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I have always loved Curious George (who doesn't?) but lately I have started to collect some stuff of and I have decided to dedicate part of my page to everybody's fave monkey!
I went around and collected some stuff from the internet so the only pic that was actually scanned by me is the one at the bottom that looks kinda lop sided! hehe It's from the cover of my Curious George photo album I bought! =)

UPDATE: Just to keep you guys up to date, I just wanted to appologize for not updating my page at all. I have been really busy lately with school and such, so I have not had the time to keep my pages up. Hopefully I'll have more of a chance to add stuff as it starts to get closer to summer time. If anyone has some ideas for stuff I could add to this page, let me know! Mail me at! I already have a few ideas of my own which you will find out about later on. Sorry for leaving this off so long! Surf around my site in the meantime! =) Thanks!

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