Hank Azaria a.k.a Nat

Hank Azaria plays the lovable Murray's dog walker Nat on the hit show. He first appeared on Mad About You in Episode [4.6] An Angel for Murray. The Buchman's decided to get Murray a walker since they were too busy to walk him. Out of several choices Nat was chosen as the faithful dogwalker. He's very trustworthy and often passes nice comments to Jamie about the way she dresses. He's trained in first aid. He has a sacred trust with the Buchman's which can't be broken (especially when it comes to Maggie, the next door neighbour, wanting to get her package from the Buchman's apartment).

Hank Azaria has a long history of playing in television shows such as Herman's Head, Pretty Women, Simpsons and many more. Recently, he was seen in the action hit film "Heat" with Al Pacino. He was previously seen in a cameo in Lesli Glatter's "Now and Then", produced by and starring Demi Moore. Hank Azaria has a great talent doing voices for all sorts of different characters. He starred in the Birdcage as Agador. Robin Williams was a large part of the movie too.

He is presently living in Las Angeles and has been dating Helen Hunt for some time now. They have been dating around the time when Hank Azaria first made his appearance on the show as Murray's walker. Below is a list of television shows and movies that Hank has appeared in.


Birdcage The 1996 Agador
If Not for you 1995 TV series Craig Schaeffer
Heat 1995 Alan Marciano
Now and Then 1995 Bud Kent
Quiz Show 1994 Albert Freedman
Mad About You 1992 TV Series Nat
Herman's Head 1991 TV Series Jay Nichols
Pretty Women 1990 Detective
Simpsons TV 1989 - Apu, Chief Wiggum, Carl Moe, Superintendent Chalmers, Snake, Dr. Nick Riviera Dr. John Frink, Mr.Van Houten, Comic Store Owner, Scratchy
Cool Blue 1988 (v) Buzz
Nitti 1988 (v) aka Frant Nitti: THe Enforcer 1988 TV

Guest Appearances:

Family Ties 1982 - design studio person where Mallory does her internship
Friends 1994 - David
Mad About You - unknown (11/19/95)