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Hiya . . . well I see that you have stopped by to visit the "Eyes Cyber Inn". I hope you will enjoy your stay and that while you are here you will have gotten to know me a little better. So sit back, relax . . . and a hearty warm welcome to my little corner of the world!

So now, are you ready to hear a little about the browneyed girl from Canada . . . you're not? . . . oh well, you are going to hear it anyway! Most of all I love to smile and I love to laugh. I spend a lot of my time with my lil human pretending I'm a kid again and a lot of time with my friends I have met online. Which leads me to my interests and hobbies which are acting like a kid, chatting, chatting and chatting hehehehe . . . (puts on her serious hat reluctantly and continues) . . . I like to do anything which involves being outdoors, fishing, boating, swimming, taking a stroll in the park, playing baseball, watching hockey, horseback riding . . . (takes the serious hat off quickly) whew . . . I never realized I enjoyed doing so much!!

Yes, I am a virgo, and proud of it! Although sometimes we virgo's can be pretty hard to understand. We are tough, and able to handle the difficulties fate has in store for us. We tend to be practical, yet charming (hehehe) and approach life straightforward and direct. We are picky (of course we won't ever admit it) and we do have our faults (yeahhhh right). We need to learn when to quit, when to walk away, even when to run away. But best of all (and this relates to me hehehe) we are most sensitive to other people's feelings and will be the first to lend a shoulder (or an arm or leg, or whatever) to help out a friend. :-)

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