Paul Reiser decided to attempt the difficult task of creating his own book. He dedicated it to his wife Paula in 1984 ("To Paula, who makes the dance so fun. And so worthwhile"). This book brings back reality to most people who pick it up and read it. The neat thing about this book is that it starts on page 145 and ends on page 348. This outlines that for one Paul is always creative and two he makes an effort to show that he is funny both on Mad About You and in real life. His philosophy on doing this is that "when I am reading, I love being smack in the middle of the book. Pages behind me, pages ahead of me. It's too overwhelming to know there's so much left and you're only on page 8." [Taken from Couplehood - Author's Warning (unsure what page it is on ??)]

All excerpts from Couplehood by Paul Reiser copyright 1994 by Paul Reiser Published by Bantam Book ISBN

Here are a few parts from the book that most people who love the show may see as Paul Buchman-isms.
Taken from page 149 of Couplehood

So there we were, on the brink of the Next Big Thing. Forever. The Final Frontier. We stared at each other for a moment, and then I thought, "Uh-oh, if this person's going to be with me forever, she's going to find out what I'm really like. That can't be good."

I mean, she'd already learned some things. That's what the first few years are for; you tiptoe into the water and reveal the not-so-appealing stuff one thing at a time.

From page 160 and 161 of Couplehood

I've discovered that while showering, the areas of our body that we spend the most time scrubbing are not necessarily the areas that need the most scrubbing. There's a gap between Scrubbing Supply and Scrubbing Demand.....
Your feet, however, which really need the attention, get nothing. Admit it. Your feet haven't been scrubbed since you were in a bassinet. They're just too far away. No matter how short you are, it's not worth the effort. So you forget about them. "Well, they'll get dripped on. They'll be fine."

Taken from page 161 of Couplehood

A lot of couples shower together. It's supposed to be romantic and sensual. Truth? It's not all it's cracked up to be. Because one of you is not getting water. On eof you, therefore, is not taking a shower.

Let's be honest; one of you is having a great time, it's terrific. The other one is in the back going, "You got a sweater up there? Maybe a windbreaker? Something with a hood would be nice. I would get it, but my ass is frozen to the wall here."

Taken from page 238 of Couplehood

With some people, you can tell by the way they ask that they don't really care. Listen to how they say, "How are you?" They don't really say, "How are you?" They say, "How are ya?" Not the same. They hit the "are" and shortchange the "ya". "How are are ya?".

Do you understand the difference?
"How are you?" is good.
It's all about you."How are YOU? I'm interested in specifically you. Out of all the people in the world, how is it to be you? That's what concerns me primarily-how you are." "How are ya?" is not the same thing.
"How are ya?" means "Just say `good,' and walk away. I don't really want to know. Register that I asked, then proceed not to tell me."

Taken from page 281 of Couplehood

Obviously. Men are the ones who made up the Bing-Bang-Boom approach. And not because we're bad people-it is simply that that's how we would make love if we were by ourselves. And I'll tell you something else: Even within the Bing-Bang Boom, we only made up the "Bing" and the "Bang" to get the "Boom". "Boom" was the objective the whole time.

But we came with the "Bing" and the Bang". Why? Because we care. We're out there, making an effort.

There are many more funny parts in the book. It's Paul's first novel and he plans to make another one called Parenthood. For two young adults in a relationship, his next movie might be hard to relate to. Though, Parenthood should be just as hilarious as most parents first starting out always run into difficult situations. Look out for his new book coming out soon!!

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