60's Rock'n'Roll, 70's British Punk, and 90's Power Pop that echoes of 60's torchbearers The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks. Brian Jones Was Murdered is not afraid to wear its influences on their sleeves. So the constant comparisons to the above and others only serves to satisfy the members of Brian Jones Was Murdered. To be mentioned in the same breath as such greats, and in a favorable light. Sounding like a great punky power pop band from Britain 1978, Brian Jones Was Murdered lay hard into high energy, high octane propeller strummed guitars, with sloppy but clean vocals that collide with great frantic "Jam" inspired band energy. They combine their prominent harmonies with a punk like energy level. Their live sets are extremely engaging; somehow managing to make their loudness enhance the quality of harmonies rather than obscure them. "Pop gem after brilliant pop gem pierced through the screams of some overexcited female fans, reminiscent of the frenzy of 1964." Their sound has been dubbed by some of the press as "MersyPunk", in reference to the '62 Mersybeat sounds from Liverpool and the '77 Punk sounds from London.
Death of a Popstar! CD, 15songs,

L.A. Weekly
Death of a Popstar! is one hell of a pop-punk album... along the lines of late '70s records by the Vibrators, The Boys and 999, where the pithy melodicism and youthful exuberance of the early Fab Four collided head-on with...'60s garage-rock snottiness and the daily frustrations of what The Jam called "The Modern World" Death of a Popstar! is loud, fun, utterly unpretentious and guaranteed to have you doing Townshend-syle windmills in the privacy of your own home.

Popsided #5 Brian Jones Was Murdered slams thru 15 highly adrrenalized pop morsels on their debut effort...Death of a Popstar! is no B.S. fun-filled and eminently listenable... Totaly ace tunes such as "By Your Side," "15 Minutes of Fame," and the wonderfully titled "Na Na Na."

Fruitbasket Upset This self produced album is as perfect as pop rock & roll gets these days... snappy singalong anthems like "So Long Now," "Na Na NA," "Say," and "By Your Side," that crackle with the intensity of an overblown circuit breaker.

Not Lame Records Catalog Don't mix up this great, sweaty band with the other more alternative and dark band named Brian Jonestown Massacre. This band rocks...hard! This is like a power poppin' Dead Boys and Buzzcocks on tour with the Plimsouls, folks...and , boy is that Something!Something totally cool, that is! Sounding like a Great punky power pop band from 1978 (a British one), BJWM lay hard into all 15 trax, full of high energy, high octange, propeller strummed guitars and sloppy but clean vocals colliding with great Jam inspired band energy.
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Beat Me Like A Star
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Popsided Beat Me Like A Star... will leave more hooks in your head than those needed to reel in a whale.

Bam Beat Me Like A Star displays a distinct fondness for hit-making sounds of the early Beatles and Rolling Stones records.

Fruitbasket Upset Five cuts of hook-filled, powerful Beatle-esque punk greatness..."So Long Now" and "By Your Side" are both rich melodic songs with more than a passing resemblance to Bostons Primo 70's pop rockers, The Real Kids.

Maximumrocknroll Like The Beatles but more modern.
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