much of herself to the show. An issue we've dealt with is kids - do we or don't we want them? And there was a line Jamie said on the show (about my nephew) and I went,'Jeez, type that up!" - Paul Reiser, in US Magazine

Episode 2.6:
Jamie: "Your nephew is so sweet, my uterus hurts." 7 year old nephew Jed

Jamie: "You talk your way, I'll talk right!"

Jamie: "Stop acting like a child! Do you want to miss this circus?"
Jamie always talks about Paul acting like a child all the time, especially in the four season

Paul: "I can see staring at this face for another fifty years."
Jamie: "Really?"
Paul: "Oh yah, absolutely, even if i get a double chin?"
Jamie: "I'll love both of 'em!"
Jamie: "And grey hair...and wrinkles"
Paul: "Not a problem."
Paul: "Even if I've false teeth, a mustache, and I drool?"
Jamie: "Why do you have to push? You've always got to push"

"She's so real you can touch her" - Helen Hunt or Her H'ness

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