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What I do to keep busy
I have a few hobbies that fill up my free time pretty good when I got nothing else to do.   I really have gotten back into music in the last few years.  I stopped playing bass guitar when I first moved to NYC a few years back but took it up again last year.  Man it's a blast.   My other main hobby would be computers and using them for anything from games, graphics design, and email, to creating music and songs, and this shoddy little web page. ***ok updated****
I moved out of NY in early 2001.  I had been dating a engineer in Fort Worth, TX since last summer and deciced that it was time to move out and save her and I some plane fare.  I left behind many good friends, and have lost some to since Sept 11(Paul we miss yah bud!).  I was working in Wallstreet area about 100 yards from ground zero.  I will post a before and after picture on this page shortly to give people a idea of how close I could have been.  It has impacted me....a good chunk of where I worked and thrived for the last 3 years is gone.  Some of my best friends are now mental's hard times ahead for many.  
Brownies show from July 18th 2000.  Thanks to Olivia for taking some digital snaps of us in action. 
Below is the Before/After where I used to work by world trade.